OAKLAND (CBS 5) — Just one day after Police Chief Anthony Batts’ resignation, 69 percent of Oaklanders surveyed in a KPIX-TV CBS 5 poll said they had little or no confidence in Mayor Jean Quan’s ability to reduce the city’s crime problem.

The CBS 5 poll, conducted by the firm SurveyUSA, also found that her approval rating has plummeted. In the last CBS 5 poll six months ago, she had a 57 percent approval rating. Currently, that approval rating is just 28 percent and her disapproval rating is 53 percent.

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The latest poll results suggest Quan has lost much of the broad support she once enjoyed — with a minus-25 net approval, and a 58-point swing over the past six months.

Batts’ resignation came during the same week that the city of Oakland and Mayor Quan were set to host a summit on crime prevention.

“Mayor Jean Quan had hoped to use it as a way to lay out her plan that she has been working on for the last couple of months. And now it’s going to be completely overshadowed by the exit of Chief Batts,” CBS 5, KCBS and San Francisco Chronicle insider Phil Matier said.

“This (the resignation) is a statement on her, a statement on the city and he made it clear that Oakland does not seem to have a plan or a consensus about what to do,” Matier observed.

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Comments (23)
  1. dbarco says:

    She wants you to wish for DELUMS to come back!! YUKKK!!! She is in over her head and a great disapointment. When will the people of Oakland ever learn?!

  2. nus says:

    this is what rank choice voting gets you

  3. sfbuffguy says:

    Jean Quan is as corrupt as they come. She doesn’t maintain her property in Oakland to code, doesn’t feel any need to pay parking tickets her and her hubby racked up. She is a classic example of power corrupts. Oakland got shafted when they rank choiced her into office. RECALL Jean Quan people……it’s time to drag Oakland out fo the toilet and replace her and her cronies.

  4. Monica says:

    It does not take a genius to know that Mayor’s Quan solution to the crime problem is more midnight basketball. Clearly, if more at-risk reading below grade level children were playing basketball at midnight we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  5. tn says:

    What? 53% disapprove? Look on the bright side- at least that’s better than Dellums’ disapproval rating.

  6. Will Oakland ever be satisfied?? with says:

    If you have time to whine and complaint then you have time to do something about it… You be the Mayor!

  7. Big G says:

    Only fault here is the people who chose to elect her with this stupid ranked voting. Only in California can we come up with an idea of rewarding someone for not winning the actual election. Is this what we really want in our Gov’t leaders, the person who came in second or third to end up as the Leader. If ever you need a reason to get rid of ranked voting Quan is the psoter child of ineptneess. Come on people recall her & get someone in there who knows how to lead!!

  8. will says:

    quan has to be the worst leader ive seen in a very long time…i really think she has no idea what she’s doing-thats ok in private life but to assume the leadership position for .5million souls she needs to be honest w/ herself and drop east bay commie bs…

  9. John says:

    Let’s start a recall.

  10. Cyndi Cowger says:

    You mean Mayor Quack!! She has done nothing but bring the moral down in a City already plagued with crime and injustice – I am so blessed to not live in that City!!

  11. 35yearsinOakland says:

    I would never have have dreamed that day would come when I would fear the possibility that an Oakland mayor is somehow under the thumb of an organized criminal element. Maybe it’s involuntary, and they have coerced her with threats – but regardless of how it has occurred, Quan is plainly and deliberately blocking public safety efforts under the pretense of progressive politics. She has become the tool of gangs, and not the citizens. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but what else can one make of her capitulation to the thug element that shouts down debate at city council meetings. It’s like something from a movie or the era of the old city crime bosses.

  12. FJM says:

    I agree, there should be a movement to recall Mayor Quan. We can’t afford three more years of this…

  13. oakiehoo says:

    Have you ever seen a poll that showed a candidates approval rating at 0%? Neither have I. Why? Because about 25% of people are either too stupid or dreamy-eyed to see the truth or admit they don’t even know who the Mayor is. This means that Quan has lost the confidence of virtually every thinking person in Oakland. I think a recall is not only in order, but it would probably actually work.

  14. Sun Tsu says:

    Like her ancient namesake Genghis Quan will make certain that there is not a single living soul left when she’s done with Oakland.

    1. JanetW says:

      Gengis KHAN. Oh, were you joking?

  15. JanetW says:

    I am happy the petulant, complaining, opportunistic, quitter, Chief Batts , is gone. He was only one year on the job when he tried to get another one. Next he complains that he can’t run the department like he wants to. His boss was the mayor, so he quit when the mayor didn’t take his orders. Good riddance!

    I am not happy that the joker gets $250K per year pension FOR LIFE from Oakland. That pension could fund programs for kids and neighborhoods that would solve more crime problems than curfews or gang injunctions (racial profiling with a new name). Batts was never here to help Oakland. He was here to help himself, and now he’s gone. His job is done. He robbed us, and now he’s on to his next adventure.

  16. JanetW says:

    I wrote a comment about the lopsided poll CBS5 took and the comment didn’t show. So I will write it again.

    I was called and took the poll. After the usual demographic questions, there was one question that stuck out as very weighted to one side:
    How confident are you that Mayor Quan can reduce crime in Oakland? Very Confident, Somewhat, Moderately, Not Very, Not At All.

    The implication of the question was that Mayor Quan was responsible for reducing crime. If the other mayors previous to her didn’t do it, would it be so wrong to think that perhaps a different solution is needed? Other than blaming the mayor for crime, couldn’t another solution be thought of?

    So the poll was bogus. Just there to sell papers and inflame people.

    I voted for the mayor and I am not ready to throw in the towel because gee, there’s still crime in Oakland.

    1. John Blankenship says:

      What sane person would turn down 3 perfectly legal measures that fight crime, nevermind the fact that almost all major cities have these measures already in place?

      1. Fred says:

        Mayor Quan has ENCOURAGED crime in Oakland. She has committed serious crimes herself (refusing a police order in the middle of a riot, etc.). She has said and done NOTHING to support the victims of crime in Oakland, including a THREE YEAR OLD CHILD gunned down in broad daylight on an Oakland street. She has excused criminals repeatedly, she has hired a gangland lawyer to represent the city of Oakland. I could go on and on. If you voted for Jean Quan you should be ashamed of yourself. It makes you part of the problem.

  17. John Blankenship says:

    you know, the Mayor’s plan to reducing crime is more social programs. But her plan doesnt do anything with the people who are committing crimes RIGHT NOW. You know, the hardened thugs who are adults. Do you seriously think the outreach folks can get those thugs to dance around the happy maypole?

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