PLEASANTON (CBS SF) – The City of Pleasanton has mounted a device that resembles a large hand held flashlight mounted on poles at a half a dozen intersections so that traffic signals can be adjusted in real time to accommodate bicyclists.

Bike riders know how tough it can be to judge the timing on traffic lights at large, busy intersections. Nothing can be more frightening than an unexpected yellow then red as several lanes of traffic rev up to go.

Enter a device with a name that sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, the Intersector. Senior transportation engineer Joshua Pack said the microwave motion sensor wasn’t originally intended to promote bicycle safety.

“Light bulbs went off and we had that ‘a-ha’ moment,” he said.

Besides providing other data about traffic behavior, the Intersector can also distinguish between cars and bikes regardless of lane, and then extend a green signal about 13 to 15 seconds so the cyclist can clear the intersection.

KCBS’ Susan Kennedy Reports:

Pack said bike riders have given the Intersector rave reviews since the first one was installed at Foothill Road and Stoneridge Drive in January, 2010.

The city has since installed 6 more, and 4 additional devices have been ordered that will replace the existing video and sensor systems as that equipment reaches the end of its useful life.

Pack said the first intersection that will use the device exclusively to promote bike safety is at West Los Positas and Muirwood Drive just west of Interstate 680.

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  1. CleanFun says:

    As long as they’re paying to register their bicycles to help fund the roads …

    1. Conservative Cyclist says:

      surface streets used by bicycles and cars alike are generally funded by taxes that are paid indiscriminately of whether you’re on a bicycle or a car already (general funds that are paid with property tax, sales tax, etc). your car registration fee mostly covers DMV operational costs, while your auto sales tax is treated no differently than a bicycle’s sales tax. gasoline taxes fund federal roads (freeways) that are not typically used by cyclists. you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      1. Theo says:

        While I do not disagree with this treatment (Ithink it is a great idea) and am fine with spending gas tax money on it, you should be aware that gas tax moneies are used on many roads in addition to freeways. The federal aid system includes state routes as well.

      2. etienne says:

        I have no problem with extending the lights to bicyclists. But I also have no problem with bicyclists being creamed when they run red lights and stop signs, zig-zap across traffic, ride in the middle of a lane going 20 mph under the speed limit.

      3. Marc M says:

        It’s you who do not know what you are talking about.

        The percentage of money spent on non auto related projects but collected from taxes put on cars, gasoline, etc is ridiculous.

      4. Brian says:

        Cyclists and motorists are not on the same level by a long shot. Motorists pay high insurance fees, must satisfy licensing requirements, and much more frequently suffer the due consequences of traffic infractions. The idea of changing our roads to accommodate such a small minority of commuters makes no sense whatsoever. More bikes on the road makes the road more dangerous, and if it wasn’t for politicians using the fabrication that CO2 causes climate change (see link:, more people would rationally reconsider these changes. And even if we subscribe to the undue notion that cyclists should have the same rights to the road as motorists, then this technology should apply equally to automobiles.

      5. TheTRUTH says:

        Actually, CONMAN Cyclist, your tag fees in this state pay for the DMV, the air board, the highway patrol (which incidentally operates over 40% of the time OFF the highway, local road improvement bond fees, crime fund fees, etc. and on and on. . Likewise, Federal gas taxes pay for those pet projects that you see around town that are from the “putting America back to work” program. Additionally, motorists pay impact fees, community improvement fees, and general fund fees that pay for things like, you know….bike paths. Frankly, I’m all for it, but factually YOU don’t know what you’re talking about. Please STFU unless you actually have anything even remotely intelligent to say. Kthxbye!

      6. NJ MIke says:

        So, the %7 I pay on my $2,000 bike(and I actualy spent FAR les than that) is equitable to the tax I pay on my $35,000 car?
        Gas is taxed at both the State AND Federal level.
        Get off the pipe buddy and use your brain.

    2. victory pilsner says:

      So everybody go ahead and criticize the cyclist. I am a cyclist (and actually also a republican for what its worth). I do my best to respect the traffic rules and also use common sense. Traffic lights can be a problem. Here’s the issue. Our country is going broke, in large part because of healthcare which in turn is being driven by obesity which in turn is because peope don’t exercise. So next time you’re parked on your rear in your car (or on your riding lawn mower for that matter) and see a biker, at least realize they are making a contribution to trying to be a bit more fit. If everybody did it, I dare say we would be a lot better off.

      1. Stan Kinder says:

        Guess what? Riding a bicycle through traffic is probably a wash as far as staying out of the hospital. The fat guy in the SUV isn’t going to get creamed at the next intersection by a VW Bug.

      2. tax_payer says:

        Although I agree we all need to be healthy, I disagree with your premise.

        Our country is broke due to out of control spending based on the governments intrusion into our daily lives. The federal, state and local government has no business intruding into our lives in so many ways.

      3. Peach says:

        No. For one thing, it’s not like there are two categories of people – bikers and non-exercisers. There are many other forms of exercise. That person “parked on their rear” in their car may actually be more fit than you. They just might choose different forms of exercise. So get off your high horse about that.
        Second, the biggest hit my sister’s health insurance took was when she was in an off-road bicycle accident 2 years ago. But, hey, those are the chances you take. It didn’t help make the country “go broke” though. What nonsense. That doesn’t sound like something a Republican would say. She paid into her health insurance and needed to use it because of her bike! So your argument that non-bikers don’t need healthcare is just plain silly.

      4. klesb says:

        I also doubt you are a Republican (and not just because you didn’t capitalize is name. Oh, sorry, you might be a RINO, and they may not know the rules of grammar either. Republicans know that the HHSA statistics show that a mile travelled by bicycle is14,7 times more likely to result in a fatality than one travelled in a passenger car. But, as in the abortion issue, do we care ll that much? Have at it, bicyclers!

