SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – There is plenty of unique sights on the streets of San Francisco, but these are right under your feet. In this Good Question: What are those colored dots on San Francisco’s sewer grates?

Our video report has more.

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  1. Helen says:

    When there is property damage during the Oakland protests, are the people charged and do they have to compensate the businesses for damages?

  2. Lois Jackson says:

    why hasn’t the question been asked as to why the mayor of sf swore Mirkirimi in when there was a domestic violence case pending against him. The swearing in could have been resheduled until after the resolution of the case. The other question is why, since he’s already sworn in isn’t there a probationary period as sheriff, where he could be removed a lot easier than to have to spend all this money on the ethics panel that needs 9 votes. It appears that this was by design, 8 votes and everything is business as usual and leaving the appearance that the mayor and district attorney did thier job? I think those are valid questions. Can you help with an answer.

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