(KCBS) – The news that the government is buying a fleet of electric cars, mainly Chevy Volts, will have a mixed effect on consumers. The Volt’s reliability will get an all-out test from government employees, but the supply of Volts, already on back order, will mean more delays for regular customers.
To see if the Volt is worth waiting for, test the Chevrolet Cruze, virtually the same car without the electric motor. Both the Cruze’s 4-liter turbo and 1.8 gas engines offer sufficient power, the noise level is low, the ride is well controlled, steering and braking are first rate and the car has a nice solid feel to it.
Fuel mileage should be in the high 20s, far less than the electric-plus- gas-reserve Volt, but this is hard to measure because we don’t yet know a typical owner’s daily drive which could keep the reserve engine silent.
Cruze prices in the $20,000 range; Volt could be twice that depending on dealer mark up.

– Don Mozley, Auto Test Editor

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