SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — A 45-year-old man now living in the Bay Area may be the first person ever cured of the deadly disease AIDS, the result of the discovery of an apparent HIV immunity gene.

Timothy Ray Brown tested positive for HIV back in 1995, but has now entered scientific journals as the first man in world history to have that HIV virus completely eliminated from his body in what doctors call a “functional cure.”

Brown was living in Berlin, Germany back in 2007, dealing with HIV and leukemia, when scientists there gave him a bone marrow stem cell transplant that had astounding results.

“I quit taking my HIV medication the day that I got the transplant and haven’t had to take any since,” said Brown, who has been dubbed “The Berlin Patient” by the medical community.

Brown’s amazing progress continues to be monitored by doctors at San Francisco General Hospital and at the University of California at San Francisco medical center.

“I’m cured of HIV. I had HIV but I don’t anymore,” he said, using words that many in the scientific community are cautiously clinging to.

Scientists said Brown received stem cells from a donor who was immune to HIV. In fact, about one percent of Caucasians are immune to HIV. Some researchers think the immunity gene goes back to the Great Plague: people who survived the plague passed their immunity down and their heirs have it today.

UCSF’s Dr. Jay Levy, who co-discovered the HIV virus and is one of the most respected AIDS researchers in the world, said this case opens the door to the field of “cure research,” which is now gaining more attention.

“If you’re able to take the white cells from someone and manipulate them so they’re no longer infected, or infectable, no longer infectable by HIV, and those white cells become the whole immune system of that individual, you’ve got essentially a functional cure,” he explained.

UCSF’s Dr. Paul Volberding, another pioneering AIDS expert who has studied the disease for all of its 30 years cautioned that while “the Berlin Patient is a fascinating story, it’s not one that can be generalized.”

Both doctors stressed that Brown’s radical procedure may not be applicable to many other people with HIV, because of the difficulty in doing stem cell transplants, and finding the right donor.

“You don’t want to go out and get a bone marrow transplant because transplants themselves carry a real risk of mortality,” Volberding said.

He explained that scientists also still have many unanswered questions involving the success of Brown’s treatment.

“One element of his treatment, and we don’t know which, allowed apparently the virus to be purged from his body,” he observed. “So it’s going to be an interesting, I think productive area to study.”

Volberding continued, “Knock on wood, (Brown) hasn’t had any recurrence now for several years of the virus, and that hasn’t happened before in our experience.”

As a result, at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation some are now using the word “cure” after so many avoided it for decades.

“You sort of felt like you couldn’t say ‘cure’ for a number of years. Scientists and clinicians and people with HIV alike felt that was a promise that was never going to be realized and it was dangerous to direct a lot of energy toward it,” said Dr. Judy Auerbach. “And now things have shifted.”

The California Institute of Regenerative Medicine is currently funding stem cell research in the Bay Area based on Brown’s case in the hopes of replicating his success for broader populations of people with HIV.

The institute said it plans to begin clinical trials next year.

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  1. slobby says:

    “I quit taking my HIV medication the day that I got the transplant and haven’t had to take any sense,” said Brown, who has been dubbed “The Berlin Patient” by the medical community.

    SENSE? nice.

    1. Brad says:

      Also: “Sceintists” Nice grammar in this article.

      1. Don says:

        Wow… correcting spelling and grammar on the internet? You’re going to stay very, very busy.

      2. Randy says:

        A misspelled word is not bad grammar you DOLT

      3. John Cochran says:

        Actually the Spelling of Scientists WAS Correct in the Article… You are the 1 that is Incorrect

      4. John Cochran says:

        But yes Sense Was used in the Wrong context… It should have been “Since”

      5. Scooby DooDoo says:

        Here we go again with more unimportant news.

        It is very hard to get AIDS. And, It can be avoided completely by simply keeping your pants on, and leaving the needles alone.

        More people die of flu every year than AIDS but we don’t see everyone freaking out about that, except by those who make money selling you poisonous vaccines.

        Stop funding this abuse by our government.

        Search tax regulations for “excluded income”
        ECFR dot GPOACCESS dot GOV
        (Title 26)

        Or just Google excluded income.

        Notice section 861, only “Foreign earned income” is taxable for American citizens.

        26 CFR 1.861-8T(d)(2)(ii)
        Read it, then see the paragraph which comes after, (d)(2)(iii)

        Don’t be dumb sheeple, read your tax law. You’re being scammed by politicians.

      6. Paul says:

        Sorry, they’re not correcting spelling and grammar on the Internet, they’re correcting the spelling and grammar of people who are paid, professional writers who happen to have their work on the internet.

        It is becoming increasingly common, especially in the left-leaning media, to see the shoddy writing one might expect from a public school drop out passed off as professional journalism.

      7. benjamin diamante says:

        Git uh lyfe.

      8. jack says:

        Dumb ass you can’t spell it correctly!

      9. mike says:

        it amazes me that all you get out of this articial is how words are spelled and grammer is used. small minded people !!

      10. Thinking of others... says:

        To Scooby Doo…. This is VERY IMPORTANT news to those living with HIV/AIDS. If you think just because you don’t suffer from this disease that it is not important then you are the most self centered person EVER! The fact that you dont care about anyone else but yourself is part of what makes this world a bad place. Think about others for a change and get a life!

      11. Jeanette says:

        Welcome to English 101!

      12. Winnie says:

        To scooby doo it’s hard to acquire AIDS but not HIV which leads to AIDS especially if you have multiple partners in bed and tell in this world today, who lives by keeping their trousers on? People I interact with are all about getting into someone else’s pants, but I like the idea of firmness and no sex till marriage. Also, test someone before you commit yourself to them.

    2. Randolph says:

      Welcome to the currant linguistic standardz of the mainstream medea.

      1. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

        “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.” ~ Lily Tomlin

      2. Another Internet Knucklehead says:

        The Internet spell check Nazis are out. What is a “currant”? SIEG HEIL!

      3. adzharaziz says:

        You have made one typo there….medea. It is supposedly be written MEDIA.

      4. Wilz says:

        Medea is a Sorceress in Greek mythology, and a Capital city in Algeria.
        Currant is a small dried fruit, an Eurasian shrub, a settlement & mountain in Nevada. But we knew what you meant.

      5. Chipo Chikwangwani says:

        Its media, not medea, welcome to the current linguistic standards of the…

      6. akro says:

        Guys pointing out errors in the above post: you failed your spot check.

    3. Jessica Valeriebel Martinez says:

      thats what i thought too..spell check anyone

      1. SFnomad says:

        Spell check wouldn’t have caught that one.

      2. fsadf says:

        back when journalism was an actual profession with standards and ethics and self monitoring and checks and balances it wasn’t such an issue. You wouldn’t be caught dead with a spelling error or grammar error or showing your bias outside an op ed piece. Disgusting – hardly worth the protection of the 1st amendment.

      3. sala chappy says:


      4. Ken says:

        Hey fsadf, how about saying part of your answer this way instead.

        Back when journalism was an actual profession with standards, ethics and self-monitoring with checks and balances, then there wasn’t such an issue!

      5. JayBob says:


    4. Dookie says:

      it doesn’t say “sense”.. at least anymore

    5. L Pretty says:

      Sign me up after 22 years you should be hunting me down and giving a cure. I am in a mixed status relationship. Find me…I would sign up in a second what else is a girl to do at 46 who, has no children, a sexless relationship, and complete discrimination from the community, from employment to friendships. Always, throwing a rope out but never connecting to a community, that is exhausting resources. Sick and tired of false hope!!!! stop reporting until you have got nailed down….

      1. Anonymous says:

        Sounds like you may need to find your purpose in life despite your medical ills. Praying for God’s grace to shine on you.

      2. alt.bogus says:

        God’s grace is shining on her!!

      3. Sympathetic says:

        I’m sorry. I personally know how exhausting and horrible it is to have a chronic illness. I wish you the best in your current situation, it’s very hard.

      4. Mandy says:

        You should educate yourself about your disease. HIV is no reason to forego sex or children!

      5. mariahiv says:

        add my in my facebook…maria hiv

      6. Yvonne says:

        Dear sister in Christ, put your trust in the Lord Jesus, he is your hope and friend. Read Isaiah 53, and pay closes attention to verse 5, be encourage with the word of God with fasting and praying. God Loves You, and so do I,

      7. Blessed one says:

        There is a cure for anything. Keep looking and the answer will come in due time.

      8. Cici Bauer says:

        Appalling and unsympathetic remarks you’ve received! So typical of too many people today. You must be exhausted from your lonliness and this awful illness. Attacks and false prayers from others herein are most likely about as much help as another dose of HIV. 46 is too young to be so sick and so alone. I hope you ignore the unkind and cruel remarks that were posted after yours on 5-16. I hope you try to find something to help you face each hour and each day. Know that many people would never answer your misery as these others have. Try to stay strong by whatever means you can, whatever works for you, do what you can to survive and please know you are not alone.

      9. J says:

        I’ll be your friend. No fooling.

    6. L Pretty says:

      This is as bad as COSMO reporting in 1997 that woman with healthy vaginas don’t get HIV. Crazy unfair reporting….

      1. pazloll says:

        ha ha ha ha. for a while there, i had read, ‘ healthy va _ _ _ _ _’! ha ha ha

      2. yoggoth says:

        There are enough idiots out there who believe this kind of rubbish to the point that it makes it profitable. To hell with the truth!

    7. L Pretty says:

      Starting trials next year!!! Why not right now you have said, “he is cured”, please, stop dangling false hope SHAME SHAME SHAME.

      1. freecheese says:

        GREAT “Cure.” He’s probably on his elbows and knees taking it up the poop chute in San Francisco right now. What a cure, Brucie !

      2. drdarby says:

        siunds like you are bitter. You own behavior gave you this bug so do not blame others for not cleaning up your mess

      3. yoggoth says:

        Ain’t no cure, honey. Ain’t no cure.

      4. Chipo Chikwangwani says:

        Yes why not start trials now, really wonder it sucks oh well, maybe it requires some resources. Lets just watch the space.

    8. joseph says:

      he did not say SENSE.. he said SINCE… I think you need to read it again….

    9. Justan American says:

      Guys stop your bickering.

      Don’t you know that most newspaper took their web sites off shore to India a couple years ago.

      Do you expect a Indian to know the correct word spelling to use when many of our words sound the same but are spelled differently?

      I may be wrong though.

      It could have been done by a recent graduate of our fine American universities.

      1. Ces says:

        I work with many Indians. They can speak English, spell and write better than the average American. In fact they are your doctors, programmers, engineers and nurses. They have accents but they know proper semantics and grammar. Face it. The United States is lucky it has immigrants from Asia. They are the most educated among the population. Next time you have a chance to go to an intensive care unit in a hospital, look around and see who your ICU nurse or doctor may be.

