SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The budget mess in Sacramento will be reflected at the polls next Tuesday, with an explosion in the number of local tax measures that will be decided on the ballot.

In the Bay Area, there are 43 local tax measures, 35 school bond or tax measures and four calls to increase vehicle registration fess.

And those numbers don’t even include five proposals to tax marijuana.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

The rush in tax measures has anti-tax advocates like Doug McNea with the Silicon Valley Taxpayers’ Association up in arms.

“They couldn’t increase taxes in Sacramento, so it’s been pushed down to the local level,” he said.

McNea said the trend is akin to a death by a thousand taxes.

“That’s why we’ve gone to the trouble of drafting ballot arguments as best we could to oppose all of them,” McNea said.

But supporters of some of the fee hikes said they have no choice but to look for local sources of income since the state continues to raid city and county governments.

“It does say something about Sacramento. Sacramento legislature is polling at a nine percent approval rating,” said Carl Guardino, president of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. “We are year after year of budgets not being passed on time and glossed over when they are passed.”

Guardino and his group support measures in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties that would boost the vehicle license by ten dollars annually to pay for transportation improvements.

He said people need to act in the face of the challenges posed by Sacramento.

“We’re going to do it locally, we’re going to do it with accountability, we’re going to do it with a transparency,” Guardino said.

And the state budget crisis may not be over. One credit agency is projecting in the next fiscal year, California will face a budget deficit that is at least $12 billion.

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Comments (7)
  1. Roxan says:

    REGARDING CARL GUARDINO: He does NOT speak for the citizens of this region.


    ROAD REPAIRS? Isn’t that we already pay GAS TAXES for? Where’d that go? The “General Fund” and this turkey, Carl Guardino thinks we should pay more?

    STATE PARKS: Aren’t our taxes also supposed to pay for that?

    HEALTHY KIDS BILL: Don’t we already pay for some of that through Calworks and other programs? Should ILLEGAL ALIEN children be getting this at all? I don’t think so. For any services, I think a form of E-VERIFY should be required.

    SCHOOLS; Make them use a form of E-VERIFY to weed out ILLEGAL ALIENS. No FREE breakfasts-lunches for Illegal aliens. Bill the parent of EVERY Non-English-speaking child. Get the LA RAZA and MEChA programs out of our schools and bill the nation of origin for services rendered to Illegal Aliens.

    CA BUDGET (STATE and LOCAL)–There’s NEVER ever any mention of ILLEGAL ALIENS and their: FREE births, WIC, food stamps, housing, lawyer services (think of Zoe Lofgren for starters), language services-materials and FREE school (including FREE breakfasts-lunches) and in some cases, the DREAM Act.

    The DREAM Act is where: Illegal aliens get the cheaper in-state college rates and any LEGAL CITIZEN moving to another state has to pay the higher-out-of-state college rates.

    BANKSTER ROLE-FEDERAL RESERVE: Punish the BANKSTER-FED role in deliberately creating a housing bubble and derivatives fiasco. They should be, at the very least, in jail with MADOFF, not rewarded with lavish bonuses.

    We were told, these BANKSTER BAILOUTS were for “Main Street.” Well, they’re still pretty busy foreclosing on Main Street.

    DISASTEROUS TRADE LAWS, (responsible for almost everything is Made in China, etc, but just everywhere except here in the USA. These must be ended, but NEITHER PARTY has made a move. Folks, you could also after the: Chambers of Commerce (including Carl Guardiino) across this nation as well as the Commonwealths and Rotary Clubs and demand an end to these Free Trade laws.
    NAFTA (N. American Free Trade Agreement).
    CAFTA (Central Free Trade Agreement).
    GATT (General Agreement on Trade and Tarriffs).
    WTO (World Trade Organization).

    CARL GUARDINO never mentions these trade laws on KLIV. He would like us to approve of Prop 23 (which does include the Cap N’ Trade Taxes) and increase our fees (aka more taxes).

    He also NEVER mentiions ILLEGAL ALIENS and the budget or the fact that we are still forced to pay for people who aren’t supposed to be here in the first place. He makes me ill every timie I hear him on KLIV.

    It would be nice if Carl Guardino would take the taxpayers into consideration for a change and actually address the gross corruption of our government.

  2. Bill says:

    I second the vote!

  3. leo says:

    CA. state has so many laws its budget cannot keep up with.
    laws make CA. sustainable but not its wage.

  4. Dave says:

    California deserves all it is getting because they would like to keep the same people in office. Jerry Brown and Boxer.

  5. Big G says:

    I agree Dave, we keep electing the same people. Barbara Boxer shows up at every tradegy or photo op, name 5 things that have helped us during her career. Jerry Brown has left every office he held in shambles, yet people he keeps getting elected! What part of waking up & realizing we have to change the way we vote for these people. It’s about real jobs, not paper pushing state or city jobs. Its about getting Business to want to come here & kee the ones we have here. Jerry Brown is beholden the special interests groups that have been part of the problem now for 40 years. Are the Citizens really that stupid as these polls would have us believe!!!

  6. Ed says:

    More taxes? Well, Why I am not surprised? This is why unemployement in CA is more than 12% because businesses instead of growing and hiring people are forced to pay crazy high taxes. I think Sacramento is in the race for “the first place for the Highest unemployement rate in US” They want to brake the World Record.
    Vot NO for ANY tax increase. I am a small business owner and I am NOT hiring because over 65% of my profits goes to taxes instead of investing back in my business so we can grow. instead my competition in other states are growing faster than us and all our good employees are moving to other states. And you, my employee, don’t get paid enough, because instead of paying you, I have to pay tax. Now if you vote for more taxes, then I will be forced to fire You and hire an illegal worker for $5 an hour and without 24% workers comp insuranse, so I can stay afloat.
    Have a nice day.

    P.S. Dear webmaster of CBS… Your refresh page option sucks. remove it, if you want your visitors to spend much more time on your page.