SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF/ BCN) — A man who set up a table with political literature and a sign opposing President Barack Obama was attacked in San Francisco’s North Panhandle neighborhood, police and witnesses said Tuesday.

Initial police accounts had indicated that the man had a sign supporting Obama, but witnesses later said it was an anti-Obama sign with a Hitler mustache drawn over the president’s face.

The attack happened around 11:30 a.m. Monday in the 1200 block of Fell Street, where the victim, a 29-year-old Daly City man, had set up his table, said Capt. Denis O’Leary of the SFPD’s Park Station.

A man and woman approached the victim, tore the sign and shook the table, causing the political literature to fall to the ground.

The attackers also kicked the man in the hand, O’Leary said.

The SFPD captain said he did not know whether the victim was a supporter or opponent of Obama, but a witness who was in the area Monday said the victim was a supporter of Lyndon LaRouche, a left-wing political activist who opposes the president.

The witness, Wayne Friday, a former San Francisco police commissioner and local journalist, said he was stopping by the Bank of America at Fell and Broderick streets and saw a sign that read “Impeach Obama” with a picture of the president with a Hitler mustache.

Friday said he did not see the attack happen.

The two attackers, who had dogs with them, fled south on Broderick Street before officers arrived, and hadn’t been located, O’Leary said.

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The victim said the pair made “no mention of a political affiliation,” O’Leary said. “It’s just unusual that they took offense to him and his sign.”

The first attacker was described as an Asian man with long black hair who was wearing a gray baseball cap, gray sweatshirt and dark jeans, O’Leary said.

The other was a white woman who is about 5 feet 6 inches tall with long, curly brown hair, he said.

Anyone with information about the case was asked by investigators to call the Police Department’s anonymous tip line at (415) 575-4444 or send a tip by text message to TIP411.

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Wire services may have contributed to this report.)

Comments (481)
  1. Coley G says:

    Someone has sense in the Bay Area.
    NoBama 2012!
    Hope For Change!

    1. bob says:

      “President Obama’s approval ratings are so low now, Kenyans are accusing him of being born in the United States.”

      1. Bob fan says:

        That’s so good. LOL Thanks for that, it gave me a good laugh.

      2. Fact says:

        That was funney

      3. So says:

        That is awesome!!!!!

      4. Domino says:

        That;s funny…

      5. Big Birther says:


      6. Oh Grover says:

        3 words: “MWHA HA HA!”

      7. BoDeeDoe says:

        I’m steelin’ that one. hahahahaha

      8. cindinator says:

        ba da bump… Great comment, could even bring back vaudeville.

      9. rcheeky says:

        Too funny! Thanks for the laugh! God bless!

      10. Michelle says:


      11. Scott says:

        That comment made my day! Thanks, bob!!!

      12. Vince says:

        I don’t care who you are, now dat’s funny!

      13. Red Burton says:

        OMG, Bob! That is a classic. Belly laughs!

      14. John B says:

        Very Funny

      15. daniel says:

        That is funny.

      16. Red5 says:

        I’m stealing this line Bob. Can you start a website so to give us all some good comebscks?

    2. asdf says:

      sense to do what? attack someone for their political beliefs?? that isn’t right and you should know it…

      1. daniel says:

        That is not what they were saying. They were saying that they disagree with Obama and were pleased that another one too (in San Francisco) felt the same way. Why are you twisting around their words? Do you have an agenda?

    3. David says:

      The Dem Union leaders diid tell people they need to get “Bloody”, looks like someone was listening!

    4. Waiting says:

      I can’t wait for “the big one” to come and wash San Francisco into the sea…

      I hope this guy with the sign gets out first, as he is probably the only person there worth saving…

      1. Fred says:

        If you are being sincere, then you are callous and evil.

      2. mike says:

        I saw those “LaRouchies” in Costa Mesa with their card table and both Bush and Obama pictures with Hitler mustaches. I told them that I was voting for Ron Paul and they both went off like a couple of idiots. Good for whoever it was who messed with them. They deserve that and more.

      3. James says:

        It would be nice if San Francisco would be a subduction zone and end up under the Pacific plate with all the perverts and other leftist critters.

  2. Doug says:

    I would bet money this is a staged attack on an Obama supporter. Nearly every time something like this happens it’s always an attempt to blame someone conservative or a tea party member. Smells like BS to me.

    1. Pete Buckman says:

      Absolutely right on the money. Conservatives are too busy making money, raising families, and helping their communities and others out to pull stupid pranks like that. When is America going to admit to itself it has a liberal problem?

      1. Steven Senior says:

        You are correct Sir!

      2. beasthil says:

        you people are crazy. Conservatives are too busy spreading untruths and hate.

      3. yoyoloverxc says:

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      4. Ðusŧiŋ Ħoaġ says:

        At least liberals know how to read, which you guys apparently do not!

      5. EvoDiva says:


      6. Bobby C says:

        Yeah because there wasn’t a girl you carved a B on to her face and said an Obama supporter did it to her because she was a McCain sticker on her car back in 2008

      7. Barbara Elizabeth Brown Johnson says:

        Most of the commenters on here can’t read. The article says that the person who was attacked was a far left-wing Lyndon LaRouche supporter who was ANTI-Obama… He had a sign with a hitler mustache painted onto Obama’s face, but he was not a conservative and they have no idea what political affiliation the people were who tore his sign and kicked over his table because they ran away and haven’t been found. This “victim” was neither conservative nor Liberal. He’s one of the LaRouche cult followers. And, being a LaRouche follower, the “attackers” could have been from either side. Of course, the fact that they tore the sign of Obama with a Hitler moustache does lend itself to the idea that the “attackers” were Liberals or at least not of the extreme right-wing side that might also like seeing a hitler moustache on a picture of Obama.

        None of the reports I have heard, read, etc., so far have been fake either — to say so is really pathetic! I am a Liberal and the person attacked was an extreme Left-winger who OPPOSES Obama and likes to display that opposition in much the same way that we saw a lot of from the Tea Party camp during the last campaign.

      8. Hawkeye says:

        Nice to know the Libs are SO tolerant of others politics

      9. tadchem says:

        Are you trying to justify the criminal assault?

      10. Dan says:

        I see you use the same talking points that Chucky poo Schumer was given. Follow those clowns over the cliff…really sad.

        Soros, mooo. Keep them doggies moving, RAWHIDE.

      11. David says:

        Yes, people like James O’Keefe are too busy making money, raising families, and helping their communities to pull stupid pranks.

      12. Adam Whitney says:

        Nice vague generalization. You must be a scholar. Don’t pretend this is an isolated incedent and only liberals have made these kind of moronic moves. As a matter of fact, the most outlandish attacks in this country have been caused by conservatives against any kind of radical change. Our problem isn’t a conservative vs. liberal one; it is an issue of people like you who lack the knowledge that only research can provide making vague statements about groups of people. Please do your homework and realize that nothing is as black and white as you make it seem. Liberals also raise families, make money, and help the community.

      13. Amused says:

        Really? Helping their community? If by denying anyone any aid whatsoever and wanting to cut what they already get helps them please explain. Oh I get it, it’s about responsibility. Being accountable. No, it’s a just plain selfish. Republicans will be saints when the Devil becomes the new deity in America.

      14. george says:

        The only thing in San Fran is gays dancing on their parade wagons and Nancy Pelosi. San Fran is doomed to fail regardless. I say congrats to this guy who denounced Nobama, he is a discrace to America! I would recommend that this guy get his right to carry permit!

    2. Bob says:

      Doug, my feelings exactly…!

      1. Phil M. says:

        Complete B.S. Trying to create a “hate crime” story. Most of these stories of supposed violence against liberals turn out to be staged.

      2. dlotise says:

        not in our fair city…please don’t visit..promise?

    3. Cheryl says:

      Yes! That was my first thought also!

    4. Rambo, John J. says:

      Must be the Code Pink-ers upset over Barry’s Libya War. Cindy Sheehan doesn’t fit the discription, but the story reported the culprits had dogs with them. Just saying……

      1. dootise says:

        cindy sheehan wasn’t originally..but is now a joke…especially in San Francisco..she fell in love with her own media image..pity. her son did not die for a noble she was right about that much.

      2. Andrew P. says:

        @dootsie: Cindy Sheehan’s son DID die for a noble cause. Forget politics. He died in the service of his country. He went where he was ordered to go. And he died doing what he was ordered to do. What the he11 is wrong with you? I hope you’re cremated when you pass; you’re not worth the dirt you’d be buried in.

      3. Jon W says:

        Sheehans son was in the military of his own accord and was apparently doing something he beleived in since it is an all volunteer force. The argument has been made that soldiers don’t have a choice where they serve, and that is true, but all soldiers are told before they sign up, that they may be assigned in accordance with the needs of the service, and he signed up knowing that, yet chose to go anyway.

      4. Carol Hicks says:

        As a Marine mom I must state that each and every one of our sons, and daughters serving our country are volunteers. There is no other nation on this earth that can make that claim. They are brave young warriors who offer their lives so that you may continue to live yours in freedom. Casey was a good Marine, may he rest in peace.
        On the other hand his father divorced his mother Cindy, and he was awarded custody of the children. I think that speaks for itself as to what sort of mother Cindy was.

    5. Who cares says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Were their any witnesses or are we just taking he guys word that it actually happened?

    6. Gary says:

      I think you nailed it.

      1. Alvar the fool says:

        nailed what?

