Ne-Yo, often seen as the Mr. Smooth of R&B, is readying himself for the release of his fourth album Libra Scale.

With this in mind we asked the Trends team to see what listeners of Ne-Yo are also spinning while they wait his album to drop on November 23rd.

Meet Ne-Yo’s Biggest Competitors:

5. Claude Kelly
418,743 plays (40,820 listeners)
Top tracks:
“Alone”, “Because Of Love”, “Dear Me”

4. Chris Brown
15,833,728 plays (1,010,220 listeners)
Top tracks:
“Forever”, “With You”, “Crawl”

3. Johnta Austin
373,796 plays (75,250 listeners)
Top tracks:
“Lil’ More Love”, “Dope Fiend”, “Turn It Up”

2. Usher
15,728,085 plays (1,132,502 listeners)
Top tracks:
“DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”, “OMG”, “Burn”

1. Mario
3,867,218 plays (493,704 listeners)
Top tracks:
“Let Me Love You”, “How Do I Breathe”, “Music for Love”

It looks like the Ne-Yo-phytes love Mario. It makes sense. Ne-Yo and Mario have a long history of working together. Before he was a performer, Ne-Yo was a prolific songwriter. His fist hit song was Mario’s “Let Me Love You.” The track was a fan favorite and received both Teen Choice Award and Vibe Awards nominations.

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