CONCORD (CBS 5) – Two dogs belonging to a Concord woman were found dead after police said they ate poisoned meatballs. A disgruntled neighbor is accused in the case.

On June 4th, DJ, the woman’s black Scottish terrier was suffering from seizures. Despite a visit to the vet, the dog died the same day. Two days later, the owner’s second dog, Coco, died.

Tom Tarbill lives next door to the victim and believes the suspect may have gained access to his neighbor’s yard through his backyard.

“I was pretty shocked,” he said. “This guy, apparently, he just doesn’t like dogs for one, and that kind of reflects on his character, I believe.”

The owner of the dogs, who is currently out of town and did not want her identity revealed, told CBS5 by phone that she found four meatballs in her yard, and had received three threatening letters this year.

Residents in the Concord neighborhood had been on alert after fliers had been posted, warning them that dogs had been poisoned.

“It’s a terrible thing what they did and I can’t understand what would get into somebody to do a thing like that,” said neighbor Ellen Docili.

Officers served a search warrant to one of the victim’s neighbors before placing that person under arrest, but police are not releasing the suspect’s name or issuing any formal charges until toxicology and forensic test results are reported.

Neighbors in the area say they are both alarmed and sad.

“Sad because I know the dogs,” said neighbor Thomas Ratliff. “I mean they’re kind of annoying at times because they’re loud, but I love animals and so I wouldn’t want to see them get hurt like they did.”

Police are investigating as to whether the case is related to a similar incident that happened in the neighborhood back in 2003, and in that case there were also a series of threatening letters sent to the dog’s owner.

“People shouldn’t be poisoning anything. Who knows who’s gonna get a hold of it and eat it. Maybe a kid. Bad idea,” said neighbor Fred Grab.

The suspect was set free by police, but could face a willful cruelty to animal charges depending on the tests.

The owner of the dogs has four other dogs, none of which was harmed.

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  1. neo16 says:

    i have a neighbor that leaves their dog to run outside to poo in front of our lawn and never picks up after it. i’m compelled to do the same but of course you need to think of the consequences of your actions. best way to do it is to talk to your neighbor and if it still happens, report them to the authorities. this guy went to the extreme and harsh way and has to pay for it.

    1. Canis says:

      loosen that sphincter of yours a bit … you’ll be fine.

      1. JohnJacob says:

        You may enjoy having your sphincter loosened, but the rest of us realize that neo16’s post is on the money.

      2. Campbell says:

        With any luck neo16 will “loosen his sphincter” on your head.

      3. fthomas cain says:

        Being an animal owner comes with responsibilitities to your neighbors-no animal should be a nuisance or disrupt a persons peace and quiet. Too many dog owners think that everyone should just put up with their pets barking, and other annoying behavior. People that act in this manor usually are oblivious to anyone elses needs-thus you have people like this who have 6 DOGS a neighbors -worse nightmare!!!!!

    2. Ted says:

      So, how did your conversation with your neighbor work out? Did you take your own advice?

    3. matt says:

      It is his yard…

      1. leeuniverse says:

        Yes, however SOUND travels beyond ones yard, thus an unreasonable and continuous sound annoyance is inappropriate and wrong. Thus, the dog owner is in the wrong if they continually refuse to properly train the animals.

      2. riffenberg says:

        Well that’s not the point Lee. There is something wrong with this guy. What is he doing threatening people in the rest of the neighborhood?. I can tell you one thing , those neighbors will get him back. There is no excuse for this. NONE! I don’t care if a dog barks 24 hours a day. He should have reported the dogs to the authorities if they were barking too much. I have to hand it to this woman. She took in 6 dogs and gave them a home.

      3. mija says:

        Riffen that IS the point. You don’t care? Then you would be the one responsible if your pets had to be killed because you didn’t properly contain and control them. People just like you are the reason someone has to resort to murdering dogs. Other avenues just don’t phase you.

    4. Victoria JohnGalt Montgomery says:

      This guy isn’t facing any consequences.. willful animal cruelty? Please. That’s maybe 2 months probation. He needs to be charged with destruction of property, as that’s what he did in killing the woman’s two dogs, which were her property.

      1. Victoria JohnGalt Montgomery says:

        Though, if it happened on his property, I suppose he had initiative to do what he felt was necessary. Responsibility of the dogs sits with the owner, the owner shouldn’t have let her dogs out of her own yard. Though, the neighbor should have reported the incidents to the police. If he did, then he should have confronted the woman directly.

      2. Leslie says:

        it didn’t happen on his property, but on the dog owners property…she found meatballs in HER yard. and another neighbor said he believe the dog killer got access thru HIS yard. So that means this guy planned to sneak thru someone else’s yard to have access to those dogs….around here it would much more than willful animal cruelty. She needs to sue him in civil court as well.

      3. Ed says:

        Why does a person living in town need six dogs? Sounds like this person has some problems. I lived next door to some people who had dogs that barked continusly when they were not home. the thought of poison crossed my mind.

      4. dave says:

        It takes an inconsiderate person to let their dogs constantly disturb their neighbors. It’s ok for dogs to bark at length once in a great while and even have a bad day or night, but usually when a neighbor of these inconsiderate dog owners takes offense, or measures, the dog is much worse than your normal pooch. A normal dog will bark for a reason (mailperson, cat) and then shut up when the threat is gone. However some dogs bark for catharsis and they apparently have a lot to get off their chest (like myself apparently). It’s not healthy. These dogs are very unhappy. Most towns have nuisance laws against any significant long term annnoyances for a good reason. A lot of times the city will send your neighbor a warning. If it were me getting the letter, let alone a death threat on my dog, I would be shagrinned and worried for the safety of my dog and take steps to correct the problem. However, I have learned that most of the type of people who allow their dogs to bark so much are “interesting” people to begin with. The problem with many of them is far deeper than their neurotic, lonely dogs. First of all they are not training/disciplining their dogs. It’s not in them to do that. Second, their dogs obviously don’t like living with these people. Makes you wonder why they have dogs in the first place and some with so MANY – why so many? It is a symptom of course. At best these people are oblivious in life (unless something bothers THEM of course). In their subconscious minds, they are the only people that count. Unfortunately most of these people shrug off or ignore friendly pleadings, complaints, and warnings. They don’t like anyone TELLING them what to do. After all, it’s your problem not theirs. Spooky. I feel sorry for the dogs. It’s the owners’ fault not the unbalanced dogs. Even when their dogs are killed, they STILL don’t get it. They never will. Anyway I’d much rather have the guy kill the dogs than the dogs and the owners. Seems to me there was some restraint somewhere in this situation.

      5. Mary Wright Pippert says:

        He should be forced to eat the rest of the meatballs. And she should sue him for the cost o f the dogs and punitive injuries just for a start.

    5. scott says:

      I had a problem neighboor years ago that liked letting his dog poo in my yard. I asked him to stop, he ignored me. A few days later some miscreant left about fourty pounds of dog poo on his porch! I never had that problem again.

      1. Elena says:

        if the owners cared about the dogs they would not have been in the yard unattended..dogs left in the yard are not pets ..they are property..

    6. Twistedsis says:

      The man that poisoned dogs needs to be jailed for a very long tiome. Had they been my dogs there would be on world class law suit. I would spend every penny I ever had to destroy his life.

      1. FedUp! says:

        I bet you’re the type that lets your dog bark incessantly. People who let their dogs bark have absolutely no consideration for others!!!! Get a life!!

      2. BillyBob says:

        If your out of control dogs lived next to me, I would warn you once, then all bets are off. If you didn’t shut them up, I would.

      3. Mary Wright Pippert says:

        And that should just be the beginning.

      4. Roy Baty says:

        I would kill a noisy dog in a heartbeat, but I probably would not kill the owner.

      5. suckitlibs says:

        Wow, lot’s of “big tough guys” on this chain that would go right after the dogs. Wonder why these little wimps like BillyBob wouldn’t start with the owners (the real problems here)? Hmmmmm, did you ever think that when you take matters into your own hands, you’re opening the door for other’s to do the same? For instance, Billy Bob, were I to live in the trailer next to yours, and you killed my dogs, I wouldn’t call the police. But I guarantee you would have some kind of mysterious accident. Or maybe one of you inbred lil ones would go missing. Don’t start what you don’t have the balls to finish…

      6. mutz says:

        Roy Baty

        The dogs owner probably would rip your beating heart out and show it to you, and then feed it to his other dogs.

      7. Timmy says:

        That’s good advice… but not in the way you think. It’s the people who let their dogs bark all the time (because they don’t give a rip} who should be sued. He should have gone that route instead of using poison. Maybe he could have got a new HDTV from it.

      8. RLA Bruce says:

        Punish him, yes. But destroy his LIFE? Where’s your sense of proportion?

    7. maislandwirt says:

      I agree, the response to the dogs was extreme. But if you have ever faced that sort of aggravation you know it is understandable. Our seldom-at-home neighbors have several small dogs which take turns barking on a 24-7 basis. The noise is so bad we often have to close up the house in the summer months and cool ourselves with floor fans. Sleeping with ear plugs. We have recently looked into purchasing a home HVAC unit so we can better tolerate the summer months. As for the neighbors, they deny that their dogs are at fault and blame us for not being dog lovers.

