OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Officers deployed tear gas on roughly a hundred protesters at Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza for the second time Tuesday night after law enforcement officials issued orders to disperse for the third time.

Officers were assaulted, doused and hit with hazardous materials and hit with large rocks and bottles, police spokeswoman Cynthia Perkins said.

An Oakland police officer said officers in riot gear had bright blue paint thrown on them during the rallies Tuesday evening.

Police used tear gas on protesters around 7 p.m. Tuesday, temporarily scattering the crowd. A short time later the group reconvened at the plaza.

Protesters were ordered to leave the City Hall area for the first time around 6 p.m. and the crowd complied. The group briefly gathered at Snow Park, the smaller of two encampment sites that were broken up by police early Tuesday morning.

KCBS Team Coverage Of Occupy Oakland:

Police presence was less prevalent at the smaller park and after a brief discussion, the group decided to continue the march and return to 14th Street and Broadway.

Officers at Frank Ogawa Plaza again ordered the crowd to disperse before deploying tear gas and smoke grenades.

After fleeing briefly, the group gathered near 19th Street and Broadway, before heading back to City Hall.

Between 400 and 500 “Occupy Oakland” protesters began the march around 5:20 p.m. at the main branch of the Oakland Public Library heading to Frank Ogawa Plaza with the aim of retaking the space they were evicted from.

Veteran activist Krystof Lopaur of No Justice No BART told the gathering on the steps of the library, which is located on 14th Street between Oak and Madison streets, that the plan was to start marching to Frank Ogawa Plaza, the site of the encampment.

Around 5:20 p.m., the crowd began to make its way downtown.

“We’re going to reclaim what was already ours,” Lopaur said, drawing loud cheers from the crowd.

A large group of demonstrators stopped to rally near a police station at Seventh and Washington streets around 6 p.m. Confrontations broke out between officers and protesters and the police deployed smoke grenades, which caused loud noises and filled the area with smoke.

Shortly before that confrontation, small skirmishes broke out near Eighth and Washington streets. Some protesters threw paint on the officers and minor altercations occurred. At least two protesters were detained during that confrontation.

Oakland police, as well as the Santa Clara County and Alameda County sheriff’s departments and the California Highway Patrol, were at the scene.

Law enforcement officials closed 14th Street between Oak Street and Frank Ogawa Plaza during the march. BART closed Oakland’s 12th Street station because of Tuesday night’s protest.

The “Occupy Oakland” demonstrators announced earlier that they would return to the plaza every night at 6 p.m. to continue the protest.

Early Tuesday, police said at least 85 protesters were arrested when officers wearing riot gear raided the “Occupy Oakland” encampment downtown.

The arrests were mostly for misdemeanor offenses, including unlawful assembly and lodging,  interim Police Chief Howard Jordan said at a City Hall news conference.

“I’m very pleased with the way things went,” Jordan said. “There were no injuries to the public or my officers.”

He said hundreds of officers from the Oakland Police Department and assisting agencies removed about 200 people from Frank Ogawa Plaza beginning around 4:30 a.m.

Jordan said that before police moved in Tuesday morning, they gave protesters supporting the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement the opportunity to leave on their own, and about 30 campers did.

Oakland police said 79 arrests were made in the Frank Ogawa Plaza area near 14th Street and Broadway and six additional arrests were made at Snow Park a few blocks away near the corner of 19th and Harrison streets.

Carlos Villarreal, a spokesman for the National Lawyers Guild, which is representing many of the protesters, said he has been told that more than 100 people were arrested, mostly on misdemeanor charges.

A speaker at the rally said several people were arrested on more serious felony charges, such as resisting arrest and battery on a police officer.

Two men who had been living at the camp at Broadway and 14th Street said they were arrested when officers outfitted in riot gear raided the plaza shortly before 5 a.m.

KCBS Team Coverage of the Raid:

Speaking by cellphone from the back of a police van around 6 a.m., Brian Glasscock, a 20-year-old Oakland resident, said police had used a flash grenade and that he also saw tear gas. He claimed his tent was ripped apart.

