ALAMEDA (CBS 5/KCBS) – Some new parents got an unexpected scare Wednesday morning when they awoke to a team of armed Federal Bureau of Investigation agents attempting to raid their home.

CBS News correspondent Priya David and her husband Alex Clemens were at their home with their newborn child on Lina Avenue when they heard a banging on the door just after 7 a.m.

“Our first thought was the neighborhood is on fire,” resident Alex Clemens said. “I see what turns out to be eight uniformed, armored, armed officers – four of which are pointing guns through the window at my face.”

Just as officers were about to cuff Clemens he warned them that they had the wrong guy.

“They yelled at me ‘Is anyone else in the house,’” Clemens recalled. “I did say ‘yes, my wife is a CBS News correspondent. She’s upstairs nursing our infant baby.’ That seemed to de-escalate things a little bit.”

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

”They said, ‘stand to the side,’ but then realized, I think, very quickly that they had the wrong home,” said David. “We told them that we thought they were looking for the people who lived here about three months ago, who had sold us the house and then moved across the street.”

The search warrant specifically lists marijuana, items associated with the cultivation and sale of the drug, along with firearms as the focus of the investigation.

David said the agents were very apologetic about the mistake.

”They were thankful, from our understanding, that we were able to tell them where the people they were looking for had gone,” said David.

Agents did enter the home across the street after getting a second search warrant, arresting one person in connection with the case.

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Comments (176)
  1. John S says:

    Glowing example of your tax dollars at work.

    1. Tracey12 says:

      Have you noticed in the news lately the massive number of “raids” being conducted on businesses and individuals by federal agents? What is going on? Do we now live in Russia???

      1. ja says:

        Something to do with the secret repeal of the Fourth Amendment.

      2. Kevin Wallis says:

        hahaha not to mention the 30 or so storys about cops doing bad things like murder, gun running, and everything in between.

      3. LibMarxists leave the U.S. now says:

        …or does it have to do with who is currently occupying the White House?

      4. Al Dove says:

        The American Cheka.

      5. Davie Crockett says:

        It’s a pot raid. Illegel on a Fed level. Plain and simple.

      6. Guapi says:

        Thank the current regime. They either created the “astmophere” or are negligent in keeping a lid on it.

    2. Dave says:

      Janet Reno.- Replay?

  2. Longdrycreek Ranch Texas Panhandle says:

    The FBI and other federal agencies and many local law enforcement think nothing of such raids. Raids like this one are an excuse for the “police” to
    try out their gear and weapons.
    The U.S. is becoming a police state. If Obama said he wanted a civilian force equal the the military, he has it. The feds and local officers are part of the Obama web. Any one can be subject to seizure, including this innocent couple.

    1. Chris G. says:

      BECOMING a police state? That shark was jumped years ago. Gotta get those evil marijuana growers, don’t you know!

      1. Bulldog22 says:

        they are far worse than the murderers who sneak across every day.LOL

      2. HSR says:

        Really. A police state? How, exactly do we live in a police state? Do you mean this as a pure opinion, or a fact? If a fact, please provide something to support this position, because police exist under a dammed if you do, dammed if don’t microscope of a long time now. Lets not forget the Warren Court’s castration of law enforcement, the pain of which exists to this day. Finally, your marijuana grower is, in this case, the law’s armed drug dealer. Hopefully drug dealers never move in across the street from you, and you do have to deal with the impaired drivers coming and going twenty-four hours a day, and the potential for violence.

        You and your friends would do a much better job dealing with the pressures and dangers of modern law enforcement. You could come here, and clear drug corners in West Baltimore so people do not have to duck and cover from stray bullets three times a week. On the other hand, you are likely a weak coward, and would be so afraid you would be firing shots yourself within your first hour. I get it, you are cool and want to stick it to “The Man.” However, you know absolutely nothing about law enforcement, so stick to whatever it is you wrote your last fine arts or sociology paper on.

      3. Bill says:

        HSR…you’re obviously a cop and guess what…I’d rather have a marijuana dealer move in a cross the street than an armed thug cop anyday. And when laws dictate just about every aspect of my life, then yes we live in a police state. I saw you write earlier and ask what rights we’ve lost…How about the 4th and 5th amendments to the constitution? You can be declared an enemy combatant and then tortured and killed…no trial…and no one would know. How about the fact that I’m not allowed to decide what substances I ingest? Isn’t it my body? I cant decide what business I want to conduct without asking for permission from a govt to run it…Most things in my life revolve around asking permission from some govt entity…

      4. Tired of it says:

        Don’t forget the evil guitar makers that work for Gibson.