      1. InTheBubble says:

        Many years ago I had two neighbors with a total of five dogs, and the dogs were all left OUTSIDE every night, barking the whole time. I spoke to one neighbor, and that helped. I and others called the cops so often on the second neighbor that they finally moved. Throughout the whole time, I would often lie awake during the awful noise, trying to think up a way to kill those damned dogs without getting caught – but I never could.

      2. Louisville says:

        I have had issues in the past with neighbors that had a lot of young children. Yelling, screaming, running around at all hours, but I don’t have the right to poison them.

    8. Fred says:

      We have starving people in Africa, and we have to many dogs, cats, and horses in America. Hook em up!

    9. luddite says:

      I feel the same way as fthomas cain’s post; except replace the word “dog(s)” with “kid(s)”

    10. Frustrated says:

      This is not the way to deal with it but you can certainly understand why people would get sick of dogs running all over. I have even seen pit bulls running loose and some would content they need to be either kennelled or if that does not work people resort to these type actions.

      Just take care of your dogs and these things will not happen.

    11. soss says:

      At various times I have talked to 4 different neighbors with positive results. Then came the 5th. After talking to them four times he finally let loose and threatened to beat the living s* out of me etc. and went on for over 10 minutes such that neighbors 3 houses down could hear. Cities dog/noise ordanances are never actually enforced. But I continue to call the police (over 20 times) which seems to bug the h* out of them. Next time its going to be “nice doggy, pretty doggy…” then “heres a nice treat doggy”.

    12. squid says:

      Just put your neighbor’s dogs feces in his mail box.

    13. jimbo says:

      The best way to deal with loud dogs is a BB or pellet gun. A small one that doesn’t shoot hard. Sometime an air gun with no load is enough. My family love dogs, and have had them all our lives, but we don’t have dogs that are a nuisance. i remember dad using a slingshot and small pellets on the spaniel next door when we were kids because it would bark constantly. One stinger usually shuts them up. Harder to hit little dogs and more dangerous can hit them in the eye or something. You just don’t lead them as much.

      1. InTheBubble says:

        When I was 15 (in 1956), my dad told me to shoot any dog that entered our very large yard with my airgun, hitting them in the butt. This worked well until the evening I hit a large hound dog at maximum range. An hour later his owner came over and complained bitterly that I had killed his dog. Seems I had forgotten to account for the distance and had hit his dog in the privates, and he bled to death. I said I was sorry, but that was the risk he took letting his 14 hound dogs run loose all the time (yes, fourteen!). The airgun trick works, but be sure to practice at all distances first, and if it’s a small dog, use your slingshot . . . those take even more practice, but they work very well too.

    14. Matthew says:

      “report them to the authorities” HILARIOUS. You probably haven’t lived next to someone who has decided that it is their job to rescue as many dogs as they can and to keep them in their backyard or balcony. The dogs bark like crazy all of the time, but the humanitarian neighbor believes they are immune because they’re doing God’s work. I can see how a distraught neighbor would want to put an end to that type of nonsense, especially if the “authorities” tell both parties that there’s little they can do. I’ve seen this firsthand.

    15. Sleepless in Seattle says:

      Right on Neo. My In-laws suffer daily with a neighbors dog that barks incessently. Their first action was to talk to the neighbor but the neighbor did NOTHING about the problem and actually became beligerent. It escalated into formal legal action against the neighbor in which my in-laws won. The dog owner was issued a ruling in which he had to remedy the barking problem. Failure to comply and the dog would be removed with one phone call to the pound. The owner installed an electronic deterent system which worked until the County inspected the device. Once approved by the county the owner turned off the device. Then came over to my in-laws and verbally threatened them with physical harm if they called the pound. They now live in fear of their neighbor and have to put up with that d*m dog and its phycotic barking. This issue really revolves around irresponsible pet owners. I think the meatballs were served to the wrong part of the “problem” if you get my drift…

      1. Alice Polarbear says:

        Not surprising. People who think it’s okay to inflict barking dogs on their neighbors are pigs. Your inlaws should buy a gun for self defense and then go ahead and call the pound. In a situation like this, I don’t blame people for poisoning the neighbor’s obnoxious barking dogs.

    16. klg1956 says:

      My neighbors would gladly pick up my dog’s poo due to the fact that her barking has saved several of their homes from being robbed over the past 16 years. They know that a barking dog is the best deterrent of crime and my baby has the best ears on the planet, and she knows everyone on our block, by their cars, by their walk, by their voices, and if they don’t belong in our neighborhood, everybody knows it, and they are thankful! It’s an annoyance, barking, poo, but certainly worth it to live in a safer neighborhood.

    17. Rivkah Rubinstein says:

      Does anyone know the recipe for those meatballs? It might be a good idea if an annoying neighbor had six dogs, capture one of them to serve as meatballs for the others. Sweet justice comes on Sunday morning, while they’re gone to church.

    18. joe says:

      Have you ever tried to get to sleep with a barking dog right next to your house? The owner of those dogs are partly responsible for what happens.

    19. Louise says:

      Nearly everytime I hear about a conflict with a pet owner and a neighbor, it tends to be an emotional converation. It is difficult to keep one’s clarity when emotions are involved. And, yet the best solutions are achieved when one can put his/her emotions aside…easier said than done. For many of us, when we speak of our pets, our ego has a similar reaction as when we speak of our children. How many fights between parents at Little League games escalate beyond what is warranted for that situation? Suddenly, we find ourselves doing things we would never want or invision ourselves doing. These conflicts are so difficult for everyone involved.

      Many pet owners do not understand why their dog barks excessively, nor do they know what to do about it. This doesn’t mean they are bad people or bad pet owners. However, it does mean they need to step up more and take the time, energy, and money (if need be) to learn.

      I recently visited a great website for dog training. It has a reasonably priced training video pet owners can use if their dog barks excessively. The website had something to do with “nice doggie” and “training”. Trust, that there is something to be done.

  2. Chloe T. says:

    Someone should have trained you to do the same…

  3. gimmetherecipe says:

    Most counties don’t do anything with citizen complaints. They won’t even send anyone out to check out the noise complaint and if they do they it’s just a warning. Often times they will send you a packet that contains a list of to-do’s, such as “approach the dog owner in a polite manner and” blah blah blah. Most noisy dog owner’s don’t care about you or your complaint, why do you think you have a problem in the first place? Responsible owner’s will quiet their dogs in the first few seconds of barking. There is a list of the most annoying dogs to own and they’re usually the small toy species. It is more work to legally get a noisy dog and it’s owner to comply than it is to take the law into your own hands. Trust me, more neighbors of noisy dog owner’s have thought about this route many of times so don’t act surprised about this article.

    1. aubreyfarmer says:

      I can definitely understand why someone would want to kill a neighbors dog. Some very fine folks I know actually sold their home which they had recently bought just to get away from a neighbors barking dogs. What would you do if the authorities failed to act and going through the court was a waste of time. Can you imagine a neighbor with 6 dogs barking all hours of the day and night?

      1. mike says:

        if my neighbor killed my dog, id cut his heart out and feed it to my new dog.

      2. BBKing says:

        Mike below would spend the rest of his life in a prison cell over a dog that he failed to control in the first place! What a tool. Please go ahead and report to the nearest prison, you clearly belong there.

      3. Twistedsis says:

        there is something ver, very wrong with people that will kill animals, they usually graduate to killing people.

      4. Sigve says:

        @Twistedsis: “there is something ver, very wrong with people that will kill animals, they usually graduate to killing people.”
        Any solid basis for this ridiculous hypothesis, or is it fiction/propaganda to try to discredit others you can’t meet with proper arguments?

        FYI: Have killed nuisance animals for 35 yrs+, have not killed any humans.
        Yet. 🙂

      5. KR says:

        Did you notice that the owner of these two dogs has FOUR MORE dogs besides? Can you imagine the cacophony of barking that goes on in that yard, probably day and night? Poisoning the dogs is certainly cruel and no answer, but why isn’t there an enforceable law that prohibits the madness of having that many dogs on a city lot? People are entitled to the quiet enjoyment of their own property, and this idea that canines, in all quantities, are a great idea, no matter how much they poop and bark, is an example of how far from reason things have gotten. Dog owners take their dogs for walks and let them stop and pee on my roses (turning the leaves a lovely yellow). My neighbors have two German Shepherds and a Lab on their 7,000 square foot lot. Where is the sense in all this? I had dogs all my life and love them as a species, but I don’t appreciate many of their thoughtless, nincompoop owners.

      6. Maude says:

        BB King—–Mike would be a hero to many ! If I was on his jury I’d vote to aquit…he would walk out of court a free man !!

    2. Sigve says:

      In one of the largest cities in Norway, the police said they only took action if three – 3 – dogs were barking at the same place/time at night. Astonishing.
      I had to sell my house and move.

  4. Kimmy Oameal says:

    you people are sick. you’d poison your neighbor’s dogs?! what if their children are noisy? are they next? just for your comfort. god help us.

    1. HateBarkingDogs says:

      Children don’t bark all night long everyday.
      If you own a pet take responsibly for it.

