SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — An assault victim and a shooting victim remain in serious condition after a violent night at Candlestick Park Saturday, according to officials at San Francisco General Hospital.

Three people were hospitalized after two men were found shot in the parking lot at around 8 p.m., and another man was beaten unconscious in a bathroom inside the stadium between 7:15 and 7:30 p.m.

The incidents happened during a preseason football game between the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers.

San Francisco police are searching for a person of interest in one of the two shootings outside the stadium, a police spokesman said Sunday.

At around 8 p.m., two shooting victims were found in the stadium parking lot. Police are still unsure whether the shootings are connected, but the two men were found far enough away from each other that police are currently treating them as separate investigations, San Francisco Police Sgt. Michael Andraychak said Sunday.

One 24-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries and was transported to San Francisco General Hospital. The other man was in his 20s and his injuries were not life-threatening, but he remained in the hospital this afternoon.

Police remained uncertain Sunday whether the shooting victims had attended the game, or whether they were fans of a particular team, Andraychak said.

The shootings were not the only incidents of violence at the football stadium Saturday.

A 26-year-old San Rafael man was assaulted and knocked unconscious in an upper-level restroom between 7:15 and 7:30 p.m. He was taken to the hospital suffering life-threatening injuries. His condition was listed as serious Sunday, according to information from San Francisco General Hospital.

Police are searching for a suspect in the beating, described as a Samoan/Pacific Islander male, 25-30 years old, between 6 foot 3 inches and 6 foot 5 inches tall, weighing 225 to 260 pounds. He had a goatee and long curly hair tied up in a ponytail, and was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Oakland Mayor Jean Quan issued a joint statement Sunday condemning the violence.

“Fans come to our stadiums to enjoy an afternoon of football, not to be subjected to intimidation or violence. These games are family events and the types of images we witnessed last night have no place in our arenas,” the statement said.

The National Football League also issued a statement about the violence. “We pledge our full support to Mayors Lee and Quan and to sate and local law enforcement agencies,” it said. “We will work with our clubs and law enforcement agencies to ensure responsible fan conduct at all NFL games.”

The 49ers issued a statement saying the team is working with police to understand how Saturday’s events happened, and that it is hopeful for the recovery of the victims.

“The 49ers’ primary concern has always been, and will continue to be, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for our fans on game day.”

Coach Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers said he was saddened by the news that fans had become violent at Saturday’s game during a conference call with reporters Sunday. “I feel for those people who were injured,” Harbaugh said.

He said he was not aware of the violence happening in the stands and outside the stadium during the game.

Anyone with information on yesterday’s incidents is asked to call the tip line at (4150) 575-4444 or text a tip to TIP411 and begin the message with SFPD.

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All rights reserved.)

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  1. TOBY says:


    1. harpon says:

      It’s Happy Bubba-licious!!!

    2. Carolyn Lou Bivens-Price says:

      I think Sports fans are forgetting that sporting events are for entertainment,,, others have the right to support their favorite team without fear of retaliation…. This is America,, freedom of choice is our right… Get a Grip, and practice “Good Sportsmanship”!!!!!!

    3. Maria Chance says:

      This kind of stuff gives us Raider Fans a bad name! So sad…

  2. Bloodhounds says:

    Glad I got out of SF

    1. syarman says:


  3. TaxTheChurchesNow says:

    These events are called “Straight Pride Parades”. They often occur after some testosterone injected sports celebration. Many people are injured and property is usually damaged. Disgraceful and perverted.

    1. Steve from the Sunset says:

      I’m not sure why you would call that a straight pride parade, sounds more like Halloween in the Castro.

      1. Another 5 letter word for fraud... OBAMA says:

    2. Boris says:

      All the perps in all the violent incidents that have been in the news are either black or Hispanic. Makes it tough to take you liberal morons seriously…

      1. Count Yob says:

        The article said one of the suspects is Samoan.

    3. AtlasObjectivist says:

      Actually it is standard liberal mob violence and what a better place than S.F.

  4. Donna See says:

    These people are fighting here because nobody will fight for them in Washingon DC

    1. Jerry Voy says:

      What a joke! Nobody is fighting for me in DC, so should I go shoot a couple people?

