BERKELEY (CBS / AP) — Police moved in to break up a demonstration at the University of California at Berkeley that started when anti-Wall Street protesters tried to establish an encampment on campus.

Videos from outside the university’s main administration building Wednesday night showed officers in riot gear pulling people off the steps as the crowd chanted, “We are the 99 percent!” and “Stop Beating Students!”

The university reported earlier in the evening that an administrator had told the protesters they could stay around the clock for a week, but only if they didn’t pitch tents, use stoves or other items that would suggest people were sleeping there.

The protesters voted not to comply with the demand.

A campus spokeswoman had said officers would give people a 10-minute warning before moving in to arrest people who did not comply.

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Harry Le Grande addressed the protesters who had erected tents in front of Sproul Hall Wednesday afternoon after a noon rally and march to protest tuition and fee increases for university students and funding cuts to all levels of public education.

Grande told the protesters they could use the site as a gathering spot 24/7 for this week with several conditions, including that protesters do not camp out—tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping are not allowed.

One protester said the vice chancellor’s address Wednesday night was not a proposal or a compromise. “These things imply there’s some sort of negotiation going on, which there’s not,” protester Callie Maidhof said.  “There’s no negotiations, it was a threat.”

“They didn’t offer to negotiate and we didn’t come to negotiate,” she said.

Maidhof said the group plans to stay there all night and are seeing support from “Occupy Oakland” in the form of people, tents and supplies.

Earlier Wednesday afternoon at 3:40 p.m., dozens of police in riot gear pushed their way through the human chain using their batons and began taking the tents down, leading to scuffles between police and protesters.

Six people had been arrested as of 7 p.m. and protesters were reporting that some demonstrators were injured during the police raid.

Shortly before 4 p.m., police withdrew and the protesters quickly reestablished an encampment.

At 8 p.m. there were about nine tents set up on the lawn and hundreds of protesters were gathered. Speakers were calling on the crowd to create a “permanent soft blockade” around the tents to protect the encampment and a lawyer gave out the number for the National Lawyers Guild in case of arrests.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

Tanya Smith, president of the Berkeley chapter of UPTE-CWA 9119, a union of health care workers, researchers and technical employees, said her union supports the protests.

“We passed a resolution supporting the Occupy movement and supporting their basic needs,” Smith said.

“At least a couple of members have talked about camping out,” she said. “We want to help students with resources to the extent that we are able, we certainly will be around them and with them.”

On Monday, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau sent a letter to students, faculty and staff saying that while the university supports the principles behind the Occupy Wall Street movement, camping will not be allowed on campus.

“Any activities such as pulling fire alarms, occupying buildings, setting up encampments, graffiti, or other destructive actions that disrupt with anyone’s ability to conduct regular activities—go to class, study, carry out their research, etc.—will not be tolerated,” the letter stated.

Smith said she objects to the characterization of an encampment as disruptive.

“This is not intended to disturb anyone’s education, it’s intended to broaden education,” she said.

Protests are also planned for the Nov. 16 UC Regents meeting at UC San Francisco’s Mission Bay campus.

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Comments (44)
  1. Anderson Mike says:

    Now the tuition is going to get higher because of this stupidity. Grow up you pot smoking wannabes!

    1. patty cakes says:

      wow! really? I see your 3rd grade education paid off

  2. Tours Martel says:

    Maybe the protestors should take something besides Medieval Sub-Saharan Lit as a major? But then they would have actually have to work instead of asking the rest of us to pay their way.

  3. 8 balll in the side pocket says:

    Stupid breeds more Stupid

    Occupiers bad Idea …hmmmm Lets try that with our selfish idealism !
    Hmmm the President spends spends money he doesn’t have.
    Students at Berkeley wants some.

    This country is stuck on Dumb

    Support the Job Engine Small and Large Businesses more people employed more cash flow to the schools.

    Kids we don’ owe you anything just because you are born.

  4. Person says:

    Oh no! Camping! How utterly horrific!
    Everyone knows tents are Un-American and anti-jobs.

    Those poor kids probably have $50,000 of debt they are responsible for because their parents, school, and state/federal governments told them it was the smart decision. Too bad they won’t be able to get jobs to pay it off 🙁

    How dare they exercise their right as Americans to peacefully assemble at a state-funded university (in Berkeley, famous for…umm…protests).

    This country sure is “stuck on” something.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Watch now, judge later; know the facts. UCB students are being buried in debt.

