SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The Dallas Mavericks stunned the Oklahoma City Thunder in overtime Monday, after roaring back from a 15 point deficit with five minutes left in regulation. Dirk Nowitzki scored 40 points for the Mavs. But it was Jason Kidd from St. Joseph’s High in Alameda and Cal who hit the go-ahead three pointer with 40 seconds left in overtime.

“He’s just a great competitor,” John Madden told the KCBS morning crew. “He knows how to play the game and how to play it at a high level… His competitiveness is something special.”

The annual pre-season NFL Hall of Fame Game is in jeopardy due to the continuing labor dispute between owners and players. John said it would be a big loss for pro football. “They kind of have to take that weekend and make their money to run the Hall of Fame for the year… they’re probably going to lose that game and lose that income. Somewhere the NFL should make it up to them,” said Madden, suggesting it be made up through another pre-season game or another NFL event.

“It’s not as big for the teams that are playing in it, but it’s awfully big for the Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio.”   (9:10)