      5. Phelps says:

        I would much rather live across the street from a drug dealer than a cop. The drug dealer will keep his head down and avoid attention. The cop will get a wild hair because he didn’t like the way you parked your car or something, and then spend the rest of you stay there harassing, threatening and tormenting you without repercussion, because the other cops will always take his side, up to and including when he murders you and claims it was self-defense.

      6. LivingPre911Still says:

        HSR… IT IS A POLICE STATE when Jack Booted Thugs bust down YOUR door which instantaneously brings a very volatile and potentially violent situation where none need exist in the first place… Got It? Then shoot your threatening dog for behaving as exactly as dogs are expected to do which may break the Macho Mens skin with it’s bite… never mind the kids who love their pet witnessing the event… Your OPINION of people who wish to protect themselves who would probably behave as cowards is exactly that… and a poor one to boot!!!

      7. A Messenger says:

        HSR…America is the #1 Police State in the world We put more people in jail than any other country on the planet, and mostly for victimless crimes. We imprison more people than Russia and China COMBINED. We have more laws than any other country on the planet. Our police has more MILITARY grade equipment than any other country. Cameras on every street corner. TSA sexually assaulting people in the name of “security”. Police are now even using unmanned drones in America for Christ’s sake. America being a police state is not an opinion, it is a statistical fact.

    2. Bulldog22 says:

      This country is already a police state. They are going to start “raiding” alot of us soon. Hey big bro, I prefer my fema camp to be in the mountains. Something with a view please.

      1. Bulldog22 says:

        UH OH! someone is going to report me to “ATTACK WATCH”

      2. Iris D. Lynch says:

        Actually, I think it would be a GREAT idea for all of us to report ourselves to ATTACK WATCH> WHAT FUN!

      3. HSR says:

        You have some inside info brah??!!!! Wow!!! You are so relevant!!

      4. Jeff Mast says:

        Already done Iris. multiple times in fact. It is great fun

    3. Ken Watson says:

      And the why of it is quite simple. It’s FUN! What could be more fun that rolling up hot, guns drawn and kicking down a door? We had a raid like this in Atlanta where a 92 year old woman was shot in her front doorway. Wrong house, of course. And then they claimed she fired first! Planted gun, everything. All I can say is, good thing this chick is somebody important like a big-time newsie. Joe Average would be pushing up daisies.

    4. Whitey Ford says:

      Obama has pushed us faster into a police state than any other recent president. I’ve had it!

      1. Ohio says:

        Wrong boogie man. The Supreme Court ruled on this in 2006- 4 conservative justices and Kennedy 5-4.

    5. sam8131 says:

      did obamy send them?

  3. chas says:

    the implication seems to be that because she was a CBS news correspondant, special treatment should follow…..

    what an idiot

    1. Mark Matis says:

      Well, what do YOU think happened?

      I know the answer to THAT question.

    2. BG says:

      Even more reason to search the house! lol

    3. wyrdless says:

      A> I think it implied “this is a normal house with a family and a baby not a den of thieves”

      B> In the real world, people are not equal. A news correspondent who appears on TV can make their lives hell unlike you or me. So obviously, yes, in the minds of the officers, they deserved special treatment.

      Whether or not that is a good thing is a different question.

    4. Jeffrey Douglass says:

      was followed.
      You don’t think any chevey dealers who contributed to Obamas election lost their dealerships; do you?

      1. Dave says:

        It was End of the Bush era that bailed out the Major car Companys…

      2. SDN says:

        And who had to pass the law? Wouldn’t have been the Democrat controlled Congress, would it?

    5. Liberty Jane says:

      I’m going to use that excuse when they raid my home.

  4. Jeffrey Douglass says:

    Who are these thugs?

  5. Beau says:

    LOL This regime just keeps gettin’ better and better.

    1. Ohio says:

      This is nothing new. Conservatives on Supreme court ruled these unconstitutional raids are legal, in 2006. See map:

  6. Steinmann says:

    Coming to a home near you. It was probably someone that once gave money to a Tea Party candidate that they were looking for. Either that or a Gibson vintage guitar with some rare jungle wood.

  7. KorlaPundit says:

    Somebody must have reported the “resident’ had a Gibson guitar! Terrorist!!!!!

  8. jvcarey says:

    Our rights are going down the toilet. I wonder what was on the arrest warrant, was it “resident”. How about identifying the person before cuffing

    1. HSR says:

      Please name one right you personally lost. Please. This seems to be pretty popular rhetoric but nobody can never name a right they personally no longer have, without baseless speculation. If I am wrong, please let me know how. Thanks

      1. Jimm says:

        You’re wrong. If any one of us loses a right, we all lose.

      2. marg1 says:

        If a business wants my home I have lost the right to keep it thanks to the KELO ruling SCOFUS.

        I have lost the right to keep my medical records private.
        I have lost the right to not buy health insurance (I pay for my medical bills out of pocket.)
        I have lost the right to fly without being sexually assaulted or radiated.
        I have lost the right to see my president’s hidden records.