      1. JJ says:

        And neither do most properly trained dogs. The same applies for children – they should be trained and taught the proper way to act. Its clearly abhorrent for someone to do something like this to a neighbor’s child and the same applies to their dog.

        I have two dogs myself… they are always leashed, picked up after and bark only when dogs should bark – someone at the door. I’ve tried talking to the neighbors about their kids screaming after hours, running ouside, through my yard, leaving their toys littered in my driveway and on my grass. Does it do any good? Nope, its like talking to a wall. BUT – when someone walks by and trips on one of their bikes left on the sidewalk in front of my house when they are not home — guess who they are going to try and sue?

      2. Fed up tax payer says:

        Rotten neighbors who refuse to keep their problems on their side of the fence (including barking dogs!)
        Use ultra-sonic sound to make the rotten animal feel pain when it barks at night

      3. Lisa says:

        maybe your neighbor should start snipeing you with a silenced rifle….any coward putting poison out on dogs deserves no mercy…

    2. Rooba Dooba says:

      You are profoundly ignorant. I was in a situation where the police and animal control refused every request to force my neighbors to keep their dogs quiet. We had previously asked the neighbors to quiet the dogs and they retaliated by smearing birthday cake all over our cars. The city’s mayor refused to do anything as did the city counsel. After months of only getting a few hours of sleep per night because of the nightly barking (Hey Einstein kids don’t scream all night long) The dogs suddenly all died one day. Gee, I wonder what happened to them?

      1. Twistedsis says:

        I hope you rot in hell!

      2. Iceman says:

        You did the right thing. No one has the right to allow their pets to harrass the entire neighborhood. If they refuse to take responsibility for their pets, they should not have pets.

      3. Betty B. says:

        And you are apparently PROUD of this, are you?

      4. Rooba Dooba says:

        Betty B. No, I am horribly ashamed to live in a country where people think it is ok to deprive their neighbors of sleep. I am ashamed to live in a country where the elected officials are corrupt and will not do their jobs. I am ashamed that the donut eaters will not enforce the law.

        I am ashamed to live in a society where boobs, who know nothing of of a situation, feel it is their right to comment and prove to the world how profoundly stupid they are.

      5. riffenberg says:

        I hope you rot in hell too .Watch your back because your neighbors know you did it. LOL!

      6. Rooba Dooba says:


        Really, is that how Obama got started in his career as a mass murderer?

    3. Adam says:

      Kimmy ,nobody said anything about killing a dog or children. You are taking it to the extreme. The question you should be asking yourself is why is the neighbor inconsiderate of the neighbors around them . Their dog wouldn’t bark excessively if they would exercise their dog instead of leaving the dog frustrated of being pinned in a yard.all day. Just because you can own a dog doesn’t mean you should own one.

    4. Sigve says:

      Some of us value a child over a dog.
      Also: Children grow up, and are usually only noisy some of the time. Dogs can bark much of the day and night, all their life.

    5. rick h says:

      Kimmy- Understand the difference; children are not animals.

    6. Twistedsis says:

      If they can kill a dog a child is not a big stretch!

      1. Michael Rossberg says:

        To you maybe, but to the sane people of the world, it IS a big stretch.

    7. Harry J. Smith says:

      Not quite the same thing, idiot!

      1. riffenberg says:

        Oh really? Serial killers start with animals.

    8. Sleepless in Seattle says:

      Kimmy Oameal. What are you 12 years old? You obviously don’t understand the gist of the problem. Irresponsible pet owners and ineffective courts. Not surprized the person did what he did. He probably was at his wits end. No neighbor should elevate their problem pet above the rights/peace of the neighborhood. I had a problem dog that was causing problems. I ended up bringing her to a rescue home out in the boondocks were she lived the rest of her life without causing problems for herself or others. While it was a very sad time for us (we loved the dog), this was the best solution to a difficult problem. My poit is there are options. This irresponsible owner caused the poisoning and early death of their pet. Period. Time to grow up Kimmy…

  5. SS says:

    City never does anything. We (3 of the adjacent neighbors) have all submitted reports, official logs to the city Animal Services. Of course we got the packet like in the comments left by “gimmetherecipe” above.

    Its useless, he is totally right. If they don’t care about letting their dog poop or being noisy, they are not going to care about letters from the city or neighbor’s complaints.

    It is irresponsible, and people like this should not be allow to own dogs. Same with those parents who takes their kids and let them play around and make excessive noise in a restaurant.

    1. BobJ says:

      Throw fireworks in the yard. Sooner or later things will quiet down and nobody gets hurt.

      1. InTheBubble says:

        Great answer! Thanks!

    2. ShutUp says:

      I would rather hear barking dogs than screaming kids having tantrums in a restaurant or in public. Restaurants should have a special sound proof room to seat families with small children.

  6. SS says:

    No, it doesn’t fully justify murdering them. You are probably a dog owner or used to be one. But asking the neighbor is usually useless. They are obviously selfish people and allowing their dog to bark incessantly while they are away. Or irresponsible owners providing harsh environment to their pets (leaving them out in the sun, or small dog house locked in direct heat of the sun.
    Having neighbors involved and even having the City/Animal Service involved normally have no use. Yes, there is an ordinance, but no funds to enforce these. Civil court is possibly your only bet.

    1. BM says:

      You can’t “murder” a dog. They are not human.

      1. aljsdflaj d says:

        There is the problem for some of the ‘dog’ folks…..they value the life of dog as much as a person because they are somewhat socially under developed. I have been in this situation too and talking did nothing to get the owners to do something but a few well days training with an acoustic device painful to the mutt and the dog learned. I trained the animal when they wouldn’t…but I understand the idea of poisoning them. Sometimes you just reach a point when you get pi$$ed.

      2. Chris Thomas says:

        You Sir can go DIAF … My dogs are much more of a joy to be around then your sorry azz … lmk when dead … Thx.

      3. TwistedSis says:

        Thay are more human than you are.

    2. Sigve says:

      “No, it doesn’t fully justify murdering them” – glad to hear that you are not really too annoyed by the incessant barking. FYI: Some people are disabled by noise others tolerate. These people may not be the psycologically most stable, but the suffering is still real.

      1. Pennswoods says:

        I agree. Noise. From industrial noise to barking dogs can and does cause deep physical and emotional distress in humans which can cause high blood pressure and even psycological problems. People before dogs.

  7. CommonCents says:

    Property owners have a RIGHT to the peaceful enjoyment of their property…

    Rude, inconsiderate, obnoxious ‘neighbors’ (lowlifes) need to be punished.

    Many newer communities have nuisance barking laws and DO enforce them. The problem is, too many urban areas do not or will not enforce the laws.

    As I write this, there is a dog barking (over 500 feet away) in the rain and the fat lazy slovenly owner does nothing. Trust me, I have planned how to ‘do it’.

    The dog should be impounded, and after three strikes the dog should be taken away, and the owner should be barred from any dog license in the future.

    1. CommonCents says:

      Oh yeah, and we DO own a dog which is NEVER allowed to bark while outside.

      1. BarkingDogHater says:

        CommonCents you are right!! Love it

  8. TD says:

    On the other hand, when the neighbor gets out of jail, he will have a quiet neighborhood to return to!!!

  9. Common Sense says:

    The owner of the dogs has 4 other dogs? So this mentally deficient person had 6 dogs? And I bet they made a ruckus far beyond what any reasonable person could tolerate. And I guarantee she was approached to keep them quiet, and no doubt she told them to mind their own business. Pity the dogs, but when the law ignores you, you ignore the law.

  10. Buster Collins says:

    Typical for San Freakcisco. Find the guy and shoot him.

    1. Bruce says:

      You mean the dog owner… right?

    2. Strongbow says:

      Concord. Very much not San Francisco.

  11. Lindy says:

    The owner of the dogs has four other dogs
    So that means the owner had SIX dogs. We had a dog on my street that barked nonstop..the police did nothing! Finally one summer they moved and the street was peaceful again. Owners should take care of their dogs!

    1. LindaB says:

      still not right missy to poisonj a dog…very inhumane. This guy is a heartless pig, and so are YOU.

      1. joel says:

        It was very humane. Remember Son Of Sam. Barking dogs can make you do crazy things. I have a dog It never barks. If it did I would kill it. linda you just don’t get it. Your that lady who takes her brats to a resterant lets her kid make noise. I don’t know how many times I had to tell a kid to shut up. Six dogs is inhumane. They barked because of no attention.. It was humane to kiill them

  12. kjd says:

    Dogs aren’t livestock-they’re companion animals. They should not be left outside for extended periods of time-they want to be with their people.

    Please don’t punish the dog-it’s the people. If you can’t get any action from your local authorities, educate yourself on what the law/ordinance says in your area and show up at the city council/county commissioners meeting with evidence and a copy of the law in hand.

  13. nativh says:

    It isn’t the dog that is the problem, it is the owner. I have three dogs (200 pounds total weight) and when one pipes up, me of thw wife immediately get up to quiet them or bring them in. That is the neighborly, adult, responsible, et al thing to do. Now if you want to quiet that obnoxious pooch, just go buy and anti barking device at your nearest pet store. The one we bought looks like a little house and emits a high pitch screach whenever a dog barks. We point it across the fence at the offending neighbors yard and let his dog set it off. Works great for all of $45 bucks. I’d never kill a dog unless it was trying to kill me or mine. They neighbor may deserve a good *** kicking but not the dog that isn’t trained or restrained and is just doing what it is born to do.