    3. Drivers are hypocrites says:

      Gasoline taxes aren’t “user fees and highways don’t pay for themselves anyway.
      Gasoline taxes don’t come close to paying for roads. Anyone who pays sales tax, property tax or any of the many other taxes is paying for the roads.

      I find it amusing when car drivers complain about cyclists violating traffic laws. Look in your car’s mirror if you want to see the biggest traffic violators of all.

      1. Stan Kinder says:

        The roads are for big boys in automobiles. Keep your bike on the sidewalk junior.

      2. lorenzolarue says:

        Stan, don’t call me ‘junior’, and it’s illegal in most states to ride on the sidewalk….And it would seem that no ‘big girls’ are allowed on ‘your’ road either. You need to share the road whether you like it or not…And, blow it out your bippie.

      3. Bikers are hypocrites says:

        Just about every biker I see ignores stop signs and red lights. I think it is unliketly that car drivers are worse traffic law violators than bike riders.

        And highways and streets are mostly paid for with fees and taxes related to driving. If you want to say that this common knowledge is untrue, you need to provide a citation to a credible source for your assertion. And no, any group with “public interest,” “environment,” “citizens,” “bicycle”, etc, etc, etc, is not credible on the subject.

        BTW, jr (lorenzolarue) have a nice day.

    4. mimo says:

      i say we should impose a tax on men’s spandex to pay for this. particularly the kind that peddlers pay for to look like they are sponsored. i should take my 40 yo ass to whistler on a board with a car dealerships name on my jacket, please…

    5. Hyde says:

      News flash…most cyclists also own and operate cars. I know its hard to believe, but they already are contributing to maintain roads.

    6. James says:

      Our budget in Oregon is already stretched to far. The bicyclists need to start paying there share for the road improvements made for them.

    7. wyrdless says:

      Funny, I thought there was a budget crisis

      Do-Gooders are such a pain in the but. If you think this is a good idea, why don’t you donate some money for it instead of forcing me to pay for your stupid and unnecessary gadgets.

      These idiots get in charge, spend twice as much money as is taxed and then get a holier-than-thou attitude because they are so “compassionate” as they rob me at the point of a gun (taxes) and spend my money

    8. Arno S says:

      Automobile transportation is very heavily subsidized by general taxation. |t is the cyclist who is subsidizing the driver..

  2. Will Hartman says:

    I see the bike worshippers are out again.

    1. bigtex40 says:

      We have to be since our glorious president is destroying the lower and middle class by driving up gas prices with his ludicrous policies. raise the price of carbon fuels so we can in turn use wind and Solar. the only consistant source of wind is from our glorious overlord and his demonic minions.

    2. Mr. Bill says:

      I see the bike haters are out again.

      1. Massimo Deportado says:

        Bikers blow!

        Why don’t all you “couriers” put your big boy pants on a get a real job?

        And take a bath while you’re at it!

    3. Rupert says:

      I want a sensor to give my Hummer a few extra bike-crushing seconds . . .

    4. Rick says:

      Bike worshippers vs. car/truck worshippers vs. motorcycle worshippers vs. walking worshippers vs. bus/mass transit worshippers….

      Your lame attempt at some cogent point is lost in your empty labeling.

      Roadways are in existence to move people and things. Does it matter what type of mechanical device the person is on or in?

      Until the governmental agencies that collect the myriad motor vehicle taxes and fees publish an accurate breakout of how/where those monies are collected and allocated, no one has a valid claim that “vehicle taxes support roadways and bicycles don’t.”

      1. ban bikers and make them wear real pants says:

        Actually, except for neighborhood streets, the roads are in existence for motor vehicles and not for any “mechanical device” you might want to ride. Common sense would tell you that if a bike can’t get close to the speed limit, then the roadway is not for bicycles. Get a clue…

      2. Live closer to work says:

        Speed “LIMIT”. Get a clue…

      3. Roads; how do they work? says:

        Actually, roads existed well before the existence of motorized vehicles.

      4. ban bikers and make them wear real pants says:

        Yes, I realize roads existed before motorized vehicles. But there were far fewer and they were very different than the roads we have today. The modern roads of asphalt, concrete, etc, that have been built in the last 80 years (I’d bet the vast majority of the roads) were built with motorized vehicles in mind. Try to stay on topic. Nobody ever said there were no roads before motorized vehicles.

        And I realize it is a “LIMIT”. But if a bike cannot come close to the “LIMIT”, or can only come close for a very short period of time, then it isn’t safe for them to be on the road. You cyclists would deny that the earth was round if it fit your narcissistic agenda.

        I feel like I’m debating a 12 year olds.

  3. Andrew Buckles says:

    As long as the law of the land requires bikes to ride on the street, make left turns in the left turn lane, etc., it’s the responsibility of lawmakers to ensure the safety of the cyclists. This is a good idea.

    1. MaD dOG says:

      WRONG! It’s the responsibility of cyclists to ensure their own safety!

      In our group, we have a name for cyclists that want to rely on others for their safety… “ROAD KILL”

      1. What A Tool says:

        You’re an idiot.

      2. Mr. Bill says:

        So as a motorist you don’t rely on others for your safety: you don’t rely on them to obey traffic signals, not ram you from behind at 90 mph, not to hit you head on while driving in the wrong lane, right? A measly fifteen seconds to allow cyclists to safely get through an intersection – gasp! – how outrageous! We motorists have a God given right to go as fast as a possible at all times while threatening the lives of any other road user who slows us down! Thanks for perpetuating the elite Left’s notion that all Conservatives are ignorant, selfish hicks.

