(KCBS) – Several pot clubs in San Jose have decided to close up shop in protest of recent raids by law enforcement.

Dozens of marijuana advocates, including dispensary owners and patients, spoke out at the city council meeting Tuesday asking the city to intervene and put a stop to recent drug raids.

”The voters made this legal for us in the State of California,” said Alisha Alexander, fighting back tears. She is a breast cancer patient who uses marijuana. “So I don’t understand how you can sit up here and allow your city to take my rights away.”

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

At least seven pot clubs have either been shut down, or voluntarily closed in the wake of raids by the Santa Clara County Special Enforcement Team, which has been targeting problem pot clubs selling marijuana for profit.

Mayor Chuck Reed noted that the city is not involved in the drug raids, saying that San Jose Police have no jurisdiction in the matter. But Councilmember Pierre-Luigi Oliverio asked the city manager to gather additional information before the council takes up marijuana dispensary zoning rules next month to deal with the recent explosion of pot clubs in the city.

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Comments (10)
  1. Chadster says:

    Good riddens. Get rid of ALL pot selling locations. People need to get over it. CA will never legalize this drug.

    1. Retsdahc says:

      Riddance. It’s RIDDANCE!!!

    2. jeff Bain says:

      But u can drink all u want!! Hypocrites!! alchoholics!!

  2. Comeonenow says:

    If folks really need this drug it should be distributed like all other medications. From the hospitals, doctors and pharmacy. However, it is not a legal drug so therefore, it is sold in back alleys, hole int he wall “clubs” – I’me sure there is some (and I mean minimal) legit folks out there that need this. However, like most – this is used for rec use.

  3. Dan Rodriguez says:

    I guess that Pierre-Luigi Oliverio is ok with breaking laws, (smoking marijuana or stealing signs) as long as it benifits him or his cause.

  4. AndresIniesta says:

    Legalize all drugs for one year with strict regulations, starting 2011, and then ban it all on 1.1.2012.

    If more problems/issues arise, criminalize it again and ban it altogether.
    If social issues/problems are reduced, do another 1 year, and go from there.

    The fight on drugs for several decades now has been a failure.
    It should be a health issue not a police issue.

  5. hobo johnson says:

    honestly some of the worst comments ive ever read

  6. Dennis says:

    I agree with ComeOneNow, somewhat.

    Yes, I agree that a registrered user (like myself) should be able to pick up my “meds” at a doctors office. I also think that my “meds” shouldn’t cost me $50/8th. It’s insanity. I think the pot law shouldve been legalized, but also should’ve made it cheaper for people who actually need it like myself. Let the recreational users pay $50/8th if they wanna smoke. I shoudn;t have to pay more than $30.

  7. Kush says:

    It’s pot not crack. Either these people are ignorant or just stupid. I rather be a pot smoker then a drinker. I never saw a drunk sober quickly. If you smoke pot you still have control of your body and actions. What should we be really banning here. Come on guys dont be stupid. Land of the free. What’s that mean.. Idiots. Know what you talk about or dont open your mouth. Pot has saved more lives then alcohol has ruined. It;s the truth

  8. Monte says:

    We are not going away, You have your Whiskey WE WANT OUR POT!!!

    Mass Civil Disobedience!!!!

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