SAN JOSE (CBS 5) — At some Vietnamese cafes in San Jose, they are grinding more than just coffee beans. In certain establishments, waitresses are wearing next to nothing.

Recently, cell phone video of the waitresses was shot inside Café Quyen near Tully and King Roads in San Jose. The café is in Councilwoman Madison Nguyen’s district, who said angry wives often send her the videos with the hope she could do something.

Nguyen said while scantily clad women are nothing new at San Jose’s two dozen Viet cafes, around half of the establishments started showing even more skin to attract customers in a down economy.

“The issue here is that these coffee shops are open to the public. Young children can go in…sit there with girls walking around semi-naked or completely naked. I think that’s a problem,” Nguyen said.

Sergeant Jason Dwyer of the San Jose Police Department said full nudity at the cafes is against the law. But with a skyrocketing murder rate and the department set to lay off 100 officers, naked waitresses are not a major priority.

“If it’s a choice between sending people out to do gang suppression or sending them into some of these coffee shops, which can be a labor intensive operation if it’s undercover, we’re probably going to lean towards violent crime,” Dwyer said.

City officials say they are taking steps to try to get café owners to tone it down. But it’s a challenge, while sex and caffeine are a profitable combination.

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Comments (39)
  1. Carlos says:

    i don’t see anything of concern here? People are being murdered on the streets and what these jealous wives want to tackle are some women in lingerie.

    1. Alan says:

      Right on! When it comes to housewives biggest concerns, worry about the boobs, not the blood…tacky indeed.

  2. yowza! says:

    Personally, I like scantly clad women.

  3. ak says:

    me likey hot oriental wemen

  4. Marissa says:

    Huh? This is all about Asian culture? If this happened at an American food restaurant, would you blame Caucasians? Or sorry, Cauc-a-zhens.
    I mean, really? What does “selling children” have to do with a tacky restaurant?
    Nothing in your entire comment makes any sense.

  5. Tam says:

    Bernie Madoff, Allen Sanford, Goldman Sachs are great examples of white America high moral standards. We should close down all the white owned strip clubs in California too.

  6. Sofa Kingdom says:

    I’ve known about this for a long time. Leave these ‘coffee’ shops alone. They are a bar without a liquor license that decided to hire some gogo dancers.

  7. Michael Aschoff says:

    We don’t tell you how to pray … don’t tell us how to relax.

    1. East Bay Eddie says:

      The Hxll were not told how to pray!

  8. Dan Nelson says:

    Leave them alone I think they’re is a better way to use our cities limited resourses

  9. BillF says:

    I plan to visit one in the near future!

  10. BillF says:

    I plan to visit one in the near future! I miss living in Asia!

  11. Steve C says:

    Well, that news broadcast should help to put them out of business. Cha-Ching !

  12. Tom says:

    Haters gunna hate- let the girls earn an honest buck. The owner of a similar and less profitable coffee shop not more then 100 feet away who just opened about a year ago is just mad cuz these long established coffee shops are taking up all his parking space ( and profits) and leaving his place empty.

  13. USC says:

    As reported by an NBC affiliate, San Jose’s Cafe Quyen (for HOT MAMA: Tully Road just east of Alvin, behind Carl’s Junior and in the same shopping complex as the similar Cleo Leo Cafe…) is technically not breaking any laws, as no alcohol is being served in the presence of bare skin (just as SJ’s ‘The Pink Poodle’ and Santa Clara’s ‘Kit Kat Klub’ are legal nude caberets); perhaps an ‘Adults Only’ sign would be in order. The waitresses (a mix of Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Cambodian & Indonesian girls, depending on who’s working the shift) are mainly working their way through college or otherwise supporting themselves and family. Everyone is there of their own free will and the ladies are treated in a friendly and respectable manner. Cafe Quyen is one of the few places that has the waitresses dance on chairs to hip-hop/party-rock type music, with the gentlemen (and curious ladies that visit the place) encouraged to tip the dancers $1; otherwise, one could sit and chill out for hours on just one $4 Vietnamese coffee and enjoy endless refills of the complimentary iced green tea. The place, though non-alcoholic, has a vibe similar to bars and clubs I’ve checked out in Thailand, Singapore and Cambodia, and one can have a similar type of ‘exotic’ experience for a mere $4 coffee and a few $1 tips (if you are so inclined) instead of a $1,300 RT ticket to SE Asia plus the other associated travel expenses and jet lag. The place isn’t dealing drugs, or running prostitutes & Chinese AK-47’s, serving up exotic endanger wild game or trafficing in under-aged Lisu hilltribe girls from the Burma border (pardon the sarcasm); it’s just a place where one can go to watch sports, listen to music, surf the web via free wireless internet, or appreciate the beauty of the ladies while sipping a Vietnamese coffee, iced green tea or tropical fruit smoothie.

    1. Vhnm says:

      These girls make couple thousands a month, not on a mere $1 tip……

  14. John says:

    I believe as a nation who enjoys their freedom, one must decide when and where to exercise those freedoms. You can play loud music in your back yard, but not at 2:00 in the morning. Would you want your 8-year old daughter walking in to one of these places? The real issue isn’t about nudity, it’s about doing it with no rules to protect children. Angry mothers/wives need to exercise their own freedom and stand outside and boycott these establishments until they change the way the do business. Husbands need to be held accountable for their behavior.

    1. Laici Dreyer says:

      “perhaps an ‘Adults Only’ sign would be in order.”