      3. anon says:

        @Mr. Bill

        No I don’t rely on others for my safety. I would have died a long time ago if I did. There are some crazy drivers out there, and if you aren’t actively looking for them and driving defensively, then you’ll definitely have a run in someday.

        It would be great if I could just trust lawmakers to keep me safe. Unfortunately that just doesn’t work.

      4. Jewfromhell says:

        I love to hear the sound of plastic helments as they go crunch under my wheels!!

      5. Andrew Buckles says:

        @anon Yes, you are reliant on others (including lawmakers) to keep you safe while driving. Let us say a bike rider is being careful, but obeying the law. There is no way to not get stuck in some intersections, and the capacity to avoid problems is severely diminished.

        Nobody here has said so far that traffic lights in general should not exist. I have no doubt you use them, I have no doubt you benefit from them. And I have no doubt you benefit from the people who blow through them being corrected by the police.

        So long as bikes are required by law to operate in traffic, as they are in the state of california where these devices are being installed, riders should be extended the same courtesies as other vehicles. They should suffer same penalties for disobeying the law (blowing through lights, riding on the sidewalk) as well.

  4. Simon says:

    I agree. It’s additional cost for maintenance and installation. Also, extending green light time also increases red light time for opposing traffic lanes, increasing vehicle idle time; therefore increasing the amount of greenhouse gases expelled into the atmosphere.

    1. Jive Dadson says:

      That is the nature of traffic lights. When traffic lights are removed completely, along with traffic signs, and pedestrians and cyclists are allowed to go where ever they please, accidents and injuries decline (including fatal injuries), congestion declines, commute times decline, and fuel consumption declines.

      Traffic lights are bad news. Amazing to think that prior to the 21st century, no one even thought to question their usefulness.

      1. bike police says:

        The dumbest comment ever. What will we do at intersections if there are no traffic lights and traffic signals? All stop? Play chicken? Or will we build an overpass/underpass at every intersection to accomodate the biket@rds? That sounds like a good use of taxpayer money.

        Get off the roads Jive Turkey.

  5. Jon says:

    Cyclists are T.O.O.’s, (Targets of Opportunity) for a car that has the right of way normally on a road before this insanity has been enabled. Utilizing that microwave those microwave signals to extend the bikes time for their benefit is really stupid. When we were kids we “IKNEW HOW” to ride a bike and watch for traffic. Now these elitists want more time in the crosswalk? Seems like more time to take them out then.

  6. yiddishlion says:

    This is an indicator of things to come people. Soon we will all be on bikes as only the wealthy elite will be able to afford to own and drive cars…..

  7. John Fox says:

    I guess bicycle riders aren’t smart enough to watch the walk/don’t walk signals and prepare for it. I’ve been doing that for years as I lead groups of motorcycles out and about. It’s really simple .. they start to flash yellow before the light changes yellow. Many even have a count down next to them. Most turn a solid yellow a few seconds before the traffic signal also turns yellow. You learn pretty quickly what intersections follow what rules.

    Maybe all that riding depletes their brain of oxygen. Heaven forbid we ask people to actually think for themselves.

    1. MaD dOG says:

      They’re probably looking down while they’re pedaling, or getting that drink of water, or checking that stupid looking helmet mounted mirror…

      1. Rick says:

        Yes, unlike the driver of the car who is drunk, or high, or texting, or getting that drink of water, or putting on their makeup, or yelling into their cell phone, or watching the latest DVD on their cool DVD player, or arguing with the kids in the back seat, or having sex at some unreasonable speed to prove they are the Biggest Baddest MaD dOG around….

  8. Matt says:

    This is on Drudge report! expect the flame war.

    Anyways, this is a long time coming. More Bay Area cities should do this.

    1. Massimo Deportado says:


      Go watch MSLSD and leave the adults alone…..

  9. buggy says:

    Gawd…don’t encourage them.

    1. No more offensive language, please says:

      Afraid to use the word God or are you just a really bad speller? BTW, even when you misspell it, you are still using the Lord’s name in vain.

      1. lorenzolarue says:

        Jeez if yur Honkus!

      2. comment police says:

        hey jr, I have no idea what “Jeez if yur Honkus!” means, but I have a feeling it is something hateful. Please don’t hate people because they think differently than you do. Respect diversity.

  10. jeff b says:

    It would be nice to see cyclist actually follow the law, like come to a stop, signal turns, ride single file..

    1. Bikes aren't better, just equal says:

      It would be nice to see a motorist follow the law. Like staying to the speed limit, not running red lights, doing a full non rolling stop at Stop signs, signal turns, not texting while driving, not driving under the influence, not driving aggressively, etc.

      1. RTC says:

        It’s hard to stay at the speed limit when you have a dumb a$$ bicycle only doing 1/4 of the limit obstructing the flow of traffic and wasting everyone’s gas.

      2. Bikes aren't better, just equal says:

        So driving the speed limit = gas consumption optimization? I know idling wastes a lot more gas I just wasn’t sure the faster you drove the better the efficiency this is interesting. And if you drive smart you can easily go right around us, we tend to stay to the right unless necessary for our safety to stay out of the way from parked car doors being opened up into us.

  11. WhoIsJohnGalt says:

    San Fran, at the very top of the list of the most fracked up cities in the country. Thank you so much for Nancy Pelosi. Now if one of those bikers would run her over, it would be worth it.

  12. Robert MacDonald says:

    Don’t know why they need this, they never stop at red lights anyway.

  13. Loren says:

    Waste… Of…. Money….