      2. Jason says:

        Good point! I fully agree! Its about as painful reading it is as it is painful listening to a person overseas “helping” you with a technical difficulty via the phone….hard part is, you can’t ever understand what in the world they are saying!!!!! I love when they say, “This is John, how may I be of service to you today?” Ha! Sure, I really bet your name is John…..more like Achmeed Zelakeed or some jibberish @ Ces….good for them!!! Go back to where they came from and help their own people with their special talents! We don’t need them, there is another American waiting to take their position!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Anonymous says:

      I’m shocked that of the many comments, many of these deal with the writer’s ability rather than the subject’s life. Have we lost focus on what’s important? All glory goes to God for Timothy’s new medical status.

      1. iSin says:

        Amen and my thoughts exactly… Its just proves what happens when peoplevet further and further away from God.
        Its only going to get worse…. Its to late for humanity as a whole.. I pray that each of you realize that the further away from God we become the worse our lives will be..

      2. NotJudging says:

        @Anonymous, I was thinking the same thing, It’s progress in the making.There maybe several people from all sexes, nationalities and races that could benefit from this epidemic. Not to mention the decrease in health issues and cost that maybe aids or hiv related. I pray that it works for everyone of this status, the ones that know and the ones that may find out later due to not testing consistently.

      3. maritza says:


      4. Realwill says:

        Thanks Anonymous
        Just show how sad and pathetic some folks are.. Let’s pray for them…. When I read the comment I could not believe the pure ignorance. Remember the say. It’s better to appear stupid than to open your mouth (In this case write a comment) and remove all doubt.

      5. fi says:

        You right on point.

      6. Heidi says:

        I agree whole-heartedly. For goodness sake let’s stay on the topic. This is great news!!! It’s not just hopeful, it’s a confirmation of the affirmations made long ago that ‘A cure is out there somewhere’.

      7. Winnie says:

        too true

    11. iSin says:

      Hearing of a miracle cure that could potentialy cure thousands and you wanna point out spelling errors? Just goes to show why the human race is on the decline.. Nobody cares for others any longer.. They only fine the bad and can’t wait to announce it to others in order to make themselves feel like they are “better”…
      Praise God for the Doctores and the person who volunteered his immuned genes so others could live!!!!!!!

      1. emil says:

        iSin i love you man

    12. pazloll says:

      what a dumb arce you are . u took space up to right that?? omg. the headline is a guy is cured of Aids, and you idiot, would take the time to write such vitriol. go back to your youtube imbecile

    13. Andrew says:

      Your all idiots how are you arguing grammar on something like this, the man was cured of aids this is amazing. Leave the petty English class lessons for your children.

    14. Rachel Alexandre says:

      It said since..

    15. Velda says:

      ???….the word is “SINCE”….do you know that word?

    16. ANNE says:

      Human systems react differently to any given medical procedures.Research should be done how this cure happened,but remember God can allow some things to happen to whoever He has chosen,something which cant be scientifically proven.

    17. carol buth says:

      I’m with Mike…..those of you who are so BUSY correcting grammar, talking about how hard it is to get AIDS ( and what barrel have you been under), etc. etc…..You are totally missing the entire amazing point!! There might be a cure available in the near future!! Before you go off blaming gays and druggies….those of you who can’t see any farther than that…think about babies born with the disease and people who’ve gotten it through blood transfusions, accidental contact…..Celebrate!

    18. I.Q says:

      Man gets cured of HIV and all you guys can worry about is a SPELL CHECK, or the fact that the word “sense” doesn’t say “since”. Get over it. Really shows how Americans think.

    19. Richard says:

      How would a person find out if they were immune?

  2. P says:

    “haven’t had to take any SENSE”?!!!

    How are you a professional writer?

    1. mobynowak says:

      “you’ve got essentially a fuctional cure,”

      1. GUS PRESENTS says:

      2. skeptic17 says:

        In this video they look so happy, is that why they are called gay? So glad we may have an up and coming cure. Sure wouldn’t want to lose any of those folks. They contribute so much…keep us laughing off and on for hours.

    2. marty says:

      that’s funny. but that’s a direct quote! lol

    3. David says:

      C BS seems to have a shprtage of competent editors. It’s an epidemic.

      From another article:
      “A duel citizen can’t be president. Mommy and Daddy have to be born here,” said one woman.

      1. RiteGrammer says:


    4. Brian says:

      The writer is quoting Timothy Ray Brown.

  3. says:

    Good news for Matt Drudge.

    1. Brandon Pitts says:


    2. John Bostick says:

      Yeah I was thinking the same thing. He is probably throwing a party for himself and packing his bags..

    3. Crackles McFarly says:

      Good news for a Gays, the 1.3% of population they represent, not the Hollywood hyped 10% long disproven.

      1. Brianne says:

        I’m not gay. I’m a 32 year old caucasian woman. Hmmm?

  4. Jerry Harlow says:

    Do you mean “since”?

    1. me1an1e says:

      jeez folks – the point of the article is exciting, of course, here in the US doing anything with stem cells won’t happen but the idea that someone has been “cured” of this terrible disease is exciting, not nit-picking his spelling, or is that knit, and you guys will zero in on the word, not the message

      1. Ken Robb says:

        This was done with adult stem cells, not fetal stem cells. The US has only restricted fetal stem cell research.

      2. Andrew says:

        adult stem cells were used here– not a problem in the US. In fact, the focus on embryonic stem cell research diverts research resources from the very real promise of ethical adult stem cell work. The politics of abortion works both ways, you know. The obsession with embryonic stem cells has been a great way to paint the pro-lifers as anti-science and to reduce the public’s bias in favor of seeing the pre-born as human persons.

      3. lukuj says:

        We are doing great work with stem cells in this country – ADULT stem cells, though you hear little about it since it would negate the big push for embryo stem cells. I recently heard one of the leading stem cell researchers talk about the real hope is with ADULT stem cells, not embryo.

      4. gladmymomdidntkillme says:

        It has never been illegal to use fetal stem cells in research. There was a moratorium on federal funding because of the ethical dilemma caused by using the byproduct of a murder in experiments. On the first day of President Obama’s reign, he signed an executive order approving tax-payer funding of fetal stem cell research.

      5. CoachV222 says:

        The US has extensive medical treatments based on adult stem cells

      6. bwe2854 says:

        Going through these posts, this string hits the nail on the head. The key point here is “stem cell”, adult stem cell not embryonic! All this money is being sunk into embryonic stem cell research with little or no results while you hear about miracles almost monthly being accomplished with adult stem cells. Lets divert the money to where the real progress is being made, this would defuse the embryonic issue and probably generate even greater success with the adult stem cells. (sorry about any grammatical errors)

      7. realwill says:

        We are doing things with stem cells. My brother has lymphoma and is currently undergoing a stem cell transplant…
        I had the opportunity to meet at least 20 people with diverse backgrounds that are in the progress of stem cell transplants and I must say its amazing to see the results.

  5. DAB says:

    SLOBBY, the patient SAID it; he didn’t write it. Give him a break, OK? DAB

    1. Jekyll Island says:

      What?? The patient said it so it must be spelled that way??

      Are you kidding?

      1. SFnomad says:

        Um yes, since it was a quote.

      2. Smuggler says:

        SF Nomad, then why is it fixed now? He must be misrepresenting what he said now, right? No, the author is just another example of the deterioration of American education. I see college graduates everyday mispelling words. It’s pathetic and you’re pathetic if you think we should give people a break for being idiots.

    2. Azmiike says:

      Dead (for cancer patients) wrong. In 2008 15.6 Billions was spent on Aids research. The NCI estimated cancer research spending was estimated at 4.8-6 Billions. Aids could be eradicated in one generation if high risk groups took responsibility and kept their pants zipped up

      1. Julie says:

        I am so sad over most of these comments….I don’t have cancer, aids or hiv but my god if there is a chance any of them can be cured it would be amazing. Innocent children are born with hiv & people still get it from blood transfusions, and many other situations you would never consider. And, in any case, consensual adult sex should never condemn anyone to anything. Eff all you cynical, hateful & desperate people. I feel sorry for you….

  6. Jerry Jorden says:

    If all the money spent on AIDS were spent on cancer….

    1. Dave Thomas says:

      Can you say cynical? No worries people, some day you too will have no sympathy from others. It is just a matter of time.

      1. ohbenice says:

        You’re part of the problem when it comes to health, didn’t you found Wendy’s (okay, cheap shot, I know)…

      2. Dave Thomas says:

        Part of the problem when it comes to health? I guess you are assuming that I have HIV. I don’t and I’m not gay. However, I am confused. I am under the impression that the majority of HIV victims in this world are actually heterosexual. This breakthrough may help even straight people or people with cancer. Just a thought.

      3. JT says:

        Whoa Dave. Read the comment before spouting off on tangents. Ohbenice was poking fun at your name, which just so happens to be the same as the founder of Wendy’s (you know, the fast food restaurant?). He was not saying you are gay or that you have HIV/AIDS, only that you (or your namesake) has caused health problems by founding a greasy burger joint.

    2. Jason says:

      You don’t realise that HIV is an absolutely IDEAL disease for the deep study of the immune system. Every advance medical science is making at the cellular and sub-cellular level is owed in large part to AIDS research, and learning about how HIV breaks the immune system at the molecular level.

      1. Dave Thomas says:

        Hey JT, I agree. You should read the comment before you jump in. The very first line of the comment is “You’re part of the problem when it comes to health. In context, how can you not get it?

        Jason: I agree. Everyone can benefit from this sort of break through, however, the haters can’t help themselves. It really is sad to see.

      2. JT says:

        Dave, Ohbenice is saying you’re a part of the problem with health because you founded a greasy burger joint, not because you have HIV/AIDS.

    3. Chimera (Scientist) says:

      Ok, so a reality check. National Cancer Institute (NCI) is funded at 5 Billion $ / year. NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases) is funded at 4.7 billion $ / year. Note that NIAID funds not only HIV, but also research on all other viruses and bacteria, as well as almost all of basic immunology and transplantation. There.

    4. cancer patient says:

      Thats the truth Ruth

      1. Dave Thomas says:

        Hey JT, thanks for interpretation. How can one keep up with such wit. The context is that someone wonders “if all the money spent on AIDS went to cancer instead.” An obvious slight.

        Such wit. Such intelligence! I guess when you roll in the mud…

        Thanks for the entertainment.

    5. Robert says:

      I see more gay man saying, “Well heck. If there’s a cure then let’s roll backback.”

    6. Julie says:

      I’ll repeat what I stated b4: I am so sad over most of these comments….I don’t have cancer, aids or hiv but my god if there is a chance any of them can be cured it would be amazing. Innocent children are born with hiv & people still get it from blood transfusions, and many other situations you would never consider. And, in any case, consensual adult sex should never condemn anyone to anything. Eff all you cynical, hateful & desperate people. I feel sorry for you….

  7. CJC says:

    What about Magic?

    1. James says:

      magic has no detectable HIV virus in his blood due to the meds he takes. He still has the virus but it is in such small numbers that the blood test can’t detect it. If he stops his meds the virus will come back.