      1. tom says:

        yep shoot who ever you can.


        Fighting for ME? Not only are they NOT fighting for me. But I am being PUNKED, BIT%H-SLAPPED, PLAYED, and am starring in a JACKA$$ MOVIE!


    2. JustSayNoNow says:

      What a dumb post.

    3. Rick says:

      These people are fighting because they are amoral garbage.

      1. toni says:

        Why are they ‘amoral’ saying they are amoral suggests they have no concept of right and wrong. they know quite well they are committing wrong and illegal acts. They are immoral, not amoral.

      2. Joe says:

        Toni, you know that they are not ‘amoral’, how? You can know that something is illegal and still not care one whit about whether it is immoral. Most murderers understand that their behavior is illegal, but are unconcerned about any issues of morality. Their lack of remorse after arrest has proven this time and again. O.J. comes to mind.

        Defining this type of behavior as amoral fits the crime.

      3. Rick says:

        Toni, amoral is often defined as, unaware of or indifferent to questions of right or wrong. I would say they qualify as indifferent, maybe we could say their actions were immoral and they are amoral.

    4. Jeff Dempsey says:

      How can anyone be represented in Washington DC when there is one representative per 720,000 people. How much listening to one person can there be, when it is that dilute? If that relationship were in place in 1790 (when the number was 1:30,000), there would have been 5.5 (population in 1790, 3.9million).
      The truth is, there is no one represented until we get that proportion back.
      If Candlestick Park, where you can get 59,732 people in there, a representative could ignore the entire contents of that stadium, and still get re-elected. In fact, the representative could ignore them 5 times over, and still be re-elected.
      If you really want representation in the US Congress, and not just full of air, research this, and come up with your own conclusions as to what should be done. Google 30,000 and Congress, and look for the original first amendment to the US Constitution, never ratified.

      1. Jeff Dempsey says:

        oops… 69,732 for Candlestick Park…


        5.5 representatives. That is based on the entire population, notwithstanding the minimum of 1 Representative per state, called out for in the Constitution, so the actual number would have been 13, since no state had 720,000 people in it at the time.

        and yes, even though I am Conservative (I know, not popular in the Bay Area, but hey, Seattle isn’t much kinder to my way of thinking either), but representation shouldn’t be Conservative or Progressive. It just should be.

      2. bobbyace says:

        YOUR mindset is the PROBLEM ! We, (the people with jobs,) don’t want representation. Only the minorities do. What we want the morons in DC to do is tax us a lot less, go away, & leave us alone. Everything they touch turns to shizer…especially that affirmative action baby Obama. What the US ever did so wrong…to deserve that complete educated idiot…is a mystery.

      3. free dictionary says:

        IMMORAL (adj)
        1. transgressing accepted moral rules; corrupt
        2. sexually dissolute; profligate or promiscuous
        3. unscrupulous or unethical immoral trading
        4. tending to corrupt or resulting from corruption an immoral film immoral earnings
        immorally adv
        AMORAL (adj)
        1. having no moral quality; nonmoral
        2. without moral standards or principles
        amorality [ˌeɪmɒˈrælɪtɪ] n
        amorally adv
        Usage: Amoral is often wrongly used where immoral is meant. Immoral is properly used to talk about the breaking of moral rules, amoral about people who have no moral code or about places or situations where moral considerations do not apply

        They are amoral people committing immoral acts.

      4. freecheese says:

        So, Dempsey, what do you want, another 500 representatives at $174,000 per year ?
        The ones we already have (see: Maxine Waters) are already worthless. We sure as hell don’t need anymore like her or Nancy “Botox” Pilosi !
        How far did YOU go to school — 2-miles ?

      5. Jeff Dempsey says:

        I think there was a miscommunication in the way I presented it. What I am advocating (this is for you too, freecheese) is that we have 1 representative for 30,000, making it much easier to get people OUT than term limits, or anything else. I want a healthy churn in there.

        What will happen if there are 1:30K, there will be 10,000 representatives, and my hope is that getting 5000+1 to agree on anything would be difficult, and thereby make Washington do less.