  14. MaD dOG says:

    I wonder how much fuel is being wasted in all the cars waiting for the lights to change? I wonder if the irregular light changes will result in more accidents?

    1. Loren says:

      Probably, its not the results that matter but only the intentions

    2. Jive Dadson says:

      Answers: Lots and count on it. It will not be long before some cyclist becomes part of the paving slurry because he expected the device to give him more yellow but it failed to.

      Here are two more questions I know the answers to:

      I wonder how much research went into the decision.
      I wonder what kind of moron can think making traffic lights less predictable could be beneficial.

      1. Loren says:

        Guarantee you the amount of money spent on truly implementing these from start to finish is astounding…..

    3. RTC says:

      Bicycles WASTE GAS! Every time a motor vehicle has to slow down, then accelerate to get around the rolling roadblock it wastes gas. Multiply that times hundreds or thousands of motorist being inconvenienced by these menaces and it gets to be a considerable amount. If a vehicle cannot flow with traffic doing the speed limit it shouldn’t be on the road.

      1. Not RTC says:

        Road laws say otherwise so stuff it RTC. Deal with us, we have as much right to the road as you do. Sorry to slightly inconvenience you so you can’t speed with the rest of the auto traffic, but me riding at 15-20 miles an hour on the far right of the road, unless turning left of course. Maybe if a car speeds ahead of traffic like most cars do in a rush they shouldn’t be on the road. So unless you drive and follow all rules of the road to the letter of the law you are banned. I bet within 1 week we can pin most motorists for some infraction of not following the rules of the road.

  15. Jive Dadson says:

    H. L. Mencken was my kind of libertarian. No mincing words for old H.L..

    1. Gibbs Bentley says:

      Yes he was and he would have one hell of a radio show if he was alive today.

      “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” ~ H. L. Mencken

  16. Robert MacDonald says:

    I guess I am smarter than I thought. I moved out of Pleasanton years ago due to the idoits running the city.

    1. Rick says:

      It sounds like you were one of the “smart” voters who elected the idiots of whom you complain….

  17. CunnyLips says:

    Hippies stink and they should all be eliminated! That is all!

  18. Scott says:

    Quite right, Mr. MacDonald…cylists routinely ingnore all traffice laws, then scream bloody murder if they get hurt…My personal favorite is when they ride at night in dark clothing & no light & reflector…

    1. Mikey says:

      Indeed. If the city is going to change lights to accomodate cyclists then they must be held accountable for the laws on the books regarding legal cycling on the roadways.

      They can’t have it both ways.

  19. Mikey says:

    “Spamming is posting a useless quote in a comment area while linking to a nutjob website.” ~ Mikey

    Comment Reported.

    1. Mikey says:

      Way to hurt my feelings with a cut and paste comment. Instead you could simply contribute to the comments section instead of spamming.

  20. kevin says:

    I like how they got the idea once the light went off.

  21. kevin says:

    I like how they got the idea once the light bulb went “off.”

  22. Marc M says:

    Why can a car stop at a yellow and red light but the bicyclist somehow is entitled to judge when the light will be changing so they can fly through?

    Start forcing them to get bicycle licenses, license plates, registration and also follow the same rules.


    Liberalism is a disease.

    1. John says:

      Typical conservative. Talks about freedom and rugged individualism, but then wants more regulation and taxes and fees placed on anyone not exactly like him. Cars must be registered because they’re heavy, fast, dangerous and kill lots of people. When bicycles kill 30,000 people a year then let’s talk registration. Until then, emigrate your Statist authoritarian ass to North Korea where it belongs.

      Bicyclists, being slower, can enter an intersection on green, and still have it change to red before they’ve cleared it. But being a typical conservative and therefore lacking the ability to walk a mile in another’s shoes, that never occurred to you.

      1. no more biket@rds says:

        If you can enter an intersection on green and not clear the intersection by the time it turns red, you are moving too slow for the road and shouldn’t be on it. You are a hazard to others.

        And if wanting to regulate bicycles makes a person a statist authoritarian belonging in north korea, then what does that make the typical liberal democrat who wants massive government taxation and regulation in fine detail on everything except, sex, drugs, and pornography? I’d say you are the kettle calling the pot black to the worst degree.

        Also, why should somebody leave the country just because they disagree with your views? Not respecting diversity are we bicycle-man? And then you make broad sweeping generalizations about “typical conservatives.” No very “progressive”. Maybe you need to have a time-out to sit in the corner and think about how you aren’t living up to your “liberal” ideals?

  23. Massimo Deportado says:

    This is insanity.

    If liberals do indeed breathe, then they must exhale CO2.

    Why don’t all of you noble liberals go and do the right thing for the planet?

    This country is too weak and perverted to survive.

  24. tom says:

    Bicycles are a nuisance to drivers and are not the solution to tomorrows transportation. ideas like this only serve to mess up traffic and cause more accidents. We need more cars not more bikes.

  25. Massimo Deportado says:

    Oh yeah and the brakes on bicycles are soooo bad that they can’t stop???

    I’d expect this kind of nonsense from Kalifornika.

  26. Mitch Pawl says:

    So the lights will change to green for bikes, thus causing people in gas powered vehicles going the other way to stop. thus increasing the amount of gas that drivers use and the bad exhaust that the tree huggers hate go up as well.


  27. Biker Dude says:

    I always have one question for inconsiderate bikers. They can never answer it with a straight face. Answer it honestly if you can.

    What if I walked in your bike lane everyday at 5pm?

    Would you get your panties in a wad if pedestrians started walking in your designated space? Or, better yet, how about two mothers obliviously chatting away while walking side-by-side in your bike lane while pushing baby strollers? What if these mothers said that YOU have a responsibility towards the safety of their child? Would you laugh at the loons and think they have really poor judgement skills? Of course you would.

