SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The nation’s first cellphone ordinance, which requires that retailers provide customers with information on how to limit their exposure to radiation from the devices, has gone into effect in San Francisco.

The legislation calls for stores to display an informational poster at the point of sale in outlets and that fact sheets be given to anyone who requests it or buys a cellphone.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

A customer at the Market Street T-Mobile in San Francisco, who works as a scientist, said the ordinance is a waste of time and taxpayer money.

“I strongly disagree scientifically. It has not been proven that it really has an impact,” he said. “If it is scientifically proven, then it should be federal regulation.”

Most experts have said that the way cellphone radiation is measured can be unreliable as exposure can depend on many different factors, including distance from a cellphone tower, battery life and how close the phone is to a person’s body.

The poster and fact sheet recommend limiting cellphone use by children, turning off your phone when it’s not in use and using a headset, speakerphone and texting option to keep the phone away from your body.

The World Health Organization has classified cellphone radiation as a possible carcinogen. Compliance with the law is required by the end of October.

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Comments (12)
  1. D says:

    Whoever believes cell phone radiation is harmful seriously failed high school. It has less energy than visible light, and if SF legislation is stupid to pass this, they might as well pass a law on how to stay in the dark.

    1. Ronbo says:

      In a sense, they just did.

  2. Guapi says:

    Thank goodness I live in the Nanny State ot San Francisco. I really wouldn’t know how to wipe my behind if they didn’t tell me how… or sometimes do it for me.

    1. oscarworthy says:

      ooops, you’ve been duped – if someone’s wiping your butt for you, it’s probably not an official representative from the city of San Francisco… just a very concerned citizen.

  3. WakeUp says:

    Johnny Cochran died from a brain tumor the same shape as the cell phone he was seen for years glued to his head. Scientific “proof” of cancer causing ANYTHING is always easy to deny by people with mass market interests in selling things but the evidence in this case — that cell phones are clearly DIRECTLY linked to higher brain cancer rates is VERY STRONG. Just because just aren’t getting front page news about the compelling research doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

    1. Sara Shain says:

      I thought Johnny Cochran died of too much exposure to Michael Jackson.

  4. Werther de Goethe says:

    “A customer at the Market Street T-Mobile in San Francisco, who works as a scientist…”

    Well, there you go, the final word from a unnamed, self-identified “scientist.” What more do you need to know?

    Meanwhile, a gentleman hanging out in front of the Market Street T-Mobile in San Francisco, who says he’s Jesus Christ, says cellphones are a-okay!

    Who am I to believe?

  5. D. Nyer says:

    This just in…there’s still no “proof” that cigarettes cause cancer, so they must not, right?


  6. A. Scientist says:

    I work as a scientist and I scientifically disagree with my colleague.

    Besides, the fact that can only afford T-Mobile tells me scientifically that he’s not a successful science worker.

  7. Reedman says:

    There should be mandatory inclusion of the scientific research that shows that mice exposed to cellphone radiation had their memory function improve (Journal of Alzheimers Disease, Jan 2010).

  8. Sara Shain says:

    OK – I’m a scientist. (Really).
    It “might” be that cell-hones cause an increased risk in cancer – but that’s the important word here: “RISK” !!!
    It is now proven that cigarettes cause an increase in the “risk” of cancer, but cell phones are now only suspected of causing an increase in the “risk” of cancer. BUT – there are 2 problems with the current argument:
    1. The increase in risk is not actually proven yet (not for me, anyway).
    2. Even if the observed increases in risk are attributable to cell-phone use,
    the actual amount of that increase still leaves you with a very low overall
    risk of cancer. It’s still better to not smoke or to stay away from smokers….

  9. Bolt of reason says:

    This ordinance is a result of a epidemic mental illness that has swept the nation and the world for that matter.

    Mental Illness

    Liberal Thinking a uncategorized mental illness characterized by the following symptoms

    Magical Thinking
    Dysfunctional Behavior
    Dysfunctional Problem Solving Skills
    Parasitic approach to productivity dependency on other peoples money
    Recklass unsustainable spending habits and irresponsible credit use.
    The End justifies the means.
    Transfer of personal responsibility to other people ie to the government or a group of people who’s income depends on dependancy.

    You can not legislate a solution to cancer….that is really a good one !
    If you live long enough and survive liberal gibberish everyone will form some kind of cancer. Cells just loose there ability to reproduce themselves and form dangerous variants that kill people.

    Magical Thinking we will live forever and if we put away our cell phone we won’t get cancer. How about getting rid of the Sun ! Just kidding We need as a world population need to intervene with this type of thinking and problem resolution process.

    This are just a few symptoms the important thing here is we have to find a treatment program and educational program with real teeth to solve this global problem or face extinction from our own greed and dysfunction solutions to problems.

    the creation of groups and organizations at tax payer expense to create laws ordinances obscure threats that justify there existence