SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) — Record low temperatures combined with light rain to bring a dusting of snow around the Bay Area Friday night and early Saturday morning, a National Weather Service meteorologist said.

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San Jose tied a 114-year-old record when the temperature dropped to 33 degrees overnight, meteorologist Chris Stumpf said. The last time the temperature was that low on a Feb. 26 was in 1897, Stumpf said.

A light dusting of snow was seen at elevations as low as 100 feet in San Jose, he said.

Snow was also spotted in San Francisco early Saturday morning.

A resident near Shields and Arch streets, located about 400 feet above sea level in the city’s Merced Heights neighborhood, reported a light dusting of snow, Stumpf said.

San Francisco hit a low of 37 degrees, also tying its record low temperature for Saturday’s date. The last time it was that cold was in 1962, he said.

Oakland broke their record temperature for Saturday’s date, getting to 35 degrees early this morning, Stumpf said. The previous record was 38 degrees in 1987.

However, Stumpf said the weather service has not received any reports of snow at low elevations in the East Bay.

People in Santa Rosa also reported light snow falling Friday afternoon, he said.

Anyone hoping for more snow to fall will likely be disappointed.

While low temperatures are expected to stay in the Bay Area through the rest of the weekend, the wet weather will be traveling out of the region by the end of the day, according to the weather service.

Comments (5)
  1. dsfgdsfgsdg says:

    There was no snow in san jose. I stayed up all night waiting for it. It only rained briefly. Wasn’t anywhere near cold enough to snow. This morning everything was perfectly dry. The sun is out in full force. Not a cloud in the sky.


  2. Roger Craig says:

    My Bucket List Snow at the top 7 dollar a gallon gas and a better MIUNI. might get 2 out of the top three….

  3. Jim Bob says:

    I agree with dsfgdsfgsdg

  4. kc says:

    That looks more like ice than snow.
    The weather world really got their forecast wrong this time!

  5. anonymous1325 says:

    seriously, i live in the sf hills, and i didnt see any white stuff.. im pretty sure the brains of the weather forecasters are malfunctioning!