    So why do you think bikers riding in the lanes made and designed for cars is open and free territory for equally poor judgement?

    Cars and bikes don’t mix well. So bike at your own peril if the situation puts you in danger. Use plain common sense. If you get hurt, it’s your own fault due to the choices you made.

    Posted by an avid road and mountain biker.

    1. Doc says:

      I’d learn to pass. You should too. It’s really easy.

    2. Andrew Buckles says:

      In California, where these items are being installed, bikes are legally required to operate in the lanes (and are not permitted on the sidewalk), and execute left hand turns in the left hand lane. Given that bike lanes don’t go everywhere I need to go (there are only a few very limited ones in the city I am in, so in a 2 to 3 mile commute, i can only use a bike lane for about 1 mile of it) – explain to me how I, legally, get from point a to point b without at some point in time getting in a lane?

    3. Sharing is caring says:

      If you walked in my bike lane everyday at 5pm, I would ride around you and let you know which side I was passing on so you didn’t turn quickly into where I was riding. I would also hope that a policeman saw you and would site you for entering into a lane that was not for you unless it kept you safe. Because see pedestrians have sidewalks which I am not allowed to ride on by law, so cities created a set of bike lanes to help give me some space on roads that was designated to help keep me from taking up a full lane that an automobile could use. As others have said this is not 100% completed there are many spots without bike lanes and many will never have them because of space and design issues but there is one problem we can try to fix. That is this myth that cars think that roads were made just for them.

      Take a read of this…but please not while driving your car as I enjoy living so I’d prefer you not reading this while operating your 1-2 ton vehicle on a shared roadway, but look it up and let me know what you think. We agree to share the road and be fair with it and only take a full lane when we have to turn or ensuring our own safety demands it. But we will agree to share the road that was once partly made for us.

      1. I share with other automobiles, not cyclists. says:

        I was at the broolyn bridge a few weeks ago. There is a walking path right next to it is a bike path. Often people walk in groups so you need to step onto the bike path. Often when you do that the cyclists start yelling and ringing their bells (yes this is how pathetic they are). Cyclists in generally are a very nasty, selfish and narcissistic bunch. We should ban cycling on any road where the speed limint is more than 30 MPH. We should make violations a felony with mandatory jail time.

      2. I fixed it. says:

        I was at the Brooklyn Bridge a few weeks ago. There is a walking path; right next to the walking path is a bike path. Often people walk in groups so you need to step onto the bike path. Often when you do that the cyclists start yelling and ringing their bells (yes this is how pathetic they are). Cyclists in generally are a very nasty, selfish, and narcissistic bunch. We should ban cycling on any road where the speed limint is more than 30 MPH. We should make violations a felony with mandatory jail time.

  28. RobertB says:

    Perfect solution! If cyclists don’t ever want to obey traffic signals, just change the signals…

    1. Why can't we be friends? says:

      Of course it has to do with us not wanting to obey them and not that we can’t ride as fast as most cars do especially when speeding. It also doesn’t have anything to do with cars going from zero – full speed in two seconds without looking to ensure that bikes, cars and pedestrians have all safely crossed.

      Signals were first changed, at least in my city, to have cameras to stop people in their cars from breaking rules of the road. Stop being so self righteous about how perfectly you and your fellow auto drivers drive and realize each side has to give.

  29. Mannie says:

    Adjust traffic lights for cyclists? Since when do they obey traffic laws anyway?

  30. victory pilsner says:

    So everybody go ahead and criticize the cyclist. I am a cyclist (and actually also a republican for what its worth). I do my best to respect the traffic rules and also use common sense. Traffic lights can be a problem. Here’s the issue. Our country is going broke, in large part because of healthcare which in turn is being driven by obesity which in turn is because peope don’t exercise. So next time you’re parked on your rear in your car (or on your riding lawn mower for that matter) and see a biker, at least realize they are making a contribution to trying to be a bit more fit. If everybody did it, I dare say we would be a lot better off.

    1. Arrogant putz says:

      STFU you arrogant little putz.
      You think you ride a bike and suddenly you’re better than anyone in a car?
      Because you are so fit?
      There are billions of people who currently ride bikes because they can’t afford to own a car.
      Guess what their life expectancy is you a-h()!e.

      1. victory pilsner says:

        Don’t think that at all. I drive a car all the time. I also pay a lot of taxes. I am just saying that our number 1 budget issue is healthcare which is being driven by obesity (heart disease, diabbetes, etc.). I bike to get fit and commute. I respect traffic laws as do the large majority of cyclists and dont like those who don’t. What’s wrong with that.

      2. Buck O'Fama says:

        you sound like a whiney pole smoker. Have your Doc up your meds

    2. frumpy says:

      So, it’s another one of these “single-digit body fat Master Race” biker geeks blaming debt and global warming on the pudgy untermenschen. Much like the fitness n@zis that watched the pudgy guy die in Englewood CO during a workout in 2003, didn’t give CPR and then complained that his corpse ruined their workout. All hail the Master Race in their spandex butt pants!

      1. victory pilsner says:

        Wow. Nope, just a middle aged dude trying to apply what I think is common sense to my lifestyle. What’s wrong with that. Regrettably my wife will attest that I do not qualify for master race material. Cheers.

  31. CWA Worker says:

    A little aluminum foil over the microwave transmitters should fix the problem.
    Pretty soon very hot transmitters and constant green light!!

  32. racerx03 says:

    I am a cyclist, I stay off the roads on the trails as much as possible. I train mostly between 12am – 4am to avoid cars. Most drivers have a hard time avoiding other cars…I cannot expect them to see me even with a light! If this technology saves one life, it’s worth it.