The second man, 23-year-old Berkeley resident Davonte Gaskin, said he had been camping with Occupy Oakland for four days, and that police had used batons to dismantle his tent before arresting him for camping in the plaza.

An Oakland resident who only gave her name as Kristina, 28, said she was tear-gassed and that people around her were hit by rubber bullets.

Jordan confirmed police used tear gas and nonlethal beanbag weapons in confrontations with protesters. When asked why police had used tear gas, Jordan said, “We deployed it to effect an arrest because some officers were being pelted with rocks and bottles.”

He said the beanbag weapon was fired after someone threw a garbage can at police.

Loud blasts were heard while the raid was under way, and Jordan said the noises came from M-80 and M-1000 firecrackers that protesters had hurled at officers.

Jordan said the use of the tear gas and beanbag weapons will be investigated by the department’s internal affairs unit, as is protocol.

Riot police arrest a man at the 'Occupy Oakland' protest at Frank Ogawa Plaza, October 25, 2011. (CBS)

Riot police arrest a man at the 'Occupy Oakland' protest at Frank Ogawa Plaza, October 25, 2011. (CBS)

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan was not present at the news conference because she was in Washington, D.C., lobbying for federal funding for the Port of Oakland, City Administrator Deanna Santana said.

Santana, when questioned about the cost of having so many police officers break up a peaceful demonstration when the city’s budget is so tight, said there was no choice.

“I have an obligation to maintain public safety and health, and I couldn’t maintain those under these circumstances,” she said.

Jordan said some of the protesters came from all over the U.S.

Police also dismantled a second “Occupy” encampment at Snow Park next to Oakland’s Lake Merritt. City officials said in a news release sent out Tuesday morning that Frank Ogawa Plaza had been “contained” by 5:30 a.m. and a cleanup operation was under way.

The news release stated that within a week of when the Occupy Oakland camp materialized, the city began receiving reports of fire hazards, sanitation problems, noise and unsafe structures being set up in the plaza.

By the second week, firefighters, police and paramedics were denied access to the camp and the city received a report that someone had been severely beaten, according to city officials.

“Sanitation conditions worsened, with frequent instances of public urination and defecation, as well as improper food storage,” the news release stated.

An existing rat problem in the plaza grew worse, and reports of public intoxication, fighting and sexual offenses increased, according to the city.

The city sent an eviction notice to protesters at Frank Ogawa Plaza last week, but most stayed put.

City officials said Tuesday morning that once the plaza is cleared, “peaceful daytime assembly” will still be allowed between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., but no camping will be permitted.

The 12th Street BART station was shut down during the raid but had reopened by 6:30 a.m. AC Transit bus service was disrupted in the downtown area and detours were set up.

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

Comments (100)
  1. Pat says:

    About time. Good job OPD.

  2. urolizzard says:

    Good Job OPD

    1. Angel Bethany says:

      Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

      1. Angel Bethany says:

        I am talking about urolizard and Pat. Forgive their ignorance.

  3. Peter ORourke says:

    Why are people in tin pot dictatorships like Egypt given more lattitude to protest than in the U.S.?

    1. John B says:

      How much latitude do you want? They were not accomplishing anything and they were destroying public property, committing crimes and causing physical injury as well as sexual assaults. It doesn’t sound like life under these idiots rules is very good.

      1. Angel Bethany says:

        Your wrong they are accomplishing their objective. They are getting the attention of the banks. Citigroup’s CEO is already trying to appease them and asked them to email them what changes they want to see. They said they are going to create more small business loans. They are reducing credit card interest rates. Wake up people. This is only the begining if we stick to what we want. This is in the infancy stage. There demands are being voted on and are located off of their facebook website.

      2. Carla Lake says:

        Lies, these are peaceful protesters. They commited no acts of violence other than getting some paint on officers who were getting violent. I was there, I should know.

      3. raygunsmess says:

        How do you destroy a public park? I have been to one in Pleasanton that is covered in dog poop from the Animal Shelters trying to get dogs adopted. Haven’t seen the storm troopers show up to evict them. Sexual assaults and physical injuries? looked like the police were doing most of that…Get your nose out of the corporations rear and help save America from being taken over by Big oil and Big banks..