      3. ja says:

        Okay, I’m game. How about this one:

        “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures”

        Note: “to be secure”.

        We no longer have reasonable security against unreasonable search and seizure. It may not have happened to you yet; it may never happen. But you are not “secure”.

      4. John Watters says:

        The First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Admendments to the Consitiitution of the United States have been basically repealed and/or gutted by the implementation of the “Patriot Act”, DMCA, The “Making America Safe Act”, and a numerous string of Presedential Signing Statements, which, for some reason, carry the weight of law. Add to these the secret courts and indefinate detention for those not charged with a crime or to have been found innocent of those charges, even for US citizens.

        Yes, these sound like the acts of a free and open society. YUP YUP YUP. You must be right.

        Oh, ya, what about those people who have been murdered by law enforcement officers serving no knock warrants on a wrong home. The right of life has been denied to a large number of people here in the US. As the preamble to the Constitution states, we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So, there are three rights which has been lost my many people.

        Personally, I can’t go fishing on the Sun River anymore. I can’t float the Dearboarn. I can’t hunt where I used too. All due to government regulations and land closures. We had the best speed limit in the world, Reasonable and Prudent. But, freedom haters had to see that go away.

        Erosion of liberties comes in small steps so most people don’t see what is happening. Or in your case, you are either part of the corrections industry or you are a PollyAnna(you can’t handle the truth in front of your eyes), you just won’t believe it is happening.

        Quit hating my freeedom to enjoy life, get over it.

        Have a nice day.

      5. Ohio says:

        HSR. See map:
        Only a matter of time before your door gets illegally knocked down.

      6. Phelps says:

        “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

        That one. Where’s the perjury charge for the false oath sworn to secure that search warrant?

  9. Tom says:

    What moron would conduct a raid without checking if the target actually resides there. Federal Bureau of Incompetence.

    1. leonard says:

      It’s the Federal Bureau of INSTIGATION. It used to be called entrapment, now it’s called “war on terror”.

      1. HSR says:

        Entrapment? Please look up big words before you use them. This has nothing to do with entrapment, on the war on terror. US citizens rights are no different now than they were ten years ago because of the “war on terror.” And, please, don’t say PATRIOT Act. There is nothing in the PATRIOT Act does not undermine a single Constitutional right, despite what you may have been told, as nauseum for the last none years.!

      2. Kevin Wallis says:

        hahaha HSR must be a cop, because he sure does belive all the stuff they feed him

      3. A Messenger says:

        HSR…The Patriot Act doesn’t take any rights away? Are you on crack? The Patriot Act allows police to enter your home, without a warrant, even if you not home, and they don’t even have to tell you that they broke into your home. It allows warrantless wiretapping. It allows you to be arrested and held indefinitely without a trial or a lawyer. Go read the 4th Amendment and then try to tell people with a straight face that the Patriot Act doesn’t violate your rights.

  10. Frank Cotton says:

    At least now I know what to do if Obama’s brownshirts come to my door- I’ll just yell “My wife is a CBS News Coorespondent!”. It always helps to know how to identify yourself as a member of the protected class.

    1. JR says:

      I think the point is they knew the suspect wasn’t married to a CBS news correspondent with a baby. Get it?

      1. Jeffrey Douglass says:

        Still the same point can be made.

  11. Henry says:

    Wow. What would have happend if the home owner had a firearm and these thugs decided to raid his house on a no knock warant and thaught it was a home invasion? A recipe for a tragedy. They would probably make up some B.S. story and plant drugs in the house. Good golly!

    1. Glenn Ernway Bell says:

      Henry, exactly what happened six months or so ago in Tucson, AZ when the Pima Co SO rated a house and the home owner was sleeping after working all night. Ex-GI wakes to his wife’s screaming, grabs his semi auto AR-15, gets the hell shot of himself, and dies. Well over 100 rounds fired, medical aid refused when demanded by the wife until obviously too late. Suspicion of being involved in Marijuana trade. Opps wrong guy. No criminal action against the SO. For the record I am a retired cop and would have indited the hell out of that SAU team.

      1. Glenn Ernway Bell says:

        PS The home owner never fired a shot or probably got the chance to. Excepting the statements from the SO was he fired several rounds. Ops state crime lab forgot to get on the team with their results. I can assure you that several of the basic American rights have been curtailed by various acts passed by both sides of the isle and Presidential Orders from Bush and Obama. In fairness I am a conservative but a constitutional first American Citizen!

