BERKELEY (KCBS) – The families of the two UC Berkeley graduates, who are still being held in Iran, are participating in a rolling hunger strike.

Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal have been held on spying allegations for nearly two years. The two men and Sarah Shourd were arrested in 2009 after they crossed the border into Iran.

Shourd was released last September. She said Bauer and Fattal recently went on a 17-day hunger strike in protest of being cut off from receiving letters from their families.

“You can imagine two innocent people just picked up, driven into a country they’ve never been to. They don’t speak the language, they were stripped of their rights, thrown in prison and they’re still there, two years later, with little to no information from the outside world” said Shourd.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

To show solidarity, Shourd and family members of Bauer and Fattal launched their own rolling hunger strike on May 19.

“It is really hard for us to do anything that we know can help Shane and Josh in this situation,” she said. “They’re completely subject to Iranian law.”

Iran has called recent claims that the UC Berkeley grads are being mistreated “baseless allegations.”

The two men are expected to stand trial on July 31, exactly two years after they were arrested.

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Comments (14)
  1. Smart American says:

    Let them pay for everything and rot fordoing something so stupid!

    let’s go hiking in Iran …dahhh

  2. Allan says:

    “..You can imagine two innocent people just picked up, driven into a country they’ve never been to. They don’t speak the language, they were stripped of their rights, thrown in prison and they’re still there, two years later, with little to no information from the outside world..”

    Sounds like what the U.S. does down at Guantanamo Bay.

  3. Mark says:

    Total knuckleheads!
    I just came back yesterday from a 250 mile round trip drive to S.F. peninsula to hike Montara and San Bruno mountains. Ya think these guys should have been doing something like that instead on their day off? I guess I live a pretty shallow life of mediocrity with a bar of adventure set so low. Then again, the whole day only cost me $50 (gas, tolls, parking, Subway sandwich), and I obviously still have full uncensored Internet access a day later. Let these clowns stay there…. removes two more idiots from the beautiful Bay Area trail system for other sensible people to enjoy.

  4. Mad Mike says:

    I love this “rolling hunger strike” BS. What that means is they don’t eat unless it’s breakfast, lunch or dinnertime. What a croc. And their liberal hippie kids are getting what they deserve for going into that region of the world without an army behind you…..

  5. petepete says:

    Ah ! a hunger strike. That’s about as smart as hiking on the Iranian-Iraqi border

  6. Mark Hilton says:

    Regardless of any lack of geographical intelligence that may have led to these hikers getting off course, they are fellow Americans being held in a hostile nation. I am a US Army trained expert map reader, using terrain features, and I can tell you with 100% accuracy that a person can easily get off course without realizing it, sometimes until its too late, as we are seeing with this situation. Instead of being a bunch of butt-heads about it try putting yourself in their shoes, or their family’s shoes. It sickens me to see zero compassion for the suffering of others. Regardless of how it happened, they are human beings being held captive by an inhumane government.

    1. Viet Nam Vet says:

      I would never be in their shoes, I’m much smarter than that, and much smarter than you.

    2. dawn holley says:

      well mark, i guess they couldn’t have gotten so far off coarse if they weren’t in iraq to begin with now could they? regardless of how it happened? well they decided to take the risk…right?

    3. armyveteran says:

      I guess you all are trying to goad me into a response. Here it is. No matter the problem, nor who is to blame, if you need help, you call on guys like me to bail you out. Even though you are an unsympathetic bunch, perhaps even a bit jealous, of what, I do not know, nor do I care, I will still lay it all on the line to help any, and all, of my fellow Americans, whether they be right, wrong, or indifferent.

      Furthermore, I respect everyone’s opinions, even though I may disagree with those opinions. I have bled for your right to speak freely. I am no hero, just a regular soldier who answered the call to serve my nation. These hikers are Americans, and it is the people of America I have served, and continue to serve, with whatever abilities I have left in my broken body. Even diminished as they are, I will use whatever abilities I have for ALL of my felllow Americans.. I signed on to give no less than all I have, and I signed on for the duration, no matter where I am.

      Mark Hilton

  7. no sympathy here says:

    Sarah Shourd is a coward, she left her friends to fend for theirselves. They are probably guilty and deserve whatever punishment they get.

  8. Tom Tone says:

    Sarah Shroud is a COWARD!!!!!! Idiot hippe libs.

  9. dawn holley says:

    anyone know where the fathers of these three are? why do we only hear about the mothers? also, when josh tried to call sarah and she didn’t pick up, why didn’t he use her cell instead of a landline…..too much stupid stuff…

  10. armyveteran says:

    If any of you wander down to the border of Mexico, and get kidnapped by corrupt police, or army officials, banditos, etc. I will be sure to laugh my backside off at your stupidity., and post the most unsympathetic comments I can come up with for your families to read; however, like a good trooper, I will do what i can to get you out, and demand action from our nation;s leaders to get you out, whether by force, or diplomacy.

    How can u blame someone for being captured because they exercised their right to travel? There was a time when being an American meant something special. It has not, and it is not taking this generation, and their children very much time to tarnish the honor and respect generations of our forefathers fought so hard for.

    You all must have gotten a hold of some bad pot, because you just “aint” thinking right.

    Thats how I see it,. Nothing you say, nor how much you insult me can change that. I will stick to my position, on this subject. I am unswayable!

    Mark Hilton aka armyveteran

  11. dawn holley says:

    ok mr good trooper….what if we all get picked up at once….r u prepared? you will be a busy guy!!

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