    7. asdf says:

      like the girl who said some black man carved a backwards B on her face with a butterknife, but she really ended up doing it in the mirror, it happens on both sides

    8. Political Athiest says:

      More times than not, its the Dems who stage these types of events. But if its for real (which I have my doubts) its hilarious it happened in SF. That’s when you KNOW Barry’s lost his base.

    9. DJP says:

      You do know how to read, right? The attack was on an ANTI-Obama supporter. Are you saying the Tea Baggers staged the attack on one of their own to malign supporters of Obama. Or are you just illiterate?

      1. Kristine says:

        “Initial police accounts had indicated that the man had a sign supporting Obama” and that’s how the story was first written. It has since been updated.

      2. GavInTucson says:

        Nah, the Tea Baggers stay far away from San Fran. They know the type of militant, intolerant and smug people that live there.

    10. Bed says:

      He wasn’t a Obama supporter. I guess the obama robotic trolls can’t read.

    11. Chipmunk says:

      You are DEAD ON, Doug !!!
      A real conservative would simply snicker or get violently ill and nauseous as they walked by that table of bo literature.
      And conservatives are definitely NOT cheap shot artists, or gutless cowards, throwing things around as their accomplice has 2 dogs to unleash on the poor slob.
      It was truly some LEFT WING CONSPIRACY, colluding with the bo snakeoil salesman !!

    12. ked says:

      Guess you’ve never seen any Lyndon Larouch supporters with Impeach Obama tables (which was identified here) – I started seeing them LAST SUMMER in SEATTLE..

    13. Josh says:

      wait— how would we know if it is a real attack?

    14. Josh says:

      Uhhh- they kicked him in the hand and ran away you d****ss, atleast give obama enough cred to plan something more effective.

      Please read the article and take atleast 4 breaths before commenting next time.

    15. gerrad says:

      Wow. What a bunch of tools. Now what do you have to say after the new report has come out? Nothing. Of course.

    16. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      All government is degenerate. Obama is just one flavor of many ethically decrepit mental deficients that pose as your leaders. Reject all of these clowns.


    17. Reading is FUNdamental! says:

      Reading. Try it. The victim was anti-Obama.

    18. Randy Fleming says:

      LaRouche people are not , by definition , Obama supporters but rather are advocating another direction , entirely. Their vision is more towards a new/old Democrat Party idea of FDR’s WPA , New Deal approach.. LaRouchites don’t support Pres Obama or his policies and see him as a betrayal of the ‘perceived’ mandate for ‘change.

    19. Smashicus says:

      Amused thinks that people who have anything are greedy unless they give more and more to people like him. You frikkin bolshevik!

  3. dwwrobertson says:

    Sounds like a fraud. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    1. JaneQPublic says:

      The only fraud here is an illegal alien mooslum in the white house.
      People are sick of the fleecing of Americans. If I’d been there, I’d have done the same to the traitor holding the obama sign. Those two people are heros.

      1. n1kko says:

        you have got to be kidding, Youre going to resort to name calling and violence?

        jesus christ grow up please!!!!

      2. InTheBubble says:

        Buddha! You grow up, you pu ssy!

      3. Leroy says:

        “You” ???

        It could have easily been somebody upset about Obama turning on progressives…

      4. T. Partying says:

        Hey moonbat, it could have been disgruntled Union thugs out of a job. I sure am glad we let you loons have the whole shebang for 2 years, you couldn’t have done any worse than if you turned it over to a bus load of circus pinheads.

      5. NW Fox says:

        it was good enough for George Bush.

    2. Alvar the Fool says:

      Mom says get off the computer!

      1. rich says:

        Well then maybe you better do it or no bedtime story for you.
        Rich in New Mexico

    3. Mike S says:

      I don’t think it’s a fraud, I live in Santa Cruz and there was a table in front of the post office here a few days ago with a poster of Obama with a Hitler mustache, with a young man and woman sitting at the table, they were around 23-25 yrs old. I stopped and talked with them and another guy who stopped by who was offended by the poster of Obama. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so pathetic, the guy took issue with the poster but didn’t know the first thing about whether Obama kept any campaign promises, what his policies were regarding war, whistleblowers, transparency, torture, closing detention facilities, illegal spying on US citizens, starting wars without consulting Congress, etc. etc. I supported the poster wholeheartedly.

      1. RufusVonDufus says:

        98% of the blacks who voted for Obama fall into the same category you have described here, Mike! That’s what is so sad about this fools presidency. He knows nothing, same as his supporters.

      2. donfitness says:

        I’m offended by ANY picture of Obama. With or without a mustache. He’s a disgrace.

    4. A. Levy says:

      Ahh, another example of the “tolerant” left.

  4. BitterEXdemocrackkk says:

    Not surprising…we will see more of this as the manchild presidunce fumbles more day after day…he is INCOMPETENT. Totally. Absolutely. And, ‘he’s
    hiding information from the public. Does he REALLY think we will take him for 4 more years? No.

      1. Andrew P. says:

        yeah Dootsie; I’ll take that bet. How much?

      2. Political Athiest says:

        I agree w/dootise. Why? because other than Ron Paul, the repugnants don’t have a decent candidate to challenge him. And Ron will never get the blessings of the repugnants because he’s rattling the status quo and its freaking the establishment out. Don’t think for a second that the republicans are going to “fix” anything. The false left / right paradigm is like pro wrestling. And it just keeps us divided and conquered.

    1. lee says:

      The thought of 4 more years of Obama mjakes me want to move to Canada{ I guess that makes me a Obama dodger}

      1. Alvar the Fool says:

        Nah just dork…

  5. JaneQPublic says:

    hahaha I love it! Obama’s so bad even San Franciscans are wising up. Hooray!

    1. Alvar the Fool says:

      Jane your Public Hair is showing

    2. EvoDiva says:

      Yeah, because everyone in a certain geographic region is obligated to hold the dominant views of that region. You really nailed it.

      1. samson says:

        Yes guilt by association sterio types are rooted in fact even if you dont like them they are true and real.

    3. Liz Ernst says:

      Seriously? This is a terribly written and reported story – since when was Lyndon LaRouche, a left-wing political activist? This story is absolute nonsense – a slow news day and a lazy (or stupid) reporter. Maybe lazy and stupid – does this newspaper have no editor on staff? The headline and the photo negate each other. Dear god, no wonder JaneQPublic and her right wing ilk love this article – it’s stupid – their favorite flavor.

      1. JR Munt says:

        thanks for sharing that Liz, that was very special and edifying

      2. steve says:

        Yea, but what do you think about the attack?

  6. Honeytreeevileye says:

    No worries.
    OBAMACARE will take care of any injuries you may have sustained.
    Good luck comrade.

    1. OBAMUNNIST says:


    2. Fred says:

      “comrade”? And what part of “Obamacare” is socialized? As far as I know, it’s still private insurance, which – with the mandate- is basically free guaranteed business for the health insurance companies. It’s all a racket to steal your money and give it to CEO’s and stock holders. It’s the complete opposite from communism, it’s more like a corporatocracy. And you yokels gobble it up!

      1. george says:

        Yea and slowly but surly it is being torn apart and de-funded. This community organizer is absolutely incompetent and cannot function without his teleprompters. He is historically the WORST so called president in US history. Even now surpassing Carter.

  7. Richard Halavais says:

    San Francisco? There’s hope yet/ After akk, people do hrow up.

    1. Le Schpountz says:

      “After akk, people do hrow up.”

      Yep, that’s the old saying in Garblevania.

      1. Alvar the Fool says:


  8. Sam says:

    It was George Bushes fault!

    1. PT says:

      The suspects have now been named in the caper – Laura & George…and yes, we do miss him!

    2. Alvar the Fool says:

      Who is George Bushes? Do you mean Bush’s or Bushes’…..Go back to school Sam…

      1. Homer says:

        awesome, the posting police are here. You must have been really popular in high school

  9. Granite Sentry says:

    In San Francisco, it has to have been people mad because Obama is so far to the Right.

    1. Don says:

      Exactly what I was thinking.

  10. Barry Soetoro Is A Liar says:

    Too funny!

  11. lamont says:

    Obviously the woman was a racist.

    1. Alvar the fool says:

      No this is a case of Bullying…get it right or I’m going to kick your…….

    2. Rich says:

      And the dogs also!!!
      Rich in New Mexico

  12. Ron says:

    Hope and change? How is that hope and change working out for you?

    1. Honeytreeevileye says:

      I hope you can still change your underwear once Barry is done with the economy.

      1. Old Marine 81 says:

        Hope you still HAVE underwear to change when he’s done.

      2. JBC says:

        When 0bama is done with the economy you can change underwear every day. With your neighbors.

      3. Amphereal says:

        It’s like the old joke: You’re getting a change of underwear. Bad news is that you have to change with him, he has to change with that other guy, etc.

      4. Mike S says:

        You’ll have to buy government approved underwear with regular monthly payments, or pay a much higher annual fee if you don’t wear any, and only government approved specialists will be able to launder it.

      5. J says:

        Yeah you will still be able to change it. However, it will just be government issue. Which by the way you will pay to create and be taxed to use. And if you choose to not use their underwear and buy underwear on your own or decide to go commando, you will be fined 5-10 times the cost of making your underwear. But hey, you still have a choice of which underwear you would like to wear.