    2. Ozlanthos says:

      It has happened……… Several times actually. A guy in Vegas got the drop on 3 of their breach team before they stopped coming in and announced who they were. He didn’t kill any of them, but if he had been a step or two slower the police involved would have had to kill everyone, and plant drugs to justify the home invasion. Another one a few years back involved an 80 year old Floridian grandmother. I don’t even remember how many times they shot her, but from what I recall, they would have been able to take down a Tyrannosaur with as many bullets. In any case, she managed to hit one of them with a 12 gauge before becoming a lead magnet.

      The point is that it is a tragedy that they feel the need to break into our homes unannounced and at ungodly hours. As long as defining which drugs are ok for others to use is so important that we need laws, guns, courts, and prisons to threaten us into compliance, these mistakes (and worse) are going to happen.


  12. JR says:

    Troll from Drudgereport link, eh? Can always tell when he’s linking to a site. Where does the article mention politics, or the political leanings of the police, the husband, the nursing mother, or the baby? Yikes.

  13. Kelli_DOA says:

    perfect. i hope she does a story about it.

  14. Ron Paul Jones says:

    Obama Obama Obama…. Give me a break… This would happen regardless who is in the WH. And I have another clue for you Mr Texas panhandle… Obama has nothing to do with the rain, snow or the planets… Feel better now?
    You want to make the world a better place… Start with yourself

    1. Startsnitchingwww.bho. says:

      Uh oh, another report going to the Obama snitch web sight. Your in big do.

    2. Dredd12 says:

      Obama is the chief law enforcement officer in the nation as well as the president. You can whine that “it’s not his fault”, but it IS HIS RESPONSIBILITY.
      The Donks are doomed and it’s this corrupt regime that has doomed them to the ash heap of history.

      1. Ohio says:

        He is not the Chief law enforcement officer in the nation. He is the Commander in Chief and President he appoints an Attorney General who expected to carry out the law of the land. Which in this case was decided by 4 conservative Justices and Justice Kennedy in 2006- the so called liberal justices dissented they basically said that NO-knocks raids are legal and anything they find can also be used angainst you Hudson vs Michigan.
        So you end up with this:

      2. Ron Paul Jones says:

        You really are a blind, dumb person. One who can not or will not think for himself. This is the baggage you have decided to carry with you for the rest of your life. Always being mulipulated into saying stupid stuff. What a waste

    3. Phelps says:

      Then why did Obama promise that his presidency would mark when the ocean levels started going down and our planet would begin to heal?

  15. villa rios says:

    Give and man a badge and a gun and he loses all integrity, honestry and usefullness to a free society,

    These union thugs are absolutely no different than any killer on death row. They should all be fired, flown to Afghanistan and released into the wild. They are abosolutely no differnt than any terrorist. They have no humility and could care less about the nation our Founding Fathers set up to prevent these horrible abuses.

    Don’t give me excuses about an honest mistake…. They have all the bells and whistle to get it right, but they choose not to, because they are no differnt than the secret police who worked for Stalin.

    1. cd says:

      I don’t think that FBI agents are eligible to join a union. In fact, FBI agents are probably more like you than being a union thug. You may want to check your facts.

    2. Kevin Wallis says:

      dont belittle all unions with the cops union…. there totaly different

  16. Trajan Long says:

    How about what they did to GIBSON GUITARS. Raided with guns drawn, materials confiscated, factory shut, told to relocate to Madagascar in the middle of a depression No due process, no , lets see if their are any infractions and try and work it out. Like insane police state tactics.. Worst Justice Department in US history.

    1. bulldog22 says:

      they only raided them to send a message. If you are a conservative/non-union business in Amerika, watch out.

  17. HTuttle says:

    I guess she was reported on #AttackWatch

  18. hank says:

    …Huuump, “say hello to my little friend”…you bettcha…

  19. CMLZ says:

    Blame it on Napolitano!

  20. wecomeinpeace says:

    1.20.13 the end of an error and all his cronies including holder, the cracker hater.

  21. glenn says:

    Stool like this happens all the time. Happened to one of my friends many years ago. Because ofentimes the cops and the DA are just tooooo busy to get the right address or read the house numbers. Gotta kick those doors in right now.

  22. wecomeinpeace says:

    and the head of the Terrorists Society of America (TSA) – Big Skunk Napolitano

  23. Reinvestigate 911 says:

    I’m surprised they didn’t taser the baby for failure to comply and fear for officer safety.

    Off topic…as a direct result of the feds in body armor and weapons drawn raiding raw milk and produce sellers, I’ve been buying raw milk for the first time. The stuff is awesome (but $12/gallon). Support these local farmers.

    1. Jeffrey Douglass says:

      I guess the baby couldn’t be groped! New ruling by the state, got to be 12 to warrant a grope.

  24. warbaby says:

    This keeps happening a lot. They should be glad they were not shot. To me this kind of aggressiveness indicates a strong fear factor on the part of the police. They should not be in the police bizz if this is the problem.