        Plus, getting 15,000+1 people to get a dead-beat Congressperson out is a lot easier than getting 360,000+1 to do the same. Furthermore, there is a better chance that you’ll know the person, rather than have some Tiger-suited weirdo go in, just because he has a D or R next to his name.

        And Freecheese, I totally agree with you, let’s lower their salary to, say, $80K/year, have virtual meetings (like we all do at work) for non-confidential things, and above all, stop idolizing these people.

        I’m sorry again if my ideas came off as endorsing any person, R or D. I, however, don’t think the magical number of 435 is perfect for having the people represented in the US Congress. Don’t get me started on the stupidity of the 17th amendment… Hint: Why do we have 2 houses of representatives, one for 2 years and one for 6?

        Take care, and please let me have it again by replying to my original post. They won’t let it cascade.

      6. john says:

        Oh yeah, just what we need: MORE free-loading, out for themselves Congress “persons” spending money.

    5. dogbone says:

      Thats because you have a Nancy fighting for you!

    6. Donna Don't says:

      Thanks, Donna, for proving why America’s education system needs serious reform. I doubt more than half of the fighters could even find Washington, DC, on a map.

    7. freecheese says:

      Donna See;
      Your are a LOSER. If you base your life on being helped by the government, instead of helping yourself, you are a LOSER.
      You are a liberal democrat. Your party’s hero, JFK said just the opposite of what yoiu expect. You are a LOSER !!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Ltpar says:

      What an idiot you are. Those are drunks, bullies and they fight because they love it. There are no worse teams in the NFL than Oakland and San Francisco.

    9. keithfld says:

      Hey Donna,

      How’s the view through your belly-button? Apparently you have you head stuck somewhere pretty far.

    10. Chris says:

      LOL this must be a joke that nobody in DC is standing up for them. They are the ones who voted the people in Washington. Well that is if they aren’t convicted felons or are smart enough to go register to vote. The people fighting at that game will ruin football for a lot of people. They will probably do away with beer sales this season due to the fact that these idiots can’t drink and not fight. Same thing happened at the Giants game.

  5. Eric says:

    Watch out for Raiders games. Glad I sold those tickets.

  6. Rob says:

    I am happy to know that all of the rednecks are not in the South. Some are obviously in CA.

  7. MrObserver says:

    Sports and religion, the two primitive elements that weighs man down from advancement to perfection. “It’s MY team, man!” “No, no, it’s MYYYY team”
    “Hey dude, didja see the game last night?” “Oh wow, he smiled at the fans, how I wish my IDOL would bend over so I could kiss his butt” I never could understand the sub-brained mania with all this. I loved playing when i was young but somewhere along the way I grew up. Not to say watching a game once in awhile or going out to one is bad but really…….this?

    1. Stephen Wilkins says:

      I’m not sure if primitive people had time for sports. The sports craze seems to be a phenomena of more civilized society (to it’s detriment). And as western society has become overwhelmingly secular, it hardly seems to be drifting toward perfection. Consider the arts, manners, dress, crime, literacy, cultural literacy, every thing seems to be moving toward decay.

    2. Ken says:

      You omitted one of the most fanatical groups out there: the political evangelicals. Democrats! no, Republicans! fight!

      1. James says:

        Ken – You are an idiot,

    3. BrilliantObservation says:

      Yes, the connection between these thugs and religion makes perfect sense–thanks for enlightening us.

    4. Paul says:

      I don’t know what your talking about. The Christian Religion teaches exactly the opposite of this action. The fruits of The Holy Spirit are
      Long-suffering (patient suffering over an extended period)
      I don’t see any of these fruits displayed here. Sorry, but your nothing but a religious bigot.

  8. Duke says:

    I wish Mexico was able to afford there own baseball or American football league …it would be one less thing that Californians would have to worry about when they wanna go enjoy sporting events.

    1. Pope Big Boobies says:

      too darn funny
      those people are going to beat u at the next game u better trade in ur season tickets missy

  9. MrObserver says:

    You’re witnessing the breakdown of our society.

    1. toni says:

      As opposed to the ‘breakdown’ of society when blacks were being beaten and lynched by whites? gtfoh.

