SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — With fuel prices on the rise, drivers are looking for ways to save. If you have a flex fuel vehicle, you can switch over from gasoline to cheaper alternative fuels such as ethanol or alcohol. And you may be already driving one.

Scientist David Bloom has been teaching consumers how to convert their cars to run entirely on alcohol like he did with a Trans Am from the film “Kill Bill.”

“We spiffed up the body converted it to alcohol with a little conversion kit and ever since we haven’t had to run it on gasoline,” he said. “It’s just running on alcohol.”

According to Bloom, flex fuel is better for the environment then traditional gasoline and is also cost efficient. Currently the price of alcohol is 90 cents less then gasoline.

And as the popularity rises for flex fuel, there are Apple and Android apps for consumers to locate the nearest station. There are currently less than 2,000 flex fuel stations nationwide.

Automakers including General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler have committed to 50 percent flex fuel cars within the next couple of years. But according to industry insiders, there are 10 million flex fuel cars on the road and many drivers are unaware they are already in one.

Below are a number of links that include a full list of flex fuel compatible vehicles and lists of flex fuel stations in the Bay Area and nationwide.
Flex Fuel Cars:
Propel Fuel Stations:
National/regional Flex Fuel stations:
Flex Fuel Locator Mobile App:

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  1. genomega1 says:

    Ethanol cost more to produce then it’s worth, it is heavily subsided and we are shoving food into our gas tanks and driving up food prices. If you really want to convert your car to a fuel that makes sense then convert to natural gas.

  2. Charlie Peters says:

    Support S 781 Feinstein

  3. sunshinessolar says:

    David Bloom has a stake in pushing ethanol. He has a business of converting cars to run on ethanol and a massive book on the subject which he sells. E85 works iin the midwest — possibly. It can be used locally as the large corn growers are right there. Ethanol cannot be shipped by pipeline because it causes pipeline corrosion. And there is definitely a problem with using corn for fuel, taking it away from corn for food. At this time, when there are food shortages around the world because of destruction of grain crops by fires and floods, escalating the amount of corn ethanol, the only current available source in the US, is a destructive mistake. And sugar cane grown in Brazil has also caused agricultural usage. By the way, the air quality in the cities in Brazil is dreadful according to people who have gone there regulary to visit family. Until algae can be used to make ethanol commercially, using ethanl made from corn is not good environmentally or economically. The subsidiy of 45 cents per gallon given to the oil companies for blending ethanol into their gasoline just makes the oil companies richer and they certainly don’t need the money!

  4. Charlie Peters says:

    Will GMO corn fuel ethanol welfare for Big oil refiners and Government motors affect the beef?

  5. Charlie Peters says:

    Are all ethanol sales taxed the same? 

GMO corn fuel ethanol gets $6billion per year in welfare for Big oil refiners and Government motors. 

Ethanol for 150 proof sales is taxed $17.00 per gal. 

So what is the tax rate for single serve per gal of ethanol? 

Could a standard tax rate help the California budget issues?