    1. coolie says:

      Cool, then please…YOU do the work.

      2011 Total Line of Duty Deaths: 124 and counting

      1. Lester says:

        123 in traffic accidents. A dangerous job would be a logger or a fisherman.

  25. BenFranklinX says:

    Looks like Obama’s Keystone Kops strike again KGB style!
    Somebody alert #attackwatch on Twitter that they they had another false alarm!

  26. Paolo Caruso says:

    9/11 was an excuse to create the police state you now live in. Its filled with newly hired robo cops, spooks and rentacops with little to do. Even the security people at the mall traded in their blue blazers for swat team commando attire. You cant get rid of this easily because now these goons are protecting their own jobs, and theyll step on your neck and put you in jail to keep getting that govt. taxpayer paid paycheck.

    1. Reinvestigate 911 says:

      Spot on. I’m seeing more and more unmarked SUV’s around here with shaved head goons. They’re everywhere now.

  27. Paul says:

    Can you say zillow? I mean today, with google/yahoo, one can find the sales history of any home in the US. This happened to a friend of mine in Miami, they threw her out of her car onto the pavement and banged her up a lot. Never id’d themselves in plainclothes. No apology, no money, nada.

  28. Walter says:

    Nothing to see here, just move along.

  29. Belfast Brigade says:

    There’s an absolute WAR going on on the Southern border – torture, murder, beheading with nothing being done, but there’s plenty of money for armed goons with expensive toys to raid guitar factories, Amish farms and now, nursing mothers.

    I cannot believe what’s happening in the U.S.

  30. coolie says:

    Apparently you all stare a the three walls of you cubicles each day and forget there is a reality. It doesn’t involve blogs or facybook.

  31. Old Badgepacker says:

    I’m sure all you people have the FBI wrong! Suggesting they are dishonest? Humm, Maybe congress should go back and check all thre FBI reports on things like the JFK assassination, RFK assassinatioon, JFK jr’s plane crach, Martin Luther king’s assassination, Oklahoma cirty bombing, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Flight 800, Rob Brown’s assassination, and a dozen other questionable FBI Reports and maybe there is enough lies and coverups to disband this out of control agency, right along with the BATF, and US fish & wildlife service that have all lost sight of theiir jobs of protecting the American people. And while their at it, maybe clean up the DOJ, and impeach Obama before things get a whole lot worse!

  32. Dieter Miller says:

    Much like with Daniel Pearl, now that something unpleasant like this has happened to a fellow member of the elite media, perhaps they’ll be a little more concerned with the militarization of our police, reckless overuse of SWAT–which should ONLY be a response force to serious incidents, IMHO–and general contempt for anything remotely involving the 4th amendment. You can read all about incidents such as this…in The Declaration of Independence.

  33. Reggie Jackson says:

    WIll they be featured on KRON 4’s People Behaving Badly?

  34. John S says:

    Whats even funnier is Obama was supposed to bring change to Cali, well u like that hope and change now people? I don’t think its his fault this happened but cmon his justice department reeks of incompetence.

  35. Sharon Y. says:


    The FBI’s instinct to arrest this “CBS News correspondent” was correct.

    Priya David’s (and the Media’s) blind adoration of Barack Obama is
    a criminal use of the First Amendment protections of a Free Press.

    Google “Obama’s Fist Bump” and “Priya David” to see for yourself.


  36. Laser Guided Loogie says:

    As long as we allow law enforcement, federal or otherwise, to have immunity from prosecution when they do stuff like this, they will keep doing it.

    What do they care if they raid the wrong house, shoot some innocent, or destroy the life of some unfortunate who just happened to be in the wrong place? They will just go on to the next case, give each other medals and high fives, and self-righteously pontificate about the “rule of law,” which they always exclude themselves from.

    Fire these guys, sue them, or imprison them when they make these kinds of “mistakes,” and I’ll, bet you find the quality of their work improve dramatically.


    1. Kevin Wallis says:

      funny you mention that. if you get a simple traffic ticket, you pay even if you win in court. you lose time from work, and the cop loses nothing. so if they write a ticket, even if it wasnt justified, they make money. If the cop were to have to pay court costs, as well as other fines if he were to lose the case, i bet they would write less tickets.

  37. Jeffrey Douglass says:

    U are correct. Like child support courts they are above the law of the land, the reasons is “for the children. Wher in the constitution are those exceptions to the law writen?

  38. steve5150 says:

    I wonder if this news lady did a mildly unfavorable story on the current administration? It certainly would explain the raid.

  39. scrivener says:

    A mistake? Or sending a message? If it was a mistake, it’s inexcusable, and heads should roll. If it was “sending a message,” it’s inexcusable, and heads should roll. Not sure which is worse.

