SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — San Francisco health officials say restaurant inspections are lagging because of a lack of staff.

The San Francisco Health Department has 19 food inspectors instead of the 23 it is supposed to. Health officials tell the San Francisco Examiner that retirements and disciplinary problems have whittled down the staff.

The shortage means thousands of restaurants may only be getting one inspection a year, and eateries with problems may not be receiving follow-up visits.

All restaurants and food preparation facilities are supposed to be inspected twice a year, with those where significant problems have been identified getting a third visit.

Health department officials say they are trying to fill the vacancies, but it can take months to hire and train new inspectors.

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  1. Ken says:

    I wish you didn’t announce or make such information public! With broadcating it you only invite cheaters to take advantage of the system when they know there’re only so few inspectors to do the job!! With so many people inflicted with food bourne illnesses a few days after consuming it and unable to pinpoint or associate it with its source, it would be better if the city Health Dept or you made up stories such as, “The city is getting ready to crack down on restaurants…”, to keep everyone on their toes!!!

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