SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – In the wake of the injury to quarterback Jason Campbell, the Raiders have traded for Carson Palmer from the Cincinnati Bengals.

“I think he’ll play relatively quickly,” John Madden told the KCBS morning crew. “That’s probably the plan, to get through (Sunday’s) Kansas City game the best they can (with backup QB Kyle Boller)… and then have him for that week, have him for the bye, and then as they come out of the bye, he should be ready.”

Madden said Palmer, who hasn’t played this season, could be a good replacement, but questions remain.

“At one time, before he got hurt, I thought Carson Palmer was one of the best quarterbacks in football… And then he hurt his knee, and I don’t know that he’s been the same since then,” said Madden. “He’s a good guy, and he was a top player.”

Meanwhile, the NFL office announced 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Lions coach Jim Schwartz won’t be fined for Harbaugh’s exuberant handshake and backslap and Schwartz’ angry reaction after the 49ers beat Detroit Sunday. Madden said he’s not surprised.

“Just knowing Jim Harbaugh and just watching him and watching the situation, he was happy as heck. He got a win and it was a big win. Detroit was undefeated, he was playing in their place. It was tough sledding for him. He was just happy and I understand that,” said the former coach. “He was just so excited he couldn’t help himself.” (9:25)

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  1. Chris Ross says:

    Well this is fun isn’t it? The Oakland Raiders giving us something to talk about yet again. It’s always a party when the Oakland Raiders are making a splash. I wasn’t surprised to see Carson Palmer on the front page of SI and ESPN this morning but I could not believe the price they got. Good for them I guess. This just makes an already headline filled NFL season even better. This season has been great and with so many QB headlines I guess it’s only fitting that Carson Palmer gets put back in the mix with a very controversial trade. It’ll be really interesting to see how he does in the silver and black. I’m leaning towards not so good.

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