    2. Pat says:

      Because in America, we have a set standard of rules. These punks and lowlifes are the dregs of society. They are just anarchists looking for a handout and setting up camps in parks and destroying the area won’t be tolerated by society thats why.

      1. Angel Bethany says:

        You two are probably paid by the corporations to muddy the waters so that they have a voice here. I found out that they pay people like you minimum wage to voice the side of the corporations. We see you for who you are and are not listening.


      2. Bill says:

        You are not the 99%! You are the 1% lazy punks in the society. Stop whining and go look for a job!

      3. Brian says:

        Substitute “Egypt” for “America” and that’s exactly what Mubarak said about the protestors in Tahrir Square. The powerful always justify their attacks on dissenters by appeals to law and order.

      4. 415raechill says:

        Pat –

        Most of the people in Occupy Oakland, including the campers, sleep there at night and have a job to go to during the day. These are productive people that are willing to break a couple laws and risk going to jail for what they believe in.

        I will not deny that some are homeless. Nor will I deny that a few of them are your so-called “anarchists.” But before you start lumping them all into 1 groupd of vagrant and lazy degenerates, consider looking at the facts. A marine vet is in the hospital. Yesterday I left my work in SF, went to school, tutored a fellow student for a while and then went to downtown Oak to check things out. Then stayed for a few hours and headed to OccupySF before turning in for the night and doing the whole thing all over today. And yeah, I got some of that lovely tear gas too, having done nothing wrong besides standing there in peace.

  4. Linda says:

    I hope the protesters come back a thousandfold, which they will. The Oakland police need to take a lesson from the Albany policy who when told to disband the protesters in Albany refused to disband people who are protesting peacefully. The Oakland police should be ashamed and I believe this is a move they will live to regret. They just opened a pandora’s box.

    1. John B says:

      Linda if you like anarchy so much you should move to a place that has it. These idiots can not even govern themselves for a couple of weeks with out assaults, property destruction, sewage issues, and sexual abuse. What kind of life do you want to live? Equality obviously does not work as shown by these idiot protesters. They don’t even know what they are protesting. They will not return and the OPD did exactly what they should have done. They should be proud of the job they did and and the citizens agree with law and order. You and Peter need to move to a socialist country so you can have your equality.

      1. JoMama says:

        John B, and Linda, Respectfully I agree and disagree. Protesting can be done in a peaceful manner, but when you have hundreds or even thousands of participents there will be jerks that ruin it for everybody.
        Protesting does have it’s accomplishments, remember the Boston Tea Party? Also don’t forget the protesting in the 60’s and 70’s helped us get out of Viet Nam. I am a Viet Nam Vet and I am grateful to the protesters. If not for the protesters, the war would have gone on and would have cost us many more American, American allies and Vietnamese lives. It just wasn’t worth it.

      2. Guapi says:

        JoMama…. The Tea Party has assembled thousands of times across the country with no trouble and not so much as a gum wrapper to be found when their protest was over.

        These Occupy protesters are primarily deadbeats who don’t bathe and who foul public property, and who are incapable of holding down a decent job in any economy.

        And… as long as you brought it up… You of all people should know that the US went into Vietnam with its hands tied due to the “rules of engagement”. Same is true in IRAQ & Afghanistan only with better outcome. The truth is that if the United States let its military do what it is supposed to do and very capable of doing…. We would have been highly successsful in Vietnam and elsewhere around the globe.

    2. Pat says:

      We will meet those Anarchists will cold steel if that is what they want. Destroying America by these dregs won’t be tolerated. This is what you get when you have a bunch of undisciplined, anti social, anti capitalism anarchists who lay around and don’t want to work or take care of themselves. They look for handouts and leech off of the working man in society. Pandora’s box ? Yeah….they will find a club upside the head.

      1. Sonja Whitehead says:

        People are always brave when they are commenting. However, if we asked for your address. We would hear silence. LMAO

        You are obviously paid by the corporate elitists or your just a fearful old man who cannot see change coming. You will end up locked up behind bars because you sound CRAZY

      2. Fred says:

        Obama has already destroyed America, don’t blame it on these people please.

