PINOLE (CBS SF) -A Pinole police officer and a security guard were injured in a shootout in Pinole Wednesday morning that left one suspect dead and another injured, police said.

The incident began shortly before 9:20 a.m. when two men attempted to rob a Loomis armored truck in front the Wells Fargo bank in the 1300 block of Fitzgerald Drive.

Details about what happened next were not immediately available, but police could confirm that a female security guard was injured by gunfire.

A Pinole police officer responding to the incident was shot in the shoulder but was able to shoot and kill at least one of the suspects.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

Another suspect was arrested after he showed up at Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo seeking treatment for a gunshot wound. He was transferred to John Muir Medical Center, police said.

The officer and the security guard are both expected to survive, police said.

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Comments (15)
  1. kc says:

    Hey KPIX – way to stay on top of things!! At 10 am I went to your site for info — I had heard the sirens and then helicopters circling for almost an hour – finally something up on your site almost 2 hours after it first happened! Since this story affects businesses and people you could have put this higher up than a tiny earthquake that happened last night!
    Thankfully Contra Costa Times stays on top of things in the East Bay.

    1. Spooky says:

      What tiny earthquake? That was me doing my morning jumping jacks!

  2. Knot Mee says:

    More lost souls/vitims of the USA economy. Desperation. Needing money. No job. If the earthquakes or tornadoes or the hurricanes don’t do this country damage the doomed economy will.

    1. Survival says:

      No, these were just dirt-bags, not “Victims.” They tried to get money through force and use of deadly force at that! This was their second attempt at robbery of an armored truck so I don’t want to hear the bleeding hearts for these two dirt-bags who attempted to take the lives of a security officer and police officer.

      I hope the officers make full recovories and the second Dirt-bag spends the rest of his days in prison!!

  3. Maal Member says:

    Please be sure to Tweet when/where the protests will be, k?

  4. hatethis says:

    such a gramatically incorrect article with no useful information.

  5. Ralph says:

    This is awful…where’s John Burris? He should be suing the Pinole Police for brutality or maybe the Lommis guard. Oh wait a minute, they were both white.

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