      1. yoggoth says:

        With the virus’s ability to mutate, the effect of the “meds” basically produces a virus more resistant to whatever ARVs (anti-retrovirals) currently being used. This is precisely what is happening today. If a person on “meds” infects another, that recipient is likely to harbor a stronger, more virulent form of HIV which is resistant to the “meds” to which it had been exposed. Read HIV weekly.

  8. Eloy Wayne says:

    But no cure for cancer… Nice to know our tax dollars made the cure for an utterly preventable disease a priority over curing ones that simple advice like “wear a condom while engaging in anal sex” doesn’t quite keep you alive. Shows the power of the gay lobby I guess.

    1. Cunning Lawyer says:

      isn’t that the truth….so much sympathy for this group and none for others. Powerful gay people and their powerful allies in Hollywood, that’s the difference the rest of us can drop dead for all we matter to them. Hypocrites, a purely preventable disease but it is too much to ask of them to take measures of protection to prevent or to not do drugs on the street with dirty needles. This is what is so outrageous about this whole campaign. Most selfish, conceited, self interested, self righteous, greedy group of (fill in blank) on the face of the earth…

      1. julie says:

        Can’t agree with you more. As an RN, I see much more suffering, cost and chronic disease due to diabetes and cancer …but, oh NO — we’ve all got to get out there and campaign non-stop for AIDS ….how about autism? That affects innocent children in a very devastating way …my own beautiful son is affected …and he will NEVER grow to be a truly productive member of society … it’s just sad.

      2. Big Pharma says:

        No vaccines with squalene or thermosil POOF no more autism
        No more dairy nor wheat POOF no more MS

        Didn’t the USA get the memo? Canada cured cancer last week:

      3. mel says:

        do u see a lot of Aids victims out there?…we all know Autism is a mutated gene, but not saying, it isn’t right to fight for it.

      4. cyntasia says:

        “Most selfish, conceited, self interested, self righteous, greedy group of (fill in blank) on the face of the earth…”

        oh, i didn’t realize we were talking about teapartiers here.

    2. Andrea Roth says:

      “Our” tax dollars? Why would American tax payers finance treatment provided in a German hospital?

      1. Michael says:

        It’s called World Bank and our dollars are in ‘offshore banks’ do some research.

    3. Craig Brockman says:

      You got that right – as a person battling cancer I couldn’t agree with you more!

  9. Tom Gibson says:

    DAB – typically words known to be wrong are indicated with “[sic]” following them. Either way, the writer missed these as well “Sceintists said Brown received stem cells”…”essentially a fuctional cure”…”hasn’t had any recurrance” and this one was in there twice “infectable”. Oh, and “caucasians” should be capitalized.

    Okay, now that the copy editing is done. This would be a great discovery if it really works.

    1. Alan N says:

      Good points. But it’s spelled ‘recurrence’, no ‘a’. And, yes, the MLA Style Sheet would tell me to use double quotes and put them outside the punctuation.

      Now that the reincarnation of that poor horse has been flogged to death, I agree — it’s a great story, if it turns out to have any general applicabililty at all. But a stem cell transplant is pretty radical. This must have been an essentially perfect HLA genetic match, because those immune cells would, otherwise, treat every other cell in this man’s body as foreign. Unless they can find some way to generate this immunity in some other way, that mode of treatment will be out of reach for all but a tiny few lucky folks. Once they can determine which gene (or genes) is providing the immunity and what it’s gene product is, they might be able to produce the same effect using an antigenic challenge, creating a similar immunity in anyone with a functional immune system. That last is an issue with fully-expressed AIDS. But we do live in exciting times.

  10. David Michael Carrera says:

    Well “Sense” he does not require Meds, it would make “sense” for him to get regular medical examinations. The Author of this brief story may be the nicest plum on the tree, but I would not hire he/she as a writer “Since” the story is poorly written, just my two…..drum roll please…..TWO………”CENTS”.

    1. Mitzy says:

      him/her not he/she

    2. the hound says:

      Wouldn’t hire he/she? In a post about a poorly written article?

      1. David Michael Carrera says:

        Perhaps if I were paid to write I would feel embarrassed about the initial story…..but me using San Francisco`s “HE-SHE” transgender term was not an accident. “HE-SHE`s and SHE-HE`s” are used on occasion in that cesspool of humanity and twisted logic.

  11. mobynowak says:

    Do you guys have an editor?

  12. Brian says:

    Doesn’t the author have any cents?

  13. JGD says:

    In addition to “sense” there’s also “HIV virus”. Drives me up the wall.

    1. ILS Landing System says:

      No worries, just go to your local ATM machine (running on AC current) at 3 AM in the morning (GMT time) and type in your PIN number, then scan your UPC code. Perhaps you’ll pass the SAT test and get to vote for the GOP party candidate!

      1. east says:

        geez dude. the observation was about the redundancy , virus virus, not about the acronym

      2. Bob Newbert says:

        Geez east, he was giving examples of the redundancy that society uses everyday. Shouldn’t all of these bother you?

      3. ppurl says:

        hee hee

  14. jeffsmathers says:

    Thats OK guys thanks to are knew skools he was given a ‘A’ for effort… It is more better for self esteam.

    I’m very happy for the patient BTW, and hope he lives a happy full life.

  15. Johann says:

    Some cancers are caused by lifestyle choices as are some diseases. It is quite possible that by curing one disease you unlock the mysteries of another and a cure is then possible. Perhaps this research will enable a cure for cancer or some other disease to be found.

  16. Ray Garton says:

    First: Please, hire an editor, or cut out the middleman by hiring writers who can write.

    Second: It’s not surprising that this story brings out the Christian gay haters. Jesus is just a corporate logo for those people, nothing else.

    1. DannyVice says:

      I’m not surprised this story brings out left wing nuts who can’t leave their politics at the door for a single day in order to celebrate good news like a possible cure for this miserable disease. It’s comments like yours that perpetuate the very hate you’re griping about.

      1. Ray Garton says:

        So, you’re not griping about the hate, Danny — you’re griping about the people who don’t like the hate. Very revealing.

    2. BOB says:

      @Ray your an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Ray Garton says:

        You’re a Christian, I take it? If so, I’m sure you’re making Jesus very proud.

    3. Ken Robb says:

      “the Christian gay haters..” – Ray, Christian hater? “Jesus is just a corporate logo for those people.” So, does Jesus mean more than that to you Ray?

      1. Ray Garton says:

        No, not a Christian hater, Ken. I don’t hate anyone. But I do recognize hypocrisy and hatred in others. Jesus doesn’t mean a thing to me because I’m not a Christian.

  17. Danny Vice says:

    It’s really hard to believe this article has been thoroughly vetted as iron clad information when the writer doesn’t seem to have much “since.”

    Sceintists? How does that word get past a spell check?

    Also, would someone please remove that last paragraph and replace it with something that at least resembles good grammar? Broader “populations” of people would kindly appreciate it.

  18. jake says:

    Like Matt Drudge?

  19. DC says:

    Once again, mature stem cells provide a cure!
    Too bad people read stem cells and don’t understand the difference between this cure and embryonic stem cell research that hasn’t cured anyone of anything.

  20. kellyj says:

    Note these were Stem Cells taken from ADULT Bone Marrow, not fetal tissue.

  21. imarko says:


  22. AM7 says:

    What’s the matter with you people? All you can think about are the spelling mistakes made by the author? (By the way, those are both spelling errors, not grammatical errors.) Think of all the people who have AIDS around the globe, especially in Africa where there are so many innocent children who have lost both their parents to AIDS and who are themselves living with this disease. Think of the people that got it from blood transfusions. After all, HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, and this virus can be acquired in a variety of ways. Do you remember that AIDS stands for ACQUIRED immune deficiency syndrom? Have you forgotten that a lot of the world is suffering with AIDS and that they are not all gay? Remember Ryan White?

    1. mllyjul says:

      Actually since they start testing blood donors several years ago practically zero are caused by blood transfusions. IV Drug use and men having sex with men are the 2 primary ways it is spread today.

      1. jg19 says:

        Actually heterosexual women are one of the leading groups contracting HIV now in the US and especially in Africa.

  23. TJ says:

    Glad to see we may possibly have a cure for AIDS, and all people can do is whine about grammatical errors. For those of you complaining about not enough funding going to cancer will you please provide statistics of how much money has been spent of fighting cancer vs. AIDS. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

  24. at says:

    Having worked in this field, I would like to point out that most people who have an HIV infection and then get a bone marrow transplant or other transplant are not cured. Also, some people go into remission for several years, for no known reason. Therefore, this is more of an outlier case than a beacon for how to cure the disease. Furthermore, getting a transplant means you must be on immuno-suppressants, which are known to help prevent replication of HIV.

    I will also say, as is obvious from the comments above, the most spectacular thing about the article was that neither the writer nor the editor are familiar with the English language.

  25. Sense says:

    Great spelllllling

  26. EB says:

    Is this a BM transplant from an individual with CCR5 receptor mutation? If so-This is not ‘immunity’, this is an alteration in the pathway the virus uses to set up it’s cycle in the host. This is NOT immune mediated destruction of the Virus. This is not a cure. This may even provoke a mutation in the virus. When it comes to the plague (Yesernia Pestis- a bacteria, not a virus) and HIV, immunity to one has nothing to do with immunity to the other. When we have an effective vaccine, we will have a cure.

    1. yoggoth says:

      It would not surprise me if we never had either.

    2. Mel Lunny says:

      He had 2 stem cell transplants (due to leukemia relapse) from a patient with a CCR5 mutation…. hence, from my understanding as a nurse and not a scientist,, it says the virus mainly uses this “door” to enter so the virus in his body will get “washed out” because it can’t get into the patients cells (if a hiding copy of the virus in a place not biopsied were to move into his bloodstream). Does that sound right?

      What mutations could overcome the CCR5 mutation? If HIV were able to change its cycle of entry into the host? CD4?

  27. Slick Rick says:

    Gonna be a wild night in West Hollywood tonight!

    1. cayo_ron says:

      Naked conga line, no doubt.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure how AIDs immunity could be related to plague immunity. The black plague was a bacteriological illness. This is a retrovirus that infects the immune system – completely different mechanisms.

    That said, this is great, but I have to wonder how much the reporter understood what he was being told.

  29. David says:

    C BS seems to have a shortage of competent editors.
    From another article:

    “A duel citizen can’t be president. Mommy and Daddy have to be born here,” said one woman.

  30. stephen52 says:

    Sense/since …..That happens when you rely on spell check!

  31. Kevin says:

    A cure for Cancer will never happen Eloy, because the Pharmaceutical industry won’t allow it. Billions of dollars would be lost on Radiation Oncology centers shutting their doors and all of the chemo therapy centers would go out of business. They will only produce treatments so you will need to consume thousands of dollars per year in medications that produce side effects that you need another batch of medications to be able to endure. Jerry Lewis has been single handedly trying to cure MD for 40 some years and there’s still no cure but lots of money pours in every year to pay for treatments. If there was a cure there would be no telethon and no cash for “research”, Sad but true.