  33. Rocky says:

    Once again the many bend over for the few.

  34. Buck O'Fama says:

    I’m damn near speechless, San Fran has not only done something that I can’t mock them about, I’m actually impressed. See, you kids don’t need to be moonbats all the time.

  35. malcom says:

    I was hoping the AIDS epedemic woujld have wiped out this city.

  36. Joseph L Cooke says:

    What does it mean when a Ford Excursion, driven by a tough looking dude named Ace, has five little bicycles painted on the top of the drivers door just under the window?

  37. Tim says:

    Great. Now I can drive on bike paths!

    1. Fair Trade says:

      Please do, we’ll switch places at any time, you have millions of miles of road and we have maybe 5-a0% of that. You go use our bike paths and we’ll take over the roads and make sure to not let anyone else on them, text while biking, speed unnecessarily and be sure to make sure everyone else feels unwelcome and unsafe to continue your tradition. Please try to be friendly and alert people when you are passing on the bike path as we try to do, note: not all of us do this because some cyclists are just as big of pains as motor vehicles but we try.

  38. Shirley says:

    Well I have to point out that drivers can be very stupid toward bicycle riders. I have been in a situation where a guy forced me off the road on purpose a few years ago. I was riding on the road as far over as I could get without wrecking into the sidewalk. They boyfriend actually got off the bike he was riding and told the guy to step out of the truck. He yelled get off the road at me when he forced me off the road. And all you its my road only drivers I own 2 automobiles and pay taxes just the same as you. I have just as much right to use the roads as I see fit. I paid my taxes. Thank you very much.

    1. Don't call me shirley says:

      Have you paid your bicycle taxes yet? If not, keep those bicycles off the road. Paying taxes for cars does not give you the right to get on the highway with whatever you what. Does your logic also apply to a riding lawnmower or a golf cart?

      Oh, and I have had bikers swerve out into my lane when I was driving by them in an adjacent lane. I am fairly certain they do these things on purpose in order to assert their “right” to the road. These cyclists are the most obnoxious narcissistic bunch around.

      1. Can I call you dbag then? says:

        Hmm sure sounds like someone is narcissistic but it isn’t a bicyclist…

        Have we paid our bike taxes? I paid sales tax buying my bike, sales tax buying my car, gasoline tax fueling my car, I pay income taxes federal and state that go to fund many things that I don’t use do I get those back since I don’t use them? I don’t have any kids yet but I fund school systems for everyone else’s kids, I pay excise taxes for the roads and highways but I never drive on the highway because I have no need do I claim this in my refund?

        I pay plenty of taxes including taxes that go to fund roads that I use, the laws allow me to use the road to the extent that allows me to be safe but not the sidewalk or crosswalk. I am a vehicle when on my bike and not a pedestrian, I wait at stop lights, stop at stop signs and only take a full lane when I need to for my safety. When is the last time you followed so many rules? Do you go over the speed limit at all, turn or change lanes without a turn signal? fail to yield right of way? It is easier to do that when you are behind the wheel of your big bad car isn’t it. I’m not perfect I have broken road laws, I’ve been fined in my car for all of the above, but when I’m a bicycle I have to be more careful because of people like you who hate bicycles and their riders without reason because they take space on “your road” grow up.

      2. I will call you a narcissistic cyclist says:

        Mr. ddag , so much to respond to, but it isn’t worth my time. I follow practically all traffic laws. It is funny you assume that everybody who drives is just ignoring the laws. Shows what you do when you drive. I do hate cyclists and it is based on experience. They purposely get in the way of cars to prevent cars from passing even when there is an extra lane. the purposely get on roads with giant signs that say “motorized vehicles only.” The are the most obnoxious bunch in our society. I’m glad you follow all the laws when you are bking, but 95% of your cyclist buddies are total a-holes out to assert their “right” to the road and they could care less about the laws. I see it every day. And again, you have to right to ride your bike on the road until it is registered for such use.

      3. Fixing mistakes again .. says:

        Mr. dbag, so much to respond to, but it really isn’t worth my time. I follow practically all traffic laws when driving. It is funny you assume that everybody who drives is just ignoring the laws. Shows what you do when you drive. I do hate cyclists, and it is based on experience. They purposely get in the way of cars to prevent cars from passing even when there is an extra lane. They purposely get on roads with giant signs that say “motorized vehicles only.” They are the most obnoxious bunch in our society. I’m glad you follow all the laws when you are bking, but 95% of your cyclist buddies are total a-holes out to assert their “right” to the road and could care less about the laws. I see it every day. And again, you DO NOT have to right to ride your bike on the road until it is registered for such use and you can cruise at the speed limit for an extended period of time.

  39. fred says:

    Lets face it bike riders do not obey the rules of the road anyway. They are pedestrians when it suits them and cars when it suits them. I have witnessed many bikes running read lights, and have nearly been hit while crossing with the crossing signal. When the bike riders obey the laws (of wheeled vehicles I will have some interest in their causes until then no.

    1. Doc says:

      You poor little thing! That bike running a red light, who no doubt didn’t even bother checking cross traffic first, could easily have killed you by riding around you if you were a pedestrian, or by smashing you to pieces in your little bitty car.
      Seriously…if it hasn’t occurred to you by now that traffic laws exist to promote safety and prevent injuries, I guess it never will.

      1. Not a fake doctor says:

        The problem is not that the automobile driver will be injured, although a biker could cause a car to hit another car, a pedestrian, or go off the road. The problem is that as soon as the reckless biker gets injured, they will likely sue and blame the car. And on top of that, many people who accidentally hit a biker will forever be psychologically damaged by that event even if it isn’t their fault. Bikes just do not belong on the roadways unless the speed limit is 30 MPH or less. It is an unacceptable danger to the bikers, the drivers, the pedestrians … to everybody.

