CBS 5 Sports Director Dennis O’Donnell hosts “Gameday” every Sunday night at 11:30pm and offers his unique sports analysis here.

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – Not since Bill Walsh has a coach been the face of the San Francisco 49ers franchise. But this isn’t Alex Smith’s team or Patrick Willis’ team, or Frank Gore’s team. This is Jim Harbaugh’s team and they’re all drinking his Cool Aid. I’m not a big fan of his post-game antics. Didn’t like the Pete Carroll clash, didn’t like yesterday’s either. But this is good for the 49ers, good for the league, and good for the networks. Harbaugh is turning the 49ers into must-see TV. Who knows what will happen next? He’s about as predictable as a local forecast. And as hot at the temperature was on Ford Field after the game, it’ll be back to normal during his news conference at Niner headquarters tomorrow.

And oh yeah… did you see the 49ers beat the Lions? 1-5 at this time last year, 5-1 now. Was it the coach all along? I thought the 49ers played a pretty lousy game yesterday. Too many penalties, a highly inefficient offense and Harbaugh made two questionable challenges. But even in the 80’s the 49ers could lay an egg and STILL win the game. That’s the mark of a good football team and that’s what happened yesterday.

See you on TV.

Dennis O'Donnell


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