      1. MrObserver says:

        You know what. I was raised in that era in the south bronx. i was one of sixteen whites in my school. The rest was divided between latino and black. I never had a problem with the blacks. to this day I have close friends of all colors. Yes, it was bad back then but
        in reality the lyncing were few and far in between compared to the murders of today not only amongst black on black but of every other rainbow in the sky walks of life. No it was no picnic back then but as I traveled for the first time down south in the 60’s I met and had more then a few black folk take me under their wing and treat me like a long lost friend. That wouldn’t happen today. It’s a whole new animal to tame.

      2. MrObserver says:

        And you toni I’m not sure where you’re coming from. Are you black or some mentally sick liba? gtfoh????
        Here’s MY rebuttal to you
        “You speak through your a*s. Do some research before you vomit on yourself!”

      3. capn.jinks says:

        what a typical black response…not worth responding to. how about all the black on white crime not being reported at all for fear of inciting more animal behavior (wisoconsin state fair, philly, chicago). welcome to obama’s new amerika


        Yes We Can Build a YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!

      5. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

        That sounds good. Too bad it didn’t work out. When I hear of a crime on TV or read of one in the paper or on internet, my first thought is demos.

      6. Lerro says:

        In this case it was a couple of tons of Samoans that were trying to kill each other . . . BTW, what about the French Inquisition? . . . Don’t forget that.

  10. Lee says:

    Exactly the reason I don’t bring my kids to football games… pathetic losers bringing weapons to sporting events. Hopefully they got the right guy and he gets life in prison!

    1. Mitch says:

      LOL. prison. They only lock you up if you tick off the wrong kingpin. Otherwise it is always a slap on the wrist. Nobody truly fears the playland prisons of today.

    1. Raiders Crave Violence says:

      yes! i’ve traced the roots of the CIvil War and determined that that was Jebediah Bush’s Fault!!!!

  11. dean says:

    This is a beautiful site to see.
    Why can’t they get upset like this on Wall Street?
    the rich should not be handled with care like some sort
    of porecelain tea cup.

  12. R Mac says:

    I am glad the handgun ban is working.

  13. toni says:

    @Sam Mallory LOL. what do you mean ‘please’ prove you wrong? You can believe whatever you so choose. I do find it interesting that you believe white people are so holier than thou, that they never do anything wrong. Have you ever been to a hockey game and seen the fighting that goes on in the crowd?–I have and they aren’t black or mexican. Check out riot photos throughout the past 60 years and you’ll see many many whites involved in violence. And why do white men love to molest children(?) please let me know.

    1. MrObserver says:

      You tell him Toni, that’s right white men do molest little children and get caught. But it also happens in the black community, only they don’t realize it’s wrong so it doesnt get reported. that’s why no one claims to be a daddy.And guess what, it happens a lot in the hispanic turf as well. But they don’t tolorate or report it. they just stab the basta*d.Like I said earlier….you’re witnessing the break down of our society….in our lifetime.

    2. Rich Weigel says:

      Toni good point! Sam please explain for me as well??

      @AL if you purpose to ban based on ethnicity how do you plan to enforce that when the players, event staff, police, and security is also made up of Blacks and Mexicans? 😉

    3. capn.jinks says:

      we are holier than thou, remember that

    4. david says:

      I agree that stereotypes have no place in our society but you cant deny statistics. Over 60% of violent crime is commited by black males which consist of only 6% of the population. However, for anybody of another race to have irrational fear is misdirected as well since the majority of their victims are black. Something has to be done on a social level to remedy the problem. To deny the reality of it will only perpetuate the problem. To your final comment: the rate of child molestation is no higher among whites than any other race. In fact, statistically, black males are more likely to engage in sex with an under age victim. These statistics are available at the US Department of Justice web site.

  14. doug lentz says:

    Idiocracy; brought to you by welfare, poor education and other social experiments. In other words, our federal government.

  15. Henry says:

    I would not be surprised if DHS has the TSA start to provide security for NFL games. Next it will be NBA then basketball. The TSA moved from the airports to Buses and trains. Now it will be Sports stadiums and shopping malls and huge outdoor events where these kids have been doing flash mobs. OUR own NAZI stasi force, right when the economy collapses.