    1. Philip Scharfy says:

      Gee, Jennifer, I’ll bet NOT ONE of those indebted students was forced against their will to an expensive (and overpriced) school — are we supposed topay for them?!?


    2. JustB says:

      Thank you Jennifer. I found it to be conspicuously absent. Imagine. Imagine.

  6. deadzone says:

    Should’ve pepper sprayed them instead or hosed them down. Less tiring and less paperwork. I hope the University doesn’t back down. Somebody has to have the balls to make a decision to remove and stop these protestors.

  7. citi says:

    “Somebody has to have the balls to make a decision to remove and stop these protestors.”


    (And why balls?)

    1. Ana says:

      Well done Yusuf. Nice to see seoomne representing Lenz out there.Fly the flag highMake us proudMay Allah grant you success

  8. extremelymainstream says:

    UCPD is made up out outcasts from other PDs. Notice how Mr. Big Tough Policeman attacks the woman in front of him first. That’s acceptable behavior?

    It’s funny reading the comments from the people hating on the college students. Most of you are going to be smashing banks and other institutions one day when you realize there’s no more money for you. Easy to be snarky about things like pepper spraying a bunch of kids, but one day they’ll be knocking on your door and taking away your guns just like they did in New Orleans. And they’ll be giving you more than a hit of pepper spray.

    Stand up now or live on your knees.

    1. jjohns22 says:

      You do realize you called them “a bunch of kids” right? So on one hand you’re saying they are just children, yet on the other you’re saying they are mature enough to protest issues that are very complicated?….Oh, and lets not forget how ‘occupy Oakland’ made a large deposit into WELLS FARGO this week!!!! You don’t like how the campus runs itself,…go find a different campus. No one is “hating” on college students….people are saying, you college students better grow up and learn a life lesson….YOU DONT GET ANYTHING FOR FREE, SO STOP EXPECTING IT!!!

      1. extremelymainstream says:

        Child, at my age there are baby boomers who seem like kids. Get over it. The video shows police, unprovoked, bashing young men and women with clubs. It’s not called for, and those police and the managers who they report to should be arrested and thrown in jail.

        I’m perfectly fine with what the Oakland kids did to Wells Fargo; you know why? Because I know that the day Obama or his successor announces one morning that the banks are closed – or that they are open bu you can only have 10% of your money – whiners like you will be going down there *after it’s too late* to demand you money and the police aren’t going to respond with gas and rubber bullets at that point. They been going through the process of militarization for over ten years now, and they’ve been told to expect the streets to get much, much worse than they are now.

        I’m not fond of Berkeley kids, nor am I friend to anarchists. To be honest I try to avoid Berkeley because I find the people there to be stuck-up liberals, and I am quite conservative (paleo, not neo). But here’s the deal: Americans are going to fulfill their destiny, which is to battle the forces wishing to enslave this nation (no conspiracies here, I’m talking about MONEY plain and simple). In that battle there is going to be a good side, and a bad side. And if you want to be on the good side, you’d better get used to struggling with people who are are a hell of a lot different from you.

        By the way, did you know that the entire UC system, as well as the Cal State system, used to be FREE for any California resident? That system produced an educated workforce that had enormous success and influence throughout the world. Those Berkeley kids go to a school that’s produced more than a dozen Nobel Prize winners. I don’t necessarily think it should be free, but the question we should all be asking ourselves is: why is it that we used to be able to provide education for FREE, and now we cannot?

        Shouldn’t things be getting better, not worse? We have plenty of money for wars and prisons and interest payments on our debts, but we’re closing schools, fire departments, and libraries? And then, when some kids decide they should make a fuss about it, we cheer when the cops beat them? Time to dump nonsesnse left vs right, liberal vs conservative, knee jerk reactions, and to start working together against the people and systems that are out to take everything from *all* of us.

      2. John McMahan says:

        Is communist China taking us over or what? I thought we were fighting for democracy but the truth is we have been going around the world pushing capitalism. What a lying government we have. Al-Qaeda may have had good reason to attack the world trade center. For if the USA does not knows what the capitalist will do for wealth no one does. We will all be enslaved if we do not fight for our rights. Remember “WE THE PEOPLE RULE” not “We the RICH.”