  32. PinkSockPuppet says:

    You are a friggin’ sick puppy man. Hopefully your time here on this earth will be quick and painful

    1. Pink Socks for Everyone says:

      No the sick puppy is the one that does that to their body. What Bob said was actually funny. Your reaction just added icing to my cake :_)

  33. Greg says:

    haha, sounds like a stock pump.

  34. Bruno T says:

    It’s great news that they may finally have a cure. The bad news is our journalistic standards and editing are spiraling downwards rapidly. I find a grammatical error, misspelling, or phrasing so awkward I have to read a sentence twice just about every day. Apparently getting things out fast trumps all and “good enough” is the new standard.

  35. amber says:

    Let the spelling go you intellectual snobs. If you can get pass human error and read for content maybe you can a have a real conversation about this instead turning this into a spelling nazi convention. If you understand the content article completely then admit spelling errors are forgivable (and jmo it was the job of the copy editor to find and fix them.) BAD SPELLERS UNITE!!!!

    1. David Michael Carrera says:

      This article has received some grammatical corrections since it was written. It was so poorly written that the first 16 replies were about grammar versus the Medical advances that this may represent. And since we are on the subject, you wrote:” If you understand the content article completely then admit ” etc…..You were typing to fast….it`s “Context” …and you get “Past” human error not “pass”. The World laughs at American`s for only speaking one language, and most can`t even understand the one they know. The Author gets paid to write, you and I have an excuse.

  36. GuyFromEarth says:

    What kind of stem cells? Aborted fetus?

    Guess all so-called Tuberculosis cases will be corrected for this cure.

  37. Slick Rick says:

    C’mon folks don’t be so hard on them. It’s hard to spell when aroused and/or drunk. Both the writer and editor were obviously elated and, er, ‘celebrating’.

  38. Nick says:

    Magic Johnson was the first person cured! Doesn’t everyone remember injecting money directly into the blood stream kills the HIV virus! Just imagine if the same amount of money was spent on a disease like Malaria that kills more people per year than the total amount of AIDS patients ever diagnosed! Of course Malaria is not related to habital practices and does not need to be normalized like the different things that distribute the HIV virus! Of course we know what kills Malaria and its carrier DDT. We know from tests and study’s that humans are not effected by DDT and yet it is banned in areas where it is needed most. Of course it effects birds mostly so the actual value of something is fairly evident to the people making decisions Birds outway people by a long shot!

    1. yoggoth says:

      Magic Johnsone, my friend, is not cured. His eventual demise is just delayed.

    2. mariahiv says:

      he is not cured..he is a long time survivor..he was diagnosed back when I was…I was just turning 18..add me on facebook who ever wants to learn more of the illness Maria Hiv

  39. len says:

    I’m starting to believe the theory(Dr. Leonard Horowitz) that HIV/AIDS is a race-specific bioweapon created by the govt.

  40. Jerry Todd says:

    True diversity starts with the infinite range of gifts and talents a free people has the opportunity to exercise… succeed or fail. Racially and ethnically, we all came from the same set of parents in East Central Africa about 60,000 years ago

  41. Black Eagle says:

    TOTAL UTTER B.S.! Read the works of Dr. Peter Duesberg and the dissenting scientists of the Perth Group — at virusmyth dot com. HIV was never proven to be the “cause of AIDS” which always was an “acquired” by toxic lifestyle-environmental exposures affecting the immune system. The HIV theory was and still is unproven fantasy driven by mega-billions in orthodox medicial pharma lying and censorship of dissent. If you love the CO2 theory of global warming, then sure you will swallow their lies, hook line and sinker — and then take the toxic medicines which never cured anyone. AIDS has frequently been cure by people simply firing their doctor. But, oh, the MSM petty-flunk-out “journalists” will parrot the mainstream views like God came down and spoke to them. After all, Doctors Are Gods, didn’t you know!

  42. Nate says:

    What this story really missed is that AIDS is an autoimmune disease. There are a number of other autoimmune diseases that may well benefit from this cure. Lets hope it really is cure and they apply the same effort into developing similar treatments for those diseases…

    1. tufflynx says:

      Exactly! I would like to see cures for every disease. But the reality of our world dictates that the influential get their cures first. The shrillness and aggression of the gay rights movement has been a driving force behind making AIDS research a priority over other autoimmune diseases like lupus or multiple sclerosis.

      It is doubtful that a treatment that is used to cure a condition induce by a virus will be useful against conditions that have other types of sources. But we can only hope.

      1. Ray Garton says:

        Move to Uganda. You’ll love it there. And I’m guessing they’ll love you.

  43. Steve says:

    Sounds like an expensive cure if they perfect it. I wonder who will have to pay. FREE HEALTHCARE!!!!

    Of course the taxpayers….

  44. Wilbur Post says:

    Wonder how long those suffering from HIV in Africa will see the cure.

    1. yoggoth says:

      Even if a vaccine were developed today, they say it would take ten years to bring to market. Listen, the only way to not catch this virus is absolute monogamy.

  45. MrTelco 1948 says:

    The reason the man is okay now is BECAUSE he stopped taking the HIV medicine. HIV/Aids is ANOTHER government conspiracy. HIV does NOT cause AIDS, AIDS is NOT sexually transmitted, and AIDS is not contagious. Please read “Inventing the AIDS Virus” by Dr. Peter Duesberg”.. Also, when they say someone has tested HIV positive, it doesn’t mean they have HIV. It only means that person has HIV antibodies in their system. This means the HIV is GONE!. Read the book and see why Duesberg says that HIV is a harmless “passenger virus” that has been around forever. The reason that more gay men have AIDS is because they consume a lot of recreational drugs including Nitrites that destroy their immune system. Get that? Long term recreational drug use destroys the immune system! It is no mystery why AIDS started showing up in the 1980’s. Think back to the 1960’s when everyone was really into heavy drug use!! Read the book and be informed. Don’t continue to be among the sheeple that believe everything the government and media says!

  46. A says:

    There is a difference between AIDS and HIV, AIDS was not cured, HIV was.

    1. questioningeverything says:

      Yes, and he did not have AIDS; he had leukemia. He had leukemia after a dozen or so years on the toxic drugs. Hmmm.

  47. hosea says:

    WATCH YER CORNHOLE. That’s how you get the aids…

  48. Al says:

    I remember the original story about this potential cure about a year ago. The doctors said then and are still saying now that statements like the ones on this headline are a false hope because so few people are able to receive the treatment let alone endure the pain it creates.

  49. Flayer says:

    “The institute said it plans to begin clinical trials next year.”

    Not to pile on or anything, but…
    Institutions don’t speak, their spokespeople do…

  50. Alex says:

    Hey Drudge, are you paying attention to what you post on your website? You posted this story months ago already and now you have it as a headline. Old news buddy.

    1. Why does Alex care so much about drudge says:

      Why shold you care if this is no the drudge report page? What difference does it make if people find their news there or on Google news, Bing news, bidu news, etc. Who cares how people find the news this is niteresting information and while it is just an indication that there may be some forward movement on the ending of this horror making the information available to the most people is not a bad thing whatever you may think with your snide comments about some other website.

  51. John Svengali says:

    It would be nice to have a test for seeing who has the immunity gene. Logically, the next step for curing this 20th-21st Century plague will likely necessarily involve this precious 1%. Finding compatibility and developing a database should follow.

    Let’s hope this is a milestone and not a freak anomaly. Let us hope!

    God bless all who are suffering with this disease.

    1. BBBBub says:

      I’m not subject to your, Mr Big Go.

    2. yoggoth says:

      Wikipedia says it’s not 1%, it’s more like one in 1000, which makes it 0.1 %. Even so, these “immuners’ have to be diagnosed and identified, no?

    3. Edin Espinoza says:

      finally someone with a heart, thank u john.

  52. PD says:

    There’s hope for Drudge!

  53. Henry Thoreau says:

    Another fine article compliments of your failing public school system. And congratulations to the non-HIV guy. Although a bone marrow transplant is as painful as it gets, I suppose it’s better than dying.

  54. Bill Gram-Reefer says:

    Let’s get real people.


    Until then, it’s simply a one off freak of nature.

  55. JacobW says:

    Missing from this article is the fact that he received ADULT stem cells not embryonic stem cells. This again supports the fact that ADULT stem cells show promise while embryonic stem cells do not. Yet, we keep using taxpayer dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research. Folks, there is a reason private industry does not pursue embryonic stem cell research. It has nothing to do with morality but rather with the likelihood of success.

  56. Josh says:

    That article isnt true, the first man to be cured was Magic Johnson.

    1. yoggoth says:

      Hey, Josh, if Magic were truly free of HIV that would be big news.

  57. Srpinditz says:

    Notice that the cure came from ADULT (not embryonic) stem cell research. There is very little reason anymore to do any embryonic stem cell research and in fact adult stem cells hold much more potential for cures. Their superiority comes largely from the reduced risk of rejection.

  58. miss_msry says:

    My family lived in Germany during the great plague; is it possible I carry these antibodies and could donate bond marrow?

    1. miss_msry says:

      Sorry, make that BONE marrow.

      1. John Bostick says:

        That was crass and not funny.

      2. Another Internet Knucklehead says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHA. Au contraire mon frere. That was good.

      3. yoggoth says:

        I respect your selflessness and desire to help humanity, miss mary; however, with all the people currently infected, there probably isn’t enough immune bone marrow in all of Germany to make a difference. My calculations indicate at least a billion people are currently infected, and the media is virtually silent on this issue.

  59. GozieBoy says:

    Woudn’t it be wonderful if we could only have half as much attention given to the fight against cancer – a deadly disease which is orders of magnitude more devastating to our society than HIV/AIDS.

  60. Julie says:

    If it’s true, it’s great news …but how about a cure for autism? We spend BILLIONS on AIDS research for something that can essentially be prevented …but don’t give BEANS to autism research, which affects innocent children in a devastating way …

    1. SueZ says:

      I can relate having a child with autism, but it’s so much more complicated than the immune system. We still understand so little about the complexities of the brain. But certainly a worthy area to invest monies for research as it is statistically so prevalent.

  61. Justin says:

    Right whatever. When pigs fly.

  62. Alvin Marcott says:

    this is outrageous. we couldn’t cure an American? why waste this on some foreigner!?!

    1. Betty Bush says:

      Well thank god someone did it!! And the best you can come up with is waste it on some foreigner? You got to be kidding me? The guy is clearly an American and who the hell cares if he is not.

  63. corninmypooh says:

    Didn’t he get HIV from a “bone” transplant? Who’d a thunk?

  64. Brian says:

    The Nation of Islam cured AIDS 19 years ago and presented a “Cured” Patient at the “Million” Man March. I gues they just didn’t feel like sharing with the Germans or with Africans for that matter.