    1. candyisdandy says:

      DON’T FORGET…it was the recently inaugurated Moron-In-Chief Obama who said, ” We need a civilian security force just as well funded & just as strong as the military ! ” Good post…you hit the nail on the head !

  16. Plausible Paul says:

    It’s a football game morons! So much for a nice night out with the family to watch a game.California is nuts!


    and just think, the illegal-alien loving los angeles city council and mayor tony villar, want to bring the raiders back to l.a. after the brian stow beating. typical desires from the corrupt, as a bankrupt california collapses and burns to the ground while mariachis strum their guitars…

  18. Raiders Love Violence says:

    We are the ones we have been waiting for

  19. DoggieDog says:

    toni blows goats for nickels and gives change.

  20. DoggieDog says:

    If the perps were white it would be in the headline, in big bold letters.

  21. MrObserver says:

    Toni toni toni again I say to you… “You speak through your a*s. Do some research before you vomit on yourself!”

  22. Cio says:

    its called alcohol

  23. DoggieDog says:

    You are the only one talking about molesting children, Chester.

  24. MrObserver says:


  25. DoggieDog says:

    toni is on a ten minute break while molesting a nine year old for the eighth time in seven days.

  26. MrObserver says:

    Is tonis name really chester? Can’t be, she ain’t got no chesta! Just a hole in the sand.

  27. MrObserver says:

    I found out toni’s real name…..Balony!!!

  28. Hank Warren says:

    Diversity, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  29. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    These people are attacking each other because they’re mental deficients that worship a degenerate culture that rewards grown men millions for throwing a ball.


    1. MrObserver says:

      At least here are two of us with some hint of sanity.

      1. frugz vonnen says:

        You’re edging sad.

  30. the Truth says:

    fawkin roaches! i’m so sick of these short fat goblin faced turd colored cholos making california such a misereable place to live!

    time to change the anchor baby law, make it retro by 50 years, and DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT! send these hose-a’s packing back to the third world cess pool they all seem so proud of

  31. MrObserver says:

    I’ve said my piece….bye jokers!!!! and you know who you are, ha ha haha..over and out.

  32. yes says:

    1. Where is the stadium security? Eating a donut?
    2. Find something better to fight and die for then men in tights..

    1. jdizzle says:

      Blame security? How about we deport the non-humans so we can live in a somewhat normal adult society without all the babysitting?

  33. steves says:

    what a country. if you look at people in the stands a couple things stand out. first a good portion are wearing idiotic nfl swag. secondly, the seem to be mostly fat males, disproprtionately minority. Which begs, what percentage of these high flying fellows are leeches on scosiety and thus odumbo supporters. I would guess a very high percentage. kinda like if you visit a university and see all the kids on financial aid having the nicest clothes and large screen tv’s. this paradigm will melt away of inevitably it can’t be sustained.

  34. Clarity2011 says:

    Raider fans = thugs

  35. mamawati says:

    Some suspect descriptions would be very helpful to the general public here. Perhaps we could help police identify and apprehend the perpetrators and their allies. Why do acts of criminality never include this important information? Like suspect descriptions 9 age, weight, race, clothing). Those are or used to be STANDARD points to print and circulate if you wanted to catch bad guys. Now really, how is that going to help us out here do the “If you see something tell someone” rule handed down from above? This white gang violence has got to stop!

  36. Chachi says:

    I’m from Detroit…Just a slow Tuesday night around here…C’mon NoCal step it up…

  37. james says:

    Suspects aare from the Mexican state of Samoa

    1. the Truth says:

      For the beating in the bathroom!

      As for the shootings, police are looking for the usual suspect (i.e short, fat, tatooed, turd colored cholo with a goatee/shaved head with goblin features who cant hold a beer or control his mexcrament latrino third world savage rage)

  38. We All know says:

    Beast’s of Burden crowd (blacks/hispanics) behaving like the savages they are.

  39. Bob says:

    It is a sad day when there are more serious injuries in the parking lot, than in the game. There can be enthusiasm with social order–it calls for personal dignity.

