VALLEJO (CBS 5) – The bad economy has led to a booming prostitution business in Vallejo, and now neighbors are trying to shame potential customers away from the city.

The Vallejo police force has its hands full after a reduction of more than 60 officers, and word has spread that the city is a good place for prostitution. But now, city residents are so fed up that a citizen prostitution task force has proposed a long list of suggestions to target the crime.

Among the ideas proposed are more police and citizen patrols, more penalties for convicted prostitutes and cameras at key locations. Some of these tactics would require the police to do more – despite the decimation of the staff.

The group is also considering more controvercial methods like sending Dear John letters to people whose cars are seen in areas known for prostitution.

There has also been talk of posting the John’s blurred photos on an electronic billboard and directing people to a website where they could identify the person.

The proposals are far from adoption – there are questions whether or not the billboard and dear John letters are even legal. The city is asking the state attorney general to weigh in on the issue.

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  1. Joe says:

    Gimme a Break Nell Carter !!!! Seriously? This is what we’re wasting exhausted resources on??? If none of Donald Trump’s wives were arrested for prostitution, then why should ANY other woman !!??!!??!!

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