    1. Sigve says:

      “looks like a little house and emits a high pitch screach whenever a dog barks” – EXCELLENT IDEA!! I only know about collars with electric shocks and smells. These are hard to use on a neighbours dog …
      But this device only works for immediate neighbours in suburbia, the bane of my happiness lives on a small farm, the house and dog are about 100 meters from my fence.

  14. Harley says:

    If she truly cared for her animals she would not have allowed to bark incessantly.
    I have no sympathy for the dog owner. She knew they were bothering her neighbors and should have deduced that if she didn’t do something about it, she would have to deal with the consequences. People like that do not deserve pets.

    I applaud whoever poisoned those yapping hell hounds.

  15. Lindy says:

    There are other ways of handing this
    We asked he owner of a constant barking/mean dog and he wouldn’t even come to the door..we left notes..called the police all NOTHING
    Where is the community value for people who have to live next door to this noise and smell?

    1. InTheBubble says:

      Get yourself a bag of cherry bombs. Every time the dog barks, light and lob one over the fence into his yard. Both the dog AND the owner will get the message.

  16. breakfrom says:

    Lessons learned: If you don’t want your dog to eat anything poisonous then train them to be able to detect poisonous substances with their noses or it’s your fault that they didn’t know any better.

  17. Hank Warren says:

    Don’t call the cops, they’ll shoot the dog and the homeowner. Useless cops, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. ricardo maxwell says:

      Hank No wonder people think Ron Paul supporters are kookier than Obama supporters! You are all moonbats. Too bad because Ron Paul himself is not nearly as whacked out as his followers and has some very relevant and fact based economic positions.. You all destroy his chances with your rants.

      1. InTheBubble says:

        “You are all moonbats”? Ricardo, you jest. Sure, there are plenty of moonbats around, but most of them voted for Odumbo. There are probably fewer moonbats amongst Ron Paul supporters than in any other candidate’s support group. BTW, Hank Warren ain’t so batty since he’s right about everything he says. The book he recommends, however, is garbage.

  18. JR says:

    The burden here should not lie on the person(s) agitated by the barking. They should not have to confront the barking dog owner, or gather their neighbors to work out a solution, or work with their local government. If a neighbor experiences a pattern of excessive barking, you can bet that the dog owner hears it too, but has chosen not to address the problem. By the time a neighbor is disturbed enough to put on their shoes and do something about a barking dog, it’s too late for talk.

    Sorry for the dogs, but the dog owner is the one in this case who should be trouble.

    1. InTheBubble says:

      I often wondered how an owner could tolerate his dog(s) barking outside all night while the neighbors were being stressed out of their minds by the din. My guess is that they have drunk themselves to sleep and just never hear it.

  19. BobJ says:

    Fireworks usually solves this kind of problem. No need to hurt the animal.

  20. racefanaz says:

    if they BARKED all the time, the OWNER is at fault not the dog and believe me i have been tempted many times, until i would pound on hte doors of the neighbor, they were really dumb immigrants, to SHUT THOSE DOGS UP , it finally sank into their non english immigrant “skulls”

  21. racefanaz says:

    u cant murder dogs, and constantly barking dogs are in fact being NEGLECTED by their owners, also a crime

  22. TD says:

    Hey Bob, you forgot to take your meds again … idiot!!!

  23. ed says:

    to say that you should poison a dog or impound them for doing what they are supposed to do naturally is pathetic. I guess you people would do the same to little kids running and playing outside that can be twice as loud as any dog. I have dogs my self one is a toy breed and the other is a large breed. Don’t get me wrong the toy breed barks as soon as she goes out side but that last thirty seconds and then barks again when she wants to come in. Dogs bark for reasons out of the control of the owner same way we talk to each other, it’s called communication. People need to be more tolerent and learn to live together in harmony if you are easly annoyed by a barking dog maybe you should go move to the mountains and become a hermitt maybe then you can have peace and solitude. Or maybe you should go see the shrink to get some pills for your anger issues. Plus you people that complain the most of little noises are the ones with the kids in school distracting my kids from getting thier education.”People that live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      Ed, you have the mind of a child. How long could you continue to function with sleep deprivation? Poisoning the dog is the ONLY reasonable solution. Once you get out of grade school, you will understand.Ro

    2. ricardo maxwell says:

      ed you are just as stupid as mike here. Of course the problem isn’t 30 seconds of barking you idiot! Incessant barking of a dog is not natural OR normal but a sign of a problem, a problem with the owner and his care for the animal. And your comparison to noisy children leads me to conclude that YOU are the dangerous one here and probably need some psychiatric help or even incarceration.

    3. Jimminy Cricket says:

      By the same logic, electric guitars are deisgned to be plugged into an amplifier and played at a relatively loud volume. If your neighbor played the same note on his guitar all night and kept you awake, you’d want to smash the guitar and amp into bits after a few days. Same logic applies to the dogs, man…

    4. twistedsis says:

      you make an excellent point!

  24. Nunya bizniz says:

    You can go to jail for this, but you can rip a fetus out of a mother and get paid good money for it. Civilization is slowly coming to an end.

  25. john west says:

    “Bob,” what kind of insane logic is that? What does raping a child have to do with poisoning a loud, barking dog? These idiots had SIX dogs, the only bad thing is some of the yappers didn’t die.

  26. mike says:

    you are very lucky im not your neighbor.

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      Anybody who speaks out against the dog poisoning should be fed a “special” meatball too.

    2. mike says:

      is that you Mr. Vick? nice to meet you

    3. Iceman says:

      You would refuse to take reponsibility for your pets, then threaten those neighbors of yours who take steps to defend their livelihood and sanity?

      You would resort to violence in defense of your right to abuse your neighbors?

      You are a lot of talk and an empty skull. You don’t scare anyone. Come threaten me at my house, big boy, see how sporty things can get You sound like my idiot neighbor. He allowed his dog to run out of his front door while my wife and kids were walking by. The dog ran out threatening, snarling, snapping, scaring my small children. My wife made to kick at the dog to defend the kids, and my fool of a neighbor was mad at HER.

      Go threaten your neighbor, I hope it’s I, you’ll get what you’ve got coming.

    4. InTheBubble says:

      You are very lucky I’m not YOUR neighbor.

  27. Sigve says:

    If you have such an empty life you need to provoke people to get some meaning in life, I suggest you choose something slightly less ridiculous, so that more people are “trolled”.

  28. Nun says:

    This meatball is a sociopath.

  29. Bastion says:

    I had a similar problem in my neighborhood so one morning I waited until the owners left and I put a threatening note on their door and moved things around in their yard trying to give them the message that if they didn’t do something about it, their property would be “altered.” The dog was never left outside all day whiile the family was gone all day again.

  30. Darin says:

    Poisoning a dog would take too long….. I would have just shot the dog. You animal freaks need to get over it. Shut your stupid dog up, or somebody else will.

    1. John P. says:

      Darin your last sentence was all any of these posts needed.
      If pet owners can’t keep their precious little “children”
      corraled then it’s up to the neighbors to shut them up.

  31. jb says:

    I live in a South American country. In the house where I used to live there were barking dogs on 3 sides. I worked out of my house. Barking all day. Barking all night. Rude and inconsiderate neighbors. I went to the local police and asked what were my options. The police officer said in a hushed tone….get some ground beef, rat poison, and add some ground glass. Make a nice meatball and toss it over the fence. I moved.

  32. ricardo maxwell says:

    I do feel so sorry for the dogs, but upon reading the entire article I noticed that there were still FOUR DOGS LEFT!! Apparently, the wrong subjects ate the meatballs. This owner should not have 4 barking dogs. It is rude selfish annoying and illegal in most cases. Again, the wrong animal was punished. Until law enforcement takes control immediately of these situations, the results are likely to be the same and that is a tragedy.

  33. Rooba Dooba says:

    W, you have no idea whatsoever of what you speak, The “authorities do NOTHING. Repeat. NOTHING.

    A person has to sleep.

    Meatballs was the best solution.

  34. Gerald Jennings says:

    We had a neighbor who complained about our dogs all the time. Of course he thought nothing of mowing his lawn at 7:00 in the morning, or (he was a woodworker) running his screeching saws and routers late at night…

  35. Gerald Jennings says:

    Addendum about that mowing and woodworking neighbor—after awhile he did the decent thing and died. The dogs are still here.

  36. VoiceOfReaSON says:

    My solution to this would be to pick up the poo and place it on the dog-owner’s front step or doormat where they’ll be sure to step in it. Note: I am a dog owner and I pick up after my dog and believe that every other dog owner should do the same.

  37. Alan says:

    There should be a bounty for shooting dogs. Dog owners won’t admit it but many of them get dogs for the purpose of being malevolent towards their neighbors.

  38. jward_1005 says:

    After a year of following the rules and being polite, asking the neighbors to be reasonable, blah, blah, blah. I received the following instructions from the State Police: Shoot, shovel and shut-up. It worked!

