MILPITAS (CBS 5) – After more than three decades in business, the owners of one of the last remaining Bay Area roller skating rinks will hang up their skates this weekend.

Chris and Trace St. Germain have operated Cal Skate of Milpitas practically nonstop for the past 34 years.

With admission at $5-$15, the rink is doing well financially. But the building itself is also getting old, taking more time and money to maintain. But they did not want to raise prices.

“That’s not right. I think we’re high as it is,” said Trace St. Germain.

The St. Germains opened the rink in 1977, quickly becoming a favorite local hangout. Roller skating took off, and Cal Skate even hosted the first world games. Since then, the rink has spawned generations of summertime memories and awkward teen romances.

When Cal Skate opened, there were 18 rinks in the Bay Area, but there will only be five once the rink closes on Sunday. The St. Germains say they’ll likely work as consultants or invest the money. But they said it’s time to roll into the next phase of their lives.

“I want to thank the skaters that have supported us and have come back over the years,” Trace St. Germain said.

Chris St. Germain said, “It’s going to sound corny to quote Bob Hope, but thanks for the memories.”

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Comments (4)
  1. Awesome name says:

    lol, the couples x] ❤

  2. Awesome name says:

    well congrats on almost 10 months for those couples :p

  3. Gina says:

    I have fond childhood memories from the rink. I spent many, many days rolling around that rink and have met so many friends there.

    You will be missed. Good Luck and thanks for the great memories.

    Gina (Enders) Boespflug

  4. Doug Siddens says:

    Wednesday and Sunday nights. So much fun. I had a pair of quads made for those two nights. Thank you for the memories.

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