SAN FRANCISCO (CBS / AP / BCN) — A day after the polls closed, San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris was still locked in a down-to-the-wire race for state attorney general with Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley.

But a statement issued by Harris’ campaign declared victory, saying that “Harris will be the next attorney general of the state of California.”

With 99 percent of the vote counted, Harris was ahead of Cooley by fewer than 15,000 votes or 45.9 percent to 45.7 percent, according to the California Secretary of State’s Office.

Harris so far had received 3,292,836 votes, and Cooley 3,277,998 votes.

But elections officials said it may take weeks to determine the winner because tens of thousands of provisional and late absentee ballots remain to be counted.

Harris’ campaign asserted that the “uncounted ballots will only bolster” Harris’ lead.

Cooley had a comfortable lead in early returns Tuesday night, but Harris chipped away at the margin and overtook him Wednesday.

A spokesman for the Cooley campaign did not immediately return a call Wednesday for comment.

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Comments (11)
  1. alex says:

    brown, boxer, newsom and harris. all i can do is laugh. this state is flushing itself down the toilet. bend over, no lubricant will be used!

  2. Yasmine Prouty says:

    I’m convinced that the electorate of this state is beyond ignorant! Kamala Harris is a poor excuse for a D.A., refusing to seek the death penalty for a cop killer and not properly supervising S.F.’s crime lab. And now she’s being voted in as Attorney General?? Sickening!!!

    1. Georgia says:

      Before you condemn Harris for what you disagree with her upon, maybe you should become informed about cooley’s letting off the Catholic Church Pedophile cover up (after 8yrs of Taxpayer funding for the investigation), ignoring prosecuting 12,000 Rape cases until forced to take some action by the LA Times, ignoring the Bell Officials crimes for 1 1/2 years until again the LA Times forced the story out & Jerry Brown’s office started an investigation; his derision of female Rape/Murder Victims & the Laws named after them to increase sentences for violent sex abuse cases….

    2. Diane Miller says:

      I totally agree with you Yasmine. This victory (if it really is) is horrible!! What are the voters thinking?

  3. Will says:

    Can I say sheep. California is in trouble

  4. John in Sacramento says:

    Very pleased to see Kamala Harris win the nomination for Attorney General! Cooley would have been a disaster. Glad to see California staying blue!

  5. Paul says:

    Republican extremists scared Californians away from Republican candidates. Had Republicans stayed moderate nationally, they could have won California, but instead Republicans are swinging hard to the right because their extreme-right base is forcing them to.

    The Republican name hurt every Republican running for office in California. Republicans can only win California if California sees them as moderate Republicans, and national politics destroyed that image.

  6. carma says:

    Kamala winning is a statement for California waking up to sanity.