(CBS 5) – Recently, the Tea Party movement has flexed its political muscle, but there is a newer kid on the block. Norman Elliott asked this Good Question: We’ve heard of the Tea Party, but what is the Coffee Party?

ANSWER: The Coffee Party was started by Eric Byler and Annabelle Park in 2010. According to Byler, it began as an online meeting place where political and social ideology could be discussed. Byler calls it a “virtual town hall” with Facebook and Twitter as its primary vehicles. The Coffee Party boasts an email list of 80,000 people. Byler says it differs from the rival Tea Party in that everything discussed on it’s site must be fact based.

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  1. putitupmike says:

    As the leader of the San Francisco Local Group, I am pretty bummed at this story. Eric says that the CPM has over 350,000 Facebook fans, and that is no big deal. We also have over 50 local group members, who have events, meet twice a month at the La Boehem Coffee Shop in the Mission, and who work with other local groups all with the intent of having a Civil Discussion between Conservatives and Liberals. The Coffee Party is not a Facebook page, it s a many local groups working for the Common Good. We advertise our meetings and events on SF Gate, have our won Facebook page, and we were not contacted for this story.
    If you would like additional information about YOUR local group, contact me at putitupmlk@yahoo.com

  2. Eric Byler says:

    Sorry you’re unhappy, Mike. It’s a 60 second news piece cut together from a half hour interview. That means 29 minutes were not included.

  3. Eric Byler says:

    Whether you’re in the Bay Area or elsewhere, the best way to learn about Coffee Party is:


    And, to get involved, write to action@coffeepartyusa.com

  4. Eric Byler says:

    To get involved with our national network, write to action@coffeepartyusa.com

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