    1. Twistedsis says:

      You are disgusting., hatefull and just plain mean.

  39. john says:

    For some strange reason, people with loud dogs think everyone around them needs to bend over and take it. Sometimes calling the police, animal control, the landlord is a better option.

  40. mike says:

    I moved into a new home. The first morning at 6:00 a Basset Hound was baying in the yard behind me. I finally looked over the fence and the owner was inside drinking coffee watching the dog bay. I got his attention throwing a tennis ball at his window and flipping him off. No barking for 2 weeks. When it started back again, I started tossing packs of 500 firecrackers on his back porch at 3:00 AM the barking stopped after the 3rd time.

  41. Steve says:

    Had a neighbor who would feign “no speak English” and let her dog deficate on my property. At night I would bag it up—-deliver it to her front entry or driveway where the car would nail it. Problem solved in a few deliveries.

  42. AAA says:

    If you’re so concerned about the “suffering being real” then you should keep your pets off others nicely kept property. if you don’t, well, then I guess you just ain’t quite that concerned, now are you?? 🙂

  43. Petroglyph says:

    Poor guy was probably driven nuts by the constant barking. The sad fact is that most areas do nothing about nuisance dogs.

  44. Chris Thomas says:

    Release the accused name and address … vigilante justice for the Mutha Fukin win …

  45. Igor says:

    It’s the barking that drives folks batty. Dog people always say “He hates Dogs” when the guy just wants to sleep!

  46. Beau says:

    There seems to be alot of worthless people posting here on this board that need killing. You poison my dogs, you are dead as well. And I won’t wait to do it at night. Middle of the day, crowd of people, wherever, whenever. I will kill your azz dead dead dead.

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      So if your dogs bark should people kill you and leave your dogs alone? Is that what your are saying? If not, then what is your solution?

      1. Beau says:

        Dogs bark. That’s what they do. It is real simple, slick. You kill my pups, I will hunt you down and kill you. You will wish that all you had to worry about was a dog barking.

    2. Rooba Dooba says:

      Well you have convinced me that I should leave the dogs alone and poison the owners. If you move in next to me and allow your dogs to bark, be prepared to die.

      1. Beau says:

        That’s almost worth finding you and moving in next door, just to see if you are really that stupid. You won’t like living next door to someone who has absolutely nothing to lose.

      2. Rooba Dooba says:

        Well Beau, tell your landlord you want to leave the double wide and come on over. What little you do have, you would soon lose. ;^)

    3. InTheBubble says:

      Beau, you are a very sick guy and should seek help. Your insane attitude will get you killed one day.

  47. Meengyrl says:

    Still has 4 more dogs. Dang!

  48. Bjorleif says:

    Do you know dosages?
    Chocolate is probably safest (“I didn’t know”).
    Are there foods with more than trace amount of xylitol?
    How can raisins be toxic, hos much is needed?

    1. IBEX says:

      There are no stated dosages for dogs. Chocolate will take the largest amount to be effective… raisins are more random some dogs will show no issues other will expire from a handful. Xylitol is the lowest dose of the three. A single stick of gum containing it can eliminate a small dog. The larger dogs will require more…. The upside is you can purchase small bags of pure Xylitol in a health food store as it is a preferred sweetener for diabetes in baking.

      I would guess if you mixed in a couple of table spoons into something that dogs like to eat that you would get your desired results. Unlike the idiot that tossed numerous poison meatballs, I would have probably mixed the sugar substitute in some dog food, let it dry up enough to mold into a ball and just use one…. tossing over multiple meatballs just seems like trying to shoot a mouse with a machine gun.

      1. bsimpson says:

        The fact that you put so much thought into this is disturbing.

      2. Twistedsis says:

        You are not a very nice person, you are sick. Seek help. Check your self into a psych unit. People that kill dogs almost always grow up to kill people. SEEK HELP!!!!

  49. ChadSnaggler says:

    Yirmin, you go go away and die peacfully.

    1. Yirmin says:

      Clearly another anti animal moron, upset about someone putting a dog out of its misery. Dogs weren’t intended to be kept in a house 24 hours a day with a 15 minute break to take dump on the sidewalk.

      ANYONE that keeps a dog in a city is a cruel SOB that like the dog would be better off pushing daisies. You want a dog, then buy some land in the country and live there with the dog in a place that is health for the dog but don’t torment a dog in the city and cause him to dog all day in pain and then be alarmed when someone puts it out of its misery.

  50. RidgeRunner says:

    Where’s the Dog Rights group or PETA?

    Likely there’ll be another local ordinance granting dogs the same protections under the law as humans, i.e. homicide is the unlawful killing of a human being or canine…..

  51. Rooba Dooba says:


    I would prefer that the dog’s owners be poisoned for sure. Is that the position of all of you who think killing the dogs was wrong?

  52. nygrump says:

    You definitely don’t want to announce your intentions.

  53. ja says:

    “This guy, apparently, he just doesn’t like dogs for one, and that kind of reflects on his character, I believe.”

    Since when does not liking dogs have anything to do with a person’s character? I have neighbors who let their pet boxer run after my kids and they don’t care that it scares my kids half to death. No, I don’t like dogs and that is part of the reason why. The owners who are not responsible and do not restrain their dogs as they are legally required to do. I guess that makes me one of those people with poor character.

  54. HangEmHigh says:

    My dogs go to the dog park every a:m and when they want to go outside they’re ALWAYS leashed. Two very good Siberians but they are still animals and need our attention at all times where neighbors and the public are involved. Dog poop bags and plastic grocery bags are everywhere. I”m crippled all to heck and still manage to use one or two canes for support to pick up after them. People at the park ignore their dogs when they defecate so I can imagine what their property looks and smells like. Still no excuse for killing a dog. We had some killed by people throwing poisoned food over the dog fence at the park. It would break your heart to see how tore up the owners were and a couple were on the verge of breakdown. Unless you coldhearts and wise @sses loved something beyond yourselves I guess you wouldn’t understand. Understand this. One day the wrong person may be a victim and the tables will be turned. I didn’t get in my condition from being some San Fran. pansy. Make sure your insurance is up to date if you want to pick on someone like myself. I still halve my shooting ribbons and awards up to date. Don’t have to stand long to take appropriate action. No need to kill any animals when a phone call after you talk to the offender will do.

  55. Awesome! says:

    TwistedSis – would you like to come over for a meatball dinner tonight?

  56. woodNfish says:

    Two down, four to go.

  57. Issac says:

    people dont kill dogs without a good reason. the dogowner most likey let the dogs krap all over the disgruntled neighbors yard or let their dog bark incessantly in the middle of the night. Dog owners should have some common courtesy for their neighbors. No neighbor should have to deal with someone elses dog krap or loud barking. The angry neighbor should have instead invited this dog owner over for some spaghetti and poisoned meatbawls instead of kill the dogs though. its owners fault not dogs.

  58. SickOfBigGovernment says:

    Force this person (if found guilty) to eat one of his own poison meatballs.. and watch as he dies a horrible death like the poor animals. No animal deserves to die in that horriffic manner.

    1. Pippy says:

      the dog owner should also eat a couple of the meatbawls. and you sir should get counseling.

  59. Robert says:

    Six dogs!!!!??? You gotta be f’ng kidding me4. Somebody should have shot thje owner. This country has surely gone to hades when people put animals ahead of humans. Get real, people!

    1. sandy says:

      amen brother and I bet if this dogwoner has 6 kids, they are just as unruly as the dogs.

  60. Tess Updegrove says:

    Paint ball gun! Humane Society told me this would be okay and it worked. BIG dogs chasing my horses got hot pink paint and a welt. Owners were identified and the HS were able to warn them about future ticketing if it continued. Dogs never came back. Also worked on the little dog next door that kept stealing the grandkids toys!

    1. InTheBubble says:

      Where were paintball guns back in 1973 when I could have used one? Great idea!

  61. SickOfBigGovernment says:

    You are one sick MF… Gee.. have you had these thoughts for long? Whats next.. kittens and babies? You seem like a sinister psychopath

    1. IBEX says:

      Since I haven’t heard of any kittens or babies mauling people to death or barking all day long – I’m not sure why they would be on my list.

    2. twistedsis says:

      people that kill pets almost always graduate to killimg people.. There is somthing wrong with this guy. Does anyone know his family. We need to get him off of the streets into a nice white room

      1. Mike says:

        Do you eat meat? How many dead animals are in your large intestine? They aren’t pets they are just tasty animals like the bacon you had this morning.

  62. Pablo says:

    you live in a dream world. confronting the neighbor makes it worse in all cases. In 100% of all cases, the owner is self centered and that is why the problem exists to begin with. They dont care about their neighbors. they only care about themselves. It would be best to poison the dog owner.

  63. Pam says:

    dont confront the nieghbor as they are self absorbed and will only seek revenge. What I did was look up local leash and nuisance laws and then contacted the city every time I saw the animal out. I didnt let them know who the owner was as the owner is too irresponsible to own the dog which roamed loose and krapped all over the neighbors yards and mine. To cut to the chase, within a week, the animal was gone. I suspect the city picked it up and hauled it away. Now the neighbor has a new dog and I have not seen it out even once. Maybe the neighbor got the hint. All I know is that I dont have sh!t all over my front yard anymore

  64. SickOfBigGovernment says:

    Another psychopath wandering our community

    1. Frank says:

      Name calling. That is just horrible. Anyways I have to go, people to see, animals to kill! By!

