CORCORAN (CBS 5) — One of California’s most infamous prisoners has been communicating from behind prison walls making calls and sending texts with a cell phone smuggled into his cell.

Charles Manson, the man at the center of one of the largest killing sprees in the country, somehow got his hands on a cell phone.

Correctional officers found it under his bed in his cell at Corcoran State Prison.

The California Department of Corrections said Manson called and texted people in several states including New Jersey, Florida and California.

While they don’t know who he called, the Department of Corrections said it was very concerned that Manson had a cell phone considering he was once able to convince others to murder for him.

The state said inmates use the smuggled phones to commit all kinds of crimes, which is why they were now using dogs find what guards miss.
And cell phone smuggling is skyrocketing. In 2007, officers found 1,400 cell phones. Just two years later, the number rose to nearly 7,000.  And so far this year, they’ve found more than 8,600.

It’s against federal law for prisoners to have cell phones. But, that’s just in federal prisons. In California it’s not illegal.

That means thousands of prisoners, like Manson, face no punishment for possession of what’s become one of the most sought after prison contraband.

A California state senator is trying to change that with a new bill that would makeit illegal for inmates to have cell phones and punish anyone who smuggles cell phones into prisons.

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Comments (7)
  1. Jack Cook says:

    This happened over a year ago, so why is it being reported now? He’s only one of 8600, but you are using him as a way to promote this news article.
    Old news.

  2. td says:

    It just figures, must be a slow time for news,,, Channel 5 & KCBS always sensationilize every for ratings

  3. Mad Mike says:

    I’d like to know why there is no punishment for these guys who are caught with one. But then again this is California, you can’t expect common sense to rule the day…..

  4. McD says:

    A 45 slug right on the swastica would give California a hell of a lot more money every year, why do we have to support this worthless maniac????…..He commits murder and WE bust out butts trying to make a living for our family AND these maggots……what a crock

  5. Ian Walton says:

    Charlie must have needed to keep in touch with his old friends at The Church of Scientology. Charlie Manson is one of their most infamous followers. Charlie quit the cult because he said they were too crazy. Scientology denies Manson was ever a member, but then again, they also used to deny that XENU the galactic overlord was part of their secret scriptures. HAIL XENU.

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