FOSTER CITY (AP) — Officials in Foster City are considering cracking down on dog owners who bring too many dogs to the city’s dog park.

The city’s Parks and Recreation Committee is expected to vote Wednesday whether to recommend to the City Council the passage of an ordinance that would limit pet owners to taking three dogs each to the off-leash dog park.

The San Mateo County Times says the proposed ordinance comes after in incident in August when a 69-year-old Foster City woman and a 37-year-old South San Francisco became involved in a physical altercation at the dog park.

A few weeks before that incident, a man was bitten by his own dog while trying to separate it from another dog.

The head of Foster City’s Parks and Recreation Department says the new rules are being considered because a small number of people have been breaking the rules the dog park.

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Comments (20)
  1. LaMarr Lloyd says:

    Bitten by one’s own dog. Take that mutt to a dog/owner training school.

  2. JoeyLoew says:

    Ok, so what does having more then three dogs have to do with a 62 year old lady getting into a fight with a 37 year old South San Francisco . Or for that mater with a guy getting bitten by his own dog while trying to separate it from another dog….?

    Stupid California fruits & nuts, ain’t got no sense no how…

    1. JAN W says:


    2. Heather says:

      LOL JoeyLoew… maybe you should do a spell check before you spur insults. It doesn’t hold much for you. 🙂

      1. JoeyLoew says:

        Ok Heather, point out my mistakes…

  3. Davelegs says:

    If it’s that important to the city, they need to post a city worker on site and limit the park to Foster City residents ONLY!

  4. Pat says:

    One of the most poorly written articles I have ever read.

    1. Tpp says:

      Agree…the two things don’t seem to have any relation to why a 3-dog limit should be imposed. What? Two people have a fight, one guy’s own dog bites him?

  5. Jim In Foster City says:

    It would have been helpful to describe the incidents so that we could understand some relation to the proposed regulation.

    That said, 3 dogs seems more than enough for one person to maintain control of in the park, I can’t imagine anyone sensibly objecting to this (and I say this as a previous multiple dog owner).

    1. Jady says:

      zLSIPV I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

  6. BC says:

    The reason is because there is a Foster City Council Person who routinely arrives at the dog park to enforce a rule recommendation list, which is posted at the Dog Park’s entrance. The current rules as they sit don’t have any enforcement value behind them. Foster City is looking to find new ways of making revenue for the city plus there are a handful of people who come to the dog park with more than three dogs. That issue alone has upset this City Council Person and he has a woody for the alleged potential city ordinance violators.

  7. David says:

    Hallelujah, For once a local government is taking the necessary steps to control the vagrants activities at the Dog park .

    Finally someone is spearheading this critical task, dog owners bringing dogs to Dog Parks are the scourge of society and need to be re[reprimanded and incarcerated. Never Mind the obvious lack of city funds or the excessive waste of time and tax payers money dealing with critical issues to society as this. Great job Foster City for your dedicated work to make everyday life better for us..

    Sometimes i wish i didn’t have a soul or any concern for my neighbors or society in general, i would love to run for local Government so i could make a difference as Foster City is doing.

    But the most important thing is that they are Really making an effort to Tackle the Major issues effecting each and every citizen in there district.

    Great Job Team. Maybe one of these days i will find out how to do such a great job, and possibly even Sleep At Night knowing what a stupendous service is being provided to the city. After your term is up, you might think about applying within management in a major corporation since the mind set seems to be the same.

  8. davey says:

    The problem in all city are the dog owner. They do not pick up after the dog goes poo, poo and just leaves the mess. Since the government have to clean up the mess, there should be a 50% increase in dog licenses to cover all the expenses.

  9. Josh in san mateo says:

    I agree with whoever said having 3 dogs does little to explain the altercation between the ” 69-year-old Foster City woman and a 37-year-old South San Francisco” whatever. San Mateo closed dog parks after an attack in an area which wasn’t open to dogs. Sadly it seems local governments are creating issues out of dog parks for reasons which aren’t straight forward. Of course one can go to a city council meeting and truely voice their opinion.

  10. ButtWhat says:

    Problem is not the dogs, it’s the owners. Train the owners, force them to have a certificate and only then let them access the park.

  11. Bowser says:

    Woof !! Woof Woof !!!!

  12. Common Sense says:

    As usual nothing of importance goes on in the bedroom communities so these elected officials have to find some reason to justify their 6 digit salaries…Maybe we should investigate that about the Foster City Council…

  13. Brian B says:

    I am a daily visitor to this dog park. The few who bring more than 3 dogs are VERY respectful of others and are diligent in cleaning up after not only their own dogs but others as well. The community of visitors to this park is strong and I have heard of no complaints from any of them on this matter. People come from all over the peninsula because this great dog park and the people who use it. City Hall: Leave it alone. Get back to doing something about the issues that are important to our city. This is a non-issue.