  40. ricardo maxwel says:

    How are y’all liking Obama’s remaking of America? I reckon that it’s time for the working people and non-tribal, civilized Americans to start fighting back.

  41. Alan Zure says:

    Author and social commentator Paul Fussell said it best about sports in his book, “Class: A Guide to the American Social Status System”

    “The more violent the bodily impact on the field, the lower the class of the fan.”

    1. sailordude says:

      Thanks, sounds like interesting and informative reading material!

  42. Christopher Lehman says:

    Full body scanners like the ones used at airports will be introduced to all sports stadiums beginning sometime in 2012.

  43. Robert Tilden says:

    What a funny story! 49er fudge packers versus Oakland subhumans…It is a shame both sides cannot lose.

  44. Phocus says:

    Live in SF? Goin to a game? Better be packin. Here in Arizona, jump a guy in the restroom and die. When people start acting like wild animals, they can be fun to wach. But if they start hurting normal people, you gotta put em down. Start packin.

  45. Sod Buster says:

    this is what happens when you attempt to convert futbol fans to football fans.

  46. ggrimm says:

    Sanctuary city, sanctuary state. I grew up going to Kesar Stadium. Twelve years old, take a bus up to the city, get a transfer, go to the game, have a great time, go home. No mas.

  47. sailordude says:

    Sounds like Raider fans are crazy. I’m scared to go to any away sporting event wearing my teams apparel. Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball whatever. Call me a wimp but I don’t want to die or get beat unconscious over this stuff.

  48. chuck Taylor says:

    fuh-king meat head football fans. Worst sport fans in the world are football fans. Meathead mentality.

  49. GREENEBEAN says:


  50. Jerry Brandt says:

    I don’t believe any of this happened. Since Obama became President we were promised a new area of peace, prosperity, free homes, and bills paid for all.

  51. Tom Mullen says:

    Thus the term “feral humans”.

  52. Miles says:

    Though I see it a little different than you, you’re essentially right.

    1. MrObserver says:

      How do you see it Miles. I don’t mind a comparison of thought.

  53. Nobama says:

    Idiot Democrats, nothing more than idiot Obama voters.

  54. Vince says:

    Look at all the morons taking videos of the fight instead of trying to stop it. What is this world coming to?

  55. Keep Honkin I'm Reloading says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

    Oh wait, never mind…not as long as there’s ignorant, lazy, entitlement minded, keepin it real blacks in our society.

  56. Wes says:

    This is why you do not go to a NFL football game. It has become an audience packed with heathens.

  57. thirteenburn says:

    typical of Raider fan – since the 60’s either the players themselves or their imbicilic fans are, were or will be incarcerated for violent offenses, period.

    Just another reason I HATE the NfL (Neanderthal Felony League) – nothing but criminals that were they not in the league, they would most CERTAINLY be in prison somewhere, rotting away most deservedly.

    All misguided fans can continue to subsidize this travesty, but I choose to not do so: no jersey’s, no NFL associated products WHAT SO EVER!!!!

    Pathetic. Sad. But so very, VERY true…

  58. MAC says:

    What kind of mental disorder does it take to fight over sports?

  59. FuzzyWuzzy says:

    Whoever coined the oft used phrase “Our strength is our diviersity” had to be a far,far,far, left looney. Diversity divides us. How much evidence of that do you need? Unity is what gives strength-proven over and over and over.
    Strength thru diversity is just a cop out and acceptance of low morals and bad behaviors.

  60. cecilia says:

    it is just a stupid game people!! I mean really ,are we going to have to make these tv only games for now on?? Clearly people are not adult enough to handle going to sports functions. Grow up people!!

  61. johnoakman says:

    I’m betting people of color are the perps!!!!!!!!!

  62. Geepa says:

    Oakland should lose their NFL charter for a year and forfeit every game. I attended a game some years ago as a Titans fan. I was actually afraid when I went to the toilet. The locals next to me said to keep as quiet as possible so as to not cause any trouble. Oakland fans=morons.

  63. Mike Alright says:

    The US is wonderful today. Thank you baby-boomers!

