HERCULES (KCBS) – The continuing political tensions in Egypt are leaving for some anxious moments for many Bay Area families.

That includes Keith and Katherine Layton, who were up early Sunday morning using Skype to contact their daughter Sara in Cairo.

Keith said it’s a fluid situation for his 22-year-old daughter, who is in a fellowship program at the American University in Cairo.

“She’s doing fine and she just came back from the first semester. She was just home,” he said. “I wish she was still home. I wish we could beam her up Scotty, but that’s one of those things.”

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

Sara has gathered with five other students in a Cairo apartment and she said she and the other students support the goals of the protesters.

“The general lack of security, we’re not thrilled with of course,” she said. “The police completely disappearing from the streets was unexpected and definitely alarming. But people have taken it into their own hands to keep the streets safe.”

Katherine Layton said for a couple of days, she was not able to contact her daughter.

“It’s nerve-wracking just trying to stay in communication. Once the cell phones were unjammed, we were able to talk by cell phone and that’s a life saver,” she said.

Sara said her group is awaiting evacuation instructions, but for now, they feel relatively safe.

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