SANTA CLARA (CBS SF) — Police in Santa Clara are searching for a hit-and-run driver who fatally struck a man in a wheelchair and dragged him 300 feet Sunday morning.

Officers responded to a report of a man down at the intersection of E. Homestead Road and Pomeroy Avenue at about 1 a.m., according to Santa Clara police.

Arriving officers found a 67-year-old Santa Clara man unconscious and critically injured in the roadway.

Paramedics were not able to revive the victim, and he was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Investigators believe the victim was in a wheelchair crossing E. Homestead Road near Quince Avenue when he was struck by a vehicle traveling west, police said.

The vehicle dragged the man approximately 300 feet to where he was found.

The driver has made no attempt to contact the authorities.

Police are trying to compile a description of the suspect vehicle, which likely has significant damage to its front end and possibly to its windshield.

Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the suspect driver. Anyone with information regarding the collision is urged to contact Santa Clara police Investigator Kenia Soto at (408) 615-4764.

Anonymous tips can be given online at

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Comments (7)
  1. Lee1 says:

    Of course the driver didn’t and won’t contact the police. At that time if night he/she was most likely drunk.

  2. CATHY KELLEY says:

    it is so very, very sad. it doesn’t matter what color,race,citizenship,gender,age, drunk,loaded, sober, rich,poor,famous,or unknown. Not 1 of those factors matter. it’s the total lack of concious, respect, & remorse for another human being’s right to live.
    there is absolutely not one possible word the person, or persons, who did this dispicable action could utter in answer for this unthinkable crime.

    may the victim rest in the Angels soft wings after he walks through those pearly gates.

    1. Ana says:

      Dale, just to clarify something, do you really think God almighty, is THAT stupid? Even people like you and I know when someone is remorseful or when he/she is saying it to get out of the loop.
      It’s not words that matter, it’s your ACTIONS. That’s a LAW in all religions… do good, you will get good back, do bad and let karma get you. Simple as that.

  3. retphxfire says:

    If it doesn’t matter (and it doesn;t) why even mention it? It was someone who has no soul and someone knows who he is, hopefully THAT person does…

  4. CATHY KELLEY says:

    Nicely said, Ana.

    This article has nothing to do with anyone’s beliefs, or religion.
    Unfortuneately,It’s about a human being who’s clueless, & to top it off, has no balls to admit being clueless,& is so empty inside,cares nothing for the value of another human being’s life.

  5. Obliterate hit-and-run. says:

    Another victim of hit and run occurred a few hours later on 101S in Menlo Park: Curious, how common is hit and run? So tragic for the victims and their family and friends. So uncaring for the hit and run driver not to do anything but run away.