  64. Daniel Smith says:

    iwas there and it was crazy

  65. Reason8200 says:

    Keep the degenerates in the cities. Morons fighting over a football team. Now if we could just get them to fight something worthy like against the socialist state that is California.

  66. mamawati says:

    I wonder if the crime the perps get convicted of will be a “crime-crime” as Whoopie would say or just a “crime like a parking ticket”, allowing them to stay in this country.
    Well Mr. Holder? Tell us what the rules are. how far beyond the crime of just being here illegally does a crime have to be before ti enough for deportation? As if you knew or cared Eric…

  67. Armed Texan says:

    How can such a thing happen in lovely San Francisco? I thought that place was supposed to be the epicenter of hope and change!

  68. Taco says:

    Can;t they all beat and kill each other in Mezico and not here. Please go home

  69. Ghostsouls says:

    Not that I agree with violence, but Finally! There is a video of a beat down, that didn’t involve blacks.

  70. jimmy says:

    The DEA and FBI fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.

  71. h says:

    The DEA and FBI fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.

  72. d says:

    The DEA and FBI fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.

  73. NowYouKnow says:

    Turn the rest of the stadium seats over to morons and let them have it all. Families and decent people need not waste their money on this intimidation. The corporations own most of the seats (were the morons get their FREE tickets) and they will be dumping theirs this year and next. See how the owners do without ticket revenue.

  74. JoetheSFRepublican says:

    “You know what they say, ‘It ain’t a party ’til someone shows up with a gun’.”

    -from CRAZYTOWN by Sterling Braswell

  75. nilochsaloob says:

    What do you expect coming out from a liberal state? Violence …of course.

  76. RudySpeak says:

    Hey what is going on here is so simple its like this “PEOPLE ARE STUPID”!!
    Why would you fight over a game yet if sent to fight a war those very same so called bad a*s gangsta idiots would cry for thier MOTHERS. They are not fans of the game they are “STUPID PEOPLE” PERIOD! The NFL, NBA,MLB and NHL could stop serving alcohol this would help and do not allow tail gates with alcohol this would help! They wouldn’t do that too much money involved in alcohol!! They don’t give a flying frogs fat a*s about the families that go to watch these games otherwise they would stop serving alcohol!! It’s that simple!!! I love the Steelers but I would never hurt anyone over a team or a game that I have nothing to do with other than be a huge fan these people are “STUPID PEOPLE”!
    I bet they don’t even know anything about FOOTBALL probably can’t even read the name on the Jersey they wear! I hate people who ruin these events for kids it makes me sick and only cowards use guns to fight! How do you try an dkill someone over a game they need to have some kind of enhancement charge for these types of events like you get 2 years on top of your original sentence and 10 yrs probation after serving your sentence. Also maybe they should have armed security or real security like off duty officers who volunteer and would get free tickets for their family or something like that. It’s just too crazy now people do not value life nor do they value people we are biodegradeable!!

  77. Bama Fan says:

    You can take your small children to an Indy Colts game and never have to worry about anything except the 10 dollar cokes.

    Of course just about the entire crowd is white so that’s what you’d expect.

  78. They all fight because of their frustrations over ALex Smith says:

    It’s Alex Smith’s fault. He sucks.

  79. Lerro says:

    My neighbor went to that game and he said that my description of a “couple tons of Somoans tring to kill each other” was extremely accurate.

    1. Ron says:

      A couple “tons” of Somoans tring to kill each other, whats that? Two guys fighting with thier Mother?

  80. Two Strike Rule says:

    Illegal immigrants: I say we go with the 2 strike rule. “Uno…dos….Adios!”

  81. jim says:

    I wouldn’t want to go to a SF game just to get beaten down by a bunch of SF thugs.

  82. Harry Hoex says:

    stop the sale of alcohol at the games, and if they are drunk from tail gating they don’t get into the game. Make the games fun a place you can take your kids(family)

  83. david says:

    These are just mindless animals with no sense of identity so they have to obsess over a stupid game. Anybody who takes sports so seriously that they have animocity toward opposing fans has a severe mental illness. Its just a silly game, get a life.

  84. rina says:

    lol ok samoen long hair white tee jeans that will really single him out in frisco lol