    2. New York NIck says:

      All you can HOPE for is some CHANGE leftover at the end of week when the paycheck comes. (when the welfare check comes for the Obama supporters of course 😉

      1. Stevebobbev says:

        New York Nick for President!! I love you with much non-gay love

    3. Andrew P. says:

      Like the bumper sticker:

      1. rebelred says:

        I totally agree, Andrew P. I still have all 3 presently as well as my salvation. I will gladly let those who like being lead around by their noses keep all the change.

  13. sandy says:

    I thought Barry was going to stop all sorts of fighting and division in this country.

    1. n1kko says:

      who is barry? I dont get it

      1. Corrie Seames Caldwell says:

        Barry Soetoro — Barak Obama’s other name.

      2. DemNoMore says:

        Barry is his birth name. Soetoro is the sur name of his legal father who adopted him and made him a legal citizen of Indonesia. I’m sorry that you are so ill informed. Perhaps you should do some reading and learning before you vote again.

      3. donttreadonme says:

        Can’t believe you are asking who Barry is after the last two years….you need to stop tuning in to the lame-stream media news and look elsewhere for the latest. And do stay away from the voting booth until you are better informed. Please vote responsibly.

      4. New York NIck says:

        Actually, it’s officially Barry Barack Hussein Obama Soetero Junior on his Connecticut Social Security card and missing Birth certificate, the long form that’s harder to find than an Asian tea party supporter with long hair and a white girlfriend in San Fran Freakshow……

      5. nobama12 says:

        Well said New York Nick. That was funny.

  14. jjj says:

    typical right-wing nut jobs.

    1. Honeytreeevileye says:

      IN FRISCO?????
      GET REAL.
      The last ones left a week ago with their 2 children.

    2. Pete Buckman says:

      jjj must be a member of the anti-Colonial left-wing socialist party of America, formerly known as the Democrats. Come on now, even San Fransicko can wake up, smell the coffee, and admit its liberal problem. It’ll be OK, I promise, it really will. The cultural carnage stops in 2012….read it, accept it, love it, bathe in it. For you too will be cleansed and redeemed…that or you’ll realize you don’t belong in OUR America and gladly move to another country. Give me a jingle and I’ll even help buy your plane ticket if you’re still that much in denial and in possession of your backwards liberal ideology.

      1. New York NIck says:

        “Come on now, even San Fransicko can wake up, smell the coffee, and admit its liberal problem.”

        In all fairness, In that city I hear it’s hard to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’, especially over the pungent buttcrack and nutsack odor most are used to in bed there 😉 ….

    3. whitenebula says:

      Commenting on this article? For sure.

  15. n1kko says:

    Bunch of down right hate being posted today.

    Its a sad day.

    1. Pete Buckman says:

      Um, like it’s not done one hundred fold more by liberals when there is a conservative at the center of it…get a life and wake up to what they call reality!

      1. n1kko says:

        Pete youre a smart guy, i can tell. You can log onto a computer and follow twitter, add your mother in law on facebook, and a big fan of fundamentalists.

        So please, excuse my attitude sir when i say you are a misinformed child. Its highly probably you receive federal handouts in the form of medicare or the likes. Its highly probable you live at the poverty line, and its even more probable that the agenda of your so called ‘party’ advocates is ironically counterintuitive to your lifestyle.

        I would like to finish this post but my communistic cousin is calling me from russia

      2. donfitness says:

        Pete, this n!kko is an ass who doesn’t even have the balls to put his name on a post while attacking you. Don’t even waste your time with him. Obama was supposed to be the death of conservatives in this country, and to the horror of the liberals he has caused the largest and strongest conservative movement in decades.

    2. donttreadonme says:

      Hate??? You haven’t seen hate until you face down a Wisconsin union member who has just been informed they may lose some bargaining power, and you have told them you fully support the decision.

      1. New York NIck says:

        You got that right tread! After that statehouse Freak Parade Leftist Jamboree I wouldn’t support any union for anything, especially indoctrinating teachers who drag their students to do their wetwork in between molestations in their hotel rooms.

        They lost everyone with that display of Islamic Muslim – like intimidation and outright offensive obnoxiousness.

        Not to mention the dangerous and dirty Gay Gestapo intimidation tactics, especially for Mormons after donating money to the ‘Vote no to Gay Marriage bill’ movement, after it’s been defeated time and time again but overturned time and time again by the 9th circuit Nazis again and again over the will of the people as leftists so commonly do with activist judges put in place By Slick Inc….

  16. Bruce says:

    They should be awarded a medal.

    1. JeddMcHead says:

      Yeah, reacting to a peaceful protest with violence deserves a medal. Typical liberal attitude — nice.

  17. bubble boy says:

    4 more years

    2500 rounds of golf

    18,753 divots

    1. New York NIck says:

      Also a quarter pound of weed smoked, a truckload of Marlboro’s and 20 kegger’s worth of Colt 45 downed in between shanks and slices in the woods killing all the wildlife.

      That’s REALLY why he hides there on the weekends, as he’s never picked up a golf club in his life before being elected, that is unless he and his buddies was stealing them as a kids to support their habits he’s admitted to…

      1. John Romano says:

        Oh I get it, Colt 45 because he is black. Give me a break.

  18. Van says:

    Why would anyone display a sign favoring our clueless President. Don’t hurt the poor guy as he knows not what he does…..

  19. sambo says:

    I can’t believe they kicked the man in the hand!

  20. monsire says:

    Glad we got a perfect description of the perps, now if you could do that when a black person commits a crime instead of acting like scared little girls.

    1. New York NIck says:

      Hard to do when they all look the same, around 6 foot 200 lbs, short hair, couple gold TEEF, carrying a chrome rim under one arm, a still boxed IPOD under the other, black white and red Air Jordans,…jeans with torn knees hanging below the waist with white boxers showing in the back ….Half of Harlem right there ; |

  21. Mat says:

    false flag attempt

    albeit hilariously pathetic

  22. MIke F says:

    Isn’t that what San Francisco is about, that’s the home of violent protest. It was born there. Violet protests were cool when it was against anything that Bush stood for.

    1. MIke F says:

      And of course by violet, I meant violent. 😀 Or did I mean pink, I can’t remember.

  23. Corrie Seames Caldwell says:

    What the heck is wrong with those people? I disagree with Obama on just about everything, yet violence against an Obama supporter is unacceptable. However, San Francisco? Really? I’m sure we’ll get some talk about being civil soon.

    1. Roger Craig says:

      never gonna happen lol…

    2. 3stixsays says:

      Did you read the story? The man had a sign that said impeach Obama and a picture depicting him with a Hitler mustache! Pretty sure that puts him in the anti-Obama camp and therefore fair game for liberal violence!!

  24. ace tomato says:

    ah, the mystery attack. Kicked his hand? Kicked. His hand???

    What, with a bag of oranges?

  25. geroge says:

    Thank You jesus and the tea party

    1. Venril says:

      Well, given the number of far-left folks, who are disappointed with O’s performance, no telling what their affiliation was. But since it’s SF, odds are it’s the scorned lib.

  26. Hypo Gore says:

    what’s with the racial profiling?

  27. Sharon says:

    Sounds like they were trying to knock some sense into him.

    1. JeddMcHead says:

      Yeah, because disagreeing with Obama is simply WRONG. Sharon, you wouldn’t know “sense” if it kicked YOU in the hand.

  28. Mr. X says:

    Fantastic! Nobama 2012!

    1. don in virginia says:

      Obama’s new 2012 campaign slogan:

      Obama 2012 – Are you in? Should read: Obama 2012 – Are you in(sane)!!!

      1. Honeytreeevileye says:

        Are you in???
        Translates to: Join me in #$%%^^*%$ THIS COUNTRY!!!!!

  29. F Obama says:

    I suspect many many people get symptoms of physical rage at the mere sight of a gleeful, clueless Obama drone waving that stupid logo in your face. It is completely natural and healthy. It wasn’t too long ago people with disagreements fought to the death and only the strongest went forward. Makes you ponder how the current lot of obese, welfare slurping, union organized Obama drones would cope back in the day. Miss the old days…

    1. Matt says:

      I was contemplating just a few days ago how nice it would be to resurrect that good ol American tradition of Tar and Feathering. I guess it died out because hot pots of tar and big bags of feathers just are not as common as they used to be, but given the way Obama is handling things, living a lifestyle like its 1798 just might be forced on us again.

    2. Kathy says:

      F U, Barrack Obama, president of The United States Of America…..Love it,
      we will win the presidential election again Re-elect Obama….I love you Mr. President keep up the good work……Nothing but haters… Get ready for 4 more years…..

      1. Soopadoopa says:

        Way to GO Kathy!!! Keep hoping for those handouts from Barry’s stash. Have you ever paid taxes in your life? Ever had a job for more than a week? Ever driven a car that wasn’t stolen?

      2. michael says:

        Get ready for four more years of IsmamoCommunisn indeed. Kathy get your Burqua ready for his second inauguration.

      3. libsarecommies says:

        I hope the military honors their oaths and goes after this guy.

    3. StaticKlingon says:

      HAHAHA. These may well be the “good old days.” You know….the days when your extended family each had a separate house, more than one of them was able to find a job, gas was only 4 dollars a gallon, you had quality health care without waiting months for an appointment, and a person was able to afford a car on their own without sharing it between 6 co-owners.

  30. Gerry says:

    Barry should invite this man over to his home for some beer.

    1. D 208 says:

      I think he’s had quite enough already

  31. Bob says:

    OMG!!! They shook the table?!!!! This guy must have wet his pants!

