NOVATO (CBS 5) — Skippy the dog was an ambassador for the Marin Humane Society. Just weeks after his death, a bronze statue donated in Skippy’s honor has gone missing.

Before his death on July 17th, the Jack Russell terrier worked as a therapy dog for the humane society. Tom and Marianne O’Connell donated the statue to honor Skippy’s work.

According to the humane society, the statue was stolen from the society’s dog park in Novato last weekend.

“We’re not sure, there are some theories,” said Carrie Harrington of the humane society. “The statue was made out of bronze, so there are some theories that perhaps somebody was looking to make some money off of it.”

The theft of Skippy’s statue added insult to the pain of loss felt by the O’Connell’s. Tom O’Connell told CBS 5, “Skippy had something special, kind of cheered everyone up when he was around.”

According to O’Connell, Skippy worked as a therapy dog in multiple venues. “The Marin County school system, working with special needs children,” O’Connell said. “And most recently he became a volunteer in hospice where he’d visit hospice patients one day a week as well, and he was the first dog that actually started that program.”

The Marin Humane Society said it could replace the statue. The O’Connell’s said while they cannot replace Skippy, they will have another dog follow in his footsteps.

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  1. gw says:

    hey kirby,you might want to cut down on the drugs you’re using!!!!

  2. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “A Dog is very religious and its religion is free from superstition. The god it believes in is its master, and that god actually exists, and is actually concerned about its welfare, and actually rewards it and punishes it, on a plan comprehensible to Dogs and meeting with their approval, for its virtues and vices. Dogs need not waste any time over insoluble theological problems. Their god is plainly visible and wholly understandable — they have no need of clergy to guess for them, mislead them and get them into trouble.” ~ H.L. Mencken


    1. Mr. Slumps says:

      Kind of like the average Obama voter.

    2. MB says:

      sounds like Mencken had a sore spot for God

    3. Dave says:

      Awesome. Thank you.

  3. Otto says:

    It’s Bush’s fault!

  4. Jon24 says:

    Welcome to Obamas hope and change!

    1. lil old lady says:

      What does Obama have to do with this? This is about a dog’s statue. Idiot!

      1. Spencer B says:

        This is Barry Hussein’s economy. He has had over 2 years to establish his economic program.
        He has.

        Look for more stolen metal objects in B. Hussein’s economy.

  5. sickoffools says:

    Notice how theft, assaults, mob flash robberies, subway fights have increased since the I wasn’t born here useless in charge somehow got into office. It’s a field day of grab and run, a terrible economy, high unemployment and lets keep bringing Illegals in. The speliing is bronze not bronse.

    1. lil old lady says:

      Who’s the “I wasn’t born here” supposed to be?

  6. NoahFingWhey says:

    Mr Obama Thank you for your tireless work to spread equality around the world. Only a man of your intellect could turn the most prosperous nation in history into a third world country thereby making us equal to the rest of the world.

    1. lil old lady says:

      As I said, what does Obama have to do with this. Vent somewhere else, twit.

      1. Spencer B says:

        I would recommend you take your own advice! Tw*t!

  7. Paige Cohen says:

    I am so tired of wasting my time on Obama.
    If you all don’t know by now…then you are as delusional as he.

    1. Lee says:

      Why are you making a story about a dog’s statue about the President? You are an idiot. Did you even read the article!! Or did you just mouth off.

  8. Cities and municipalities need to learn to build statues out of worthless metals.

    A statue fabricated from $1 coins, for instance. Most people dislike those things, and they’re depreciating faster than I can type…….

  9. Jeff says:

    Hey idiots this about a stolen dog statue… get on your meds and quit ranting about Obama you losers

    1. Moodybloo says:

      As they said to Bush Sr. “It’s the economy stupid”

  10. lil old lady says:

    I’m sorry for the loss of your dog. But how long have you been off your meds?

  11. Omonkey says:

    To all those complaining that the article is about a dog, and not about Obama: everything is about Obama now, just as everything was about Bush for 8 years to you Liberal/Dems. You reap what you sow. Pull that donkey tail again in 2012 for your extra 4 years of payback.

  12. Matt says:

    It wasn’t stolen, it was adopted.

  13. tom says:

    If it does not worth, people will not take it. Economy under Obama and democrat politicians have made people go crazier. They even take the AC everywhere even in churches, wire electricity, ….It is sick, sad while Obama are enjoying a lot of things that most of Americans never had have- party, flying around to take the money from who they call big fat cats ($38500/person) for his birth day, Isn’t it ironic? Where are those professors, elites, media people, democrat politicians stand up and condemn it

  14. TheRealKingMax says:

    Impeach Obama.

  15. Kristen says:

    So sorry for Skippy’s family. They were obviously already in pain from losing such a special dog, and then to have some lowlife come along and steal the statue they donated as a memorial… very sad. My heart goes out to the O’Connell family. Skippy obviously had a wonderful, happy life with his family.

  16. swissik says:

    For those people who wonder what Obama has to do with the bronze dog statue: our daily papers are full of stories about copper pipe stealing, construction material stealing, any metal items like fixtures and such stealing etc. So someone stole the statue for the metal, i.e. bronze which I believe is made from brass. Obama and his demoncrats are responsible for the 45 mio on foodstamps and the 15 mio out of work. They are just trying to survive don’t you get it?