  65. Rooba Dooba says:

    Here is a suggestion for all those who think poisoning the dog was wrong. Would you agree to a law that states that the dog’s owners would be put to sleep if it was proved that their dogs were barking and disturbing the neighbors?

  66. Thomas says:

    The woman had six dogs?
    Were they barking all the time?
    At least they had a good last meal.

  67. WhocaresaboutbigGovernment says:

    Who cares, their just mutes! Give them to some Chinese restaurants!

  68. New York NIck says:

    Now thatsa spicy meat a ball……I guess he didn’t like the neighbors too much. Some people, and I’m an owner of a beagle named Pistol) are annoying with their animals and expect the whole world to love theirs like they do.

    I don’t push my dog on anyone, he’s cool, he’s cute, he doesn’t attack kids, people or cats, he’s not loud and that’s because I trained him that way. Contrarily many train their dogs like their children, not at all, and let em run wild roughshod over the neighborhood.

    Not saying I know anything about this particular situation but thanks to the ghetto ites like Michael VIck and the killer indoctrination of too many pit bulls many non dog owners shy of all dogs as a result, especially pit bulls and rottweilers. Another thing the ghetto fab’s have contributed to society. Thanks a million. not/

  69. The Truthteller says:

    I had a neighbor who had a young beagle. That dog would literally bark at the wind. I would stand out in the yard and simply bark at me for doing nothing other than sitting and reading. I talked to the neighbor about it. The problems never stopped. I ended up fixing it in a non lethal way. I got a pump-up pellet rifle and when that dog started acting up, I would give the rifle a single pump and fire one off in his ass. It took a total of three incidences before that dog had it figured out, he barks, he gets a welt on his butt. If he saw me, he went in the house. Problem solved. The neighbors were not too happy, the husband on a drunken tear tried to light it up with me until I let him know that I had similar method for dealing with humans too, only it didnt just leave welts. That ended it.

    I dont blame that guy for killing those dogs. People need to learn to control their animals. If running power tools at midnight and its illegal, so should a barking yapping rat chaser. Its simple, control your dam@ed animals

    1. riffenberg says:

      Do the police know you did this? They do now because you just confessed. Did you know threatening someone’s life is a federal offense?

      1. Rooba Dooba says:

        It is not a federal offense.

        What grade are you in anyway riffenberg?

  70. mustafa says:

    killing annoying dogs and their annoying owners should be legalized

  71. adam says:

    This guy should be beaten with a crow bar. Or forced to eat one of his special meatballs.

  72. C. Vegas says:

    Fill a super soaker water gun with white vinegar and shoot the dogs over the fence. If you score a hit in the face, it will shut them up. No long term damage to the animal; just a sting and stink. Even if they don’t shut up, you will feel better.

    1. InTheBubble says:

      When I was a paperboy back in the 50’s, after numerous dog attacks, I began carrying a squirt gun with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water just for attacking dogs. I never had to use it. I think the dogs could smell my newfound fearlessness.

  73. Vi says:

    I can tell you I have an inconsiderate A-hole neighbor who lets his barking dog out every morning before 7:00 and the dog starts barking immediately for no reason. This dog barks all day and many times this dog is out at 11:20 PM barking loudly. I left notes on his door alerting him to the noise and asking him to please do something but he does not care. The dog sits chained in his backyard facing my bedroom window all day and into the late hours of the night. He does not walk the dog or anything. The thought of poisoning this dog so I can get some peace and quiet and even watch TV in my own house without hearing the constant barking has come to mind many times. The only way this problem will go away is if cities and counties have the guts to pass strict ordinances to regulate these obnoxious people and force them to be responsible dog owners. It wil not change until it begins to cost these idiots money.

  74. Stop the Torture says:

    “Unnecessary noise is the most cruel abuse of care which can be inflicted on either the sick or the well,” Florence Nightengale

    Noise is used as torture. If you bleeding hearts did a little research then maybe you would learn something. Where is your sympathy for the PERSON who had to undergo this torture? Where is you outrage towards the person who inflicted this torture?

    I have been through the damaging effects of living through this kind of torture. My neighbors let their two german shepherd bark through all hours of the day and night. When confronted they replied, “Dogs are suppose to bark”. When the authorities visited them, they didn’t comply. I am normally a calm and friendly person. Under these conditions I was literally being driven crazy. I could not make any daily rational decisions, I cried all the time, and was desperate to find a way out of my situation. Fortunately they were forced to move when they could no longer make their house payment because the man was put in jail.

    For the record, I like dogs. I even have one of my own. When my dog goes outside and decides he wants to bark, he is brought back inside. We believe in a civilized society where we care about other people and their right to peace above my dog’s need to bark at dust in the air.

    1. Windfall says:

      You have it exactly right. Bravo!

  75. Larry DiFrancesco says:

    The guy is sick and needs to be punished. Anyone that would poison a dog deserves jail time period. Dogs are like family members to their owners. Some people without children or pets do not understand this.

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      Larry, I have children and a dog but I am a human who needs to sleep. How well could you function if you were not allowed to sleep?

      Do me a favor, go for two months without sleeping at all and then come back here and give us your thoughts. Until then, keep it to yourself.

  76. High Lonesome says:

    The person who owned the dogs is totally responsible for their poisonings.. as an example::. A neighbor has a horse. The horse comes over on your property and steps on your foot. You ask your neighbor to move the horse. The neighbor says he could care less HIS horse is stand ing on your foot on YOUR property.. So what is the next action to take? You do whatever you can to make the horse move. Why? it is very painful to have one mashing your foot into the ground. If it takes shooting the horse, so be it. Dogs barking and pooping in your yard have been proven to cause illness, high stress, loss of sleep, and sanity. Thier barking is loud and clear on your property, all the way into your house and bedroom. It is a huge problem all across the country,.. and people wind up shooting the dog owners, and I can understand why they do it. If it took that man to poison the dogs , he was at his wits’s end. It is too bad the dogs had to die. Courts won’t do anything, dog nuisnance laws are hardly enforced, .. a person winds up having to take matters into their own hands.

    1. Eric says:

      Very moronic analogy. But thanks anyway.

      1. Rooba Dooba says:

        Eric: You should not criticize what you are intellectually incapable of understanding. This is a discussion for grown-ups. Now go back to watching Teletubbies.

    2. Twistedsis says:

      Oh, Man up you sissy boy.

  77. Daisy Girl says:

    I guess no one here has ever lived next to someone with a newborn baby that is crying all night, every night! Also – what if some neighborhood toddler found the meatball or other poisons you all are advocating and ate it? Have you been to some of the innercity neighborhoods in the US where the kids are running around like packs of pit bulls? They are animals and future criminals! If anyone put one of those ultrasonic devices next to my yard – then I pop in the barking dog cd into my player and set next to my open window all the time!

    1. InTheBubble says:

      You do that, Daisy, and YOU would become the target. Don’t be an a s s.

  78. Don Schulman says:

    The dogs probably bark all day and night. That side of the story is never told. Unless this guys has some sort of mental disorder, the dogs and their owner probably did something to provoke this guy.

    1. Stan Kinder says:

      They had 6 damn dogs and they went on vacation and left them home.

  79. Robert Pearson says:

    Too bad they won’t give this guy or gal a lethal injection of poisoned meatballs.

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      Hey Bobby: Why do you think the dogs’ owner has the right to torment his neighbors. Please explain your position.

    2. InTheBubble says:

      Burn your clothes, Bobby; your mommie dresses you funny.

  80. RealWorld says:

    Only in San Franciso would a story like this even make news. It’s a dog. Who cares….. SF should care more about real people then some pet. I know you won’t understand this but a dog is NOT a replacement for a child.

  81. Kevin says:

    Shove a few poisoned meatballs down that a$$hole$ throat.

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      Kevin: Why do you believe that the dogs’ owner should haver the right to torment his neighbors?

    2. InTheBubble says:

      Kevin, you and Robert should get together.

  82. amos says:

    First I’ll say I am an animal lover and have had them all of my life. Also, I have had to take care of a sick person who needed good sleep or their health suffered. . Also, sleep was extremely hard for them to slip into only to be awaken by a barking dog. . day and night. Some sick people can only escape pain by relaxing sleep. I find it a shame that irresponsible dog owners have little care over the problems their pets cause. If you want multiple pets or even to keep a constantly yapping dog then move to the country. The city is not place for a person to keep a pack of noisy animals or even one uncontrolled noisy animal. Many thanks to those who own animals who have a care of their neighbors feelings and properly train their animals.
    In my way of thinking the owner of these dogs who were poisoned is every bit as responsible as the person who did it. Surely they knew their animals were a problem to the whole neighborhood . . We must have responsible pet owners.

  83. ropadopa says:

    meatballs, fava beans, and a nice bottle of chianti . . . the dogs will then be free to be adopted to other families who will not allow them torment their neighbors. When affronted by the free-range rude, always ask yourself, WWHD?