    1. Hypo Gore says:

      The Obama supporter thought it was an earthquake. He is reportedly still in hiding.

      The White House immediately put out a press release stating that the table shakers “acted stupidly” and the President invited all involved for some beer.

    2. Ken says:

      People, where are their manners?

    3. News Update says:

      “…causing the political literature to fall to the ground.”

      As the Obama literature touched the ground, the Seas began to rise, the clouds gathered and became dark, and an evil moan was heard emanating from the sewers.

      Aids to Nancy Pelosi immediately went into a code red situation fearing her eyes would pop even further from her skull.

      Eric Holder declared that the shaking of tables demeans “his people” and Congressman Mike Capuano (D-Ma) called for civility before reiterating comments that it is time ‘to get a little bloody.’

    4. Mel says:

      You mean there is actually two people in CA that dislike Obama the idiot in cheif?
      I’m impressed

    5. mauibucky says:

      Boehner’s Brownshirts on the arch.

    6. Amanda G. says:

      Fascist Fleebagger.

  32. Jeanie says:

    I know EXACTLY where I’d like to kick Obumma & Biten.

  33. terry says:

    I can’t believe this. San Francisco?? I know radio talk show host Michael Savage lives in San Francisco but now this proves there are at least 3 conservatives in San Francisco. There is a God and miracles do happen. This guy should thank his lucky stars they didn’t do worse to him. He got off lucky. Far more lucky than a T-party member with a sign would get off at a union protest.

    1. Roger Craig says:

      believe it, and it will get a whole lot worse hehehe…

    2. 3stixsays says:

      Read the story before commenting please. The guy had anti-Obama literature.

  34. JJJ123 says:

    Staged, staged, staged… to get attention for a losing cause. Obama is more hated than Jimmy Carter at his worst. They can’t even fake an attack to get some publicity without it sounding like ineptitude on display. Bay Area Democrats have got to do better than this if they are going to get the Obummer re-elected.

    1. Gabriela Amari says:

      Wow…Reading comprehension is not a Republican Strong POTUS has the Majority of followers dude..Sorry to burst your bubble but Democrats Outnumber Republicans and Obama’s approval rating is riding High. Maybe you should watch something other than FOX News which, by the way, does Not report in a “Fair and Balanced way”.

      1. Roman Gregori says:

        Did you look at those “rating riding High” upside down? As to “reading comprehension”, perhaps some of them lost their teleprompters. Happens to TOTUS and it is hilarious 😉

  35. Sorely Frickey says:

    How do they know the dogs didn’t organize the attack?

    1. Roger Craig says:

      you never know lol

    2. Roman Gregori says:

      Are you calling left fringe “dogs”?

  36. saoirse says:

    any OTHER WITNESSES besides the victim ?

  37. Bob says:

    A good way to recycle rotton eggs & fruit. SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! lol

  38. LEL MN says:

    Probably disgruntled Tea Baggers.

  39. Booger says:

    Sounds like the Tea party has a stronghold in San Fran!

  40. anti-Obamunist says:

    “Obama” on a sign is an equivalent to “kick me”

    1. William says:

      If you’re still in jr. high…

  41. Lukuj says:

    it doesn’t matter who did it. The Tea Party and conservative vitriol will be blamed, even if it turns out to be another Obama supporter. No matter who did it, it should NOT have happened. We can settle differences at the ballot box (fairly, without the intimidation, dead people voting, multiple votes, etc. ).

    1. big d says:

      Next we will get dead suspects and dead victims. Wait, we already got that with the suicide victim that carved the word FED into his chest before he hung himself.

  42. Patient One says:

    When are people going to learn to disagree without the violence?

    1. B in Raleigh says:

      Not sure, but let’s try a couple experiments:

      Let’s tell an SEIU member that people are allowed to get togehter and espouse conservative views without reprisals from their union members.

      Now when we get out of the hospital, let’s go to the middle east and tell them it is NOT Ok to kill a woman if she is seen with a man who is not her husband?

    2. donttreadonme says:

      Oh my God!! John Lennon is posting as Patient One!!! John! Is that you????

      1. nobama12 says:

        lol that really did make me laugh out loud

  43. commiekiller says:

    barry’s support = 100% of blacks, jews, h omos, communists, illegals, baby murderers. A foul amalgam of nation wrecking misfits.

    1. InTheBubble says:

      Finally, someone speaks the terrible truth. “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

    2. whitey says:

      Don’t forget the legion of dumb white voters who were both disgusted with Bush and feeling white guilt as learned by the relentless media.

    3. New York NIck says:

      I just call it a Freak Parade, it’s just easier.. 😉

    4. Joe432 says:

      The vast majority of Jews support Obama, yet he is constantly snubbing Israel. I guess they are more loyal to their liberal politics than their homeland.

  44. Gen. Lee Wright says:

    Would’ve been a better store if you’d also made him a gay person. Then you could get all the liberal talking points in. Isn’t San Fran. famous for gays? How’d you miss that obvious angle?

    1. Gen. Lee Wright says:


  45. Jim says:

    “Man with Obama Sign Attacked”

    OK, so….. What was the crime??

  46. dave_ct says:

    The dude got b i t c h slapped! Perfect!

  47. HUGO says:

    Interesting, they had no problem mentioning the race of the perpetrators this time.

  48. AFractoid says:

    And this happened in San Francisco? A lib was attacked? Right!

    I have a sign of my own from – Obama 2012 Are You Insane

  49. Joe says:

    Staged.. No doubt. Seeking sympathy for Obama, seeking animosity towards his opponents. Easy to see through, like a pane of very clear glass.

  50. Dave Templeton says:

    Well there you have it, this was in retaliation for dropping “Cowboy Poetry” from the budget, Harry Reid knew this would happen!

  51. Sofos says:

    This is a good sign of the REAL changes to come.

  52. Mike Baehr says:

    You people are dumb. This article is awful.

    This was not a “Man with an Obama sign”. This was a Lyndon Larouche cultist with one of those Obama-done-up-as-Hitler signs.

    I witnessed everything leading up to the “assault”. He trolled that girl good. I must’ve been in the bank when the actual sign-ripping occurred.

  53. Randy says:

    Somebody’s full of $hit! That had to be a staged FEEL SORRY FOR OBAMA

  54. Nobama12 says:

    Am I the only one who has never seen an asian guy with long hair wearing a baseball cap??

    So obviously staged!

  55. Larry Y says:

    “The suspects also kicked the man in the hand, O’Leary said.” They both kicked the man in the hand? Wow.

    1. New York NIck says:

      Man! It’;s a good thing they didn’t stomp on his left 4th and 5th ribs as well! That really hurts too 😉

      Then again those long haired Tea Party Asians all know Kung Fu, I ‘d check the Chinese restaurant delivery folks right away in Chinatown hanging around with white chicks in between deliveries!! lol

  56. Heather says:

    Indeed, people in this nation who are against the spending spree of the Democratic run government (holding the economic power in Congress since 2006 and the Senate & White House in addition since 2008) that is devastating our nation are peaceful. They are hardworking and generous as well.

    It is most certainly a staged attack by an Obama supporter – just as the man that attacked and bit an elderly man who was peacefully promoting morality, a solid economy and job growth at a gathering. Union thugs, on the other hand, who have been made rich by the stimuli paid for by people paying taxes, have called for and used violence to gain more and more power over people and this nation.

    1. Roger Craig says:

      Manners went out with decency and respect and compassion for others, Guess they threw out the baby with the bath water, that society today…

    2. 338lapua says:

      Setup was my first thought, I cannot believe ANYONE in S.F. would do that.

      1. lisa says:

        what… are ya New?

    3. LiberumPaine says:

      I was thinking the same. No witnesses or anything else like that. And this happening in San Fran? I am shocked to hear of violence in San Fran? Isn’t that the bastion of communism within the bastion of liberalism which is California? I bet it was those Northern-California people visiting the “Big City” who did it, since we all know any self-respecting enlightening person would not only NOT “attack” a person declaring Obama as their Savior but would also bow down 5 times a day towards where ever Obama is at the time.

    4. PT says:

      SET UP, SET UP, SET UP….musta been some left-wing actors out on welfare…probably were lookin for a lemonade stand..

  57. Randy says:

    Somebody’s full of $hit! That had to be a staged FEEL SORRY FOR OBAMA PUBLICITY STUNT!

  58. lieberalismsucks says:

    I wonder what happened when the victim BENT OVER to pick up the literature! After all it IS SanFrancisco!

    1. Jon Gault says:

      He became easier to move because he then had his sh#t packed already.

    2. New York NIck says:

      lieberalismsucks I wonder what happened when the victim BENT OVER to pick up the literature! After all it IS SanFrancisco!

      C’mon, they’re not ALL Bendover Barney’s there, for instance, there’s all kinds of Asians with long hair and baseball caps running around with white chicks and Tea Party Baseball jackets on everywhere you look!!

  59. catherine says:

    WOW, this makes the news???


    the liberals think that after 8 years of threatening to KILL ‘MY COMMANDER IN CHIEF’ that people aren’t mad?????? over 400,000 people ENTERED OBAMA’S UNEMPLOYMENT CAMPS LAST THURSDAY – 118 WEEKS IN A ROW AND OBAMA has killed over 1,000 soldiers in Afghan and just started ANOTHER war last week……..


  60. Jon Gault says:

    False flag for sure! No conservatives in Frisco any more.

