It is estimated that nearly 200 billion spam messages go out to e-mails around the world in any given day. Most of them promising cheap drugs or incredible offers that are often false.

But Daniel Balsam has found a way to turn those e-mails into a lucrative job.

“I sued probably 75 or more since I started in 2002,” he said.


Balsam is referring to the companies responsible for spam messages. The former e-mail marketer said he quit his job to pursue a law degree in hopes of stopping spam e-mails.

Currently, Balsam has won 42 small-claim cases. Most of his victories can also be found on a website he created called Dan Hates Spam (

But while many refer to Balsam as the ultimate spam blocker, defense attorney Bennet Kelly has a different term.

“I’ve heard the term ‘spambulance chaser’ used,” he said.

In fact Kelly has represented several companies Balsam has sued.

“You know spam is not illegal,” he said. “You know the United States Congress made a determination that unsolicited e-mails are protected by the first amendment.”

Balsam has said his goal is to get rid of unwanted e-mails one spammer at a time.

But Bennet Kelly says those tactics may be excessive.

“He’s going after legitimate companies on questionable claims and he’s able to get settlements on a lot of them just because of the nuisance value,” he said.

“They’re out-of-state companies and they don’t want to fly in to defend the claim.”

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  1. NRA Life Member says:

    Dan hates SPAM.
    Can Dan ban SPAM?
    Dan says I can ban SPAM.
    Ban that damn SPAM, Dan.
    See Dan ban SPAN.
    Dan, Dan, he’s our man.
    Are you a fan of Dan? I am.

    1. Reine says:

      Glad I turned TV on to see Dan. I need help Dan! got big time scam by spam. Please eamil me!

    2. David Wiggins says:

      I would like to be able to get in touch with this guy. I am a US Army soldier who just returned from Afghanistan. I was harassed for the better part of it by a collection agent claiming I owed his company for a laptop I bought several years prior. I told the guy I paid it off on time and e-mailed him a copy of the bank statements showing the payments and payoff. He insisted I paid the wrong people. I really don’t see how that’s possible. Anyway, I was constantly harassed via e-mail even after I told him to stop e-mailing me, I told him, I am not going to pay any more money for that computer as I’ve already paid it off. Furthermore, I would like you to stop calling and e-mailing my mother, and grandmother because they are having health problems. He didn’t stop. He became very aggravating to say the least. He endangered my security clearance as well, which in turn endangered my job in the Army, and the closing of my house I was in the middle of buying. I could very well still get kicked out of the Army because of the negative report his company posted to my credit. I feel like I am entitled to some kind of payment from them for harassment among a laundry list of other things. This guy Dan Balsam sounds very versed in Internet Laws. I can find no way of contacting him from the internet. If there’s anyone that could help me with this I would certainly appreciate it. You can find me on Facebook. Dave Wiggins Fort Campbell Ky. thanks for listening.

      1. David Wiggins says:

        ^my email is, thanks very much for any help you can provide for me.

        Sincerely, Sgt. David Wiggins
        US Army 101st Airborne Division

  2. Renee says:

    On 12-29-10 I saw half of a report that there is a little known law that can protect you from old bill’s and the bill collectors. I did not get to see that story or report. I want to know what the little known law is. Please help me.

  3. bob vickers says:

    hi Dan,saw you on tv. this morning and like what you said ,i get a lot of spam ,would you help me get them all from sending them to me ,
    thank you bob vickers

  4. Andy says:

    go Dan go! share the info with the rest of us….we’re listening.

  5. birge miller says:

    go, Dan ! sue ’em all ! add “” to the list. that spam blocks my internet when i click “no, don’t want it” and forces me to x out and start again all day. find ’em, shoot ’em, and hang their carcass for buzzards to feed on. ! (*^^%*)__*^%%^&()(

  6. Mary Lou says:

    Way to go Dan-how does one join your class action suit?

  7. Cynthia says:

    Love both the concept and Dan, the right fighter! Thanks, Dan!

  8. antonio rojas says:

    hello dan i wold like to fight too against spammers need help

  9. Mason says:

    Danfastick! You go Dan, hang ’em high!

  10. kirk de rallos says:

    many spammer here in cebu philippines, one of them is Christopher “krisz” Gemino he sends thousands of spam messages everyday, he is connected with Xooma and has an accout with Lawn Chair Millionaire

  11. Linda says:

    I hope he will fight text messaging spam too. Those are the worse because you cant block them and you get charged for each text sent

  12. dannie mckinney says:

    this dannie hates spam too. most of it is close to porn for me and offensive. how can I get rid of it?

  13. Mike Krpan says:

    How can I get rid of Pfizer Viagra ? or the word is VIAGRA ? or the word is Pfizer ?

  14. Mike Krpan says:

    Cancel my comment.

  15. Jeff Sumida says:

    I responded back to a SPAMMER because I couldn’t Unsubscribe. He emailed me back and actually thought he didn’t SPAM me because he wrote back”

    “Its not spam I email only you one at a time”

    His email is:

  16. Jeff Sumida says:

    Will you DAN take my case? I already forwarded this guy SPAM email to