    1. scrivener says:

      Now if Priya has a Serene Branson moment, we’ll have a clue as to which it is.

      (Just got a message, “You are posting too quickly. Slow down.” I can’t believe this message was generated by cbs2…. the plot sickens…

  40. MosinNagant says:

    HMMMM…and these are the guys that are supposedly protecting us against terrorists too? LOL!

  41. nosympathy3566 says:

    If I have to decide between taking sides between a journalist or a law enforcement officer, I will take the officer’s side every time!

    Most of us in fly-over-country have high regard for law enforcement officers, and very little regard for journalists…

    1. Bill says:

      Why would anyone need to decide what side to take? There is no question that the LEOs were wrong–their own agency acknowledges it. They made a mistake, showed up at the wrong house, and threatened innocent people.

  42. Mike says:

    Uh Oh–they thought she was a Fox reporter–not a reporter Fox…..

  43. Just saying says:

    They just came from fast and furious and thought she worked for FOX

  44. mark burns says:

    The point of all this is that the homeowner did not escalate but complied with the police. Most police officers are reasonable ,and,responsible however, you need to do what they say. There is pleanty of time to sort it out later.

  45. steve5150 says:

    Call me crazy but if I were a cop and I intended to employ a SWAT team to break down the door of a house I think I would kind of verify the people I want to arrest actually live there.

  46. Max says:

    Shame on Priya David and her husband Alex Clemens for “tell[ing] them where the people they were looking for had gone,”

  47. Capt.Big Smith says:

    Cell phone captures police raid….With permission to film the police,I’m sure. What is the status on that arrest?

  48. Tom says:

    In the words of Emily Litella, “Never Mind”.

  49. tomas says:

    Should have told them he was an illegal alien, FBi would have apologized profusely.

  50. Apocalypto says:

    Unbelievable. Luckily they didn’t shoot anyone’s dog this time. Idiots.

  51. Kevin Wallis says:

    The only reason they were apologetic is they were told it was CBS, otherwise they would have trompled through the house, cuffed everyone, and made them wait 4 hours for the proper channels to be gone through before releasing you and not even saying sorry. Oh yeah, they would have also gone through every part of the house looking for anything, because they were already there. FTP

  52. Barry G. Wick says:

    When corporations can draw a straight lin on a map to build a pipeline and use eminent domain to put it in….when cops knock down the wrong doors….when people are refused or tricked out of their right to vote….when people aren’t allowed the privacy of their own bedrooms and bodies….when all citizens aren’t given equal rights….when kids are allowed to be bullied in schools….you can bet this isn’t America….and you can bet you aren’t in control….and you can bet that nobody cares about you.

  53. Kevin Wallis says:

    After watching the video, i caught something that wasnt stated in the story. He said he didnt understand what they were yelling. How many people get roughed up for non compliance or resisting arrest for not understanding what was said?

  54. larry says:

    So did they shoot their dog or was the raid wasted?

  55. Thomas says:

    Sloppy police work. Its called “pre raid intel” You set up, look at the house, get pictures, positively ID the parties living at the house, verify it with utility checks the night before the raid….all of this avoidable with a little more work.

  56. Jeff says:

    If all drugs were to be legalized, you would take the money out of it and there would be fewer issues like this and at the border. Prohibition created a decade of criminals. Learn from history.

  57. Bill Fisher says:

    America has become a police state and few have noticed. In a related incident, a woman who was removed from a Frontier airlines flight diverted to Detroit on Sunday, was handcuffed, strip searched and jailed for six hours because she looked Arab,

    This was reported today at Breitbart.

  58. CLD says:

    The incompetence the permeates the Obama administration is breathtaking

    1. Ohio says:

      How do you explain these 100 or so that happened before Obama was in office:
      How about we just stick to the less biased and less ignorant statement which is that the incompetence “that permeates the government is breathtaking”

  59. Rick says:

    “I’m a member of the complicit media! You’ve made a mistake! Our apologizes Comrade.”

  60. j says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close those bad cases.
    How is it that 12 of the 9/11 terrorists could live for 2 weeks just 2 miles from NSA head quarters in Maryland.
    This after several of them had taken flight simulator lessons on Jumbo jet trainers and several of them where on State department terror watch lists.
    There is evidence that employees from DoD, CIA and DOJ accepted bribes from Al Quida.
    If DoJ and DoD employees where more concerned with doing their jobs than enriching themselves by stealing from suspects and taking bribes, then there might have been more a chance that 9/11 had never happened.

  61. Adam Smith says:

    Obama and Putin share one thing in common – they are both statists and collectivists for long for the days when the left had an utterly ruthless KGB under them.

  62. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    What is more disturbing? The cops cant get the address right or that a cbs news correspondent very happily rats out the people who used to live there. either way, it bodes well for the success of the police state.