    Who is John Galt?

    1. Roger Craig says:

      there were, they live in Washington D.C. roflmao

  61. G. Washington says:

    This is BS. Chances are very good that none of this really happened. This is a stunt to make it look like people who are against Obama are becoming violent. This is a fake story planted to score political points. Nice try Nancy!

  62. realliberal11 says:

    Attacked? This man was attacked in the same way tea partiers are violent extremists

  63. AnneP says:

    Part of me is LOL, thinking about how mean and downright crude people were about Bush to me personally because, while he wasn’t my fave, I did defend himn once or twice. That was too much for a few acquaintances. But come one, can’t we do better? Just because people were rude, crude butts regarding Bush, doesn’t mean we should continue this type of behavior. It’s killing our country. So, another part of me, the bigger more grown-up part thinks this is disgusting.

  64. Stanley says:

    BUSHBama has lost his “charm”. Maybe keeping ANY of his promises would have helped.

  65. AtlasObjectivist says:

    No doubt it is a real attack – the left is turning on itself.

  66. james says:

    You mean to tell me that there is actually someone in SF who doesn’t like that big-eared idiot? I did not think that this was possible. SF is so liberal that they should almost have thier own state

  67. Roger Craig says:

    Congrats to the Obama sign attacker for showing the liberals the light….

  68. Ken says:

    No crime was committed. San Fransisco has no laws to break. The city ignores federal statutes and bans US warships with nukes aboard from entering their waters. They make themselves a destination for illegals. They are a “Sanctuary City”. The city bans “puppy mills” and smoking in public. As an American I sincerely hope the city is destroyed by an earthquake. If you want to be outside of America then I hope it comes true and your city falls into the ocean. Thats what many Americans believe. Maybe it join join Hugo Chavez. – An American

    1. Roger Craig says:

      you forgot that the hippies can light up with a headache lol…

    2. InTheBubble says:

      SF is totally populated by the mutant zombies who survived the 1906 earthquake and fire. This explains everything.

  69. aj says:

    “Kicked him in the hand??” Oh really? You do mean “ALLEGEDLY,” Correct? Got a video of it? Then STFU!
    Good! We need more of this. As it reads right now on Drudge: Congress starts undoing obamacare. We need to do our part and send a message to anyone still stupid enuff to support this socialist circus clown.

  70. Kelly's Cove says:

    Around the corner from that incident, on Clayton between Fell & Hayes, east side mid-block is an old 1910 house that had displayed in the window a color cartoon of Oswama in a Dopey of the 7 Dwarfs hat captioned HOPEY, available online to print out. Sounds like them.
    Around the same block someone keeps erasing a leftist multi-culti hate-whitey publicly funded mural on the walll of John Adams adult school.
    Pushback is Hell, ain’t it, commie rats?

  71. Nobama says:

    Another Nancy Pelosi trick. there are no conservatives in San Francisco to attack him

    1. Roger Craig says:

      she is a closet conservative lol…

  72. InTheBubble says:

    Fell Street? Why not Union Square? They must have been going after the ho bo / ho mo constituents. If this can happen in SF, imagine how pis sed off the rest of the country must be at Obi-Wan. Oh, yeah! Then again, it does sound like a micro-flash mob setup.

  73. Sandy Lester says:

    How is that possible when Obama got 110% of the vote.

  74. waldo says:

    can’t be the tea party, they are all racists. It distinctly said a white woman and an Asian male. The tea party rascists wouldn’t condone a mixed couple 🙂

  75. dave_ct says:

    Well, looks like the Obama re-election strategy has begun. We’ll definitely be hearing more stories like this over the coming months. Have to add this to their other startegies-
    1. Today’s illegal immigrant is tomorrows vote
    2. Vote early, vote often
    3. Recount every vote until it falls into the democrats favor.

  76. pete says:

    Now that Obama is a War Monger even the libs now hate him

  77. Kari says:

    The “attackers” shook the sign holder’s table & knocked all his liberal Obama paraphinalia on the ground??????? HOW INCREDIBLY SCARY for him!!!! The dumb $hit probably thought it was an earthquake happening.

  78. tvstaff says:

    CBS up to thier old tricks. And…. they wonder why no one is watching…..

  79. Fred Lopez says:

    too bad they did not beat some sense into the dirtbag

  80. Henry Thoreau says:

    It must be Bush and the Tea Parties! OOohh Noooozz!! Maybe it’s Palin! Right Wing NAZI’s! Gerbils from Outer Space that look like Glenn Beck and donuts!

    These Right Wing crazies are destroying government buildings and chanting in front of peoples homes! And insulting handicapped people women while beating the hell out of blacks at the voting booths, but only if you can get passed the black panther with the baseball bat of course.

    Yes, as we have seen, Liberals/Communists and Muslims are truly peaceful. History teaches us this, didn’t you know? No.. not that history stupid. The history made of child-like emotion, failure, drugs, and communism.

    So, commi-slice got kung-fu kicked in the hand. I hope you got that on film, because dude- Bruce Lee couldn’t even do that with a poodle on his wrist. Seriously..

    So all in all, if 3 Trillion dollars and 3 Wars and taking over 1/3 of private property in the US costs you a sign and a kick to the hand- well, you got a deal then didn’t you.

    So be a happy Hussein supporter. And blame your poodle kick injury on the Tea Parties and Christians. Just party on like it’s the end of your Country, and have your final wish come true.

  81. Rickvid in Seattle says:

    Maybe some nutter LaRouche goofballs striking out at Obamahitler or whatever they are on about these days.

  82. Who cares says:

    Sounds like a hate crime.

  83. Roger Craig says:

    Barry White…

  84. Teresa Davis says:

    something smells fishy about this.

  85. Isis says:

    This fool actually CALLED THE COPS over someone throwing his little papers on the ground ?

    Barf, what a crybaby, no wonder he likes lame-O-Bama.

  86. TonyZ says:

    An Asian an with dogs on a leash and not on a plate? Definitely a hoax.

  87. Major Variola says:

    Bet the rud3e ones were african descendents

  88. Alamosq says:

    It makes sense to set-up your table in a busy area to attract attention for your Obama cause. I wonder why there wouldn’t be some witnesses. It sounds fishy to me. Maybe this just did not happen at all. It’s funny how when libs claim to be victims of hate, there is never any proof of it.

  89. August Dunning says:

    no we ain’t gonna TAKE it, no we ain’t going to FAKE it, we ain’t going to take it

  90. Don't enslave MY kids says:

    I smell bologna — “kicked him in the hand,” Puhhhhlease.

  91. Shrimp Fest says:

    Everything fell off the table and they tore the sign? Oh My!!! But when Union Thugs throw bottles and threaten lives, well that’s just ok because they are poor poor communists.

  92. Alan says:

    Table shaking, literature tossing, hand kicking thugs! This Asian “Wilding” thing has gotten way out of control!

  93. Joseph Wootten says:

    Huh. . . the day after he announces that he is running again? No coincidence here. Move along folks, nothing to see. Not a Chicago style set up of the Tea Party or anything.

  94. Patrick Martin says:

    Might be unusual up in Marxist Gay Bay for someone to take offense by an Obama sign, but elsewhere it’s a regular event.

  95. Darrel says:

    Were there any witnesses? Sounds like a typical liberal lie to gain attention and advance the story.

  96. Jason says:

    Good thing he did not come to Texas!

  97. Burl says:

    Aaaaaahhhhh! They shook his table! Somebody call the Federation of Planets !!!

  98. RobbieK says:

    I’m sure this won’t be the last incident where an Obama supporter gets the heck scared out them. The country wants Obama out, big time.

  99. Obumbles says:

    Lies on lies on lies from Obumbles and his sheeple zombies. “Sure” this really happened. No doubt some racist space alien tea baggers did it.

  100. Joseph, NYC Law says:

    So this is how obama supporters spend their time between welfare checks?

  101. Jose says:

    Oh noooooo! Those racist mixed couple tea bagger asian males with white women assaulting his holiness’ minions! When will it all end????? The horrror, the horror.

    Bring in Eric Holder! Call Janet Incompetano! Will Obambie condem this horrible act of hatred?

    The horror. The horror.

  102. Cowboy says:

    Upset with Obama’s war…

  103. Midwest Jim says:

    The guy deserved it. It’s WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too early to be setting up campaign literature. Give us at least a break until 2012 is actually here.

  104. UCLA Girl says:

    These damn asians are always kicking people in the hand and shaking tables. They had their big fancy earthquakes and now they want all the poor Obama supporters to know what it feels like. As if Obama wasn’t enough of a disaster. So all you asians reading this, you are acting inapropriately. Leave our hands and tables alone.

  105. Pablo says:

    What the picture doesn’t show is that on the back it says, “Sucks!” See, then he can flip it back and forth. The rest of the story follows as written. Now it all makes sense.

  106. Entropy. says:

    So strange they would just take offense to his sign, huh? Funny how little attention this poor fellow appears to be paying to the world around him, and the foibles his dear leader.

  107. Joe Joe says:

    You know things are bad for a liberal president when even the hippies out in California want to keep him from successfully winning a second term.

  108. tony says:

    I was born in the SF and currently live in the East bay… Not many like Obama where I live. A bunch of us our not Liberal morons..we love this country as much as Joe Schmo from Kansas…

  109. jdp says:

    I’m still laughing at the joke about the Kenyans saying that Odumbo was born in America.