  40. Curt Horne says:

    Most cyclists also own cars, and thus pay their fair share of related taxes. Bicycles are considered vehicles under the laws of most states, and as such, have the right to use the public roads and generally cannot use sidewalks and pedestrian paths.

  41. John says:

    I’m really tired of this “cyclists funding the roads” stuff. Most cyclists I know are much healthier than the fat citizens driving by them honking their horns. One day those healthy cyclists will be paying for the fat citizen’s triple bacon cheeseburger heart surgery in a hospital. SO enough already. We ALL pay too many taxes, and we’ll be paying more soon. Why not get off your fat duff some Saturday and ride fifty or sixty miles out in the country with a local bike club. It might change your outlook and your waist line too.

    1. Try again John says:

      Cyclists don’t drive cars? LOGIC FAIL!!!!! Fit people don’t drive cars? LOGIC FAIL. Unhealthy people don’t make enough to cover their health care expenses? Where is the data?

  42. Barney says:

    Now all we need is someone to create a widget for you car that tricks the device into thinking your car is a bicycle. Green lights for all my friends.

  43. WilliamPenn says:

    Nationwide, traffic lanes have been eliminated or dangerously narrowed to allow for bike lanes. As a result, urban traffic has been a nightmare for years. And for what? Do you ever see any bike riders in these lanes? Milliions of people inconvenienced for a handful of politically correct dweebs. What an incredibly stupid idea. Just like Obama’s high-speed rail pipedream.

    1. Bikes are friends, not food says:

      The hope is to make the roads safer for bikes and perhaps more people won’t fear for their lives when riding with traffic and people with short commutes can ride a bike to work or to the store when reasonable.

      Go online and get out some other countries and how far advanced they are in biking and how well it works. Some have traffic lights and roadways just for bikes. Amerstam’s traffic is 40% bikes! Cars have overtaken the road ways, roads that were not only created and maintained for them and have become sohostile towards any other users of the road it is ridiculous. Share the road, we don’t bite.

  44. Russ says:

    If the owners, or users of bicycles paid the same fees for licences for the bike and operators licences and had to behave in the same manner as motorist, then I could be convinced that they should have the same rights on the roads as other motorist do. Unfortunately the behavior of many cyclist on the roadways would put a motorist in jail with nice big fine.

    You do not place small slower speed light aircraft in to the same airspace as allocated for larger faster aircraft for obvious reasons. The same thing should be true for automobiels and bicycles. Large and fast versus small and slow just do not go together.

    It seems that many people believe they can get their own way by being demanding and obnoxious and this situation is getting worse as time goes by.

    1. You're logic is flawed says:

      And that’s why bicycles aren’t allowed on the interstate. So, using your large and fast mentality, maybe cars are just too big and fast for city streets and should be banned, right? I mean, you wouldn’t land a 747 in a small, congested airfield, right? 😉

      1. bryanabbott says:

        His logic is reasonable, but your hammering him by not acknowledging the obvious. Cars are huge metal cages and bicyclists are lumps of flesh on wheels. Even low speed impacts between a car and a bicycle can be fatal. Without licenses and the ability to tax bicyclists, they pose an enormous financial risk to drivers and it simply isn’t reasonable or fair. If you choose to ride a bike in traffic, you should be paying for the roads you are using (including the cost of these new cameras) and you should certainly have to prove that you are responsible enough to be insured so that the general public can’t be forced to pay for your injuries.

      2. How says:

        Bryan – Just remember this for whenever a new technology in order to help with the enforcement of cars comes about. Speed cameras – tax increase for you only, new LIDAR and RADAR to watch for speeders – tax increase for auto drivers, new traffic light design – tax increase.

        Maybe cyclists should be registered in order to keep from hit and run if it is indeed their fault as not all are harmless we understand that, but what would you charge them for insurance and taxes? Most of us have cars already we are paying for and by not using those shouldn’t our insurance help cover us riding? And also most of us have health insurance because we hvae regular jobs, we just chose to be healthy, environment friendly or cheap to ride to and from work and save some money on rising gas prices.

  45. Danbury says:

    What’s next, a little, old lady pedestrian detector?

  46. jnsesq says:

    Too bad. Bicyclists — especially the Left Coast kind — should simply continue to be a nutritional source in the automotive food chain. This damn nanny-statism is going to de-Darwinize all of us into afunctional cytoplasm.

    1. Lethargic, FTW! says:

      Yep. Exercise; The cause of human “de-Darwinize”. LOL!!! I guess you’re not cool, unless you live 20+ miles from work and drive by yourself in a 3000 lb SUV for 3+ hours a day while subcontracting your parental duties to a stranger.

  47. dman1180 says:

    you wonder bicyclists never follow the rules of the road?…they are doing preventative measure against careless drivers who are driving while texting,not respecting ride a way, speeding into a stoplight, stopping on a crosswalk. Most bicyclists arguements sound eerily similar to a lot of pedestrians arguements.

  48. Alvin Marcott says:

    hah! I’ve never braked for bikes before, sure not gonna start now!

  49. Biker Dude says:

    Grandparents have a wisdom from experience in life. Before the “do right” era came into vogue, our country was run from common sense values and principles. YOU were responsible for the outcome of your own actions and behaviors. Nobody else. Do something stupid and you are to blame. If an accident happened (like a car hitting a bike on a busy, tight road), you didn’t hire ambulance chasers looking for money, blame, retribution, and entitlements for your own inept actions. Remember all the common sense phrases in life that grandparents shared with you. The phrases weren’t tremendously complex and were easily understood unless you’re really obtuse, or simply a product of the do right era.

