SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Furlough Fridays and lighter staffing have meant there is usually a line just to get into the building of the city’s Department of Motor Vehicles office, and wait times typically run almost an hour and a half.

The state’s budget troubles have had a big impact on DMV offices across California, but the 78 minute wait in San Francisco is twice as long as the statewide average.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

Some cooling their heels on the sidewalk outside Monday saw being part of bureaucracy’s long tail as just another sign of the slow economy.

And more than a few admitted that, even if times were better, they were already starting out with low expectations as soon as they realized whatever needed to be done had to be taken care of by a state employee in person.

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Comments (8)
  1. asdf says:

    Worst DMV EVER. A bunch of fat, lazy people who chat over doughnuts and don’t care how long the lines get. Get there without an appointment at 1pm and there’s some moron outside telling people in line to come back tomorrow, “we don’t get overtime and have to have the lights out by 4:45pm!” This place is run by idiots. Oh wait so is our entire state.

    1. frog says:

      See if you can do any better. Also it sounds like one who lives off their parents trust fund.

  2. frenchjr25 says:

    One office for 800,000 people. That’s the problem. Mendocino County has one office for less than 86,000 people.

    The San Francisco office is horribly slow, and is difficult for people to get to. Time for some major changes. There needs to be an office in the Civic Center, where all government offices should be located for the City and State.

    It’s not brain surgery to see that we need more offices and offices that are easy for people to get to.

  3. Alwaysguapo says:

    That’s for darn sure. But look who the voters are electing. We deserve what we get.

  4. jet says:

    Try going to SAFEWAY on Market and Church and see how slow they are… one check out clerk for 30 people…

    Guess the DMV employees shop at SAFEWAY…

  5. James Ash says:

    i have zero sympathy for you people that don’t know about the dmv website and iphone app. you do not have to go to the dmv anymore! it took me 30 seconds to renew my license on the website. get a life!

  6. G says:

    How about a little appreciation for the difficulty one endures while working at the DMV? These folks have taken around a 15% pay cut with their three furlough days. And I’m sure if it were so easy they would just go find somewhere else to work.

    A little patience and a respectful attitude will get you a lot further at the SF DMV. I wasn’t glad to wait 4 hours this past May but I brought a book and with patience and a little PTO from work I got everything I needed done, without being a jerk.

  7. adam says:

    People with cars deserve the hassle. grow up, kids!