      3. Marlee says:

        Pat, typical violent reactionary answer. We are fighting for your rights too. Stop drinking the corporate koolaid and wake up. Your fear is running your violent nature.

    3. Angel Bethany says:

      I have been generally afraid to visit Oakland. However I cannot stand idly by why my brothers and sisters are tear gassed for this great cause. I will join tomorrow. God bless the movement.

    4. Angel Bethany says:

      That happened in New York when they put 700 in jail. It brings MORE people out.

  5. CMMV says:

    Any of you have an actual, realistic and BETTER way to express to corporate America that enough is enough? Put your cards on the table or STFU.

  6. Ben Deho says:

    Spending $70,000 on an art degree and then getting mad because no one will hire you is just how life works.

    Oh the other hand, if they are peaceful, and don’t wreck public land I have no issue. They are right outside my office and for the time being are clean.

    I have a feeling it’s just a party for most of them. I have a feeling a lot of those kids may not be the 1%, but their parents are..

    1. Jan Mabury says:

      So, they ARE clean despite the opposite which is being portrayed here. They do not want to wreck public land. Nor do they think this is a party. You can go home from a party. The collective energy from thousands of people who feel the same way you do is energizing. I am in my forties and I feel it when I am there. It’s uplifting and powerful.

  7. Lee Hall says:

    Need more protest like this no mess til cops made one by destroying people
    personal property.
    If my health were better i’d be there too!!!!
    The 60’s mind set needs to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. joeblow says:

      . . .so it was OPD who caused some protesters to toss M80 and M1000 firecrackers, that latter being equivalent to a quarter stick of dynamite? What is the peaceful intent of the protesters to carry explosives? Gimme a break. . .

  8. Joseph Jackson says:

    Arab Spring? – Autumn of American discontent. Once discontent turns to desperation because an unresponsive governmenton refuses to listen and respond. What does history shows that what follows next. The corporate sock puppets will over react as they most always do, but they have their marching orders from their puppet masters. I am still waiting for the echo of that shot heard around the world.

  9. Michael says:

    Well said, Ben. Bravo!

  10. Guapi says:

    Hooray for OPD!! Move that FLEA PARTY and stench away!

    1. Angel Bethany says:

      The cops made way more stench and mess when the fired their tear gas. You are fool because these people are fighting for the rights of the 99% Their first amendment rights are being trampled on and you don’t give a darn. That just goes to show you must be the 1%. Otherwise you would want them fighting for your children or grandchildrens rights.

  11. cat says:

    Berkley has been very, suspiciously absent during the Take Over Wall Street protests… Um… I wonder why? What’s happened to you Berkley?
    Got no fight left in you, or rather more correctly, are you now part of the 1%?

  12. Gary Pedersen says:

    Good job Oalkland Police, enough is enough

    1. Jenna Smith says:

      Did you actually WITNESS their behavior? If you did, you would not say that. It was horrible and ANTI American

      1. Guapi says:

        Yes … We did witness the protestors behavior and yes, it was horrible and it was anti-American.

  13. Michael says:

    The corporate-controlled oligarchy is cracking down on the unruly peasants.

    1. Angel. Bethany says:

      Spoken like a true 1%. That is exactly how they feel that we are peasants. Well, guess what? We peasants are 99% strong and the 1% can only vote 1% so things are going to change honey.

    2. lonewolf600 says:

      Some of us pesants and serfs are armed. Some of us ain’t afraid to shoot back from the shadows either if provoked.

      1. raygunsmess says:

        Do you have to ask mommy for the keys to the gun cabinet?

  14. M2 says:

    Bravo OPD! It was high time to flush the flea party down the toilet! Good job!

  15. Chuck says:

    The Bay Area just needs an excuse to turn into a bunch of lunatics. Any left wing cause will do. So glad I left the cesspool.

    1. trade-the-reds says:

      glad you’re gone.

    2. ignorance-is-bliss says:

      left wing cause? What about the gun nut idiots bringing their unloaded weapons into Starbucks?

      1. raygunsmess says:

        Gun lobby has better PR

  16. chris says:

    Jose, you have obviously never lived in Oakland and are stereotyping us. A large majority of Oakland is well educated, hold down good jobs, and watch out for each other. It’s dumb comments like these that give Oakland a bad name. We do have our issues, but no more then San Francisco or any other city.

