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Do you know someone in your neighborhood who’s making a difference and deserves recognition? Nominate a Bay Area resident for a Jefferson Award.


We’re frequently asked for tips on presenting the best possible nomination. Here is some advice from the selection committee:

Be detailed – that doesn’t mean be too wordy, but don’t leave out the basics of what your nominee does, and how he or she does it. Be specific about the individual’s contribution. Use examples or anecdotes.

Keep in mind, the award is geared toward recognizing individuals rather than organizations. Consider nominating the founder or leader of a group rather than an entire contingent.

Be mindful of the selection committee’s guiding principles: impact, inspiration, sustainability, innovation, and need. Ask yourself how your nominee’s work relates to these core ideas and detail that in your nomination.

Do not include internet links to supporting material. The committee meets the old-fashioned way – in a discussion format. They read what you write and discuss it. They do not use computers during the meeting, so are not able to follow web links. Copy and paste any material you want to include, but make sure it relates specifically to your nominee.

Our steering committee selects the winners. (The committee meets approximately every six to eight weeks. Winners will be notified directly over the following weeks. If a nominee is not selected, the nominator will receive a note letting them know.)

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