SAN FRANCISCO (CBS / AP) — Members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang and several others have been charged with operating a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud and allegedly using part of the proceeds to buy so-called marijuana grow houses.

A federal grand jury indictment unsealed Tuesday charged gang leaders Raymond Foakes and Josh Leo Johnston and six others with participating in a fraud ring that purchased and refinanced several expensive properties worth a combined $10 million in San Francisco and Sonoma counties between 2005 and 2007.

Jacob Moynihan, a loan officer with several companies during that time, is alleged to have submitted false income documents, employment histories and bank statements on behalf of Hells Angels’ members and others to secure mortgages.

All but one of the defendants has entered a plea of not guilty.
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Comments (4)
  1. Angela says:

    HA is a Motorcycle Club they are not a gang. Why are they being target for mortgage fraud when we all know between 2005 and 2007, there are million of people were in our mortgage fraud.

  2. Honey says:

    Good call Angela….. Leave the HA’s alone for God sake. They contribute more to our state than our own government does.

    1. gary buttercup says:

      Off course they are a Gang. Anyone is stupid to believe otherwise.

  3. Lacie says:

    Wow, I’m Jacob’s little sister & i haven’t seen him since i was 6, i’m 16 now. Nice to see where your famiyl goes.

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