SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The San Francisco Unified School District is cracking down on out-of-town students enrolled at the city’s schools. The district has set up an anonymous tip line to report non-resident students who have snuck into these highly-coveted and competitive spots.

Almost 1,800 children competed for 88 kindergarten openings at Clarendon Elementary School and at Rooftop Elementary, there’s only space for one in every 17 kindergartners looking to enroll. School Board President Hydra Mendoza said the hunt is on for the hundreds of non-resident enrolled students.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

According to Mendoza, some of the biggest tattlers are San Francisco parents who couldn’t get their children into the school of their choice.

“Our kids who are from San Francisco get first priority,” said Mendoza adding that families that may work, but don’t live within the district, are pushing out kids that do, in order to go to the city’s high-quality schools.

“If they are in a school that’s highly desirable, they won’t be invited to come back to that school, but we will welcome them into any of our schools that have openings,” alerted Mendoza.

Last year the district sent out letters warning out-of-town students to leave or face the financial costs of investigating and removing them. This year’s even more concerted effort is attributed to the intense competition to attend the district’s most popular schools.

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Comments (5)
  1. Tours Martel says:

    Elitism rears its ugly head amongst the liberals. Not a surprise, but still racist as I greatly doubt that any Bayview-Hunter’s Point students are among the chosen.

  2. SFCARE says:

    well the sad truth is that the SF County school district can not afford to enroll all who apply! this is after all a public education sistem, not one financed by parents who can afford private schools ! just learned that one of the so called private ones, is asking my brother, two grand a month to have a middle schooler come to that “place of learning” and get and education! I ask you? how in god!! name can all people not run at the chance of inrolling there kids in our sistem? with out bieng single out! we can not ingnore the fact that this children will in fact not become future profesionals but insted will become a burden on an all ready! crowded SF.

  3. San Frannie says:

    Tours: How is it racist to demand that children taking seats in high-demand public schools are indeed residents of San Francisco. There’s a reason why people are angry about this. People pay vastly different sums of rent and property taxes to live in San Francisco, and when they can’t get their kids into their local schools because there are those attending the school fraudulently, then it’s an unfair system. This isn’t a matter of liberal or conservative. It’s a matter of fairness and equity to the children of San Francisco.

  4. JaneQPublic says:

    The California PUBLIC school system is BROKEN. If the public schools all provided a quality education in non-trashed buildings, there should be no incentive to go outside one’s local district. Some schools are so bad, it’s like entrusting your child to go off to a war zone every day.

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