  110. Jethro says:

    We are sure that the perps were not Muslims, because Muslims love Obama and Obama loves Muslims. Funny thing is that he won’t even take his wife to a Muslim country, or maybe she is smart enough not to go.

    1. jewhader says:

      aunt esther is not allowed to go to a Muslim country. It is haraam.

  111. Nik says:

    I detest Obama, I detest the Democrats but the two people who did this I hope are arrested. Shame on them, it is beyond Anti-American to not allow someone free speech.

    1. Doug says:

      It’s just another liberal lie to advance the “story”. Don’t be so gullible.

  112. Gogoqueen66 says:

    Note the MSM calling him a “victim”. I smell BS. Give me a break. They need a medal. Time to get in their faces people…Just follow their playbook. Remember King Barry said…Get in their faces…well turnaround is fair play. I drive around the Bay Area with an Impeach sticker on my car and there is maybe one kool aid drooling whiner…who usually calls me a racist…..for every 20 enthusiastic thumbs up I get on the freeway. How is that Hoax and Chains working for ya pal?

  113. JesusLives says:

    Would the media please release the name of the victim so that I may do a background investigation of his (DEMOCRAT) political affiliation and affiliation of his (MARXIST) relatives and (SOCIALIST) handlers?

  114. lessthantolerant says:

    Too bad they didn’t beat the Obana supporter senseless…. Oh Wait he was an Obama supporter, he already does not have any sense.

  115. LibsAreTerrorists says:

    It’s about time the Obama supporting thugs got a taste of their own medicine.

  116. Danbury says:

    Obama has called in an air strike!

  117. Karen says:

    The little liar could at least claim it was 5 rednecks that shook his little table. Guess there is no crime in SF for filing a false police report.

  118. Hill2012 says:

    Maybe it was former supporters that thought Obama was going to get out of wars instead of going into another war.
    or was going to close gitmo, or was going to stop wire taps or was going to not have any more surges of troops into overseas wars or was going to be more transparent or was going to stop killing cilvilians with drones or was going to stop abuse of others like abugrab instead of letting troops take trophy pictures of kills.
    Wait are we sure Bush is not still in office? How can we be sure?

  119. Daniel says:

    I have a special deal only for the “reporter” who filed the story and the police officer who accepted the report of the “vicitm”. I have a prime piece of water front real estate 20 miles due west of SF worth 2.5 million. Just for you two, I will sell it to you for only 12,000 dollars as a sign of respect for the fine investigative work you two do.

  120. Jeery Ford says:

    Wow! In San Francisco! I would have thought they would attack you if you DIDN’T have an Obama sign!

  121. Darrel says:

    “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” – Sen. Barack Obama December 20, 2007.

    BIDEN FLASHBACK: ‘If he gives authorization to war… without Congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him!’

  122. single_payer_now says:

    Tourist rethuglicans no doubt.

  123. Cindy says:

    Where was Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan? They are well know for attacks on present-dents who start unjustified wars.

    1. Pat says:

      Whats with all these comments its like the most hateful people read this story decide to comment. all i’m hearing is its fake because this and that, or obamas so bad so that justifies an attack. seriously people need to leave politics at the door and realize that we shouldn’t be physically beating people for supporting obama that’s just ridiculous. and yes i’m from the drudge report.

  124. henry says:

    Obama threatens to pursued older Americans to die by forcing them onto his mafia controlled health care system. He threatens the productive Americans with anal rape in a cage if they do not tithe to him and I’m supposed to be upset that one of his flunkies is not treated with respect. I think this guy got off easy.

  125. War Mongers says:

    Must be some of those anti-war liberals on the move once again against war-mongering presidents interferring in sovereign nations without just cause.

  126. Joe Green says:

    Maybe the guy was a community organizer. Maybe he was medicated and did not remember what exactly happened. I can’t image a single person in San Francisco who would be apposed to our Muslim Kenyan born president. Barak Hussein Obama. Are there really folks in San Francisco who think different?

  127. Danny Eller says:

    He got wooped-up on by an Asian guy and his girlfrind????


    Well at least part of this SanFran story makes since.

  128. DontTRUSTDems says:

    Staged by the left! Let 2012 begin!

  129. George says:

    I’ll fix the story for you oh so gullible people. The wind blew over his table and it hit his hand.

  130. Neo says:

    All staged by Dem political operatives or union thugs.

  131. PotHeadsUnite says:

    Tell the victim to not eat so many medical marijuana brownies before hs makes up stories.

  132. Gigietc says:

    He is the”VICTIM” of a violent Attack. By two people with Dogs! And he was “VICTIMIZED” By being Kicked in the Hand Ya’ll!! This sounds like a grass roots Law suit to Me!! Sue Em’… poor organizers. Sue’ Sue’ Sue’ Pull video from ATm’s and CCCameras on each block! Call Gibbs he will solve this ,Mess!

  133. Repeat says:

    “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” – Sen. Barack Obama December 20, 2007.

    BIDEN FLASHBACK: ‘If he gives authorization to war… without Congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him!’

  134. vonclausewitz says:

    it was a “kinetic table-shaking action”

  135. BorrisBatanov says:

    Yippie!!! In the belly of the beast, no less. Maybe there’s hope for the Bay Area, after all.

  136. nope.jpg says:

    Set up.

    Just surprised they didn’t make it a white man and white woman wearing camouflage. Guess they think if they make the man Asian, it’ll seem more legit.

    Nothin’ doin.

    1. Dale says:

      I thought racial profiling was illegal.

  137. Chris says:

    Obama’s lies are no longer believed. Even with the liberal bias news media repeating and supporting his lies and putting a positive spin on everything he says and does. Enough people are finally waking up from the news media and Hollywood brainwashing. Obama’s ability to confuse the listener, redirect unwanted questions, endlessly pontificate, and lie without being held accountable has ended.

  138. Dale says:

    What’s with the racial profiling and gender profiling? You can throw this case out the window or maybe even get a law suite out of it. Oh, and how do they know it was a white women.

  139. UnionWorkerDemocrathater says:

    It now only more had the sense of that couple this country would be a better place.

  140. cyrina says:

    attack? i cant belive that he feels like he was attacked. i have more marks on me when i play with my cat then i bet this man had. what a baby. and all the obummer diss’es. LOVE THEM!!! gave me some great laughs.

  141. Bippy Bellito says:

    I’m guessing Eric Holder is flying out to San Fran to prosecute this heinous crime. After all, an OBAMA sign was destroyed! This is a crime of such major magnitude that the entire FBI should be on site to investigate, track down the preps and send them to Gitmo with the rest of the Enemies of State.

  142. T. Partying says:

    When Granolatown is fed up with DUH WON, you know it’s over. Hey Barry-O, come pick up your lone Obot, he’s not wanted there.

  143. dave says:

    LMAO……..if it was Brooklyn they wouldent complain………they would never find the body.

    aaaaawwww some one hurt his feelings and shook his table…..

    Grow up ya puss

  144. Detter says:

    Wanna bet that this is a set up? Like the pretend chick fights. No one caught…

  145. Jim in Houston says:

    So much for peace loving liberals in Sad Freak Cisco

  146. nobama says:

    D you know what they call these type of conservative folks in San Fransisco?


  147. RDub says:

    O.K. I admit, I did it. But you can’t blame me. I always get that way when I mix prozac with my penicillin.

  148. Hyon says:

    Send in the “Kill Teams”

  149. Wharf Rat says:

    Where were the Grateful Dead?

  150. victor says:

    there wasn`t any witnesses or anything,,,most probably a staged assult to help obama look good….by attacking obamas supporter it only helps him. Obama is only running again so he can get billions in contributions and live happily ever after, after he loses….

  151. Falcon says:

    Well sooner or later, some of the oppressed in that socialist state called Kalifornication would strike back in the only way they could.

  152. BoDeeDoe says:

    From the description we have deduced that it’s the Asian guy from the Black-eyed Pees and Fergi!

  153. waljasper says:

    This has the Tawana Brawley stank all over it.

    Dollars to doughnuts that this was a staged “attack”. I call shenanigans!

  154. Japes Macfarland says:

    It sounds like Wisconsin??? What’s going on? Maybe it was someone angry that Obama didn’t pay their rent and fill up their gas tank lol 🙂

  155. Ron Paul 2012 says:

    Now I call that FREEDOM of Expression.

    Ron Paul 2012

  156. Soccer says:


    Nobama 2012, kick his ASS back to Kenya!!

  157. Bpb Forsberg says:

    It makes sense for his last two supporters to be from San Francisco

  158. Ktrainer says:

    Im sure this was staged by the left. How do I know? it involved violence.

  159. daddyothree says:

    Nancy Pelosi and her boy toy did it to blame the conservatives. Doesn’t everyone feel sorry for Obama now? Those bad conservatives..they kill puppys, and cute ones too!

  160. ves says:

    the intolerant left rises again.

  161. Mike says:

    How’s that for “diversity” and “tolerance”!

  162. Angelfood McSpade says:

    Dey betta leaves mah Obama alone!

  163. Hyon says:

    I’m sure Reverand Al and Rev Jessie will straighten this rasist act out. Ohhhh wait, a white guy was beat up. Sorry whitey.

  164. JustSurfinPapers says:

    I’ve seen these people before. They are Lyndon LaRouche followers. They do the same thing up in the Seattle area. They set up a table outside a Post Office with a poster of President Obama with a Hitler mustache. They have their literature on the table. They thrive on the abuse they receive.