  65. Clark Baker says:

    This is not a new story – nor is Jay Levy the most respected AIDS researcher in the world. Levy’s just a pharmaceutical shill.

    Luc Montagnier – who actually received a Nobel Prize for discovering HIV in 2008, admits that people can be exposed to HIV many times and that people can get rid of it within a few weeks, but that drug companies and shills (like Levy) push drugs and vaccines because drug companies can’t make a profit by selling clean water and good nutrition. Montagnier even implicates NIAID Director Anthony Fauci in the scam. But don’t believe me – watch Montagnier’s inverview at

  66. Robea says:

    So can he go back to the bathhouse?

  67. jeremy says:

    I know people who have been HEALED of AIDS 15 years ago. This might be the 1st cured, but far from the 1st healed.

    1. Ray Garton says:

      Oh? And how were the HEALED?

  68. kyle says:

    does it have the capability to work for african americans, since the 1% of the population that is immune have European ancestry.?

  69. Robert T. says:

    This will lead to gay man saying, “Well now that there’s cure, we can go bareback.” You would hope not but it’s the reckless gay sex that got a lot of them stuck with HIV. Why is this a government problem and funding for research is expected from the government? How about stop taking it up________? That’s the only way I know how to put it nicely. Change your “lifestyle” and stop putting the blame on the government for your illicit activity. Yes, I know that some men cheat and bring HIV home to their wive’s but you know that number is extremely small. Where do most of the HIV cases originate from? Gay men.

  70. Hahahahahahahaha says:

    Once again,the white race will save the world.

  71. Eloy Wayne says:

    Oh boy. The gays are gonne be back to humpin in the streets like it was 1981 all over again. Don’t leave your car unlocked in a parking garage in San Fran. Made that mistake once. My upholstery looked like a damn glazed donut. Filthy gays.

  72. sailordude says:

    This was reported on two years ago, WHAT CHANGED?


    This is just to keep AIDS in the news.

  73. Nova says:

    Great news. However, there are so many spelling mistakes in this article! Who wrote this article for CBS?

  74. sailordude says:

    When we start rationing out health care under the government

    they will look up your voting record….

    pray you voted for the Democrat

    or you are DEAD!

  75. Bob says:

    This article should never have been printed. You prissies out there are going to bang each other up your address thinking you can get a “shot” and go home. Damn you people.

  76. Keep Honkin I'm Reloading says:

    Contracted in 1995

    Wow… looks like he has 16 years of butt-****ing to make up.

  77. CleanFun says:

    There’s more profit to be made in the treatment than in the cure.

    The real news here is that they’ve had a cure for HIV for 20 years now.

    The medical field is almost as corrupt as our government, almost.

    Medical Doctors and scientists are two very different creatures. MD’s treat you because it’s all they know how to do. Scientists cure you, if you can afford it. They don’t care about you at all. They only care about their work/research, and whether you can fund enough of it to tempt them.

    We’re not even getting in to the pharmaceutical aspect. Just know that it’s scientists who are responsible for creating all those medications that the MDs give you.

  78. monika mueller says:

    All true.

  79. kickdemout says:

    Rip off them rubbers, guys. Party time in San Fran Sicko.

    1. Ray Garton says:

      I also recommend that YOU move to Uganda, Kickdemout. It’s the place for you. This is a FREE country. America … love it or leave it.

  80. Big Pharma says:

    We will suppress this info as we do not allow cures for money making diseases.

  81. Chris says:

    The question I don’t think anybody has asked was he gay and if so is he still sleeping with dudes cause I bet if he’s gay that is how he got HIV and AIDS just a guess.

    1. Ray Garton says:

      Would you suggest that people who get it from blood transfusions NOT get blood transfusions? Would you suggest that women who get it from having sex with HIV-positive men NOT have sex with men? Or are you just being an unreasonable bigot about that one thing that threatens you so much for some reason?

  82. H says:

    If they weren’t gay there wouldn’t be this problem would there? Sick, nasty behavior brings consequences, quit whining and asking everyone else to pays for your apparent mental disability.

  83. Hank Warren says:

    Useless FDA, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  84. curious says:

    Good for Mr. Brown! I wish him continued good health .Several of you are saying this is old news but I’ve not seen it before. How do you find out if you carry the immunity gene? Is it tested for in the donor bone marrow transplant compatibility testing? In what part of Europe are they finding the immunity gene most prevalent?

    1. Mel Lunny says:

      They say confirmatory testing is $2000 but if a research lab were set up to do the test it could cost less than $10. The transplant registry does not test for it…. the donor had to be called in one by one and be tested. In his case it was the 61st donor, in cases here in the US there have been patients that found no matches with the mutation. See my post above about the cost of this treatment were I passed on info from this article or read it here:

      In western Europe it says it’s most prevalent, Scandinavians have a 4% likelihood of having the mutation where as others Caucasians are 1-2%

  85. POLLUX says:

    The U.S. government expenditure in 2003 for AIDS was $23.575 billion providing care such as housing and dental. The average benefit per active AIDS patient: $448,586.
    In the same time frame the National Cancer Institute provided $4.7 billion and the American Cancer Society (worth one billion in assets) contributed $605 million (part of which was donated by NCI), a total of $5.3 billion.
    The smokers of the U.S. paid $33.3 billion in taxes (based on primarily 2003 and 2006 rates but exclusive of the massive increases since). Remember, these taxes were levied to provide funding for health care and assistance for those who smoke, thereby alleviating the non-smokers of having to pay. However, these taxes have been used for highways, general education costs, and placed in general spending funds by the individual states with nothing provided for health care let alone dental and housing expenses. Smoking doesn’t cause cancer and microbiologists know this but cannot deter the medical community from making billions by leaving things as they are for the fortunes to be made by having cancer patients, most of whom do not smoke and never have. And no Virginia, second hand smoke doesn’t cause any illness any more than there is a Santa Claus. As to concerts held to raise millions of dollars so that smokers can continue, haven’t heard of one yet, but for those who contract and spread AIDS, ah, yes.

    1. Martinique says:

      they should transfer all that funding from aids directly into stem cell treatments and synthesizing that one guys immunity into a cure for HIV.

  86. reelstuff10 says:

    This story is an old one sadly it is not a probable cure at all, it was an accident, that could lead to additional options in the future, if we stop sending all our money to other countries and invest in our own country for a change, we could see some real progress, but sadly that is not what is happening right now.

  87. prutt says:

    the guy had HIV NOT Aids . Its the cure ATZ that causes AIDS
    dont believe me …research it!

  88. Jeff Hamilton says:

    Actually, Paul Michael Glaser (the original David Starsky) was diagnosed as having the “immunity gene” years ago. In fact, Glaser’s wife and daughter both died from AIDS, but the son (who inherited the immunity gene from his father) was able to rid himself of the virus.

  89. Patriot50 says:

    Isn’t Magic Johnson cured?

  90. Ya-right says:

    My guess is he never had it. Bad test in the first place. A bunch to do about nothing.

  91. JESSE MADRIGAL says:


    1. Ray Garton says:

      You’re an idiot.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Praise God! He is able to do all things according to His will and purpose.

      1. Fabulous says:

        Amen! The word of GOD is his will.

  92. Another Internet Knucklehead says:

    He might be cured but he’s still getting boned. AND….. loving it.

  93. vaughn brown says:

    this is not the first cure for aids or cancer. raw fooders have been curing aids and cancer for years. it’s just that the medical community and the cancer industry refuses to recognize them because they are not pharmaceutical cures or lucrative. lifestyle and diet cures and heals all.

  94. Andrea Roth says:

    Let’s give some credit to the German doctors involved: The Berlin hospital was the Charité, and the doctor who had the idea of looking for the right kind of donor was Gero Hütte.Here’s a story in the German Stern magazine (paste into google for a translation):

  95. Dave C says:

    Leave it to the whiney little gays to worry about the grammar and the spelling of this article. LOL

  96. BigJohnson says:

    Too bad it’s in stem cells and not in sperm cells.

  97. dan says:

    all because of stem cells, that stupid liberals wanted to ban….. way to go.

    1. Anonymous says:

      There is a difference between embryo stem cells, which require a fetus, and the stem cells that are talked about in this article. In this article, they are adult stem cells, which didn’t require that someone had to die in order for the doctors to extract and use the cells.

    2. Betty Bush says:

      Liberals wanted to ban? Are you smoking something that you are not sharing with the rest of us? Try fool the Christian Conservatives that don’t want stem cells being used in any form doesn’t matter if it’s embryonic, or normal.

  98. cleo says:

    it must be noted that the ‘cure’ was won with ADULT stem cells and not embryonic stem cells, which have proven worthless. Bush was right,

    1. Betty Bush says:

      No, your wrong there still being used in various different research projects.

  99. Ray Garton says:

    Bob, I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable person when it comes to slang and sexual terms. I’m a writer and that sort of thing is part of what I do. But until now, I’d never heard the term “pink sock” before. I’m guessing that sort of thing fascinates you enormously.

    1. DannyVice says:

      Ray, the only thing we really want to know about you is…. are you the hotdog or the bun?

  100. Ray Garton says:

    Sexuality is not something in need of a “cure,” no matter what your Holy Horror Novel says.

  101. iberite says:

    I wonder if there was any real research into

    was it a false positive back in 1995
    was he misdianogized
    is this just some type of fraud altogether?

    People need to look closer.

  102. MichaelEdits says:

    If this is a cure, that is of course excellent news.

  103. Dell says:

    The fake quote is a way of diverting attention from something they don’t want you to figure out.

    HIV was created at Rockafeller University by Dr. Gallo under the “special cancer virus program.” Research Dr. Len Horowitz and his book “Emerging viruses – AIDS and EBOLA. See also Dr. Graves AIDS progress flowchart.

    The Ashkenazi Jews possess a gene mutation that makes them immune to HIV, black plague, HEP – B etc.

    It is called ethnic cleansing or genocide – your pick. In either case it is mass murder by the same people that funded Hitler. Hitler’s father and grandmother were Ashkenazi Jews.

    1. mel says:

      You are absolutely right! learned that in school, etc…about the European Jews.

  104. mystic says:

    “Back when journalism was an actual profession with standards, ethics and self-monitoring with checks and balances, then there wasn’t such an issue!” (Ken)

    Actually, the correct way to say that is:
    “Back when journalism was an actual profession with standards, ethics and self-monitoring checks and balances, there wasn’t such an issue then!”

  105. Dell says:

    The Cure for cancer and most other diseases was discovered back about 1930 by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and suppressed by the AMA working on behalf of Rockafeller. Yes… The richest man in the US is guilty of the mass murder of 100’s of millions across this planet.

    Rife’s technology was not only suppressed, it was put to use to produce disease variants that mostly kill gentiles.

  106. Rob says:

    If this so called Immunity Gene works for HIV why haven’t we heard of this before being tried on other types of auto immune deficiency diseases like leukemia, Hepatitis.

