OAKLAND (CBS SF) – The Oakland Police Department is alerting residents about an increase of street robberies that target people wearing gold chains.

Reports of gold chain robberies have increased throughout Oakland with a concentration of the incidents in the Fruitvale business area, near the Fruitvale BART station and in residential areas around Lake Merritt.

Most victims have been women and the suspects usually approach on foot, snatch the chain from the neck and run away, Oakland police said.

It appears there are several groups of suspects with varying descriptions snatching the chains, police said.

KCBS’ Mark Seelig Reports:

Oakland police have partnered with BART police to patrol areas around BART stations and safety awareness information is being distributed throughout communities.

Police advise residents to be vigilant and to not become distracted by electronic devices, such as cellphones. Residents should also stay in well-lit and populated areas. For those wearing gold chains, police advise putting it under clothing.

If there is someone suspicious or a suspicious situation, call Oakland police at (510) 777-3211.

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Comments (10)
  1. John says:

    Why do you refuse to ‘describe’ the suspects? If they’re black, say so….if they’re white, say so.

  2. Angry Oakland says:

    Maybe if they shut down all the business buying gold illegally without taking ID, Thumbprints, signatures, and also keeping the gold they buy for 30 days.

    ACAPULCO RECORDS is one of them

  3. Jw says:

    They are afraid of legal bull **** from jerks like Sharpton or naacp or aclu if the tell you they’re black. Oh and the gold shops won’t help as much because there are lots of buyers in parking lots. So next time some black dude (always is) comes up to you in a parking lot saying he’s got a gold chain to sell call the cops.

  4. Don Wright says:

    They really love that bling in Oakland! And of course the denizens of Oakland don’t bother to get an education in order to get a good job some day–they’ve grown up expecting that the government will take care of them. When the largesse of Uncle Sam proves insufficient, they turn to stealing. That’s the legacy of big-government entitlement programs. Society is far better off when people are expected to take care of themselves.

  5. reality check says:

    The article doesn’t have to say what race the thieves are, we already know.

  6. SF says:

    So when a white kid shoots up his classmates or is caught devising a plan to shoot his classmates or blow up universities, do you also comment on those articles, labeling all teenage white kids terrorist tyrants?

    The article states varying descriptions, and I take them at their word, so don’t be surprised that there are white, hispanic and asian kids involved as well.

    1. ROB says:

      Watch any videos recently about the new ‘flash mob’ phenomenon? Pictures say a 1000 words…..THEY’RE ALL BLACK.