SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) –- The Oscar-nominated film, “The King’s Speech” is garnering plenty of praise and recognition.

And among those clapping the loudest for the film is the Stuttering Foundation.

The organization has taken out full-page ads that say “Stuttering gets the Royal treatment,” applauding the movie, which dramatizes King George VI’s struggles with stuttering.

KCBS’ Patti Reising Reports:

“The stutterer is always portrayed as the comic character,” said Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation. “For years in plays, in movies and in TV shows.”

Fraser said that’s not so now, because in “The King’s Speech,” the stutterer is portrayed as the hero.

“The most crucial thing for us is to have the person who stutters, played by Colin Firth, be just truly representative of what people who stutter go through and what they fear,” she said.

If response to the foundation’s website is any indication, the movie has provided comfort and inspiration to thousands of people who stutter.

“22,000 kids downloaded our video this month,” Fraser said. “A normal month might be 5,000.”

Fraser’s group is rolling out public service announcements capitalizing on the movie’s popularity and trying to point people in the right direction to where help is available.

Click here for the Stuttering Foundation website.

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  1. Salvador Montoya Ortega says:

    The website of the Stuttering Foundation ( is an EXCELLENT free resource. Please note that there is a Spanish-speaking version of their webiste at …. this site is a vital source for Hispanic parents or adults who stutter who do not know where to turn. The resources on helps people in Latin America as well, where speech therapy definitely lags behind. This outreach by the Stuttering Foundation has helped countless Spanish-speaking people.

  2. Anne Smith says:

    The Stuttering Foundation is a wonderful source of help. Their Tips for Talking with Someone who Stutters and other brochures are a godsend for helping others understand us and hire us. Every parent should contact them for a referral if their child needs a specialist. The web site even has information for parents to help them decide if/when a child needs therapy. Sometimes, pediatricians tell parents to wait to see if the child is going to grow out of it, and there are teens who are still “waiting.” That is so sad as they should have gotten help earlier.

  3. National Stuttering Association says:

    Saw the movie, it was great! Colin Firth’s portrayal of a person who stutters was top notch! As a person who stutters, I find that emotional support is just as important as therapy. For 35 years the National Stuttering Association (NSA) has connected kids and adults who stutter through local chapter meetings, workshops, on-line support groups and annual conferences in which over 600 people who stutter attend each year – including such keynote speakers as VP Joe Biden, Arthur Blank (Owner, Atlanta Falcons), Annie Glenn, John Melendez and John Stossel. To learn more, visit

    1. Fats says:

      Ks4i2P In awe of that answer! Really cool!