PITTSBURG (AP) — Firefighters had to rescue an elderly man confined to a wheelchair after a fire broke out in the kitchen of his Pittsburg home.

Battalion Chief William Walker said that after the fire started around 9:05 a.m. Sunday, firefighters rescued the 93-year-old man from a bedroom of the home.

The man’s wife was able to get outside the home on her own.

Walker said the fire is believed to have started when a stove burner was left on.

Damage was estimated to be around $70,000.

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  1. yougofireman says:

    Good job Firefighters! What??? no negative feedback from all you penny pinching city government haters that wished you applied for a city job when you were told so??? no trash talk about how much the firefighter that rescued this disabled man makes and how this is why they earn their pensions? goes to show you all that focus only on the negative live negative lives and you’ll probably never get anywhere in life but these people still risk their lives for you and your family. Could of been your dad/grandpa.