(KCBS) – Lots of turkeys will be on the dinner table Thursday. Here are some last minute tips for roasting your bird to perfection.

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It’s a good idea to defrost the turkey in a bucket of cold water. This method works more effectively and quickly. But make sure it’s not warm/hot water or you run the risk of bacterial growth.

Roast the turkey at 350 degrees. For roasting time, it’s 7 minutes per pound plus a flat 45 minutes. And make sure internal temperature is 150 degrees F.

When you take it out of the oven let it rest for a while so the juice distributes uniformly throughout the bird. If you cut it immediately the juice will come out and everyone will say ‘look how juicy!’ but you know what? You just lost all your juice.

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Once you’ve trimmed the meat, break up the bones, put them in a pot and start simmering right then and there for some good turkey stock.
Remember to get leftover turkey back in the fridge as soon as possible. Leaving it out at room temperature will cause problems.
Skim off the fat on the broth and whisk in some flour for thickness.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast!

Narsai David is the KCBS Food and Wine Editor. He has been a successful restaurateur, chef, TV host, and columnist in the Bay Area spanning four decades.

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