  17. jasachar says:

    The truth is that these “protesters” were a bunch of opportunist, non-society contributing punks. They are destroying any message that rightly exists in the movement. Go home to your parents!

    1. Stephanie Wallace says:

      This movement has ALL ages. I saw 30, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. There is no age limit when it comes to being fed up.

  18. jonathan says:

    I feel all of you cop sympathizers are blind and have not really experience oppression and racism,
    cops are there to protect the rich, to protect this system that only works for the rich

    cops are just a big gang full of imbecils who think are doing a good job by silencing and hurting those who want a better world for all ( talking about in the subject of the occupations )

    many of the comments i been reading here honestly it sounds to me that you guys are just part of the system that only consume, compete, exploit, and oppress others and dont know better as you been brainwash to marginalized and make fun of the ones who are not looking for a material lifestyle and wont be silence in front of injustice. In order to achieve a more equal society you need to speak up and recognize that what the police and politicians are doing its wrong.

    Its time for a change!

  19. Daniel says:

    Good to know so many Americans (who I’m sure consider themselves patriots) despise the Constitution.

  20. poor mom says:

    Please!! We have child at home and they need to go to school tomorrow. Could you please ask the helicopter to leave. Please leave us alone without noise. We don’t need to wake up by helicopter up there at 6:00AM.

    1. Angel Bethany says:

      Those protesters are there for YOUR children. They are their for their future. It’s just that most people are too blind to see that things are going from bad to worse. They sit in front of the tv all evening. They don’t read what is going on in the world. They are clueless as to what the feds are REALLY doing behind the scenes. They choose to live in a bubble. Wake up America. Find out what the protesters want before you dismiss them so quickly.

      1. S says:

        Yet, you guys are still clueless about what is really going on behind the scenes because you are just assuming.

        Even the protesters don’t really know what the objectives really are. They said so in the interviews.

      2. Angel Bethany says:

        READ THEIR SIGNS S. Why is that so obvious to only me?? LOL Their signs say why they are there.

      3. S says:

        I did and it says a wide variety of messages. There is no unity and it just starting to seem like they are there just because it is another protest.

  21. jen says:

    Call in the National Guard, now!

    1. raygunsmess says:

      The governor has to do that…He should call them in to protect the protestors from the heavy handed cops…

  22. jonathanthe says:

    yeah! call the national guard to silent us all!!! yes lets keep acting like there is no injustice, lets keep consuming things we dont really need, yeah lets keep supporting corporation greed, nothing to see here just America beings a a fascist country

    1. angel Bethany says:

      The National Guard was called in the 60’s to protect black americans so that they could freely go to school in a white area. They can be called upon now to HELP the protesters get their first amendment rights by the governor.

  23. Angel Bethany says:

    The police were “very pleased on how it went”??? “No officers were injured?? Well, how about the protesters??? Are they suppose to protect and serve them also??? How can they say it went fine, when they went in riot gear to break up protesters who are excercing their right to free speech? I am shocked at how America no longer cares about the constitution? The country I love is being hijacked by corporations and what their best interests are.

  24. Angel Bethany says:

    Listen to your high and mighty attitude like you are SO MUCH better than they are. Your lack of compassion says worlds about the kind of person YOU are and you point the finger at them? I guess you are the type that would just walk by a homeless man on the street who was unconcious. You tell yourself that they are not your problem. In realty, we are nothing but animals if we care not for our fellow man/woman. I feel sorry for you because Karma has a way of coming back to you.

  25. Another 1% says:

    I prefer not to be a part of this equation, so please reduce your 99% down to 98%. I am not rich or anything, but the actions by either side in this instance don’t represent me

  26. Angel Bethany says:

    People protesting are not just college students honey. Some of us have jobs. However these corporations don’t want to pay for health insurance even though we are working full time. I don’t want a handout. I just want to be able to get AFFORDABLE health insurance. With my check I can pay my room that I am renting car payment and food. NOTHING else. I have no cell phone, no LAN line, no satellite TV, no SUV. I have no college debt. However, the salaries have come down considerably since 2001. IT has been a slow and steady decline.Why has my salary gone down and yet the CEO’s make so much money? Why was my 401K taken that I spent my life saving for? So before you spout off about being SELF SACRIFICING THINK FOR A MINUTE.