  107. Dennis says:

    Hey, the auther fixed the spleelling eror. I cee dis alot on the internut. What ever happened to splee checking? Well, I personally think they are afraid of getting scooped so they just don’t give a damn anymore. They assume most the world under them is full of stupid people anyway.

  108. David Tannenbaum says:

    Ahh yes. Drudge, as usual, brings out the finest. First we have the morons going after the spelling and grammar of an article that is speaking of a cure to a plague on a pandemic scale. It is especially funny that those same people were wrong in every instance of their criticism. Then we have the gay-bashers. Yes, you are right you brain dead republican. Only gay people get AIDS. Seriously??? I thought that stigma died with the Reagan Administration. And Skeptic 17. I just don’t even know where to begin. Should I start with your pathetic attempt at sarcasm? Or should I just go straight to your bigotry and blatant intolerance? And yes Julie, there are terrible diseases out there. All of them deserve a cure. All of them also have foundations working on them. Are you really upset that there is a possible cure here? Especially one that touts the use of stem cells. That fact alone could lend itself to assisting in the cure of other diseases. You people make me sick and are a fine example why the US is failing as a country. No one cares about the common good anymore. It doesn’t make for an effective sound byte in this fast food, microwave society we live in.

    1. Reason8200 says:

      As a leftist David,you dont believe in good or evil, right or wrong. You dont believe in morality so whats all this talk about the common good and your false compassion. It is your leftism ,liberalism that has made the country what it is today. I wish we had a cure for the disease known as liberalism. It would serve the world well. Yet, it is just David that understand the world and feel the need to share his divine insight with the rest of us. I say, get over yourself. You are not nearly as smart as you think you are.

      1. Tuikong Kipchumba Wycliffe says:

        Babies have been born with the AIDS virus in many parts of the world, should we blame liberalism on that. Liberalism is the foundation of the greatest country in the world, and that’s a political ideology. When it comes to individual morals then blame your failed institution like churches and families that deals with molding individual behavior. The constitution separates politics from religion so stop being too clever.

  109. Walter says:

    Unfortunately AIDS is not a disease, it is a syndrome. No one dies of AIDS, they die from an oppertunistic disease.

    1. yoggoth says:

      You are correct, Walter. If a person could live in a perfectly sterile environment, then he would not die from AIDS. I suggested the idea of building such facilities on the planet Mars, where gravity is only one-third that of Earth. However, since this country is now broke, this doesn’t seem very likely now. Alas.

  110. Edward McQuain says:

    I really hope that this leads towards a tangible cure for AIDS once and for all. It’s been so long since any real kind of breakthough.

    1. cyntasia says:

      isn’t that the truth? there seems to be some hope in this, despite what many commentators have said here.
      it saddens me to see how many people are using this comments section to lambaste the gay world. sorry people, but gay people always have been, always will be. also, they all seem to be in denial that aids affects women who sometimes pass it to babies.

  111. Mariya Asnauskas says:

    Doesn’t make sense…
    Seems fishy…

  112. ninerism says:

    YES, Dr Leonard Horoiwitz, and Dr. Robert Strecker, and Dr. Alan Cantwell, Jr. MD, and a host of other medical doctors, and those in the medical communities have known for some time that :AIDS” is not naturally occurring, and was manufactured. Even Dr. Luc Montagnier, of the prestigious Pasteur Institue has stated that “HIV alone cannot cause AIDS”, hence implicating that there are important co-factors involved. WHO KNEW? Well, Dr. HULDA R. CLARK, knew, as have other scientists and doctors! AND THERE HAVE BEEN OTHER TREATMENTS, IF NOT CURES, FOR :AIDS: SYNDROME.

    More to the point: THE RESEARCH OF DR. CHOUCHOA (spelling?), had shown he had developed a VACCINE for :AIDS”, and other forms of cancers. HE WOND HIS CASE, ONLY TO BE SHOT DOWN BY THE JUDGE WHO OVERSAW HIS CASE, THUS BANKRUPTING him in the process. HE WILL PROVIDE A TREATMENT, VIA HIS VACCINE, for $10k, so that he can get back to being financially viable. CEDARS OF SINAI HOSPITAL HELPED TAKE DOWN DR. CHACHOUA, ans so people are asking if this is another case whereby they powerful pharm-industries have taken total control of the medical communities. NOT TO MENTION, MAKING CANCER A WONDERFUL RESOURCE WITH ENDLESS MONETARY BENEFITS FOR DOCTORS, HOSPITALS, AND BIG-PHARMA.

  113. ninerism says:

    Just as Len above suspects…..”AIDS” IS NOT NATURALLY OCCURRING, and it all started to appear in gay communities via the highly-suspect HEPATITIS-B VACCINE BLOOD TRIALS, which went from one gay communiity/city to the next, see the real facts about the high-strangeness of that epidemiology.

  114. Ninerism says:


  115. DutcUncle says:

    This new trearment is called the MORALITY GENE, which is found only in people that DON”T go to bed with every thing that walks, crawls or swims. They had to go outside of California to find samples. The only thing is that when they brought them back to Cal. they no longer worked and were useless as a treatment.

  116. Janet says:

    If the stem cells were taken from a donor, that would mean that these were adult stem cells, wouldn’t it?

    And if that is the case, why have we been continually told that fetal stem cells were the real lifesavers and had to be cultivated?

    1. Risen says:

      i see what you did there

  117. Reasona 8200 says:

    Now he can resume the activities that gave hime HIV in the first place.

  118. d says:

    Wow, Republicans are really scary. A man was cured of a deadly disease and you have nothing positive to say. Wrong wrong wrong. You can’t be right about the future if you’re wrong about the past.

  119. radda says:

    lol Internet whining, you people need more to do than scanning spelling errors and quoting random statistics

  120. Richardo_Queso says:

    The best “cure” for AIDS is to refrain from lifestyle activities that place you at risk. Sure, there are exceptions such as being infected in the course of working in a healthcare job, or getting a transfusion, but most infections are avoidable by not engaging in obvious activities. If you inject illegal drugs or are promiscuous without using proper protection, don’t come crying to the world for a cure for your own stupidity. The babies born infected are the true victims, and the only ones, along with accidentally infected health care workers, that should be given priority access to the clinical trials and eventual (hopefully) curing treatments.

  121. Jay Smith says:

    True story or snake oil salesman?
    From the article: “Scientists said Brown received stem cells from a donor who was immune to HIV. In fact, about one percent of Caucasians are immune to HIV. Some researchers think the immunity gene goes back to the Great Plague: people who survived the plague passed their immunity down and their heirs have it today.”
    Are you kidding me? The Black Death killed 30-60% of the population in Europe. That means a lot more than 1% today’s caucasians are descendents of those survivors. Why are so many white people getting AIDS in the first plac eif this is the cure?

  122. barry says:

    really? anyone heard of a guy named Magic Johnson. Magic doesn’t want to tell anyone what he did to get cured as he did do alternative therapies….but he is alive and well.

  123. Adam A. Wanderer says:

    The person will live or die, we will know then.
    P.S. Anyone who thinks HIV doesn’t cause AIDS is one sick, sorry fool! The grave yards world over prove that.

  124. Jamie D. Lowe says:

    His name. Magic Johnson

  125. Craig Brockman says:

    He’s cured of HIV, so he’ll die from leukemia – that they didn’t follow-up on.

  126. Lazarus says:

    More misinformation and false hope from this idiotic media.

  127. 908Patriot says:

    Good, now he can go out and commit some more indecent, amoral sexual acts with men, women, children or animals for that matter. Great job..

  128. Juniper Snodgrass says:

    A man is claiming to be cured of HIV and you troglodytes are nitpicking misspellings and wondering who’s a top or bottom? Wow…
    ….GET LAID….SERIOUSLY!!! Make sure you strap up. You probably wont be apart of the 1% caucasoids who are immune to HIV!

  129. SueZ says:

    I have a friend who got AIDs from her sneaky, cheating spouse. I also have a co-worker who got HIV years ago from a blood transfusion after a serious car accident. You a misinformed, mean-spirited dolt!!

    1. SueZ says:

      Sorry for the typo: You are a misinformed, mean-spirited dolt!!

  130. Michael says:

    BFD, he’s a gay white American and living in the Bay Area he is well above the poverty line – why don’t we put this ‘apparent cure’ to use in Africa?

  131. Sharon says:

    My brother died of Aids in 1993. I have been waiting to hear of a cure since then. You who are so flip about the disease and who are bashing gays had better hope that no one you love has to die that way. You had best hope that you don’t have to die that way.

  132. Yoggoth says:

    Sure, if you could remove all the blood of an HIV + person and replace it, you could cure HIV. the problem is, you can’t. The blood system contains microscopic cappilaries. I have no doubt this man’s viral load was substantially decreased, but it’s too early to say that he has been ‘cured’ of AIDS. This is just misinformation and false hope designed to sell papers and to give some people fame.

  133. Yoggoth says:

    Another point – If “1%” of Caucasians are “immune” to HIV (which I doubt), and 40% of Caucasians are infected with it, well, that seems to present a bit of a problem. Does a person have to die before they transfer his bone marrow to someone else? Does a donor have to be diagnosed as “immune”? And, finally, does this procedure really work 100% of the time? Incidentally, Magic Johnson has not been cured of AIDS. His eventual and inevitable demise has just been postponed.

    1. mel says:

      it is true about certain Caucasians being immune.. learned all the cells, etc in biology on how, in college… we are also missing another point.. everyone knows damn well the govt has a cure for everything and just won’t give it to us!

    2. Mel Lunny says:

      A living donor who is a perfect match donates stem cells (from blood, not marrow). In this case out of 13 million donors there were 232 matches and with unlimited funding in Germany they tested the first 61 donors until they found one with the mutation. In the US, insurance companies pay only 10-20 screenings.
      The patient had to have whole body irradiation and take toxic drugs that kill all bone marrow and white blood cells (T-cells included) so that he can replace the old cancerous white blood cells and marrow with the new donor cells. Without a donation, the patient will die within a week. BUT patients undergoing stem cell or bone marrow transplants still die on average15%-25% of the time within months… so only a person who is going to die of leukemia very soon would ever want to risk such a procedure. Hence why this hasn’t been repeated with any consistency since this patient.

      The immunity described by

      ” it’s found in somewhere between 1 and 2 percent of white Americans and Western Europeans; in about 4 percent of people from Scandinavian countries; and in no Africans, African Americans or Asians…. The mutation is called delta32 CCR5, and it was discovered about 10 years ago.. if you’re lucky enough to have this mutation from both your parents — you are resistant to getting infected by most forms of HIV.
      “HIV gets into the immune system T cells.. via the critical door called CCR5. If you don’t have CCR5 sitting on your T cells, it’s impossible for you to be infected with virtually all strains of HIV.1 So, by having this mutant given by this donor, the person’s cells are resistant to being infected with HIV.
      “… but evolution didn’t create this mutation to stop one from getting HIV 100,000 years ago (or whenever it’s perceived that Caucasians, Asians, and Africans separated from)… there was some huge epidemic that was present in Scandinavia, that didn’t occur in Asia or Africa, that wiped out many people who didn’t have this kind of spontaneous mutation…among the people left, many more had this mutation… But anyway, CCR5 is the key door for HIV to get into a cell. And the delta32 CCR5 mutation means “the door ain’t there”. There’s no way for the virus to get in. Therefore, it just kind of knocks around helplessly and eventually dies off.

