SAN LEANDRO (CBS / AP) — An East Bay police department has found a handler did not properly supervise the off-duty police dog in his charge when the animal lashed out and killed another dog.

The San Leandro Police Department said Friday that the unnamed handler was not following proper procedures when the German Shepherd named Arago sunk its teeth into the back of a Finnish Spitz.

Brentwood resident Adam Lovell told The Oakland Tribune that he was walking his 6-year-old dog Chloe when they encountered a group walking three dogs, including Arago. The handler was not with the group.

Arago attacked, and Chloe died two days later.

Lt. Jeff Tudor said dog and handler will remain on duty. The department would not reveal whether the handler was disciplined, calling the issue a confidential personnel matter.

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Comments (8)
  1. Sergio says:

    The dog would have been put to sleep and the owner charged if this had been a pit bull attack. There is no such thing as a “personal matter” when you are a police officer. I am sure that the freedom of information act can prevail here.

    1. Gone West says:

      While I agree with most of your comment please note that the article said it was a “personnel matter” (not a“personal matter”).

  2. SRUV says:

    Uhh, what does this have to do with pit bulls?

    Pit advocates see bias or discrimination everywhere, even when it doesn’t exist.

  3. k9kidsmom says:

    Just saw this article and I’m curious why the handler was not with the dog. It is my understanding that the dog is too be under his control at all times even when off duty. I don’t think it is procedure for someone else (family member) to be walking the dog even when the dog is off duty. It also sounds like the dog needs LOTS more socializiing. I have seen many dogs, including pits, who seem to be better trained and socialized for everyday life than this police dog was. So9unds like the San Leandro PD needs to do some more work on these handlers and their expensive dogs.