    2. Reality Check says:

      You think the police are being heavy handed? Just wait until they (so-called protestors) start setting cars and buildings on fire. You have not seen anything. The economy is going to continue to worsen. The wealthy will continue to gain wealth while the rest of us keep on paying more and more and receive no pay increases, in fact we will lose wages, but will hopefully still be employed. Most of these kids have never had to work for anything. They feel ‘entitled’ to an education. Sorry folks, there is nothing in the Constitution of the Declaration of Independence about that. In fact, you would probably become more education by studying on your own and educating yourself. Once you can think critically for yourself, why do you need some professor to teach or lecture you. I have met many fools with college degrees but unfortunately few who have wisdom combined with knowledge, which is more commonly referred to as common sense.

      The bottom line is nothing will change and we will continue being stuck voting for the lesser of evils at election time.

      1. d says:

        “Most of these kids have never had to work for anything. They feel ‘entitled’ to an education. Sorry folks, there is nothing in the Constitution of the Declaration of Independence about that. ”
        this bias that you spew forth shows your lack of knowledge and lack of connection to reality. It is very easy to generalize “these kids” as spoiled with only ideas of entitlements. here is a reality check for you. gather data before putting your foot in your mouth. I think many who spew this type of garbage would be suprised to find out how many of these students work full time jobs while attending school.
        common sense is not the combination of wisdom and knowledge it is simply common sense.
        the bottom line is that YOU will not change and YOU will vote for what you deem is the lesser of two evils.
        In the mean time you should obey your thirst and buy a sprite after all thats what you are supposed to do….common sense dictates this.

  9. fecal_heroes says:

    Liberal, Neo-conservative useful idiots and critics of Assembly, and frankly haters of truth and freedom, exist by feeding on the entrepreneurial, middle class.
    Which explains why the nation’s prayers are with the millions being victimized by selfsame Z!onist apparachiks of the Fed, IMF and World Bank. And with the Anonymous brigade.
    For they know, the bad children and parasites who are proletariat will never admonish the Crony Capitalism feeding their addictions and narcissism. A special interest needful and earnest of all the hearty, steamy excrement patriots can provide. Sh!t and p!ss on, noble flea-baggers!

  10. Esme says:

    Why are so many confusing “protesting” with “camping”? Protesting is good, camping is a waste of time. Hertzberg said it best in last week’s Talk of the Town in the New Yorker: Occupy isn’t looking like they’ll have a fraction of the influence the Tea Party has had. The Tea Party poured EVERYTHING they had into elections, getting their candidates elected. Look who got elected Mayor in S.F. Only 30% turnout says to me the Occupiers don’t vote and don’t campaign. I like what the guy in this article said about Prop 13. Imagine if all these people worked together to get rid of Prop 13! Money for schools!

    1. JustB says:

      Yes, the Tea Party did do that. How much has changed? And, do the Tea Party members of our nation, having put so much into voting, campaigning and getting money and candidates, do they feel anymore listened to after all that effort? How much has changed?

  11. Common Sense says:

    Beat em beat em all then throw them in jail and give them the plague.

    1. John McMahan says:

      It seems that they are your plague~LOL

  12. Phil White says:

    University of California Berkeley = Liberal Professors with Socialist Agenda against America, teaching simple uneducated students how to fight and disrupt the Capitalistic System. SO WHAT IS THE BIG NEWS? TYPICAL BERKELEY STUDENT BEHAVIOR. I bet they even get extra credit from their Professors if they get arrested……

  13. IRS says:

    Pepper spray/tear gas those WORTHLESS roaches! Time to take out the TRASH!

    Those OW’s are just pathetic. Great example of what this planet doesn’t need.

  14. Anita says:

    Thank God we have some policemen with balls left. If the authorities tell you to move back, you move back. If you refuse then you are breaking the law. I didn’t see any of these thugs rushed to the hospital because of a few pokes in their guts. Go Police, you do your job.

  15. WASPy says:

    These poor BABIES should be angry that they have been dooped by Progressive popular culture and ripped-off by their over-paid leftist professors.

    BEFORE they ran-up mountains of easy student loan debts, they should have considered the fact that a UC Berkeley BA Degree in a worthless field such as FOLKLORE, PEACE & CONFLICT STUDIES, COMPARATIVE EUROPEAN LITERATURE, WOMENS STUDIES, ETC. renders you UNEMPLOYABLE in the real world…unless, you like pouring other people’s coffee for a living.

    So, stop your whining….and get me a refill, kid. You made your choices.

    1. Gert says:

      A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for corntibuitng!