  134. F. E. Cornejo says:

    You all missed the point entirely. AIDS is a horrible disease that affects many people, including women and children, who don’t inject drugs and do keep their pants on. Instead of aimlessly bantering about grammar, god and judgment, go do some volunteer work.

  135. yoggoth says:

    Why does everyone assume that just because there is a fatal disease, there must be a cure? Gallo assumed that in 1984 when said AIDS would be cured in 2 years. Gallo was wrong. It’s now nearly 30 years and there is no vaccine in sight. This thing should have been quarantined back then. It’s too late for quarantine now and, well, just turn on the music videos and find out what the kids are learning. Let me tell you, it’s not mongamy.

  136. Elizabeth says:

    I thought it interesting that no distinction was made re the type of stem cells used. From the sound of it, they were adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells. So far ESCs haven’t produced one cure whereas lots of help is coming from adult stem cells. See and Just sayin’…

  137. AAA says:

    BS! If he was “cured” of whatever it was he had it certainly was NOT AIDS. More media BS!
    Just as stupid an article as brokeass Gumby (Hawkings) saying he’s sure there’s no Heaven, when the idiot can’t even tell us ALL the particulars of something as simple as a Blackhole (and yes, when compared to the rest of what’s in the universe to be learned, a blackhole is simple).

  138. jainey says:

    sounds more like a wrong diagnosis in the first place.

  139. yoggoth says:

    If it exists at all? What, are you demented? You know, AIDS dementia, which may occur 4 to 5 years after initial inoculation, is similar to Alzheimer’s, and which, when the brain is flooded with virus, causes large areas of the brain to die. The brain is one of the first organs infected, so that in a snese, the victim may not be fully aware of the fact that he is infected and dying. And so this is what humanity has unleashed upon itself.

    1. mel says:

      now ur gonna have ppl that forget easily thinking they are all dying of Aids…

  140. Audrey says:

    Here’s an idea…instead of being sooo concerned with how correct the article is on the spelling or grammar, or taxes being “wasted” why don’t we show some humanity hmmm??? HIV and AIDS is not just somebody elses problem…it is ALL of our problem. It affects all of us, whether you want to accept that or not. This research is something that we should be thrilled to see come into light. How long have we been waiting for something like this? This is history in the making and what’s sad about it is most of you are too cretinsitic to see it for what it really is….a miracle to millions. What if this is the answer? And most of you would rather have your taxes spent towards hmmm…I don’t know, jails, war, care for other countries, before you would see it spent towards saving lives. Furthermore, there are quite a few more ways you can contract the HIV/AIDS virus other then just “needles” and “unprotected sex”! Do your research and look up Ryan White if you must! He was a KID, he was NOT infected by his parents, and sadly he didnt live long enough to even get to imagine something this wonderful happen. As for campaigning for autisim, cancer, and the like and why are we spending sooo much time towards AIDS. There are children affected by AIDS too, yes sometimes it is the parents fault, and sometimes it is the HOSPITALS fault. Again look at Ryan White. Secondly, if you want change, do something about it. Be the change you want to see in the world. Don’t just sit here on your laptops whining about this & that. Get out there and DO something about it!

  141. gfyself says:

    umad i didnt use grammer!? bannggy bannnggy sickkky sickky aw snizapp wez curred! Awesome we goin outz tonite!

  142. Tehuti says:

    This is a LIE!!!! Someone has already cured AIDS and was taken to Supreme Court for claiming that they did, and WON!!! This happen in 1996 in NYC supreme Court!!! It’s just White media and white owned pharm. co. will NEVER let you know that a African from Central America has already done this!!!! And proved his case in court! Also he proved that he cured ALL cancers, including breast cancer and basically all MAJOR diseases!!! This was major news in NY but I see it failed to get to the general public. I wonder why???????? So keep doing your walk for hope and wearing pink dumbness. While the ppl behind all of that is just collecting your money and will NEVER give you a cure!!!

  143. yoggoth says:

    Good point, Darrel. I read a story about a young African lady with full-blown AIDS – you know, emaciated, dying. Well, they gave her some ARVs and, in a few days she filled out, and looked normal again. You know what she did? She went back to being a prostitute! Thousands of dollars spent and, for what?

  144. Joshua says:

    The cure should only go to people who got AIDS accidentally, such as through a blood transfusion.

    I see no reason to keep alive the stupid people who ran around living the good life having unprotected sex with everyone while gloating about how many people they slept with. They should drown in their misery and die in a fire.

    1. Betty Bush says:

      These are the type of comments that come from a close minded republican crazy person.

  145. yoggoth says:

    HIV and AIDS are directly related, whonos. As for false positives, yes there are some. I suggest you read up some more.

  146. yoggoth says:

    I must say, I am really astounded at the amount of misinformation posted here. I blame this on the media, which are basically avoiding this issue like the plague it is and, when they do cover this topic, paint it with a rosy brush, like they do with Obama and everything else. I’m sure that there are enough idiots who believe everything the media tells them, but I also would like to believe that they are the minority. The Obama media is trying to fool SOME of the people ALL of the time. A “cure” for AIDS would be a big story. The only problem is that it isn’t true. If you ask me, the lamestream media should be charged with nothing less than murder, because by withholding the truth from something as critical as the spread of a pandemic, they are causing more people to get infected; thus increasing the casualties from this dread disease. I say, IMPEACH THE MEDIA!

  147. Thisiscrazy says:

    To the person who said it’s difficult to get AIDS and the solution is simply to “keep your pants on and avoid needles”; I hope you get AIDS.

    1. mel says:

      be careful what u wish for, it just may come back to u!!

  148. GreenMonster says:

    @Scooby Doo Doo People don’t only get AIDS from sex & drug use, bimbo!!!

  149. says:


  150. N Verge says:

    Firstly I can’t believe how critical people can be on the spelling within an article and their posts reflect nothing to do with the article in question.
    Secondly… Scooby DooDoo, is a twit. This type of ‘cure’ can not only help with HIV but can be put into use with other conditions. Never-the-less, there are other way to get the virus… needle stick injuries, rape and bad blood transferrals. If everyone kept their pants on we wouldn’t have children… so grow up ‘Scooby DooDoo’ and get a life.
    I’m a high supporter of stem cell research… Good on you for your good work of stem cell research.

  151. Steven Bruening says:

    I am wondering if this case takes into account the fact that HIV crosses the brain blood barrier, and, I do not think a bone marrow transplant would affect the virus “hiding” in the neuro-structure.

    1. Mel Lunny says:

      The article by the scientist following the patients… see link below… says doctors biopsied his brain, liver, intestines, etc and all tested negative for the virus. They also did the most sensitive testing (1/3 of a virus particle per 1 ml of blood) and antibody testing show those levels are dropping also, like after a vaccine. He did have mental status changes after the second transplant from the same donor (due to a leukemia relapse) and some were concerned about HIV in the brain though the biopsy disproved this theory. And since all of his white blood cells or bone marrow are killed off before the transplant, all of his cells are now replaced with those that carry immunity so any virus hiding anywhere in his body would eventually die and be filtered out because it can never enter a host cell.

  152. Go India!!!! says:

    lol at ces… As im chanting India! India! India! They might be smart over there in Asia but theyre telecommunications skills suck. But im sure since you are co-signing for India you must be Asian lol. They have to be good at something I guess.
    (Theyre chicks are hot)

  153. Trena says:

    Wow, I only read a few of the above comments about grammar and spelling etc. Shouldn’t the comments be about how great it is to be closer to a “cure”? Oh, wait did I put my question mark in the right place? Let’s pole the idiot editors and see what the outcome is. Huh? Congrats to the Berlin dude for being healthy.!!!

  154. saly says:

    i knew he was either rich or white! called it before i even saw this video

  155. Catherine Lenox says:

    @ Scooby Doo Doo – for those of us who lost numerous loved ones to AIDS, this is big news.

  156. Kevin says:

    Why do people automatically assume that gays have the biggest problem with AIDS? You should really check your statistics. I wish Americans were just banned from the internet! You don’t know how to think!

  157. No aid for AIDS says:

    Let the AIDS carriers die. Join the Church of Creativity

  158. mariahiv says:

    I am a 20 plus year survivor…here to help the infected and affected! after 30 years..I can only hope for a cure! if anyone needs help ..or is infected or affected add me on facebook maria hiv..I have an international group of 1100 people! and I am also a blogger on the Maria T Mejia

  159. Andrew Drew says:

    On their website, they say:

    “ARV drugs do not cure people of the HIV virus or AIDS, they only make people sick. Most people do not realize that ARV drugs actually feed the HIV virus so that the virus doesn’t go into full blown AIDS and consume the entire body. Thus, ARV drugs keep one alive but at the expense of immense pain and suffering, feeding the virus their happiness and energy.”


  160. sheilahtexas says:

    this sounds like the beginning. it should be available to whoever has it. that help. and be the prayer to start getting this cured for the whole world.

  161. Ed says:

    Ya all can’t see the forrest because of the trees!

  162. Eric ,Kasoa,Ghana says:

    well if there is some kind of cure for this deadly disease ,why shouldn’t we go for it ,and stop this jokes …hey we are losing humanity.we better stand up.

  163. Quiara says:

    I would like to say to all who are working on this research let them give all the glory to the almighty God and above all lets pray and in God we trust.Thank you GOD.

  164. sprout says:

    “Your wirrued about spelling”!!!…. ‘WOW” is all I can way!!!

    1. sprout says:

      “Oh, I’m sorry, I mean “worried”…does that ease the pain?….

  165. christine says:

    I’m happy about the progress and the hope that AIDs may be cured.

  166. Dustin Boatenreiter says:

    You realize that everybody regardless of professional or not;paid or not will still make mistakes so quit being pathetic looking for other people’s errors and look at your own.

  167. ARNEL says:

    AIDS or HIV is the failure of Immune System to do their job to protect the body, by improving the GLUTATHION of each and every cell inside of the human body diseases will be cured and its allow the Immune System to function to its full potential, find out more on, ( MAX INTERNATIONAL ) or http://www.pubmed.guv ( GLUTATHION on AIDS/HIV )

  168. Renee says:

    If you were alive when the epidemic first hit, and you looked around and saw your friends literally falling to the ground from some unknown illness that could not be stopped, let alone had a name. You blessed the day that any breakthrough happened. Mr. Brown thank you so much for being visible, and to the young doctor Gero Hutter, thank you for pioneering this method of treatment.
    You are a hero; there will always be nay sayers, dismiss them, they are unimportant to your work.