    1. raygunsmess says:

      You hang in there lady, your right and they are stupid

    2. Guapi says:

      Sash, you nailed it. Just because Angel didn’t apply herself in school she thinks that others should pay for her healthcare. There is no shortage of opportunity in this country (even in this bad economy) if you applied yourself in school and are willing to go after it now.

      If these protesters had a coherent message I’d be willing to listen. But in my view they have discredited themselves by hanging out like slobs when they should be looking for jobs. (And the fact that they are breaking the law by camping and pooping in public parks doesn’t help their case).

      Hey I think this could be a new slogan… “Slobs go look for jobs!!”
      I like it!

      And I hate to break it to you BUT you’ll have to go get a job from rich people (Oh how degrading!) because guess what… The poor people arn’t hiring!
      And when they are… The benefits package isn’t enough to write home about.

  27. 00 says:

    These protesters are starting to look like those crazy, greedy, self-centered lunatics that conveniently use the rest of the society as an excuse to cause chaos and unncessary trouble. These “Occupy ______” garbage and the tea party krap are part of the reason why society is chaotic and a mess.

    1. Dean Thomas says:

      You are leaving comments under various names and are repeating yourself. So who is crazy here?

  28. ptown says:

    same bunch of idiots looking for something to protest…same old KCBS trying to make a big story out of a bunch of idiots. its so predictable.

    1. mike says:

      yeah right like there is something to protest, obey and consume ptown keep believing everything the mainstream media tells you…..

  29. cody says:

    OPD’s claim that bottles, and rocks, and knives were being hurled at them would be laughable if it weren’t so disgusting. You’re telling me that with the thousands of videos and pictures being taken they can’t produce a single one to support their claims? That’s because they are lies. Just like saying the explosions in the crowd were from fireworks that the crowd was throwing. Why the hell would the crowd be throwing fireworks at themselves? Those are called flash bangs. Regardless of whether you agree with what they are protesting the fact of the matter remains they have a constitutional right to assemble and peacefully speak their mind, which is exactly what they were doing until OPD escalated the violence.

  30. raygunsmess says:

    I don’t recall a caveat in the Constitution that says your right to peaceful assembly ends at 11 PM at night. This veteran supports these members of the 99%. They are fed up and you name calling haters of our young unhappy Americans need to find something more positive to do then base your hate and opinions on the garbage you hear on Fox News…You protestors hang in there, your absolute right in being unhappy about the mess the cons have put this country into..

  31. jonathan says:

    with due respect 00

  32. Jeff says:

    Govenor should call out the national guard to protect the citizens from tha overzealous police. It is their right!

  33. lonewolf600 says:

    Nothing like that Ray. I shoot video from the shadows, and i already have the next ‘R King” type video that will be released shortly.

  34. Bob says:

    The argument here upsets me. Are we in a huge recession? Yes. Would these protestors be out like this if we were in good economic times? No. It’s a simple as = bad jobs, corrupt corporations funding politicians, and you got a protest. It’s the natural human being responding to the economic downturn…and some of you people want to criticize them? Your trying to blame the victims? I mean, what is this? A joke? I’m not part of the %1 but im pretty damn close and I can see the ‘normal’ reaction to the current conditions. I kind of find this kind of comical.

  35. DDoS says:

    It’s comical because the whole thing is a form of greed in and of itself.

    Passive-Aggressive. Manipulative. Greed.

    Denial of service is not Freedom of Speech.

    Think for yourselves people.

  36. ray says:

    The bay area is finally getting what it deserves. Sonoma county has a casino near Santa Rosa that has some security guards, slot techs, count team that like to mess with anyone they cann get their claws on. They are all thugs. Some of the security like touching patrons there. They get a kick out of it. One security guard there said that “if people complained, there would be so many sexual harrassment charges in this place.”
    The bay area is like this. I say, let them destroy themselves. Make the world a better place for me.

  37. Xavier Mikkelsen says:

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