  84. John says:

    They look like a couple of yappers to me. If a neighbor’s dogs are barking, then the right method is to contact the authorities about it. Most places have ordinances about barking dogs being a nuisance and would fine the dog’s owner. Where I live, if the dog wandered into my yard, I could capture the animal and call the dog catcher to come out and take him away. Poisoning punishes an animal for the transgressions of its owner. Anyway, why people get dogs is beyond me. Cats are way cooler animals. 😀

    1. InTheBubble says:

      The only cool cat is a British Blue, and that’s only because he thinks he’s a dog.

  85. John King says:

    My dogs bark only when needed. Someone pulling into the drive, someone at the door. etc.etc. The owner should be held accountable. Te dogs can be trained. The dogs should not have been poisoned. If they find who did it then he.she should face jail time. The owner needs to learn to be the top dog and learn how to control the other members of the family. After all dogs are just domesticated wolves. no matter what breed. instinct is instinct.

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      John, I live in the REAL world, not one where cotton candy unicorns dance, everyone owns a brand new luxury car , a helicopter and a private island. You do not understand that the person arrested may have had no other options. Anyone who believes that the police of animal control will intervene is delusional. Talking to the owner will more often than not bring retaliation or no results at all.

      Nope, until our broken government is fixed, the meatball treatment is the only reasonable solution.

  86. craig says:

    A few calls to animal control would have been all that was required.

    I can certainly appreciated the hassle of having to live next door to yappy dogs. This lady had 6 of them. There is no reason a bunch of dogs should be left unattended in the backyard, yapping away.
    Horrible to lose those two dogs. Hopefully she will give the remaining 4 more attention. (although she is out of town now…it doesn’t sound like it)

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      Craig wrote: “A few calls to animal control would have been all that was required.”


      What color is the sky on your planet? We here on earth know that calling animal control is a waste of time and will only make you a suspect when the meatball solution is finally used.

      1. craig says:

        well, my neighbor had a visit from them…so I’d say the sky is blue with a few white puffy clouds.

    2. Rooba Dooba says:

      Well Craig, I congratulate you for living in a pocket of paradise. Every jurisdiction where I have lived, the authorities never fined the owners of the offending dogs. If that remedy did indeed finally solve the problem, I would say that is an exceptional case.

  87. Dog Gone says:

    When the dog barks at 3AM, call the neighbor and wake him up, to ask him to quiet his dog (be sure you block your phone number first). It’s the owner’s fault, so feel no qualms about waking him.

    1. InTheBubble says:

      Good answer! Other good answers found amongst the comments here: firecrackers, paintball guns, slingshots, poop on the doorstep, and super soakers with vinegar mix.

  88. Clay Meyers says:

    Nothing worse than a dog constantly barking. It can drive one crazy. I don’t blame  the individual for ridding the neighborhood of such a nuisance. It’s not right to be forced to listen to barking all day and night. I support the meatball idea. Warning letters were sent, and action was finally taken. This lady had 6 dogs, the house sounded like a kennel. Alas! Some peace and quiet around here! 

    1. Windfall says:

      I agree. If I’m on the jury, the guy walks, period.

  89. bsimpson says:

    It doesn’t matter if the dogs “deserved” being poisoned or not. It’s against the law to do so. We have laws for a reason. Either people go through the legal protocol to resolve an issue or pay the consequences. People who show cruelty to animals (regardless of what you consider this, by law this is a cruelty case) often have other tendencies that do not follow social norms. They may start out with a poisoned dog. What happens when the kids next door start making too much noise when playing in the yard? This type of person would again do something illegal to “show them”. It’s the action that is disturbing, not the reason.

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      “Either people go through the legal protocol to resolve an issue or pay the consequences.”

      That’s funny

      You obviously have no idea how our system works. Where I live, a civil suit could cost $2000-$5000 and I would have to pay that myself and there is no assurance that I would prevail.

      The meatball solution is the only mature way to go.r

  90. Matt says:

    The key is “they were kind of annoying because they were loud”. Some people have absolutely no respect when it comes to THEIR dogs encroaching on the enjoyment of peace & quiet by nearby neighbors. Lady probably had it coming to her.

  91. Matt says:

    didn’t you read the article? Lady said she received several letters from the perpetrator, seems like she didn’t heed the warning.

  92. Rooba Dooba says:

    Mary Wright Pippert, what would you do if I entered you bedroom and shouted and made noise all night long so you could not sleep and the police refused to come to evict me? What would you do? I would bet that you would eventually take matters into your own hands and assault me.

  93. Paul in FL says:

    The reason this had to happen is that there is no recourse in most places for neighbors with barking dogs. Anybdy who has confronted such neighbors or gone to the authorities (ncluding animal control) knows this. I am sure these weren’t the first dogs that had disrupted this guy’s life. He did what he had to do and I for one congratulate him for it.i

  94. dangr says:

    If someone killed my dogs, I would not blink an eye, I would kill them in there sleep. and then tourch the house, and then hunt down their family and do the same,,, you want to start something, lets go!!

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      Hey, thanks for the warning. I will now preemptively kill the owners of barking dogs as a matter of self defense. Is that how you think it should go down?

      Remember, the meatball thrower did not “start something” the dogs’ owner did.

    2. Reality says:

      The wind blows both buddy. What goes around comes around. There are people out there who are more experienced at being mean and doing bad things then you ever thought of being. The have killed people, and some have torched houses, often in service to their country. There are some really edgy people floating around, many who have no fear of threats, and even take delight in hearing them for it gives them justification to go all psycho on the person they perceive as the threat. I say this as an old Army Special Forces dude from the Vietnam era who later worked at San Quentin, including on death row. You have no idea, son, what evil lurks in the hearts of some men, and what craziness rambles through their minds. Keep thinking you are bad, but only kill for something worth dying for. If you consider a dog worth dying for, then I reckon, “Have at it!” But, don’t be surprised d when it comes back at you with vehement vengeance.

  95. Mr. Common Sense says:

    Forgive me if I don’t go crying for some dog … Even the neighbor said they were noisey, what this guy did was wrong, but too many dog owners are runing this country

  96. Roslyn says:


    1. Irish67 says:

      So are you. You’re an angry, ugly, soulless excuse for a human being.

  97. Bill says:

    If he does it to dogs he would do it to a person. Lock him up.

  98. Irish67 says:

    That neightbor had better hire a food taster. If he were my neighbor it would only be a matter of time before he got a taste of his (or her) own medicine. ltierally.

  99. Bill says:

    And by the way anyone of you people who condone this are no better. Heartless selfish worthless people who would probably do the same to a person if they happened to annoy you. You never learned the sanctity of life. No different than a person who would kill a squirrel just to watch it suffer and die. You are sick.

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      We are indeed sick, sick of simpleton morons like you who have no idea of what the say. What was the meatball thrower supposed to do?

      Grow up and stop eating you hypocrite.

  100. Buddyswood says:

    If they were my dogs, the bas$%#! would be on the wrong end of my baseball bat real quick and when donehe never be able to do that to another living thing.

  101. Arr Dee says:

    Poisoning is a evil, slow and sick way to kill. The pus-filled mind that can do this is a threat to everyone. I could jam a gun into that creatures’ mouth and blow its rotten brains out and still sleep well at night. Even better, I bet. NO LIE.

  102. yapyapyapyapyapyapyappp says:

    I don’t necessarily condone the method the neighbor used, but people have to understand they can’t disturb their neighbors with incessant barking dogs. I blame the owner who just didn’t care enough to shut her little yappers up.

  103. William says:

    People with yappy dogs can ruin a neighborhood. The noise goes well beyond their property lines into other people’s property and even throughout their homes. It gets really annoying to hear the things all day and night no matter where you go inside your own home. This could easily be solved by allowing for fines if neighbor keep filing complaings, limits on the number of dogs one can own, banning full time outdoor dogs in the city, and requiring purchase of bark control collars if too many complaints are filed. The only reason this is an issue at all is because so many people are totally self-absorbed and have no civility toward others. A little eduction in manners and good sense and neighborhoods would be as quiet as they were 20 years ago when most people still had sense.

  104. Twistedsis says:

    The kind of people that kill pets usually kill people as well.

    1. InTheBubble says:

      WRONG! The rule is this: children who TORTURE animals often become adults who kill.

  105. InTheBubble says:

    A friend told me years ago that Filipinos have tails. Is that true? Sure makes a monkey out of you, doesn’t it?

  106. AngryJew says:

    Here is a GREAT article about animal cruelty!

  107. InTheBubble says:

    I will eat your dogs and feed you to the pigs, LdG. You a very funny guy!

  108. maggie says:

    Make the neighbor eat the same meatballs.

  109. Gunny says:

    Just because your little pookie is just the cutest and most lovable thing on the planet and is your bestest friend doesn’t mean the rest of the neighborhood agrees.

    Incessant barking makes everyone else’s life miserable and your little varmint is anything but cute to them.

    I’m not saying what this guy did was right but I can certainly understand where he is coming from.

