SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A transgender woman says a California Department of Motor Vehicles clerk used a state database to mail her a personal letter at home condemning her sex change.

San Francisco resident Amber Yust says she received the letter four days after she went to apply for a new driver’s license in October. The letter called her gender change “a very evil decision” and identifies the writer as the person who processed Yust’s application.

Yust has taken the first step toward suing the DMV for invading her privacy and violating her civil rights. She filed a claim Wednesday seeking damages.

DMV spokesman Mike Marando declined comment on the incident because it involves pending litigation. But Marando says employees are prohibited from contacting customers about non-business matters.

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  1. That p says:

    That person should be fire on the the spot and now that person don’t need a layoff pink slip!!

    1. john birch says:

      And you should attend another English class.

      1. Pete says:

        And your username should go back to the 1950s where it belongs. The 21st century isn’t interested in your nonsense.

      2. herp n. derpington says:


  2. Rev Steven Armstrong says:

    I believe strongly in religious liberty, personal liberties, and also in truth in advertising. Of course, the DMV employee was completely wrong to interject his own views in a government matter, and also to give this woman’s confidential information to his Church. If he had done this before and was still being allowed to work there, the DMV is in serious trouble. Just for the record, his religious group is a “sedevacantist” sect, former Roman Catholics who believe that the entire Roman Catholic Church is in apostasy, and that every Pope from after Pius XII is an Anti-Pope Heretic. Make your own judgement. — Rev. Steven Armstrong

    1. Ben says:

      I love how one person who believes in a bunch of nonsense religious dogma will imply that another persons nonsense religious dogma is crazy.

      You’re all crazy. Keep your religious insanity very far away from me and mine.


      1. Matt says:

        Ha! That’s terrific, Ben. Too funny.

  3. Rufus says:

    Isn’t that just flat-out illegal? The DMV employee should be arrested for misuse of state records or whatever charges fit.

  4. Sarahw says:

    I’m thinking it’s possible no clerk sent any letter – that rather, poor security of the database allowed a prankster to send the letter, or even that information from the database was sold to marketing agencies- and used or resold to one with a decided point of view.

    That, or that clerk has to have mental problems.

  5. obbop says:

    Perhaps it was a request for a date

  6. KenH says:

    Gotta stop whining! Thicken up your skin for goodness sakes. Ya, the moron at DMV should be fired, but suing dmv? Just get over it and live your life…

  7. sim says:

    Wah!!! No wonder SF’s broke. Prepare to be broker still.

  8. Travis says:

    Looks like that transition didn’t go to well.

  9. chris says:

    It’s all a misunderstanding. The clerk meant that spending time at the DMV was a “very evil decision”. That’s something we can all agree on.

  10. Smitty says:

    Where is this letter? We’re supposed to just take her word for it about what it said and who sent it? Remember this is a law suit.

  11. fadedtrends says:

    I for one dont care, it’s san fransico and if it fell into the ocean good for it save the rest of the state some money on stupid lawsuits. I would like to see the letter myself I wouldn’ t put it passed that “woman” to make it up for the sake of exposure. I all about freedom of whatever, but if don’t call yourself a woman, some days I feel like a super hero but I’m not gonna put on a red cape in a phone booth and try to fly or stop a train, he’s not a woman no matter how he feels no matter the hormone therapy surgeries etc. if tomorrow I wanted to be come a dog, could I lobby for trans-species rights? then sue for the right to sniff others butts because as a dog that’s how I get to know you? when will it stop. I’m all for to each their own but their comes a point when it’s too much. And the DMV employee should be fired, arrested or both for his actions if true

  12. Melinda Nance says:

    Hey folks, Might be the U.S. far better off keeping Syria’s Assad?