MARTINEZ (KCBS) – Violence between girls may be more widespread in Contra Costa County than previously believed. A new study looked at such behavior at all levels of schooling, finding that girls were just as likely to beat up on each other as boys.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

High school, middle school and elementary school students were all included in the study by the Contra Costa Commission for Women. In fact, a total of 33 schools participated, and the report suggest violence came in all forms.

“Verbal abuse, mental abuse and also physical,” detailed commission co-chair Carlyn Obringer. “Posting really horrible things about another girl on a social media network like Facebook or MySpace.”

She was surprised at how violent some young girls can be.

“This problem can begin as early as age 7, if you can believe it,” she said. “You traditionally think about violence, especially physical violence, as between boys and not between girls.”

She planned to present her findings to Contra Costa’s Board of Supervisors. She also hoped to do a follow-up that would include workshops and forums to help educate the community about the harm many girls are doing to one another.

“One of the pieces that’s definitely missing from the report is kind of the parent perspective or kind of taking a look at the girls, the background, their home life.”

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  1. maria says:

    Its great to do follow-up workshops and forums to “educate” the communitiy on the harm many girls are doing to one another. But what is being done to “help” or “educate” the GIRLS themselves so this behavior not only stops but is no longer viewed as being “normal” among the girls.