  63. the Dudeman says:

    A CBS News correspondent in S.F….. can’t they arrested for being radical liberals? I miss the days of Pinochet.

  64. Daniel Staggers says:

    Good thing he didn’t panic, think his house was about to be robbed and answered the door with a gun, huh?

  65. philip inuhoff says:

    Insane! They were raiding a house with guns because they thought there were plants in there?

  66. Nik says:

    I guess the mailbox didn’t tip them off at what the correct address is?

  67. spikehb says:

    FBI for marijuana? Why don’t they just legalize it so these high paid spooks can do something useful? Are there just too many politicians making money on this modern day prohibition?

  68. leroy says:

    Did they at least get the narcotics from the intended target home? I think the ends justify the means if they were able to get harmful drugs like marijuana off of the street. True, the FBI inconvenienced an innocent family, but just think of the lives they saved by seizing the drugs.

    1. Bill says:

      REALLY?! You have no idea what you are talking about. They didn’t “save” any lives, but almost cost the lives of two innocent people.

  69. OWNtheNWO says:

    So our government, knowingly ships guns to Mexican drug cartels and have now admitted in court affidavits in the project gunrunner case that they were letting the cartels in turn ship tons and tons of hard drugs like cocaine and heroin into the united states.

    Banks like Wachovia have been CONVICTED for laundering 367 BILLION dollars of that drug money, from which they were fine a laughable 100 million.

    Then we sick the out of control police state and alphabet agencies on some dude growing weed in his house but the incompetent morons running things can’t even get the right house, so they can send this guy growing pot to sit and rot in a jail owned by the same companies who are owned by the same banks who are laundering the drug money.

    This family should feel lucky that they weren’t murdered in their own home by these overzealous goons.

    End all this drug war fraud,
    Vote for Ron Paul in 2012.

  70. David from San Diego says:

    Please don’t blame the officers on the scene. They will do whatever the law allows for them to achieve their goals. We need to CHANGE the laws so police are not allowed to obtain warrants to burst into homes with guns unless there is a clear and present danger to life that justifies the breach of the peace (and the risk of someone’s death that accompanies it). CHANGE THE LAWS!

  71. R.B. says:

    So, their suspects moved away THREE MONTHS AGO, and they didn’t realize it. This must just be the FB because it would seem to me that there wasn’t much of the “I” put into finding out if the right people were in the house.

  72. Jim Robertson says:

    The raiding officers would have most likely completed the arrest if these people had been an ordinary family without a powerful media connection. Recently in San Diego county misguided raiding officers put 70 bullets into a totally innocent Iraqi war veteran attempting to protect his family from what he thought was a gang of men trying to break into his home.

  73. Bill says:

    Oh yeah…and go try to practice your 1st amendment anywhere near the capitol or the White House…see how crazy free this country has become…

  74. targetzero says:

    Ha ha ha, bafoons! Don’t they do their homework? Or where they stoned off of the dope themselves?

  75. John Steele says:

    When you militarize the police they are going to play solider.

    Welcome to the new and improved America 2.0 — a rerun of the Soviet Union.

  76. Bob says:

    SWAT means Special Weapons ATTACK Team. That didn’t sound to good releasing that upon the public so they changed it to Special Weapons And Tactics.

    They are entirely overused and need to be reigned in and held professionally and personally accountable for killing pets and innocent people. I can’t imagine being in a situation where unknown men are kicking in my door and yelling unintelligibly. Grab the bedside weapon to defend against what you think may be a home invasion and end up with 70 bullets in you? It really is a messed up scenario and SWAT should be reserved for the holed-up criminal who has hostages and door barricades.

  77. John Giles says:

    Asset forfeiture thugs.

  78. Marijuana Gateway to Health says:

    What a waste of money and an abuse of power! Marijuana is a health-building product that lowers one’s chances of developing cancer and Alzheimer’s disease so why is it illegal? So that morons who couldn’t get a job at a shoe shop can have government welfare jobs working as narcotic agents!

  79. Kathy says:

    Just as you should always wear clean underwear in case you’re involved in an accident, you should always keep a tidy house in case you get raided.

  80. Scott says:

    Why do I have guns? Because I don’t have a cBS correspondent in my house!

  81. DirtCrashr says:

    The SWAT team backed off real fast when they heard it was a CBS correspondent who works with the Leftwing Media.
    Normally they at least shoot the dog.
    Why so much SWAT lately, why the super-abundant overkill?

    1. Agent P says:

      DirtCrashr (and anyone else interested)

      You asked a very salient question. And I am here to offer the answer:

      White Paper

      July 17, 2006
      Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America

      by Radley Balko

      Look it up – easy to find. Read it and learn.

  82. joubaur says:

    That’s a really thorough, and well done investigation!

