NEW YORK (CBS) – Bill O’Reilly got into a heated discussion on “The View” and his comments about the mosque near Ground Zero prompted two of its co-hosts to walk off camera while the show was on the air.

The Fox commentator was a guest on ABC’s talk show Thursday to promote his new “Pinheads and Patriots” book. The discussion got increasingly heated over the “Ground Zero Mosque” debate and he later went on to say “Muslims killed us On 9/11.”

Co-Host Whoopi Goldberg disputed O’Reilly’s claims that the mosque was inappropriate. “There were 70 families who are muslim who also died in that building,” she said.

“Seventy percent of Americans don’t want that mosque down there, so don’t give me the ‘we’ business,” said O’Reilly to co-host Joy Behar; the studio audience applauded.

Afterward, when pressed by Goldberg and Behar to explain why the “Ground Zero mosque” was somehow “inappropriate,” O’Reilly leaned over and pointed at Goldberg saying, “Muslims killed us on 9/11.”

“That is such bullsh*t,” Goldberg exclaimed in the midst of a cacophony of back-and-forth yelling.

Goldberg shouted “What religion was Mr. McVeigh? [referring to Timothy McVeigh, the convicted American-born terrorist who blew up the Oklahoma City Building in 1995] Mr. McVeigh was an Extremist as well and he killed people,” before she and Behar walked off the set in protest. They later came  back to finish the show.

Barbara Walters criticized her co-hosts for walking off stage during the live show. But she said O’Reilly should make the distinction that extremists committed the terrorist act.

Behar and Goldberg returned after O’Reilly said that “if anyone felt that I was demeaning all Muslims, I apologize.”

Watch Bill O’Reilly on the Oct. 14 Episode of “The View”:

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Comments (21)
  1. JoAnn Oakes says:

    As usual the liberals can’t have a discussion about the issues without getting mad, calling names and walking off the stage. Good for you Barbara for saying they were wrong.

  2. elizabeth macnear says:

    I don’t watch the view but did see a film clip of the confrontation with Bill O’Reilly. I believe Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg are incapable of having a discussion with an intelligent thought provoking person.

    Barbara Walters on the other hand showed her inability to hospitable to a guest. I would never treat a guest in my home or at work the way this gentleman was treated.

    Shame on all of you.

    One television show I will definitely not watch, ever.

    1. deb marshall says:

      You already stated “I don’t watch the view” and now you are not going to “watch it,ever” OH NO MR BILL!
      (is this really Elizabeth Hasselbeck?) db

  3. Cape says:

    Fox news should fire this guy. Will they have the gute to do it? Rick sanchez was fired from CNN for insulting jews.

    1. hamza saouli says:

      sorry, but a lot of people and religions are insulting without that one person move why ecpecialy for jews people we fire people, where is the freedome of speach in this case

  4. Donna says:

    Extremists or not…..they were Muslims and they did kill us… As for Joy & Whoopi – too bad they didn’t keep walking….

    1. saouli hamza says:

      sorry fro what hapened in the 9/11 but throughout the Muslim world to condemn the action, if some christian make a crime in X place in the world, we naver accuse the christianity, it must be the same for all religions and group of people,

    2. BT says:

      so Donna, do you have any Proof, or Links stating that MUSLIMS were Responsible for the Sept. 11th Attacks. ???

  5. Rhonda Ritchey says:

    Childish as always!!! Goldberg and Behar are such bigots! Oh, I forgot that is allowed as long as you are liberal. Another good reason not to watch. So happy America disagrees with The View!

  6. Gregory Schwartz says:

    Bill O’Reilly was trying to educate Joy Behar. Joy Behar is the self-appointed expert at every political subject in the USA today. Too bad for Bill, since you can’t teach a pig to sing…’s a waste of time and it annoys the pig!!!! That pig is Joy Behar.

  7. Liv Smith says:

    Go Bill Reiley!

  8. Rita Farris says:

    Joy Behar and Whoopi acted llike morons with Bill O’Reilly. Please ladies!!! try to have adult conversations…. Oh Wait!! they’re comedians. They think they are sooooo politically savy but they are not even good debaters of current issues. Back to school ladies and get some training on basic professional behavior.

  9. chris says:

    Good job Bill!!!

  10. lourdes de guzman says:

    why don’t we petition these 2 uninformed hosts goldberg and behar to live in any arab countries of their choice, I’ll even contribute to their one-way tickets eventhough I’m unemployed right now

  11. BT says:

    o’LIElly is the One Who is UN informed. !!

  12. barryearle says:

    I’m sorry but O’Reilly’s apologize was not an apology. He made it conditional: he didn’t say anything offensive but was sorry if you were offended by the righteousness of his statement. Calling this an apology is like wrapping a 10 cent gift in a hundred dollar box. It’s about show and not substance. It’s about him and not you. As usual, he showed no empathy and great narcissm.

    1. Steve says:

      There’s nothing to apologize for. Muslims did kill us on 9/11. Obviously it wasn’t a billion of them that got on the plains, it was 19 terrorists. But they were Muslims, and they did it in the name of their religion. There is no call for a mosque to be so close to the place of that tragedy.
      As for empathy, I don’t see you displaying any whatsoever for the victims of the families killed, not for America in general. But you are soooo sorry for all the Muslims that may find themselves offended, including those who danced on the streets at the news of 9/11. Extremists too?

      1. BT says:

        so Steve (and all other o’LIElly fans) it’s time to Turn OFF FoxNews, to LEARN The TRUTH and get your FACTS Straight. > > >

      2. BT says:

        so Steve (and all other o’LIElly fans) it’s time to Turn OFF FoxNews, to LEARN The TRUTH and get your FACTS Straight. > > >

  13. Kara Mcmallen says:

    ya’ll 9/11 was horrible but ya’ll dont need to fight over who’s right and wrong!!!