SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The Occupy San Francisco camp near Justin Herman Plaza has grown exponentially in recent days. That increase in population appears to be bringing a spike in crime to the area.

San Francisco police have been responding to a growing number of problems in and around the protest site, and neighboring businesses have reported a spike in shoplifting. Some have begun hiring private security guards.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

“Officers have been called in on several occasions for fights and verbal arguments within the Occupy group themselves,” confirmed SFPD spokesman, Sgt. Michael Andraychak. “In most cases they don’t want any police charges or criminal charges filed.”

According to Andraychak, one person has been stabbed and a paramedic has been punched. He said the demonstrators have been trying to keep the police out of the encampment.

“They held a meeting and declared something of a sovereignty of their space. They were not going to allow police officers and police officers with guns into the Justin Herman Plaza, which is a situation that’s not going to occur,” Andraychak said.

Photo Gallery: Bay Area Occupy Protests

One protester insisted the camp is nothing more than society in microcosm.

“Whatever’s prevalent everywhere else in the world is going to still be happening to some small degree here,” the unidentified occupy protester said. “We are still the people, and the people are going to act the way people do.”

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Comments (29)
  1. WASPy says:

    Good. This should kill the only business SF has left – tourism.

    SF = r.i.p.

    1. absent toursit says:

      yes it will… I would have visited last weekend or this coming weekend, but will not now. Nor go to Oakland (Jack London Square). Seems Oakland and SF are more concerned about the rights of “Occupy” then tourism monies and sanity. Oh well, other places to visit. To SF and Oakland officials, enjoy your “occupiers.”

    2. Kari Briggs says:

      The Ports of San Francisco and Oakland are far more profitable than tourism.

      1. WASPy says:

        There is no Port of SF any longer, hun. Hasn’t been for decades.

  2. FYI says:

    Funny, they say police won’t be allowed in. Does that include all the plain clothes officers I know, some whom are actively camping in the area to monitor events? Just goes to show you the protesters only think the obvious; someone in uniform.

    1. EKC says:

      you are wrong. they know agents are among them. don’t be so naive.

  3. YouGottaBeKiddingMe says:

    Why is this surprising?

  4. rm says:

    “SFPD Says Shoplifting, Fights On The Rise Around Occupy Encampment”

    Sounds like Obama’s supporters…

  5. rm says:


    enough with the Cut and Paste nonsense. Don’t be a suspect, you won’t have these problems.

  6. Ben says:

    When I saw the critical mass bicyclists leading the way to the port of oakland I figured out who this group really is and checked out. I will NEVER support a movement that includes that group of pathological obstructionists.

  7. Kari Briggs says:

    Question for Mayor Quan, Why are there 200+ police officers in full riot gear containing and firing upon what are clearly peaceful protestors, when there are nonpeaceful protestors vandalizing buildings and breaking windows? Maybe you need to refocus your forces. Just my two cents.

  8. PLW says:

    Oakland & San Francisco = Sewer of humanity + Union Thugs, Loons, & Criminals……..

  9. mhc says:

    I work a block from the OSF encampment and it stinks. Also a friend of mine was walking past it 2 days ago and a filthy man grabbed her by the hair and was yelling incoherently – when she broke free he ran into the encampment and when she came back with the cops the campers would not help find him.
    Now that MAYOR Ed Lee has shown his disdain for the hard working small businesses that are being harmed by this encampment, I am no longer going to give business to ANYONE in SF. I will do all my Xmas shopping online. Since Lee and cohorts clearly want SF to go under financially, they can have it as far as I am concerned.

  10. sjcjr says:

    I have not gone up the peninsula to SF or over to Joak-land now for more than 10yrs.. You couldn’t PAY me to enter those filth-ridden rat call “cities” much less expect me to spend my money there. You idiots elected your mayors and sups, you made your cities the crime pits they are, now live with the consequences.