WALNUT CREEK (KCBS) – Cows that used to graze along the top of a Walnut Creek subdivision ridge have been herded elsewhere, and that has some residents expressing concern about the corresponding increased fire danger. They’re asking that the cows be brought back to help keep the vegetation under control when the grass on the other side of their fences starts to go from green to brown, as it already has in some parts.

In years past, the City of Walnut Creek has allowed the cows to graze in the Acalanes open space area. However, complaints about potential damage to the trail, as well as potential threats to humans, wildlife and domesticated pets, was enough to convince city officials to reconsider this year.

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KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

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Some nearby neighbors expressed surprise about the change in policy and in response, Walnut Creek agreed in mid-June to hire a goat herder in the hopes that the smaller animals would be able to munch their way through some of the overgrown grass. It was unclear, though, whether the goats would be able to graze to the same extent as the cows previously had.

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