  110. pitbull says:

    had the same problem and had to move, the owner kept his dog outside night and day using a wireless fence…spoke to him several times about the constant barking outside my bedroom window to no avail, called the cop’s, they talked to him but did nothing……..poison crossed my mind several times……i hated going home, imagine a fuking dog running your life…….the owner was a class A *sshole…..i applaud that this guy had the balls to get rid of his issue, now he’s got 4 more to go, only this time feed the dogs chocolate..

  111. Gunny says:

    Put your stereo speakers in the windows facing the ignorant dog owner’s house and crank extremely loud obnoxious music at them 24/7.

  112. 2BFree2B says:

    If the neighbor is found guilty, make him eat the meatballs that were thrown in the yard that killed the dogs. There is no excuse for animal cruelty.

    1. Windfall says:

      Is it not cruel to deprive a human animal of the quiet enjoyment of his or her home or the ability or sleep?

  113. Windfall says:

    If you have a barking dog problem, record the neighbor’s barking dog onto a CD. Let the dog bark continuously for about 10 minutes followed by 30 or 40 minutes of silence. Loop the CD (just hit repeat on your CD player) and play it back (continuously) over a speaker aimed in your neighbor’s direction. The attic (or crawl space) ventilation slats at the apex near roofs make great spots to hide these speakers. Only play the CD when you leave the house and only plat it at a volume that is annoying. Don’t over do the sound level. The neighbor may call the police but by the time they come, the CD will be on silent. If it starts up while they on location, the neighbors’ dogs, hearing the sound of their own voices, will also start barking and with only 10 minutes, the cops will not be able to find the source and will conclude that the neighbor is complaining about his own dogs. This technique is especially effective if commenced when you leave for a two week vacation. In reality, there is nothing your neighbor can say because all you are doing to them is the same thing that they are doing to you. But, guess what? They won’t like it. Also, guess what? Most problem dogs are barking because they are left outside when their owners are not home. Thus their owners do not have to listen to them bark. Put the tape on so that the owners will hear 10 minutes of continuous recorded barking (which will also set their dogs off) followed by just enough silence to get them semi-relaxed then, bam, another round of racket. This will not go on long before your neighbor gets the message.

  114. Petroglyph says:

    I think the owners of these barking, nuisance, aggressive killer dogs do so as a form of sociopathic aggression against their neighbors. They get emotionally sloppy about animals because they are incapable of forming normal relationships with humans. Watch them out in restaurants as they “French Kiss” little “Fluffy”. God knows what else happens.

  115. pompey says:

    …….I love dogs and do not want to see then hurt……however; dog owners are among the most inconsiderate people on earth…….it is little wonder there is an occasional over reaction…..

  116. Pennswoods says:

    Every community must have a barking dog ordinance. There is no reason that neighbors should have to put up with a dog (or dogs) barking for more than a half hour at a stretch. People who torture their neighbors by letting their dogs bark are thoughtless and should pay a fine and if that does not work the dog should be taken by the local dog warden.

  117. Harlowe Thrombey says:

    Dogs who bark a lot belong INDOORS. NOT OUTDOORS.

    Now because of idiots on all sides, these dogs are dead.

  118. deroy says:

    cut off his b____ with a rusty knife, bleed him out.

  119. I am me! says:

    These days, with a large segment of our demented population, it is OK to kill babies but heaven help someone who kills a socially-disruptive or out-of-control animal. Our life is our own and we are the final arbiter of how we live it; we are not morally bound to be a victim, a victim of any person, any institution, or any government. Our first responsibility is the welfare of ourselves and our loved ones. Sometimes we simply must do what must be done for actual or mental survival.

    First, understand that complaining to the oblivious and self-centered neighbors and the authorities likely will not solve the problem, but will serve to direct suspicion upon you if something happens to the offending animal. Keep that in mind as you start thinking about how to deal with any life-ruining situation.

    Know that the reason that meat balls work so well is that dogs tend to eat such meaty morsels in a gulping fashion, never chewing but only taking them quickly into their mouths and swallowing. Large pieces of ham fat with slit pockets for the poison also works well. If you computer research poisons, do it on a computer owned by someone else, maybe one owned an out-of-town relative of very close friend. Superwarfarins are quite effective against dogs, as is strychnine, which is very bitter but not generally noticed by baited dogs because of their gulping eating habit. Gopher bait, which is grain treated with 0.5% strychnine is readily available. Simply place a healthy dollop of the selected poison inside the nice, firm meat ball or place it into a chunk of ham fat with a pocket sliced into it. Make certain that you buy both the meat and the poison to be used well away from your area of residence and in a highly populated area to minimize being noticed and later identified. Always use gloves when preparing the meat balls. Then, as a final precaution, immediately after making up the baited morsels, dispose of everything used in their preparation, and any leftovers, so that no forensic evidence exists on your property. Dispose of the materials in another town, in a commercial dumpster wherever you can locate one not under camera surveillance. You might even consider making up the baits at an out of town friend’s house.

    This likely sounds like a lot of trouble to go to to solve a problem which your nasty neighbors refuse to address and which officialdom chooses to ignore, but when your life is being ruined you must do what you must do. With careful planning, there will be no evidence of your action to find. The offending animal owners and the authorities can make accusations all they want, but so what?

  120. Alice Polarbear says:

    There must have been some reason why the neighbor did this. Probably these were dogs that barked incessantly and the owners did nothing. Unless I learn facts to the contrary, my sympathies are with the desperate neighbor who probably had all he could STAND of those barking dogs.

  121. curse914 says:

    Barking was not mentioned in the article. I wonder at those who would infer that this was the reason the dogs were poisoned, then advise that killing the dogs is warranted. There is not much difference between the irresponsible dog owner and the person entertaining killing dogs, both are thoughtless troglodytes as many people on this site appear to be.

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      Curse914, here is a quote from the article: ““Sad because I know the dogs,” said neighbor Thomas Ratliff. “I mean they’re kind of annoying at times because they’re loud.”

      Do you think they were cracking their knuckles loudly, or maybe they made loud noises when they passed gas.

      The sum total of the IQs of those on this thread who are opposed to the meatballing is about 30.

  122. Tristan says:

    If you want your dogs to live then don’t let them disturb the entire neighborhood. NO ONE wants to hear your dog bark day and night. You don’t have the right to alter someones life so much that they cannot sleep at night or feel rested at work. If you alter your neighbors life then don’t be surprised when they alter your pets life permanently.

  123. mutt says:

    i never knew gofer bait is so effective. I will try that next time confronted with a stupid barking worthless mutt

  124. F1ngerB@ng says:

    You Californians should all be fed special meatballs anyway.

  125. Rooba Dooba says:

    Have all you rational, logical thinking adults noticed that despite being asked over and over and over and over what a person is supposed to do when the system does not work and you are unable to sleep, the anti-meatball pinheads refuse to answer. That is because they have no case. None, zero nada zip.
    The anti-meatball “people” (I use that term loosely) are a bunch of emotional children with no ability to think. These simpletons should be ignored just as adults ignore the opinions of three-year olds.

  126. Frank says:

    The only good dog, is a dead dog!

  127. mutt says:

    just youtube annoying barking dog and see what this poor man had to go through. Smelly stinking filthy dog owners and their barking dogs should get a meatball or two. Its not about dogs being rejected, its about stupid owners saying “oh, hes just doing his job”.

  128. Paul says:

    The wrong animal ate the poison.

  129. Paul says:


  130. Jill says:

    All you dog haters all up in here… what’s up with that.

    My neighbors have a little yappy dog that is tied up barking all day. While yes, I do find it annoying, I don’t hate that dog… i hate my neighbors. For some reason have a pet that they are not capable of caring for. These same neighbors have kids all running around making noise and leaving their garbage everywhere.
    So who is to blame the noisy kids the noisy dogs… or the grown up A’holes who reside next to me? Seems like an obvious answer doesn’t it… hmm,

    You don’t just go around thinking you can take situations into your own hands and eliminate a problem by killing it. There are A LOT of annoying things in the world (like your ignorant comments) Maybe, you should take a chill pill you bunch of psychos…

    1. Rooba Dooba says:

      Jill, its’ not that we hate dogs, it is that we must, as human beings, sleep. Are you too stupid to understand that?

      If the “law” refuses to do its job, we have the right to do whatever is necessary to eliminate the problem at the lowest cost to us. In this case it was the meatball treatment. I doubt the meatball thrower relished doing that but he simply had to get sleep in order to continue living. Is that so hard for you to understand?

  131. DanB says:

    While I do not condone it, this definitely sounds like someone thought they were doing the neighborhood a service. There’s always that one neighbor who just loves her yappy little dogs that bark at everything while they’re out in the yard all day. In the future, it’s more civilized to sue your neighbor in court than to kill a living thing. It may cost a little more, but it won’t bear on your conscience as much.

  132. Clyde says:

    6 dogs, really? Now come on. I like dogs but 6 of them? Sounds like they (owner and poisoner) are both in need of professional help.

  133. Sonicbender says:

    I am kept awake by my neighbors dogs almost every night. It is torture. You are not rational when you don’t sleep. If I was the judge, i would let the guy off for not being of sound mind due to sleep deprivation. It is just a shame that the dogs ate the meatballs, not the neighbor. Unfortunately, the penalty is a little stiffer when you take out the neighbor.