      Yep. That’s all it needs, is a rule that states no children allowed in this business that has nearly naked women.
      The angry wives need to just suck it up and deal with it. Men like to look at women, would you rather your husband go to a cafe and look at a nearly nude waitress or go hit on a girl at a bar and take her to a motel?
      The guys (and girls!) are just looking, enjoying the non-alcoholic drinks and the atmosphere.
      The ONLY problem here is the lack of rules about minors. That’s it.

  15. USC says:

    Apparently Cafe Quyen has made some changes as a result of the press it has received; bikinis are now the norm, with no more bottomless or ‘nude with see-thru nighty’ waitresses and no more chair-dancing.

  16. jess says:

    Yay! Finally a police department that gets it! We don’t want the police helping us with half naked women…or a multitude of petty issues. We want our police handling violent crime and thats it! Bout fricken time they realize we should be using our tax dollars more efficiently.

  17. Deathbylapdance says:

    This is a close community and all the people who live around here know where the
    half naked women are located at.
    As for the police: This has been going on for years and the officers still are employed. Are these the same cops that are preventing us from the murder rate increase? They should be fired for that alone!
    Hey cop, there’s a murder going on…go get em!

  18. Greatlife4me says:

    The article would be better is they gave addresses of some of the larger locations. I recently retired early and have plenty of time on my hands. This story I wish to check out for myself. I want to count how any children visit these places and what their hours are…cafe hours or strip club hours.

    1. USC says:

      For starters…
      *Cafe Quyen – 1692 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA 95122
      Chot Nho Cafe – 1040 McLaughlin Ave, San Jose, CA 95122
      Sao Cafe – 1054 Story Rd, San Jose, CA 95122
      Em Quyen Cafe – 1998 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA 95122
      Cheo Leo Cafe – 1692 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA 95122

      1. Mambo says:

        USC, thanks buddy! i live near Tully and McLaughlin and have never known of these places. Time to go make up for lost time! Gonna go see me some suki-suki….

      2. tom says:

        Thanks USC

  19. d-up says:

    Why is this a story? Do you really want SJPD in there. The police may get hit with a tassle. Call it an assault and shoot someone!

  20. tn says:

    Let’s see, Hooters is okay but Vietnamese coffee cafes aren’t? We have to show more because we, generally speaking, aren’t as well endowed in the chest area as most Caucasians, yet we have more class and respect. There is no sex, drugs, or other illegal activities; just coffee and some skin.

  21. casanovia says:

    Café Quyen near Tully and King Roads in San Jose.thanks be there tomorrow morning!

  22. Impressive Bodys says:

    If they don’t have a license, and kids walk in there, and the underpaid understaffed cops don’t happen to be able to take care of it…then YOWZA! I guess one might admit sex edumacation don’t come cheap. But seriously, I want whats best for everyone, so let us make a deal…the women and the shop and the owner go out of business when parents complain, or I guess it’s too late for me to learn to spell…or let’s just do what we always do even when we CAN’T and TAKE CONTROL, hoowee!

  23. skylar says:

    Let me explain this to you all. Sociopaths have certain things in common.
    First, they are all sex addicts. Yes, ALL of them. It’s part of the profile. So catching sex addicts means catching criminals. I know it’s very controversial and nobody wants to admit that their favorite sex addict is probably also sick in many other ways. But all you have to do is spend some time googling sociopathy and you will understand. What seems to be a complex connection is actually very obvious. If law enforcement bothered to educate it’s cops about the connnection then they could bust the sicko criminals, all day every day. Why don’t they? There is another connection: control. Sociopaths do what they do because they want to dominate and control. Who else wants to dominate and control… hmmmm.. lets think for a moment… could it be…. cops? Judges? others in authority? Bingo!
    The spaths are everywhere. Educate yourselves so you can recognize them. Yeah, I lived with one for 25 years. He was a poster child for spaths. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Don’t just believe what I say, Research and learn. Then you’ll know.

    1. Marty Kay Zee says:

      If ogling naked girls make you a sociopath then talking to an imaginary friend in the sky makes you a psychopath.

    2. Mambo says:

      Get a life Skylar! Just ’cause you were with a loser means you made poor desicions in your life. Don’t be a manhater forever. It will eat up for the rest of your life. You really have issues……good luck with that!

  24. Mustang says:

    If you are worried about kids seeing scantily clad women, then you should also keep them away from public pools, beaches, and anywhere swimsuits are worn. I think people worry so much about warping their kids, that they end up warping their kids. Why are half naked women dancing around and serving coffee a bad thing? And why are these insecure housewives so worried about their husbands seeing a dancing waitress? Do they really think these guys are going to run off and have an affair with them? If anything, the insecurity will drive them to cheat down the road.

  25. Mambo says:

    Cool, about time we get some cheap entertainment in that part of town. Where are these places exactly? I grew up in that part of town and don’t think they are hurting anyone. Like another person said maybe a “Adults Only” sign would help.
    To the concerned wives and g’friends, maybe you should wear a little something sexy for your b’friends or husbands so they would get home quicker to you! Or at least cook a little better, lol.
    S.J. has bigger problems with real crime than policing who has the best coffee entertainment. Get a life ladies…………….

  26. Cofee_Lover says:

    “Young children can go in there…”. What a moron.

  27. D says:

    what a wonderful way to start the mourning. get a nice hot cup of coffee and a boob in the face. Starbucks and Seattle and Petes coffee should follow this.