  169. Che Coker says:

    This video is so beautiful. It shows that Jesus must exist and that he loves the sexual/gender variant people with all his heart just like everybody else. Let’s stop being closed off in our hearts and see that we are all one with each other and God. We were put here to love each other; not judge and attack each other. I know that some will think I’m being naive; but believe me I know what I’m writing about. In the future when the majority of people will be suffering and not just the minorities; the world will turn to the truth. God bless you, Timothy and embrace this gift and take care of yourself! Love, Che

  170. greekcontagion says:

    Viva Caucasians!

  171. John Lewinski says:

    This story is huge and I have to find out through yahoo news? Where is 60 Minutes? CNN? Time?

  172. rai says:

    could this be hope for people wih an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia etc?

  173. Gabby says:

    He says he’s happy to be ‘cured’ of HIV; he definitely does not look or sound happy. I hope he finds God.

  174. Reality says:

    WooHoo now all these fa66ots can still have all the unprotected butt sex they want and not have to worry about AIDS. And now all the crackheads can share needles again. Yea!!! How about not sleeping with everyone you meet and not doing drugs, ever thought of that.

    Some do get it through blood transfusion or some other accident but that is less than 1%. Maybe 1 out of the 7,000 gets HIV from no fault of their own. I say let these disease ridden freaks die.

  175. Andrew says:

    I can’t believe people these days.
    For every bickering, throwing insults, complaining about grammar and spelling.. Give me a break.

    Stem Cell medicine is an emerging field, and for something like this to be plausible, is in itself amazing. Obviously there is no miracle cure that’s going to be available any time soon, that’s not how medical research works.

    (And for people saying that there are other ailments that should be focused on, realize that if the ability to implement stem cells to treat viral infections through a genetic basis is found to be safe and effective, pathways to other treatments are without a doubt more easily realized.)

    It almost depresses me to read these comments.

  176. William Benson says:

    Here’s what they gotta do. They gotta turn that bone marrow into a liquid that can be mass produced. then, when people take the liquid, they get AIDS free.

  177. MELINDA KOSCOVE says:



  178. malish says:

    That is a great news to hearing that HIV can be cured unctionally since Brown now got negative HIV so what is the next next step to serve the millions of patient across the world of HIV/AIDs

    thanks doctors for you work.

  179. Tuikong Kipchumba Wycliffe says:

    It`s so irritating to read comments that actually divert attention from the real subject of discussion. what does good grammar got to do with the fight against AIDS. Is there any English teacher on the verge of a breakthrough of discovering the cure. LANGUAGE IS DYNAMIC and feeds from any slung and colloquial phrases created accidentally or by intent, just as the word “google” which is now found in oxford dictionary and William Shakespeare has no clue about it`s meaning. So lets deal with the message ,not how the message was delivered. Otherwise this is good news that bring hopes to humanity , that a virus which shows no preference to sexual orientation of an individual, is about to come to its end.

  180. Obowo says:

    My name is obowo i read all the news consigning HIV i will like the medicine to come to Nigeria

  181. RICHARD GUDOI says:


  182. fasil says:

    I hope we all cured thanks to the almighty God.

  183. RICHARD GUDOI says:

    viruses have their own world and language they communicate with and in that context they fight us human beings. new vurus will surface to defeat human logic. did you know that the virus beleived to have been extict is killing people in europe and america. so why should be be duped with these invetionsand discoveries. what is needed is to beleive in God’s miracles. Everybody will be saved. what do you say is right way forward ? ABC meaning abstenence

  184. self says:

    Oh wow so I guess HSV is next on the list.. I’m sure someone going to get killed behind this one here…and it won’t be an Aids or HIV patient think more like the scientist.. Now how will the government control the population.. oh wait they selling gun in urban areas I guess thats a start…

  185. justathough says:

    you may be cured of HIV but you still have Leukemia. You days are still numbered.

  186. Emily J says:

    Out with the bad blood. Crazy.

  187. Abubakar says:

    Surprise. If dont believe there is cure for every ailment, then better start inward research into religious books, especially the Qur’an. So the western world has been hiding under falsehood all these while. The AIDS virus has a cure. We know that in Africa for long. Cheers

  188. Ida Wheeler says:

    A man has been cured of HIV/AIDS. What the hell is up with the grammar/spell check debate.


  189. Jami says:

    Total scam.
    This is only a ploy to direct people toward stem cell research.
    Stop having unprotected sex.
    Stop doing drugs.
    There is your cure.

  190. Brown says:

    I’m happy for the guy – I hope he lives a long, wonderful and blessed life. My problem is the statement that “1% of Caucasians are immune”. What qualifies a person as Caucasian? Light skin? Straight hair? How “pure” of a “Caucasian” do you have to be? Are you telling me that if a “Caucasian” and another “race” procreate, that the child is GUARANTEED not to carry the immunity-causing gene? If the child does, in fact carry the immunity gene, does that mean that the child is considered “Caucasian”? Scientifically, it is impossible to even define what “race” is, so I think it’s best to stop using racist terminology to divide people into artificial, man made categories. I suspect that the only reason that this statement was included in the story was so that later, people can get away with ignoring Africans that suffer from AIDS. I can hear the lies now: “We can’t cure Africans, because only ‘Caucasians’ can handle the bone marrow transplants.'” We’ll see what happens with this. But God will judge people who show partiality and only offer help to so-called “Caucasians”.

  191. Buck Naked says:

    First Man Cured Of AIDS – Every heard of Magic Johnson? Oh wait, that doesn’t count because he was given the cure by the elites that engineered this bioweapon.

  192. ku says:

    i think people are more concern about spelling and grammar which i think is wrong.

    be more concern about the content. it will show that you are intelligent.

    this is great news for all hiv patient.

  193. Naila Sanchez says:

    “N” was finally able to have his test done and it came back negative for HIV. The doctors couldn’t believe this and asked him to come back again for another test. He went back the next day and, again, negative. They still didn’t want to be believe it so they asked him to come back again. He said, no, that it wasn’t necessary but they insisted and even said they would pick him up from his home to bring him to the clinic, which they did. But… again… tested negative for HIV.

  194. maria grasha says:

    why can’t you be glad that somebody is cured from a deadly disease… be happy, please….

  195. jordan says:

    Where are they going to get all the stems cells they need for this research??

  196. dr.lane says:

    I will clear this up for everyone. This 1% issue, first of all is a theory. And it is 1% of people in the world. The theory is based off of people several 100 years ago who developed immunity to smallpox, but this has been happening all over the world for millions of years whenever there is a plague. A small amount of people survive. There is another theory that states that humans will evolve. therefore 1% of the human population more than likely have immunity to HIV or we could all become extinct. Since this has never happened in the history of mankind this THEORY proves true, but there is not a real way of proving it. Now that we have this case this theory proves to be even stronger. Where yahoo messed up in this article is by stating it was 1% of Caucasians that have immunity. Instead they should have done some good journalism and researched the facts about this theory and all that it states. Then they would have written something like this, “Based on scientific research, it is possible that 1% of people are immune to HIV.” What I find really funny is i posted an wrote to Yahoo about this error when this article came out because I knew it would cause so much confusion and when people started to do research about they would become more confused because they segregated the immunity to one nationality.

  197. CP says:

    The article headline is “‘Cures’…Bay Area Man of “AIDS” and then the full article goes on to talk about how he was diagnosed with HIV and since this Fuctional Cure was done, he no longer has HIV. There is a difference between HIV and AIDS. HIV is the beginning of stage, and over time the virus become more pronounced and the body starts shutting down, that’s AIDS.

    Its great that if this is true, I’m a bit skeptical, but if it is, true thats great news!

  198. anna says:

    please dont say you wish this wasnt funded because the cure for hiv may lead to the findings for cures of all kinds of things please dont be so close minded

  199. Silver Badger says:

    It is amazing that so many believe the research funds going to AIDS is wasted. Very little research is wasted. The functional cure for AIDS will lead to other functional cures for other diseases. It is irrelevant whether or not a victim of AIDS is innocent. No one deserves to contract AIDS. The haters out there should be ashamed.

  200. i like the proposal writing part i have to keep these points in my mind for writing a better proposal in future as i am also a small business entrepreneur..thanks for sharing..

  201. Jason says:

    I need help or advice. I know the the cure for HIV/AIDS but I don’t know who to talk to. I don’t want to just tell anyone because I want the credit. Any suggestions

  202. Mitchell Schuller says:

    The problem is, was he cured of his “AIDS” or his HIV. HIV is what causes AIDS, but just because someone is HIV+ does not mean they have AIDS. And off-subject to the idiots above that say a misspelled word has nothing to do with grammar, what freaking school did you go to? If that is not grammatically incorrect, I don’t know what is.

  203. Brian Duprey says:

    That is amazing . I hope just because their is a cure people don’t go around not using condoms & thinking its okay .

  204. Faith says:

    With this, We are making headway.

  205. Jude says:

    HALLLLLAALUYAHHH!!!!! God Is Soo Good, ((Let’s Stay On Topic “Cooperate america”).. i will not allow this grammar distraction, to take your eyes away from the TRUTH, “FInally WE Have Evolved From this Horrible PLague”

  206. DBaker says:

    I am so amazed at how many people lost sight of what this article really was about, instead they took it upon themselves to bring in their own close minded opinion. Really was this the place to spout out your great English knowledge or any type of political or religious view??? I think it could have been left out of this…However some people just proved what is really wrong with the world and that something so great was being overlooked with such stupidity. IF this is really true and a cure has been found how amazing!!! Research is a great thing and if a cure for this is found then a cure for cancer, diabetes, and numerous other things could be following close behind!!! Please people open your minds to this and dont let your idiotic opinions cloud such a great thing!!!!

  207. Anissa Calixte says:

    Good blog! I really love how it is easy on my eyes and the data are well written. I’m wondering how I might be notified when a new post has been made. I’ve subscribed to your feed which must do the trick! Have a great day!

  208. bob says:

    this is a success story!

  209. Dia Buzick says:

    Loved the numbers, but then got depressed when I saw how far away from these numbers I am. “If you have a bachelor’s degree you will garner $91,256 in the private sector and $68,290 in the public sector”

  210. nick says:

    “if aidz cure exist, why we dun hear oof it?!”

    because you don’t look for it. here’s a cure for aids that never went to clinical trials but surely passed the us government patent office:

    US PATENT 5,676,977

    just look it up at if you’re not blind

    and if you want a patent for AIDS production here

    US PATENT 4647773 (Method of continuous production of retroviruses (HTLV-III) from patients with AIDS and pre-AIDS )

    trust me, this isnt the first person to cure AIDs i bet my life and the life of my children on it. media is such garbage these days. no one verifies that garbage they spit out in their papers

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