    So today, if an elderly person suggested for you to “Go play in the freeway”, would you do it?

  50. proudnot2bliberal says:

    Should we be surprised by this in the socialist leftwing San fran area? They want us all to ride bikes like Moa ‘s China being totally dependant upon the gov for everything.. that is unless your a political hack like Palousi

  51. C O Jones says:

    Since bicycles increase the rider’s breathing rate above normal, the bicycle manufacturer as well as the associated component manufacturers, bicycle retailers, bicycle associations, bicycle promotion groups and the bicycle owners should pay a CO2 tax to pay for their fair share.

  52. Steve says:

    I see costly litigation in the future for Pleasonton when a malfunction occurs, and a bike rider runs a red light he he/she expected to stay green. Bike riders will become complacent and not pay adequate attenton to traffic lights.

  53. Gerry Kau says:

    Doesn’t make sense to spend any tax money to interfere with motor vehicle traffic for PC bikes. (Or should it be PP bikes — for politically preferred?)

    According to the article, “Nothing can be more frightening… [to inept, reckless bikers?] [than attempting] …to judge the timing on traffic lights at large, busy intersections.” Are we really expected to believe that the enlightened hyper-fit California bikers are SLOWER across intersections than are pedestrians?

    Or, perhaps bikers think it’s their right to approach intersections at top speed, vehicles and pedestrians be damned.

  54. RJones says:

    Not sure what difference these sensors will make, seeing as where I live, the cyclists simply ignore red lights anyway. Bicycles are considered vehicles by law. So they take the advantages that vehicles have such as driving in the streets. However, they completely disregard the laws that inconvenience them and that vehicles must abide by, such as stopping and waiting for a red light to turn green, and not bothering to stop at stop signs. I can’t count the number of cyclists I’ve seen who pedal along with traffic up to a red light, then when all of the other traffic stops and waits as it should, the cyclists simply blow through the light. They should be ticketed and receive points on their licenses the same as if a vehicle were to drive through a red light. Same for not stopping at stop signs. Additionally, although cyclists are considered vehicles, many of them demand the rights of pedestrians when it suits them. For example, I’ve seen cyclists pedal along through traffic in a street, and then when they want to turn off to the left, they put their hand up so as to signal all other traffic to stop and yield to them so they can turn, expecting that traffic should yield to them the same as if they were a pedestrian. I also had a time when I was in the right lane making a right-hand turn, and a cyclist blew by me on my right, narrowly missing the front of my car as I was turning. Either a bicycle is a vehicle or it isn’t. If it is, then obey the laws that other vehicles must obey (like waiting for a green light before going, stopping at stop signs, not passing on the right, etc), and don’t demand to be treated like a pedestrian when the situation suits you. And if a bicycle is not a vehicle, then get the heck out of the road and onto the sidewalk with the other pedestrians. You can’t have it both ways.

  55. bryanabbott says:

    It’s time for bicyclists to begin paying their fair share of taxes. Though they create enormous hazards and promote breaking laws through their predictably veirresponsible behavior, I still think it’s important for them to contribute to society and road safety for our children’s sake. I find it frightening how reckless and unpredictable these anorexics-on-wheels tend to be but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to ride big wheels at the Indianapolis 500. I do think that bicycle licenses are way overdue and appropriate license fees should be levied in order to pay for the road improvements necessary to accommodate these “women’s panty wearing freeloaders”. It’s only fair and certainly reasonable.

    1. Wah wah says:

      And drivers can’t be reckless and unpredictable? They never turn without signaling, drive above the speed limit, engage in road rage, erratically change lanes to get ahead of traffic? How predictable you obese-privileged-transvestite-lederhosen-wearing-entitled-brats (this is how to have an adult discussion right petty name calling?) complain about such small changes that require what a few new lanes be laid out in a city planners meeting? They are constantly working to restructure the road ways to better suit cars, adding in rotaries where necessary, adding second lanes making lanes right turn or left turn only and then remarking. We all pay taxes, we work the same as you. I agree with above posters that we can’t have it both, we are either vehicles or we are pedestrians and if we are vehicles we should reasonably follow the rules of the road which we can regarding signaling for lane changes, waiting at stop lights and stop signs, etc. Obviously we can’t go 30-40 sustained so that would have to change but I agree with that.

      You and your arguments are just complaining for the sake of complaining. I pay for your brat kids to go to school even though I don’t have kids in school will you refund me? I am a teacher that pays into my pension as well as having my second job pay into social security which I am not eligible to ever collect can you refund me that? I pay plenty of taxes I don’t get any use from I think you painting a few lines and throwing up these cameras that probably won’t last too long or ever really take hold.

      These cameras are pointless but helping ensure bike safety is not (I don’t see these cameras as helping me as a cyclist, if the light is yellow I yield and stop as necessary just as if I were a pedestrian or car I know my limitations and capabilities. But don’t tell me I owe more taxes or owe you something. Reasonable would be making me register my bike so you had a way to report me if I caused an accident, bike licenses really? Bike insurance really? Cover it under my auto insurance for accidents.

  56. jolly roger says:

    Yep here we go – more cyclists thinking they deserve more because they peddle their way around town. I would think cities have better things to spend money on than gadgets to extend lights for a small percentage of the population.

  57. Coco says:

    Before I even read this story, my initial thought was “Bet this is in San Francisco.” Seems it has become the capital of crazy in the US.

  58. Cao Qi says:

    Don’t know why they need this.Just waste money.
    motion sensor lights

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