  165. TY says:

    being that he was in san fran sico hes lucky he wasnt raped by those guys

  166. Gunny G says:

    Was there an SEIU convention in SF? They’re well known Obama thugs and like to beat up anyone not an Obumazombie. Kinda like the SS in 1933.

  167. Gunny G says:

    Watching Obumbles fall in 2012 will be the best revenge for our side.

  168. BarrysHypocrisy says:

    So much for all of that phony talk about civility from the democrats…..

  169. RalphSchmalph says:

    Obviously some very angry Bolsheviks. It sounds just like their method of thuggery and denial of First Amendment rights in support of their poster boy: Barack Hussein Obama.

  170. Texas says:

    This article was on Drudge. I am so glad I am not living in San Francisco. Even the Police Chief is a tranny.

  171. Jas says:

    Look at all the Drudge Report lemmings sucking each other. All hell bent on blaming the democrats for everything when in fact Bush drove this country off a cliff. Funny how the economy is making a comeback and there’s a democrat in office cleaning up his mess. Keep sucking…

  172. Josh says:

    HAHA! To all of you people saying that this is a set-up/stages attack by Liberals:

    Are you actually saying that no body has ever put a Hitler stache on Obama? And if you agree that this has happened often (with every President) than where else than San Francisco (if I may, full of Jews and gays, among other liberals) could it be more expected that an attack like this would go down?

    I hope the dude with the sign got kicked in the balls and rolled down one of the great hills of SF.

    Signed- a conservative who hates ideological deadbrains.

  173. Hank Warren says:

    This is all about limiting Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  174. Jack says:

    Did anyone here read the article! The guy with the sign was opposed to the Obama administration. You kinda sound like a bunch of uneducated people. Blame the left for what? The guy was as the headline states ANTI-OBAMA SIGN. Become a free thinker and stop watching FOX.

  175. Gunny G says:

    WOW! There is still a few Obumbler supporters? Must those low IQ moonbats I keep hearing about. Obama = SEIU = violence = liberalism run amok.

    When WILL Americans finally admit that we have a liberal problem, like we have a bed bug problem.

  176. Thug says:

    I smell a scorned lover. Is this another Larry Sinclair former Obama gay lover situation… God you would think the Dumbo ears and the stuttering would scare the men off (not to mention the crack pipe) but man o man they just keep on coming the President must love oral……………..

  177. Gunny G says:

    One wonders if SF’ers are FINALLY waking up to the threat of liberals and liberalism. Thanks for joining the REST of the nation.

  178. Jack says:

    Did anyone here read the article! The guy with the sign was opposed to the Obama administration. You kinda sound like a bunch of uneducated people. Blame the left for what? The guy was as the headline states ANTI-OBAMA SIGN. Become a free thinker and stop watching FOX.

  179. Uh, Clem says:

    I say, “Live it or Live with it!”

  180. Phil Mckracken says:

    “It’s just unusual that they took offense to him and his sign.”
    why the hell is it unusual that they objected to an anti-Obama poster with a Hitler mustache?
    I hate to break it to this dude, but obama was ELECTED by a majority… the people that did not like him at the time of the election were THE MINORITY… um hello… and Hitler? Hitler is THE most hated man EVER (aside from Osama Bin Laden who is still alive) and it’s extremely disgraceful and disrespectful to our Nation and to our President to portray him as Hitler, Mussolini, Osama Bin Laden or Joseph Stalin.. these are people that trigger a base emotional reaction from the gut… this guy KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS DOING and if he didnt he SHOULD HAVE. Common sense…use it or lose it.. apparently he lost it
    bravo for these two..

  181. Dave says:

    This doesn’t suprise me in the least. Liberals are by far more intolerant than many hate groups. I once was in Maryland with a GWB 200 shirt on at a crafts fair. The libs were extremely rude and nasty. One asked me to leave the area. Hopefully, Obobo’s actions are the only sign needed to kick his sorry butt out in 12.

  182. BORRIS says:


  183. Mikebb says:

    Welcome to Obama’s campaign strategy! PLAY the victim!

  184. letitburn says:

    blacks, jews, h omos, muslims, illegals, communists, baby murderers.

    Considering the demokratik soviet’s most favored person statuses, these nation wreckers should be WELL over represented in the front lines of the military.

    But they’re not, are they?

  185. LARRY says:

    Who care! If you oppose someone then you deserve to get a kick back from them. he he he . Go to Washington DC to oppse Obaam. Leave San Francisco alone. Obama is not here

    1. NW Fox says:

      you are a fantastic moron.

  186. Frank says:

    San Francisco, the anus of the body America…

  187. The REAL tea party says:

    Liberal pukes depend on non-reporting. Do you know they are now saying that the email death threats to the WI GOP legislators just ‘did not happen’ and that the conservatives made it up?

    Well, I suppose that’s the idea. If it goes unreported they can delude themselves into thinking it didn’t happen.

  188. Julia says:

    The Holocaust is no joke so I would have to side with the attackers this time. I have seen those crazy Hitler/Obama people around and they make a lot of people angry.

  189. NW Fox says:

    Huge surprise. Liberals are waaaaaaayyyy more intolerant of people who have a different point of view than any conservative I know. San Francisco libs are the worst. I know this because I used to be one; until I wised up.

  190. Gene says:

    You know he’s on the right and the attackers are on the left, the violence ALWAYS comes from the left.

  191. Bobbo Brazil, Jr. says:

    Police should concentrate their search for these two obamunists around:

    Union halls
    DNC offices
    Welfare offices
    ABCCBSNBCNPR offices
    ACORN and Planned Parenthood Offices
    STD Clinics

  192. dareisay says:

    Must have been union thugs. They like to beatup people that don’t agree with them.

  193. John says:

    Freedom of speech only when you agree with me!!!

    How many folks in SF said the same thing about Bush.

    Liberals make me sick.

  194. Anon says:

    The Lyndon LaRouche guys do this all the time. They’re not left wing or right wing, they’re just insane. Like “the Queen of England sells crack to George Bush, who is Obama’s Hitler” insane. They also try to stir up trouble and get into arguments, so I’m not surprised that somebody finally tore up their signs.

  195. BigJohn says:

    In soviet SanFran, freedom is intolerant!

  196. Son of the American Revolution says:

    Pursuant to Title 42 of the United States Code, what the attackers did carries 10 years in federal prison.

    But we already know that US Attorney General Eric Holder will do nothing to investigate. His failure alone would also be a felony.

    Mainstream media is more interested in revenue from democratic campaign ads that posting too much negative about Obama. They stand to lose out on tens of millions in tv ads by the Obama campaign if they write negative news about him.

    Now you know more as to why they are in the tank for Obama ~ But it has backfired on them. They have lost millions of viewers to FOXX

  197. boogarsnott says:

    he got what he deserved. dorothy of the wizard of oz once said “we aint in kansas”.

  198. satyr9us says:

    The Red State Trike Force got the memo about this tremendously consequential blog post, I see.

  199. Northlander says:

    Jack Booted thugs. Hey. It worked for Hitler.

  200. IraqVet says:

    I hear the Community Organizer in Chief is looking for volunteers to expand the war on Libya and it sounds like these battle hardened assailants are just the liberal type to fight Dear Leader’s unconstitutional war…in packs, in the rear with gear and hiding behind the real men and women in uniform thrust once again into harms way while the anti war protesters hide behind their skirts…what a bunch of cowardly hypocrites.

  201. Halo9x says:

    Hawkeye, I was just thinking the same thing. Libs are sooo tolerant of just about anything except when someone disagrees. Then they become violent and hateful. They have no concept of civility or willingness to talk. They must be descended from Neanderthals. Actually, I think Neanderthals may be more intelligent, so my apologies to the Neanderthals.

  202. ARCHON says:


  203. Michelle says:

    Now that is violence I can support.

  204. Jacobs Bubble says:

    Kicked his hand? Well… If you think about it? That really makes sense. Considering that the main population of San Fransisco don’t know their *ss from their elbow when it comes to politics. .

  205. will says:

    No freedom of beliefs in SF.No tolerance of other peoples views,No divesrity.
    This is nothing new…..There is plenty of hatered for Christ,Morals and breeders.
    But that’s ok isn’t it????
    Becuase the guy with the sign must be a bad person.

  206. Parker says:

    The term “Tea Bagger” is a bigoted epithet invented by hateful leftists. You know, the same hypocrites who are always so scornful about other peoples supposed intolerance.

  207. billybob thorns says:

    the really sad part about obama is
    nearly 40% of Americans love what he is doing to our country.
    it is jsut pathetic. if you don’t think liberals are turning into muslims,
    you have not been watching the news.
    this liberal/muslim reaction to a sign is to be expected.
    get ready for more of it not less.
    have you followed all the death threats to republicans in wisconsin?
    hell, the liberals already tink tehy are muslims they way they act.

  208. DuthcUncle says:

    Sounds just like the way Cuba, Venezuela and the rest of the Socialist countries were taken over,,,through violence from the leeches that lived off the the Gov’t. Yes sir, we have too many “Give me give me” poeple in this country and not enogh, “I want to be free” people

  209. tom says:

    He would have been crazy to be supporting this illegal alien Indonesian citizen fraudster-in-chief shyster double talk lawyer(liar) named Barry Soetoro, who brought us nothing but a jobless recovery where over 23% of us have NO jobs.

  210. Amanda Green says:

    Wow, so some Obama Fanboys beat up some poor guy for expressing his opinion?

