SAN JOSE (KCBS) – San Jose officials are warning of massive layoffs this year as a result of the city’s multi-million dollar deficit, which could have a major impact on public safety.

In a worse case scenario, San Jose could lose more than a quarter of its public safety employees this year. That’s an estimated 349 police officers, and 145 firefighters. The city let 49 firefighters go last year after the union balked at making concessions. New San Jose Police Chief Chris Moore said that this year everyone knows how serious the budget situation is.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

”Both sides have come to this with a sense of reality, so I’m very confident that at some point we’re going to get to some resolution, I just don’t know what it’s going to be, or when,” said Moore.

A final decision on layoffs probably won’t be made until June.

Even if employee unions agree to the city’s request for 10 percent reductions in pay and benefits, San Jose will still likely have to make big cuts to public safety and service to deal with its $110 million deficit.

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Comments (6)
  1. curious says:

    This is truly sad. Take a look at. Valejo & Oakland to see your future if people don’t fight for your safety.

  2. NRA Life Member says:

    Just another reason why law abiding citizens need to be able to arm themselves to protect themselves and their families. The California government won’t allow you to carry a weapon to protect yourself. They say: “Just call 911 and we will protect you.” Well, ask them; they have no mandate or responsibility to protect you. Now with scores of law enforcement officers being eliminated, the possibility of you calling 911 and getting no one to respond is very real. When you do call 911, the crime is either imminent or has already occurred. The police will respond (eventually) to make a report of the crime and probably bring the coroner to collect your dead body. 911 is just a number, it won’t protect you. I prefer the numbers 9, .38. .357, .40, they have the ability to protect you when you need it.

    1. RealityCheck says:

      Please change your screen name. You are giving the NRA a bad name. I am a life member and believe your posts only serve to back the anti-gun movement’s claims. Remember you cannot use lethal force to protect property. You can only use it to protect someone from serious injury or death. So as much as you want to go blasting away in your neighborhood you will be the one who winds up in jail.

  3. DaPoPoMan says:

    Just bear in mind once those concessions are made there will still be lay-offs and the officers and firefighters making the concessions will never get them back. Look at the OPD, they voluntarily gave up 15% in pay and benefits to keep from having lay-offs. The following year, guess what? The City laid off 80 officers! Don’t give up your pay. Let the City lay off cops and firemen because they are going to anyway. You’ll never get back what you give away and it will be futile anyway.

  4. G. Williams says:

    The city needs concessions in order to buy up property for the new A’s stadium and help fund their relocation to San Jose. Chicago poliitics at its best.

  5. Insiderknowledge says:

    Interesting that CSJ has been purposely diverting more and more funds from core services to special interest projects during the Reed administration, yet nobody has question how A. with a total budget of $3.4bil the city claims to be near insolvency, B. The budget shortfall is but 2% of the entire budget but the mayor wants to take it all from the general(operating) fund, C. Their is no money to provide core services but money to buy land for the A’s and $550mil to put in savings. Doesn’t add up does it. Why is it Californias 10 largest cities have decided to minimize Capitol expenditures and special projects to maintain core services, except San Jose? These are the things the residents need to be aware of. San jose has engaged in irresponsible fiscal policies and it is putting every family in jeopardy. When will the greed be stopped?

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