  83. J2011 says:

    It would have only taken one overzealous officer to have turned a mistake into a tragedy. This should not have happened and the agents did the absolute right thing by apologizing (hopefully profusely).

  84. Agent P says:

    You can trace this ‘Raid’ and those like it, directly to the swift and highly questionable passage of the ‘Patriot’ Act. People in uniform are now regarded – across the board as ‘heros’.

    You’ll also notice the distinct ‘look & feel’ of these cops as being more military-like than domestic public servants, assigned to ‘serve and protect’…

    Make no mistake about it – your eyes, ears and sight do not deceive you. There is now a Real & Present DANGER in the form of Authoritarian tactics, done under the cover of ‘keeping us safe’.

    And it is becoming all cross-linked with Federal oversight. In other words, a National Police Force by any other name.

    No, you are not dreaming…

  85. Agent P says:

    White Paper

    July 17, 2006

    Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America

    by Radley Balko

    Look it up – easy to find. Read it and learn.

    You may not be a pot smoker or drug dealer, you may obey all the traffic rules and pay your taxes, etc. None of this will help when an otherwise ‘innocent’ affiliation you have, or company you keep, or certain political view you hold, or societal stance you take on a subject that is of importance to you personally, happens to conflict with the agenda and desires of the State.

    You think you still have Constitutional protection…?


  86. Tom Huynh says:

    And who is the Supervisor/Manager overseeing this raid?? At Dunkin Donuts?

  87. Don says:

    You have already signed away your inalienable rights of 4rth and 5th amendments when you signed for a driver’s license. Don’t believe me? It is called a consent law, so you don’t understand what you are signing. And it is by coersion. Who wouldn’t sign it? You need to travel to get a job and do normal personal business. A right is only a right if you don’t pay a tax on it. We do not have a right to work. That requires taxes, permits, licenses, ss card etc… The government can deny you, so it is a priviledge. The only right I can think of is a “right” to not work. There is no direct tax on that. You might even get paid to NOT work! Read the Constitution, it is America’s only hope, IF we can get it back.

  88. Howard Hal says:

    HSR your an idiot! thats why you havent given up any rights, you dont have any to give up, your too stupid to even know you have any!

  89. Glenn says:

    You have to love the topic as it has generated hundreds of comments. Americans take their rights seriously but few actually understand what is a right and what is permitted bt fiat, law, or general custom. Having a drivers license while needed in todays work a day world is not a right. Driving without insurance is not a right, crossing from one state to another without a permit from your local government is a right. The freedom to give your opinion is a right. Yelling fire at a public meeting is not a freedom of speach issue. It like a whole lot more is a criminal act. If in doubt see rule 1 for the USA. Rule 1? The Bill of Rights, Constitution and subsequent laws enacted by local, state, county, and federal legislative bodies. Enjoy but be kind to the idiots of the world. He/She may be your next President.

    1. sam8131 says:

      He already is president.

  90. Glenn Ernway Bell says:

    Yes, I know. Chicago is still missng him. He was the resident village idiot. I just wish we had a better choice to replace him. Have a great day!

  91. Robert Pickle says:

    freemason jack booted thugs, where will you hide, nohides?

  92. ArtB says:

    At least they didn’t kill the dog, if only because the family didn’t have one.

  93. Roddy Pfeiffer says:

    I didn’t believe we live in a police state until I spent some time in China.
    It’s all propaganda. People have more personal freedom in China. The media lies to you. Your government lies to you. Believe what you see.

  94. walt says:

    When Police can murder and not have to answer for it because they followed procedure- it’s a police state.
    If your labeled “ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE” because you express your constitutional rights and must show ID when committing no offense- it’s a police state…………..

    I can go on.

  95. Don says:

    You’re completely right. But to go one further, when you sign for your driver’s license, you sign a consent law. You give up your 4rth and 5th amendments. These are inalienable rights. That is why they (the police state) can set up roadblocks and check your papers and inspect your trunk. They can pull over everybody because everyone is a suspect. Same with the illegal searches at airports. Guilty until proven innocent, even if the flight is just between states, which is clearly a violation of our right to travel. If you have to pay a tax or it requires a permit or license, it is a priviledge, not a right. Therefore, there is no “right” to work. But you have a right NOT to work. I can think of few rights. Proof is the voting tax was declared un-constitutional because rights cannot be taxed!

  96. sam8131 says:

    Dear HSR,

    How about my right not to buy health care?

  97. Clawed Dallas says:

    Hsr, Head Straight up Rectum, guess he never heard of fast and furious. The last time I had an intruder on my property, I ran them off with my right to bear arms. Then the cops show up and THATS when the trouble started!

  98. Some Cop says:

    Meh, you can cry about it, but we have a union that will protect the jobs of every officer involved. In the end, all you have is hot air, lady.