TEHACHAPI (CBS/AP) – California prison officials are threatening to discipline thousands of inmates who are participating in a statewide hunger strike.

Officials with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said Thursday that strike leaders could be placed in solitary confinement and followers could lose personal items from their cells.

Strikers have been protesting conditions in solitary confinement cells and gang security measures, which they have alleged puts them in danger.

Inmates are in isolation for a reason, countered Gov. Jerry Brown.

“We have individuals who are dedicated to their gang membership who order people to be killed, who order crimes to be committed on the outside,” he said. “My recommendation is to deal effectively with gangs in prisons.”

The strike began Monday and includes 4,252 inmates in eight prisons. A previous hunger strike over the same issues in July involved 6,600 inmates at its peak.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

Inmates renewed the strike because they allege prison officials failed to follow through on promises made to end the July action. Officials said they are reviewing their policies, but the process takes several months.

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Comments (7)
  1. PLW says:

    Don’t break the law if they don’t like the jail conditions!!! If they stay out of jail, they can hang with their HOMYS!

  2. Me says:

    Let the morons starve….that will save us HONEST taxpayers a ton of money…..they think they have it bad in jail, try making an HONEST living out here….at least in there they have FREE food, shelter, health insurance, and anything else they want………….as I say, let ’em starve if they are that stupid

  3. Reality Check says:

    Their food, shelter, and medical treatment is not FREE. WE PAY FOR IT!

  4. Angela says:

    LOL…go on your hunger strike see if anyone cares. If you die of hunger, it will be one less person in prison that we tax payers have to pay for.

  5. Sharon Gonzalez says:

    We taxpayers are supporting the prisons and I do agree “IF YOU DO THE CRIME YOU SHOULD DO THE TIME” but some of you talk out of your ASS! Prisons are there so people can do their time. Yes, the majority have done violent crimes, killed etc…..They are human do they have to be beaten down, treated like Dogs!! If you been to jail for a night, then think how prison is. They should let the ones that harm children to starve. My brother is in Corcoran “SHU” Prison.

  6. Patricia Aguilar says:

    This is directed to those of you that seem to think these inmates willing to risk their lives should starve to death to save( US)tax payers some money. I would suggest before you leave such ignorant comments you do some relative research on the subject matter. First of all if and when these inmates begin to get deathly ill, and at the rate this hunger strike is progressing that can be sooner than later, (WE) the tax payer will have to accommodate their medical treatment until they do pass away. So if YOU really think this hunger strike could benefit the tax payers keep dreaming. It’s appalling that in the US today we allow such horrific treatment of our prisoners to exist. We as a country go into other countries to stop this type of inhuman torture from happening, but hypocritically we won’t fix the issues in our own back yard. These inmates have been sentenced but torturous treatment was not determined to be a part of their sentencing, yet it is. If you believe that these inmates deserve no rights, perhaps you should consider living in another country because the last time I checked the US constitution was designed to provide basic human rights to all people including prisoners.

  7. Betty says:

    Patricia, yiou know the classic anti supportive comment is fueled by ignorance and fear, which makes me think they are more willing to throw money at the problem than face the trhuth…. here is a bit of truth for those naysayers…. the strikers arent eating, but the prison is still providing the food. THEY HAVE TO… it all goes in the garbage,and by the quality of it, it is where it belongs…. they are paying for more than they realize… what they DONT realize is crime wont be the criteria for mass incarceration…. as the police state is upon us and the way prisoners are treated are proof we are a society of moguls who have no heart. ( well the majority… there are a few like you and I who still believe in justice ( even though it is being denied) and humanitarianism, even though it is is not worthy of those who who sit free and judge from such high moral ground… I am sure they are as pure as the drek they speak…with their black hearts and closed eyes.