    That’s pretty typical these days, after what we saw in Wisconsin.

    1. Obama 2012 yes we can says:

      Yeah well FK U FK U FK U!!!

      Stupid TEABAGGER MORAN!!

      Meet me somewhere, we’ll just see how brave you are about telling such hideous lies!!

  211. David Batlle says:

    Leftists are violent. That’s not news.

  212. zoyclem says:

    Typical liberal civility.

  213. Mad Mark says:

    All qualified voters should be: white European males, over 25 years of age, taxpayers,and landowners. There, problem solved.

  214. rundog67 says:

    Did the victim say anything?

  215. yum says:

    Sounds LaRouche-ish.

    It’s not easy to attack someone in the hand, BTW. Really the table and pamphlets should file for assault. I suspect the hand was collateral damage

  216. demliars says:

    Guess they need to hurry up and determine if he was a obama supporter or not so they can determine if this is national news.

  217. Marsha says:

    Dumocrats love to dish it out but, they can’t take it and are the most intollerant people in this country despite all their rethoric.

  218. Edwin Boyle says:

    Just let me ask a question? Are you better off now than you were two (2) years ago?

  219. KeyWestforYou says:

    Come on folks, this is what “tolerance” is all about. What a country!

  220. Jim Busse says:

    I guess the raiders fans have moved to SFO and LA.

  221. joe jordan, jr. says:

    Obama blows, but those LaRouche people are a pain in the ass.

    No one to root for here.

  222. Ron says:

    Unfortunately, since this happened in San Fran, the guy that was attacked will probably be charged with some type of an arcane law that San Fran has on its books. Or he will be sued by his attackers because they received paper cuts from the flyers that they were busy dumping on the ground

  223. Will. I .Aint says:

    From the description of the attackers…it sounds like it was Fergie and Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas.

  224. TJ Jackson says:

    I have just read all of the posts and you are all missing the most important item in this article. I didn’t know that Lyndon LaRouche is still alive!

  225. MissMe says:

    Funny how only the Left feels they have a right to not be offended. Did not find anything in the founding docs about right to not be offended.

  226. common-sense says:

    And coming up next on Guten Morgen Amerika:

    When nutbags attack nutbags.

  227. CoachEJK says:

    San Francisco. Liberals.. Typical. So very typical.

  228. grandma for liberty says:

    at the risk of sounding uniformed, how did Obama get a conneticut passport when he has never lived there..and I went back an looked at the original picture of this attack… I see two MEN whaling the daylights out of another man and the only woman I see in the plicture has her hair covered much like a muslim…

    1. grandma for liberty says:

      sorry I meant conneticut social security card… my bad

  229. Brad says:

    Ah, the peace loving leftists.

  230. That Guy says:

    Comparing Obama to Hitler is the peak of ignorance. Hitler helped the economy.

  231. Fred says:

    Wow, those lefties sure are oppressive. I’d sure hate to see them take it a step further, like banning abortion access and reproductive rights, encouraging shootings in the name of God, harassing others for being Muslim and wanting to build a mosque anywhere…So glad the Godly conservatives don’t trample on people’s rights like this horrid two-person liberal mob.

  232. Nancy P. says:

    Rumor is that it was a Pelosi staffer who attacked him — on her orders!

  233. Barbara B. says:

    All leftists are unsophisticated and violent wastes of breath.

  234. Its A Fact says:

    A “TEA PARTY” is for little girls and their imaginary friends !!!!

  235. Timothy MacAren says:

    Obama was doomed from the beginning with no web of support under him. Consider that we are by several decades now, under heavy methodical attack and destruction of our American values, behind religious confrontations; then, we are getting more and more immoral every passing day, with so much cynicism surrounding us. We are obsessed with religion now. Teabonics is fashion. Limbaugh leads. Hello! Racism is unabated. Look at these comments no further: it looks like every racist slur is loudly and cheerfully celebrated. It looks like a competition to see which zealot outdoes the previous spewing hate towards the blackie. The coda is though, we use “socialist” as the bat to hit “blackie” in the head with. When we have not even idea about what socialist means. Is not it funny? Would be funny if it would not be so anti-American.

  236. eric says:

    I was there and saw them at about 1pm so they were still there after the “attack.”

  237. Jake says:

    654 days until NoBAMA.

  238. seanpatriot says:

    I see “liberal tolerance” is rearing its ugly head again, it must be the same as “religion of peace”.

  239. ARchy Cary says:

    More Leftwing incivility. Where’s Obama to condemn?

  240. LibsAreCommies says:

    Is it time that society start killing traitorous militant Liberals who despise the Constitution?

  241. queenofpersia says:

    Are any of the commenters from the SF area? If so I am pleasantly shocked that there are ANY conservatives in SF or surrounding areas? Bless you all!

  242. joey babe says:

    You can take this to the bank, liberalism is a mental disorder,staged by closet commies.

  243. Susie says:

    A man is attacked for telling the truth that is amazing

  244. Tom M says:

    Yes We CAN”T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…lol

  245. MichaelEdits says:

    Mixed feelings here, definitely. I believe in freedom of speech, but on a personal level being stupid enough to be anti-Obama does irk my tail.

  246. Frodo says:

    Well of course it happened in a freak show place like San Francisco. And of course, the person who was attacked was exercising his free speech rights that apparently riled the politically correct thugs who oppose free speech that doesn’t conform with theirs. And of course, the lefty posters get on here and spout all kinds of conspiracy theories blaming conservatives for the world’s evils. And of course they claim the conservatives are pro-rich, anti-poor, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.And of course, the lefties are so tolerant, blah,blah, blah. Anyone, with half a brain and the ability to think rationally, instead of simply labeling, knows what’s happening here. We’ve heard it all before. The lefty talking points are predictable, despicable, and unbelievably conformist. The lefty losers are irrelevant, inconsequential, and wrong.

  247. Gabriel says:

    I love it. The “free speech” crowd from the LEFT is eating their own.

  248. Reality Sandwich says:

    The Obama Storm Troopers are getting geared up for 2012.

  249. Scott says:

    I enjoy watching the tide turn on Obamba. Turns out, our citizens love our country as the USA & not turned into the United Nations – States of Global Socialism. NOBAMA, No Czars 2012!

  250. Mitch Pawl says:

    A man and woman approached the victim, tore the sign and shook the table, causing the political literature to fall to the ground.”


    What a non-story – so someone tore up a sign and shook the table the guy was behind. Big deal.

    Maybe the guy needs to go out and get a job instead of pan handling.

  251. Frodo says:

    More playground politics in San Francisco. What a laughable, immature, flock of petulant children.

  252. Bagheera B. says:

    Freedom of speech…except for anyone who disagrees with me.

  253. GozieBoy says:

    It appears that the attackers were North Panhandlers.

  254. forparity says:

    Wow – such intolerance of free speech.

    All that is OK, when it’s the left doing it against the right. The Promenade, here in Santa Moncia, CA had a huge table set out for years with hundreds of anti-Bush .. Cheney. etc., posters, Tees, buttons, bumper stickers. Hitler and Nazi laced items were very popular, as was the ole Buck Fush bumper stickers.

  255. tnmccoy says:

    Welcome to San Francisco and the Liberal/Democrat/Black/Gay answer to anyone not agreeing with them. 2012 election should be a lot of friend. Looks like naysayers to Obama need to pack.

    1. tnmccoy says:

      That should be ‘fun’ not ‘friend’. You won’t find too many normal friends in San Francisco.

  256. Disgusting Humans 12345 says:

    Obama’s ratings will never be as low as Bush’s. I still can’t believe people think Bush was a good president. Instantly disbanding the Iraq military that had SIGNED papers that they would work under a new regime. This sent 100,000 military men into poverty instantly. USA didn’t guard the Iraq ammunition depots. These exiled Iraq soldiers loaded up and joined the militia’s out of desperation to keep food on their families table. These details that come out from people that were in the initial “rebuilding” phase are unfathomable. Basically everyone hired to help in the rebuilding phase was fired before they even had a chance to start. This quagmire was essentially run by Rumsfield and a handful of others who collectively had O military experience. It disgusts me that men, women and children have died due to the ignorance of a handful of greedy men. They always say History is always written by the winners….in this case there are no winners. In this case History will eventually depict the utter incompetence of USA leaders. So shameful.

  257. Cromulent says:

    A fine example of Liberal Fascism in action.

  258. JD says:

    Typical Obama Liberal trash behavior. And they wonder why they are considered Marxists? Or perhaps most are embracing the title now. Liberals are the most dangerous and evil filth in our society.

  259. Jo says:

    California is so liberal that’s why they are so broke. They should re-name the state
    freeloader heaven.

  260. ron p says:

    To the man that was assaulted.
    You need to sue the people involved for A HATE CRIME, AND VIOLATING YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS.

  261. Hiram says:

    Fight back or bring people with you who will.

  262. yjhfgdzhjmkgljfd says:

    hitler mustache, but he left off the turban?

  263. Intellibronc says:

    Ain’t illiberalism so tolerant and open minded….Wake Up Sheeple!!!

    1. Stephen says:

      You are only open-minded if you only suport what they say, what they prefer to believe is right or wrong. You know this makes their racist and chief in Washington proud!

  264. lisa says:

    If you can’t see both sides of the coin, then you are ready to be taken.

  265. Stephen says:

    Wow, is this to come as a surprise in hatefilled fairyland?